Unit 23 Employability Skills Sample Assignment

Employability Skills Sample Assignment

Unit 23 Employability Skills Sample Assignment



Diploma in Health and Social Care

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Unit 23 Employability Skills

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Level 5

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An administrator’s duty entirely depends on the company that the administrator works for. In case of Constrictum, the duty of an administrator is to ensure that the organization operates with a certain level of efficiency. For this an administrator requires a certain degree of employability skill set so that he can handle different people and situations that comes in the way of organization’s day-to-day working. Skills that are found to be very essential to be effective administrator are good communication and being organized. (Gross, 2009)

Unit 24 Skills

Task 1

1.1 Responsibilities of an Administrator

An administrator at Constrictum needs to fulfil certain important and key responsibilities some of them are: - (Gross, 2009)

  1. Finish the office takes and general work timely:Office work like desk work, paper works etc. which are essential for the functioning of Constrictum as an organization like handling client queries etc., must be finished well in time,
  2. Must be able to direct effectively:An administrator’s most important role is to direct employees and other resources in the organization to achieve the tasks, meaning an administrator is the one who handles all the rescues and thus he may be able to direct and get work done from each resource effectively and efficiently.
  3. Provide a support to the management:An administrator is the link between the management and the other parts of the organization like human resources etc., thus it is an administrator responsibility to provide a cushion and support the management to know and find out what is happening in the organization and how is the organization responding to the changes etc.,
  4. Have a brief knowledge and information about data handling: As Constrictum is consultancy firm providing assistance to human resource and recruitment personnel also the organization specializes in carrying researches related to media and selection, thus an administrator must have the information and knowledge about the work happening in the organization , however he is not assigned to carry out the work but he must understand things so that he can find solution and provide support if needed (Katsioloudes, 2009)
  5. Try and seek harmony in the office: An administrator is an important link in the organization, thus it is an administrators responsibility to look at every issue and try and resolve and seek harmony between the organization and its resources in every possible way.

1.2 Objectives set for 12 months

  • Reduce the client service time to 7 days from the current existing level of 2 weeks, for this I would look at all the complaints or issues coming up to me personally and also once the issues reaches the employees I would follow them up, by this I would be able to service clients effectively and also be able to win loyal customers for my organization,
  • Improve employee indulgence in work, for this I would have tem meetings once in every week so that each employee can meet others at work and know them personally so that the level of hesitation in getting work done from others reduces and the employees will feel more involved in the team thus there efficiency would improve,
  • I would also try and carry out IT and other resource SWOT analysiswithin 6 months, and would submit the report to the management, through the I would make the management understand why is the issue occurring and also in case if any change is required will also be found,

1.3 Effectiveness against Objectives

I have been working on the report formation of the resources and I have been able to find out the following issues which are important for the organization:-

  • Employees work on researches through in built software’s however some employees lack the level of knowledge which I have reported and the management have instilled a system of on-job training for such employees,
  • Also I had recommended that the employee work in cubicles thus they are not able to communicate face to face, thus management have come up with offices with no cubicles at least for processes which require more face to face interaction.

I think I am able to understand the processes and issues and reasons of occurrence of the issues are also analysed effectible.

1.4 Suggestions for the Appraisal

  • Carry out bi-yearly appraisal:Constrictum must carry out bi-yearly appraisal, this would benefit both the organization as well as the organization, as the organization would be able to find out how much has the employee achieved and how is the employee performing, similarly employee will be able to find out how much is to be achieved to meet the needs of the organization, (Hill & Jones, 2012)
  • Secondly, Appraisal process must be simple and yet innovative, so that both employees and managers conducting them find it interesting to do that and also correct results could be found out from the appraisal process. (Hill & Jones, 2012)

1.5 Motivational Techniques and how can they be used effectively

Constrictum can use the following ways to motivate employees:-

  • Financial Motivation: This is a form of motivation by paying more for the same work, this method is more effective for lower or middle level employees who have more desires for money, some financial motivation techniques are: - perks, bonuses etc. (Sims, 2007)
  • Non-financial motivation: This is a form of motivation more effective for motivating middle and top level employees, this is a method used for people who give less importance to money and more importance to the recognition and status they receive while working. (Sims, 2007)
  • Working Conditions: Organization must develop working conditions like technology etc. so that employees are motivated to work and like working on the projects assigned by the organization to them. (Sims, 2007)

Personal Motivational Technique

Personally, I would be more motivated in case I am given more work to perform and also if I am allowed to explore newer ways and means to work, thus for my motivation Constrictum can enrich my job description and give me more exciting and challenging roles to perform.

1.6 Time Management Strategies

  1. Start the day with planning and devoting time to important activities,
  2. Have morning hurdles and meetings with the team to improve team’s time management,
  3. Reduce the use of distractions at work like face book, mobiles etc., if they are not important to your work,
  4. Take a break of 15-20 after every 3-4 hours of work so that mind is fresh and work done remains effective at the same time.

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Task 2

Memorandum on Workforce

Global Workforce Megatrends

TO- Mr. Vice Chellor, Marketing Director
From-Kate Ruslan, Administrator-Resources
Date-August 10, 2014
Subject-Workforce trends and how can they be a solution for Constrictum.

In an effort to analyse and find the workforce changes and trends, first I would like to put a light on few issues I have sighted in Constrictum, firstly there are divisions in the organization which remain overstaffed and then divisions which remain understaffed reasons can be turnover ratio or others, secondly, employees are not trained on the job before putting them on work because of which employees take few days to adjust thus productivity suffers. Thirdly, the employee’s uses too much papers work to complete tasks this results in too much of wastage. These issues are noticed in several departments.
However, there are some of the workforce global trends that can serve as solutions to the issues reported, some of the important trends are:-

  • Go Paperless: A peerless organization is what Constrictum should be, as working takes time and efforts both of employees and the organization when the employees works on pear and then on computers while researching, hence to solve this issue the organization can use touch pads through which whatever the employee does theory fingers on computer screens can be directly taken to work, thus time would be saved,
  • Use Health Reforms and Standards: Organizations worldwide have started giving importance to the health of their employees so that the employees remain healthy and thereby work is not effected, for this organizations undertake regular health check-ups, or health weeks to keep their employees healthy,
  • Freelancers are increasing: As more and more workforce is finding more and more jobs, the number of candidates who find office or desk jobs are also increasing, however there are still a large number of people who still want to work on their wish, thus freelancing is increasing and organizations are using these freelancers to get there extra work done, there by the tedious selection and recruitment policy and programmed is finding a pause,
  • Working age of employees is reducing worldwide: According to a research made by Forbes, today people tend to or in one form or the other at an age of 15.5 years globally, as opposed to 16.5 years in 2012. The reason for this is mostly the monetary needs and youngsters hunt for work with studies,

Looking at these important workforce trends and solutions to the issues at Constrictum, according to my view Freelancers are the best solutions to the problems as Constrictum, has more seasonal rush and clients also want their work to be done effectively, thus Constrictum can appoint few freelancers which can work for important assignments at Constrictum and there by the whole expenditure on recruitment and selection program will reduce and also effectiveness of the organization will also improve.
Please let me know your views about the same.


An organization is a machine which works only if its parts are effective and wants to work, in case these parts refuses to work, the machine named organization may fail or cease to work. The parts of the organization are its resources like employees, technology etc. An administrator is a person to takes care of what is to be done and how, thus it is very important that this administrator is one who understands small and minor working methods and how work is carried out in the organization. (Crano & Selnow, 1987).
Constrictum, a consultancy firm has to make certain defined workplace changes also the organization has to improve its research skill team which can be done by improving the selection and recruiting team, as the existing employees have come up with SpiderNet and made the product highly priced and low on advertisement which looks as lack of research.
Finally team work and team dynamics are essential as it is only if team performs effectively that an organization performs and is effective.


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