Unit 3 Human Resource Management Assignment Chicken Master

Unit 3 Human Resource Management Assignment Chicken Master

Unit 3 Human Resource Management Assignment Chicken Master


The study of Unit 3 Human Resource Management Assignment Chicken Master conducted helps us in providing a thorough understanding on various factors related to the concept of human resource management. First a comparison is established between Personnel and Human Resource Management. The roles and responsibilities of line managers in Virgin Media have been discussed along with the impact.

The reasons for human resource planning have been documented and a comparison has been made between the recruitment and selection procedure of the current organisation with that of Virgin Media. The link between  motivational theories  and rewards within Virgin Media has been provided. Finally, the case study comprising of Faisal, Bob and the chicken master has been analysed and the reasons for Faisal’s termination of contract have been provided along with the employment exit procedures used by the Chicken Master.

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Task 1

Differentiate between personnel management and human resource management giving examples in two suitable organisations.

Theory of HRM and PM along with differences:

The following are the differences between Personnel & HRM. (Henderson, 2011)




Personnel Management

Human Resource Management




Focuses on the aspect of personnel or the team or workforce and their mode of operations in the organisation

Focuses on optimally allotting resources and oversees the pertinent usage in the quest for attaining organisational objectives



The style adopted does not incorporate modern practices and hence is conventional in nature

All the latest practices are adopted that ensures that the style adopted is more updated and new world in nature


Equipments are the core area of concern in this form of management

The core area of concern is human emotions and consideration of their ideas


The function of personnel management is highly mechanical in nature

The function of HRM is highly personalised and customised in nature.


Salary is provided completely based on output or result oriented

Salary is based on the levels of competency shown within the organisation.


Traits of transactional leadership can be associated with Personnel management

Traits of Transformational Leadership can be associated with HRM




Manager-Subordinate interaction happens in a filtered, reluctant and indirect way.

Manager subordinate interaction is direct and uninhibited in nature




Team Work and its benefits does not directly apply to the management and focus is provided on division of labour

Team work and conditions for it are fostered in the organisation and it is a conscious decision of the management.

The presence of human resource management practices is evident in the organisation known as Virgin Media from the following instances. Virgin Media comprises of a work force that is free spirited and have the liberty of voicing their opinions and ideas. The talents of the employees are further developed to match expertise and team work is encouraged in order to attain organisational objectives. Focus is provided on high customer service and just the fact that the employees are high spirited and free suggests that the management follows human resource management practices. (Virginmedia.ie, 2016) 

Considering the coffee shop Curators Coffee Studio in London, the personnel management can be discussed. The coffee shop owner manages the personnel with personal management functions. The approaches are traditional nature and labour has been divided within the personnel rather than team work. The wages and payment system has been decided upon the outcome. Personnel are not given proper training.

Conclusion: Both HRM and PM are based on similar purpose though HRM has been developed on more advanced approaches than PM in order to manage the current human resources by considering the current trends in the market.

1.2 Assess how human resource management functions help your chosen organisation in achieving its purpose.

Theory: The prevalence of human resource management in Virgin Media has helped it achieve all its success and has contributed in it being what it is today. The style adopted comprises of a minimal management layer where very little or no bureaucracy is involved. The prevalence of a tiny board is also very popular inside Virgin Media. The situation of a huge headquarter gives a feeling of enormity to the employees. Every employee feels a part of a family inside Virgin Media and not a hierarchy and this is brought about by the prevalence of management through empowerment. Management through empowerment ensures that a huge deal of flexibility is provided to all the employees that are working and so they do not feel pressurised at any time. (Morschett, Klein &Zentes, 2011)

The corporate culture that resides within Virgin Media aims at harmonisation of operations within the organisation. High quality, rich innovation and excellent customer service is what is thrived to achieve at all times in order to ensure that the eventual purpose of the company is achieved. (Thehrdirector, 2016)

 Employee interests are given the top most priority in this organisation and the commitment that the top management provides to the staff is massive and the top management ensure that they live up to the same. The employees in Virgin Media are always encouraged to come up with their ideas and suggestions and experiment with their creative imagination.

Conclusion: Unlike other companies, Virgin Media realise the importance of employee suggestions and consider each opinion and implement the ones that are realisable and competent. Not only are solutions to problems inter-discussed among the team, the management too keeps in constant touch with the staff to ensure that pertinent solutions have been provided to each problem. This is how Virgin Media’s human resource management practices help it achieve all its purposes. (Morschett, Klein &Zentes, 2011)

1.3 Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in your organisation or familiar organisation and how it supports human resource management functions.

Theory: Line managers in Virgin Media are mainly entrusted with the responsibility of managing individual employees or teams effectively within the organisation. The report or feedback on the performance of these individuals and teams is provided to the higher management. Apart from this primary task, the various responsibilities of a line manager within Virgin Media involve the following. (Cipd.co.uk, 2016)

  • The line manager is entrusted with the responsibility to overlook the day to day operations and functions of the people within the management.
  • They hold the key in managing the various operational costs.
  • They have to provide all the relevant and competent technical expertise to all the concerned people to increase efficiency of operations
  • Delegation of day to day work and allocation of deadlines to the staff is managed by the line manager at Virgin Media.
  • The quality of work that is being performed is evaluated and effectively monitored by the line managers after which they prepare a feedback report which is to be submitted to the top management.
  • Customers and clients and all queries and doubts pertaining to them have to be handled efficiently by the line manager.
  • The measurement of the overall operational performance has to be accounted for by the line manager of the organisation. (Careers.virginmedia.com, 2016)
  • One of the most significant tasks of the line manager includes looking after the development of the people. The line manager has to cater to all the staff individually and figure out where each one of them would require development and accordingly the pertinent training and development programmes are undertaken to develop the individuals.
  • Staff morale and motivation also has to be looked after and this is the responsibility of the line manager within Virgin Media.

Thus these are the major roles and responsibilities of the line manager inside Virgin Media.

Conclusion: the role of line manager is significant for the human resource management of the organisations like Virgin Media as these managers tend to manage the daily operational performances of the huge human resource.

1.4. Analyse how legal and regulatory framework impact on human resource management.






National Minimum Wage Act, 1998.

  • Ensures that a fixed wage is definitely provided to an employee no matter what his working hour or output.
  • 7.2 pounds per hour is the standard rate for every employee that is aged above 21 years old. (Cep.ise.ac.uk, 2009)





Sex Discrimination Act, 1975.

  • As a result of this law. No man or woman can be discriminated on the grounds of sexual orientation.
  • This is applicable in the case of recruitment, training and appraisal.
  • If any discrimination is made, it would mean that the management has defied the regulatory framework under this law.




The Equality Act, 2010

  • Framed in 2010, this act aims to protect individuals at workplace from various kinds of discrimination
  • A few of the protected characteristics include sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, colour, pregnancy, maternity, etc.

The Race Relations Act, 1976

  • With regards to race and ethnicity, no kind of discrimination should be made as per this law.
  • In management, promotion, appraisal, selection, shouldn’t be based on race.

Conclusion: through the implementation of the regulatory framework Virgin Media has been efficiently encouraging the employees in the improvements and also engaging them within the achievements of the organisational objectives.

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Task 2

2.1 Analyse the reasons for human resource planning

Theory: recruitment and selection is the main purpose of the Human resource planning. Through the human resource planning the management tends to supply proper human resource capital for achieving the organisational goals.

Meaning and explanation: The various reasons for human resource planning involve the following.

  • Human Resource planning will definitely ensure that the organisation knows at all times as to what is the number of manpower that will be required currently and in the future and accordingly the required amount of personnel can be hired or dismissed.
  • The various modern technological solutions that are important for the organisation can be recognised as a result of proper human resource planning and the requisite technologies can thus be adopted by the company.
  • It is one thing to have ample resources in the company but it requires efficient and consistent human resource planning to ensure that the resources that are available with the company are used optimally so that they don’t face pre-mature depletion.
  • Demand and Supply forecasts can be made efficiently as a result of effective planning and this is how unnecessary extra expenditure costs can be saved to attain a position of financial balance. (Ulferts& Peterson, 2009)

Example: the human resource planning is essential for the organisation like Virgin Media in order to ensure proper availability of the human resource for adapting the changes to maintaining the competitive position in the market. It is also needed for having efficient skills to perform efficiently in the core technological field.

Conclusion: Virgin Media has been dealing in the most challenging and fast changing sector. The organisation needs appropriate knowledge over the availability of the human capital. In order to acknowledge the availability of the human resources and reducing the turn overs Virgin Media must conduct human resource planning.

2.2 Outline the stages involved in planning human resource requirements

Introduction: human resource planning is required within organisation like Virgin Media for having proper amount of human resources in order to perform the business operations.

The various stages include:

  • Current HR Supply: The current available resources or work force of Virgin Media is analysed in this section. Assessment is done on the prevalence of human resource skills among the work force and analysis is done on factors like the level of skill and competency, the level of performance and output, the average age of the work force, levels of experience and ratio of youth, etc. Interviews may be carried out with the relevant managers in order to understand the different issues involved. (Jahanian&Modaresi, 2014)
  • Future HR Demand: This is more of an analysis of what Virgin Media may require or need in the future. Various factors are assessed here as well such as the level of termination of employees, death or chances of insolvency with regards to any staff, relative vacancies and lay-offs, etc. This assessment ensures that the organisation does not have to go through trying conditions or have to face too much adversity in the future.
  • Demand Forecast: Demand forecasting is not the easiest of jobs especially if it has to be done on specifically a few job roles. A lot of dependency and inclination has to be shown towards the predetermined set of business strategy and the forecast should be done keeping the company objectives in mind. Unless proper understanding is acquired of the company objectives, it will not be possible to forecast the  supply demand  properly. (Jahanian&Modaresi, 2014)
  • Sourcing Strategy: In this stage the various gaps that exist within the organisation are analysed and then effective measures are taken to close down these gaps. The various factors that are considered here include development programmes, acquisition programmes, etc. All the predetermined guidelines are respected and complied with and this is ensured at this stage.
  • Conclusion: Virgin Media is using the human resource planning by following proper stages in order to have efficient human resource within the organisation for performing with customer satisfaction.

2.3 Compare the current recruitment and selection process in the organisation with another organisation you recommending

Introduction: the recruitment and selection is efficient process for including more efficient human resources within the organisation.

The current recruitment and selection process in the Sainsbury is compared with the recruitment and selection of Virgin Media.

The recruitment and selection process at Virgin Media is focused to use innovative means of assessment that would help them in hiring the most competent employees for their organisation. For this reason, the ‘field sales challenge’ is incorporated in the recruitment procedure where employees are subjected to a video that depicts a full day in the life of a Virgin Media sales person. This is done so that the candidate understands what is required of them to fit the role in contention and then they are made to answer questions as to what they feel about the role and how exactly would they react if they were placed in similar situations. This entire technique compliments the organisation’s slogan of fun, innovation and engagement.(Tmpw.co.uk, 2016)

Applicants are carefully guided throughout the recruitment process and they are dealt with in a very informal way. Emails and all other documentation to the candidates is done in an informal style so that the candidate remains as true as possible. An idea was given to them as to where they stand in the recruitment process and the entire approach adopted is brand led in nature. This approach is Virgin Media style in nature and Virgin Media believes that this is the most efficient and convenient way of understanding who the correct and potential candidates is for the job.(Tmpw.co.uk, 2016)

Sainsbury has become one of the major recruiter within UK by introducing internet only staff recruitment scheme. On evaluating the current vacancy and the future demands of the human resource Sainsbury conducts the human recruitment and selection processes. The applicants have to apply through the online website of Sainsbury. The applicants have to fill up a series of questions on the application form. They are provided with a feedback on their selection. The management contacted them within 48 hours. After screening the application forms the organisation invites the selected candidates. A face to face interview has been arranged by the manager. Later selected candidates are confirmed through mail and phone.

Conclusion: recruitment and selection processes are important for both Virgin Media and Sainsbury. Though the overall processes are similar there are some differences within the processes of these organisations. With these employment processes the organisations tend to select capable talent.

2.4 Evaluate how effective is the organisation recruitment and selection techniques with another organisation you recommending.

In Sainsbury the recruitment processes are efficient in terms of both cost and administration time. Through including the online applications the management of the company is having proper and an accurate methods while having the applications and also they have to less time in screening. These are efficient in terms of cost as they do not have to arrange any selection processes. The questionnaires in the applications are also efficient for evaluating the personal traits of the candidates. These questionnaires are also helpful for the HR manager to select appropriate candidates rather than taking interviews of all candidates. It is also efficient in terms of cost and time. Through the online applications the management also seeks to evaluate the technical knowledge of the candidates over online areas which are needed within the working of the organisation.

The recruitment process of Virgin Media however is more effective according to me. This is because the whole agenda of Virgin Media is to foster conditions for fun, innovation and engagement and their recruitment process is no different. The informal attitude of recruitment ensures that employees are completely at ease and do not possess a restricted attitude. Besides the subjection of the candidates to the various videos and audio visual entities helps in assessment as the candidate reactions can be noted. The answers provided by the candidates exhibit what they feel in actuality about the video and what competency can be adjudged based on their answers to the question ‘What would you have done in a similar situation?’.  Besides, the candidates completely understand what will be required of them just in case they are selected and whether they have it in them to meet the required levels of service in order to do justice to the position.  This process according to me is more transparent and will lead to the selection of the most competent and willing employees for Virgin Media.

Conclusion: The recruitment procedure of Virgin Media is elaborative in nature while effective in terms of selecting the proper talents. On the other hand the recruitment processes of Sainsbury has been effective for lower admiration cost and time and also easier for the manager.

Task 3

3.1 Assess the link between motivational theory and reward at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation. Your answer must show if you think there is a link, what connects the two.

Motivation theory: Motivation is the force which drives the actions and the behaviours. Through the motivational approaches the individuals are led to take actions for achieving the goals and fulfil the requirements and expectations.(Miner, 2015)

Example: For understanding the key derivers in motivating the people Virgin Media considers different motivational theories. (businesscasestudies.co.uk., 2016)

Virgin Media performs a value added survey by asking feedbacks from the employees on the training and development, career progress, strategy of working etc. through evaluating this feedback the organisation tries to achieve the needs. By including this theory Virgin Media has gained 82% engaged workforce in 2012. (businesscasestudies.co.uk., 2016) Your Story Framework is used by the management for engaging the technicians through discussing and reviewing the performances and providing fairness and consistency. The culture of Virgin media is also offering the self actualisation.

Reward system one the other hand is set of techniques which are used by the managers to place motivation. Through the reward system the motivational approaches are taking in by the management. Taylor in his scientific management and Maslow within his theory also referred the rewards to increase the motivation within the employees. (Heckhausen, Wrosch, and Schulz, 2010). Through providing proper rewards Virgin Media has been placing benefits in the career of employees. These rewards are:

  • Personal funded medical plan for family
  • Birthday off
  • Bonus on performances
  • Life assurances
  • Accident insurances (businesscasestudies.co.uk., 2016)
  • Employee assistance programme
  • Pension scheme
  • 25 days holiday
  • Share plans
  • Child care and eye care vouchers
  • ASPIRE field pay
  • Net Promoter score etc. (careers.virginmedia.com., 2016)

Conclusion: Virgin media has been dealing within the global market by putting their employees first by behaving a responsible employer. Virgin media has been considering the welfare of the employees as the management has understood that the motivated people are beneficial for the business.

3.2 Evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation

  • Theory: Job evaluation has been a systematic process which defines the relative details of roles and responsibilities of a job. The job evaluation is necessary for the establishing the internal relatives, and providing thefundamentals for designing equitable grade structure. Through job evaluation the managers have the efficient knowledge over the pay structure. Through the job evaluationdifferentcomponents are evaluated for determining the pay such as skills, efforts, responsibilities which are related to the specific job roles.(Judge, Piccolo, Podsakoff, Shaw, and Rich, 2010)
  • Example: Virgin Media considers the job position and key roles and responsibilities for assessing the current job. Evaluating the assessment and the capabilities the payment structure has been determined. As the organisation has been successfully evaluating the job Virgin Media is able to provide competitive salary to the employees.
  • Conclusion: Through the evaluation of a job the organisation can determine the appropriate values of the job roles and constructs the domestic relatives. Through this process all the relevant information of the job are collected and assessed for future reference. Through the assessment of the job the organisations tend to identify the structure of pay for constructing proper scale of pay.

3.3 Assassin different contexts (for e.g. attracting talent, retention, motivation) how effective is the reward systems at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation

Theory: Reward system has been considered as the organisational components which is involving allocation of compensation and benefits in exchange for the contribution in the organisational success.


  • Motivation: through proper motivational aspects the management of Virgin Media has been increasing the involvement of the employees within the organisation. Through offering different beneficial programmes and schemes as well as vouchers the organisation has been increasing the benefits of the employees in return of brilliance in the performances. Through offering the medical benefits the organisation has been motivating the employees to provide proper performances. Through bonus schemes, ASPIRE reward scheme and competitive salaries the organisation has been increasing the productivity. Through Your Story Framework the Virgin Media has been providing career progression opportunities to the technicians. These reward schemes are providing motivated employees and increasing their productivity. Medical benefits and family  health care  plan are also motivating the employees through satisfying their physical and psychological needs. The management has been benchmarking their approaches through providing diversity in the workplace and setting specific development targets. (careers.virginmedia.com., 2016)
  • Attracting talents: in order to attract suitable talents within the organisation Virgin
  • Media has developed proper apprenticeship for the network engineers and technicians. Through these trainings the organisation has been supporting the ambitions of the employees. Apart from these different facilities in the reward system like health care plan, placing competitive salaries are also effective in attract current talent pool. (Miner, 2015)
  • Retention: retention of the employees is necessary for the Virgin Media to provide experienced skills in theperformances and services. Through involving and engaging the employee with proper measures and rewards the organisation has been trying to retain the employees. Providing fair and competitive pay, developing the culture with clear and sensible policies and guidelines, adding values in employee relations through VOICE, SHOUT and ASK US tools to encourage the employees in placing their queries and giving feedbacks etc are the approaches taken in account by Virgin Media to retain the employees. (businesscasestudies.co.uk., 2016)
  • Conclusion: Through the reward system Virgin Media and management try to motivate the existing employees towards the excellence, attracting new talents within the workforce for improving the ability of the human resource. (Miner, 2015) The reward systems are also important in retaining the skilled or experienced and productive employees. Through linking the performances with the payment system the reward is given to the employees.

3.4 Examine the methods Virgin Media or your chosen organisation use to monitor employee performance.

Theory of employee performances: Employee performances are important part for the Virgin Media in order to determine the progress of the performances. Through monitoring the performances of the employees the organisation can implement the business objectives within the workforce an efficient manner. Through assessing the performances the organisation can have better acknowledgment over the required performances and the current status of work. This assessment also leads to the proper development of the training and career progression programmes to increase the current performance level.(Berman, Bowman, West, and Van Wart, 2015)

Example on Virgin Media: There are different strategies which are followed for conducting the

performance assessment:

  • Observation: through observation the organisation can be bale to acknowledge the current performances of the staffs. In order to observe the field engineers in the site the line managers of theoperation managers are appointed. The managers have the responsibilities to supervise the workforce or the team of technicians and monitor their performances. The managers also make the performance assessment documentation by comparing the current performances and desired performance. (Berman, Bowman, West, and Van Wart, 2015
  • Performance appraisal: through the performance appraisal system the performances of individuals are measured withefficientmanner. Within this technique the ratings have been provided by the managers and by the employees. The employees are encouraged with Virgin Media to provide proper ratings and suggestions. By analysing these feedbacks the management places proper changes within the system. Based on the ratings provided by the managers the employees are encouraged to improve their performances or training has been provided to them. (Berman, Bowman, West, and Van Wart, 2015
  • Cornerstone: through this tool Virgin Media has been employing all the organisational strategies and improves the engagement of the employees as well as encourages personal development. It has been used as the one central learning and performance management system by Virgin Media. Through this tool the employees can overview their individual performances and the status cost and time. (cornerstoneondemand.com., 2016)
  • Conclusion: through proper application of these tools the organisation Virgin Media is having employee engagement in the organisation and also increasing their efficiency. Employees can efficiently place their views over the organisations.

Task 4

4.1 Identify the reasons for of Faisal’s employment contract with The Chicken Master and generally explainother reasons for cessation of employment.

Theory of termination: An employees’ departure from the job is termed as the termination of the employees. By terminating the employment contract the termination can be done. Dismissal of the employment can be done by both employee and employer.(D'Cruz, and Noronha, 2010)Management of an organisation can terminate the employee if the employee violates certain rules of the organisational policy or which are provided within the guidelines of the organisation. The employer can also dismiss the employment contract if the employee repeats any mistake or error after having warning from authority.

Example: In the case study Faisal has been terminated by the employer of Chicken Master Bob. There are certain reasons which lead to the termination of Faisal. These are:

  • He was found in violating the rules of the organisation, which are defined clearly within the company guidelines. He used the equipments of the organisation for his own personal means.
  • The responsibilities which were assigned to him were neglected by him, which lead to loss to the restaurant. He was assigned to keep the kitchen and the front of the restaurantclean which was not done by Faisal inimpropermanner and irregularly.  He was also given the responsibilities to supervise the staffs. On his neglected supervision the staffs were unable to produce affordable performances.
  • Though employer provided continuous training to Faial for improving his performances Faisal was performing with unproductive manner.
  • Faisal was also irregular in working hours. He left the organisation without letting his higher authority known.
  • He was found in doing his personal means during the working hours such as helping his daughter in studies, chatting with his wife etc. he was also found doing immoral activities within the organisation by using the office equipments. (Alfes, Shantz, and Truss, 2012)

Conclusion: in conclusion it can be said that the proper termination case and rules are necessary for the organisations. In case of the Faisal the organisation Chicken Master should follow all the employment termination rules before terminating his employment for avoiding the legal measures.

4.2 Describe the employment exit procedures used by The Chicken Master and another organisation of your choice

  • Theory of exit procedure: By following proper exit procedures the organisation can avoid negative legal actions against the organisation. In order to terminate any employee contract the management of the organisation has to follow the legal policies of termination.(Ngesa, 2013).  In case of any employee is ending the employment contract on his own accord he also has to follow the exit procedure steps.
  • In case of Chicken Master Faisal has been terminated for his unproductive performances, violation of the rules and code of conduct of the organisation, able to perform on desired outcomes, immoral activities within organisation environment, using office equipments on personal means, leaving the office without informing management, lack of sincerity to maintain the hygiene within the kitchen area etc. By considering these issues the employer of Chicken Master Bob has terminated the employment contract of Faisal.
  • Exit procedures of Virgin Media: If any employee is ending the contract on his/ her own accord then retaining the employee through negotiation or placing better compensation by conducting face to face interview or exit interview. If the employee rejects the negotiation offer then he has to follow the exit procedures and serve the notice period. He also has to fill up forms stating the reason behind his leave. The employees have to return any equipments of office. The salary or any dues are cleared to the employees. (Alfes, Shantz, and Truss, 2012)

If any employee has been found on violating any rules or policies of the organisation or conducting any illegal measures then he/ she will be provided a waning. On neglecting the warning or repeating the similar mistakes the employee’s employment contract will be dismissed. (Si, and Li, 2012)

4.3 Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements with an organisation such as The Chicken Master if Faisal’s claim was proven to be true.

  • Theory: The legal and regulatory framework of the employment cessation arrangements provides proper guidelines for the organisation. There are different legal and regulatory frameworks which impact over the cessation of the employment. (D'Cruz, and Noronha, 2010)
  • Example: The equal act is impacting over the procedures of the cessation of the employment by prohibiting the equality within the exit procedures. This act prevents discrimination in terms of age, gender, race, nationality, disability from the termination system. In case of Faisal, after termination he has claimed that discrimination in terms of age and gender has been done in case of his termination. After termination he has appealed tothe Employment Tribunal and claimed that employer of Chicken Master has appointed a woman of age 40 on firing him. This case has been directing towards the discrimination in the exit procedure.
  • Conclusion: On following the legal framework Employment Tribunal will hear from both employer and employee for evaluatingthe circumstances or situation which was considered by Bob to terminate Faisal. (Ngesa, 2013). The exit procedures which was performed by Bob would be analysed in terms of relevant cause in termination, if notice period was served or not, if discrimination was performed during the termination by Tribunal. If the tribunal find that statement of Bob is satisfactory in terms of legal actions then actions would be taken against Faisal. As Bob did not provide any notice period to Faisal he can face certain legal issues. The tribunal can also enforce Bob to review the exit procedure policies. (Alfes, Shantz, and Truss, 2012)

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The report has been evaluatingdifferent concepts of human resource management system. Through implementing the human resource planning organisation like Virgin Media can be able to have proper acknowledgement over the human resources of the organisation. Through the human resource management system the organisation is managing as well as maintaining the staffs by engaging them in the organisational context. The management of Virgin Media has been following different motivational theory to motivate the wide range of employees on different areas of workforce. Exit procedures are also essential part within HRM. Through following the legal framework properly Virgin Media will be able to avoid the legal impact over the business.


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