Unit 22 Managing Human Resources - ASDA

Unit 22 Managing Human Resources - ASDA

Unit 22 Managing Human Resources - ASDA

Unit 22 Managing Human Resources Assignment - ASDA 1


Human resource management I have discussed about the various aspect of guest model, moreover I have also discussed about the various aspects of discrimination and their real life effect in an organisation. I have also discussed about the different scenarios which are being faced by different people under the different race, age, religion etc.

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Task 1

Explain Guest’s model of HRM (1.1)

0the term human resource management consists of a vast segment which includes the processes of recruitment, selecting, upgrading new techniques of  training and development . There are different kinds of HRM model which has been proposed, the famous among them is David guest.

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The  model of David  guest is on the of the major HRM  models which has prescribed certain characteristics which if applied to an organisation which have some positive and negative aspect as well

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Asda is one the most popular and biggest online grocery super market follows certain human resource model. Asda being a big brand it often have to use certain measures which will help in the proper management. (Galinsky, Sakai, Wigton, 2011)

David guest in his HRM model has defined 6 main attributes which are:

  • The strategies of Hr
  • The practices of HR
  • The Outcomes Of HR
  • The Behaviour Outcomes
  • The outcomes of performance
  • The outcomes related to monetary terms.

At Asda there are certain important characteristics which can be applied readily they are :

Planned integration:

  • At Asda, it is often noticed that there is always an existence of an systematic assimilation between the employees and the management.
  • The guest model explains about the inflexible approach which is often experienced by Asda.
  • Moreover, at Asda there is always adherence of strict code of conduct which is sometimes becomes a negative trait for the employees and the employers as well to maintain proper harmony in work.


  • At Asda , the employees are readily made habituated with the functioning of the various stores and departments
  • The main concentration is laid on the better quality improvement of the employees.
  • It mainly concentrates in selecting right amount of employees
  • The main focus of soft hrm in on building proper teams , managing them.

Commitment level:

  • The employees at Asda are full of dedication; they tend to work hard to give the maximum output.
  • They tend to arrange the maximum range of profits and side by the mangers are depicted with proper concentration and rewarded simultaneously.

Using an organisation of your choice, compare the differences between Storey’s definitions of HRM, personnel and IR practices.  (1.2)

Storey in his definition of human resource management clearly identified the fact that more amount of value should be bestowed on employee’s skills and behaviour, so that they can perform a work more efficiently. It also defined that people tend to work for gaining a strategic outcome. Storey mentioned mainly that there are two kinds of HRM tools the soft HRM and hard HRM

Hard HRM: Under this HRM it tends to indulge its employee like a tool e.g.  machines, element . Under this HRM, it is generally for a short term basis , where the amount of communication is generally limited and restricted .under this the least amount of wages are being paid encircling within the boundary and it maintains an autocratic style.

Soft HRM: Here the main concentration being the employee themselves, they are the most rich asset of  Asda , the communication is very free flowing and with encouraging pay. The staffs are given with equal amount of responsibilities.


Human resource management

Personnel and industrial management



As per storey, the human resource management is mainly laid on a strategic manner which depicts certain policies and rules . at Asda , being a large super market it tends to follow certain rules

Storey defines personal management as the body for establishing the recruitment process. At Gazprom being a renowned company it complies by the rules .


At Asda, being a big brand it tends to abide by the rules as per mentioned in the agreement, storey likes to depict the same.

Storey defined that , under PM , the agreement tends to go outbound the rules , as in Gazprom


Storey in this HRM mainly stresses on the strict rules and procedures which is being maintained by Asda.

Storey under this has depicted that there is a need for discussing with the management first like in Gazprom.

Relations :

Storey under this aspect has defined that the relations or the nature is mostly pluralistic  .as in Asda

Whereas the relations of PM , storey defined is  mostly Unitarist

The rules prescribed

Storey has clearly defined that Under Hrm there is strict adherence of the rules and procedure as in Asda 

While storeys idea in PM under accompanying in rules is mostly “will be able to do “as seen in Gazprom.

The assignment responsibilities

Storeys responsibilities on hrm is mainly concentrating on the work performed by the employees as Asda does . (Galinsky, Sakai, Wigton,2011)


While storeys definition is mostly about employees should be cultivated , as seen in Gazprom


Strategic areas



Assess the implications for line managers and employees of developing a strategic approach to HRM for any organisation of your choice. (1.3)

Unit 22 Aspect of Guest Model in MHR Assignment. 5 PNG

Line managers at Asda play the most crucial role in directing the staffs in the right direction. Asda being a huge online multi stored super market has been designed to take care of the large number of work force. It is more specifically defined as front line mangers there are certain managers like the supervisors, team leaders etc. (Galinsky, Sakai, Wigton, 2011)

The main functions are namely: The line managers first and foremost responsibility is to assign the day to day work as per work schedule and it is not limited to one but for all the employees working

  • The front line manager has to oversee the cost which are being incurred while the processes, and if there is any possibility of wastage.
  • It is necessary that the lines mangers, like team leader, supervisor, and 2nd line manager need to identify where the staffs at Asda are lacking the experience and how can be made more specific.
  • Checking the quality of each work as per assigned is another major responsibility which is being bestowed on the line managers shoulder and he has to perform it.
  • It is important that at Asda the performance of each employee is being reviewed carefully for proper maintained and supervision.
  • Line managers should simultaneously look towards protecting the welfare of the employees by providing adequate job security, proper financial assistance etc.

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Task 2

Explain how a model of flexibility might be applied in your organisation. (2.1)

Flexibility helps the staffs and the workplace to perform the work in a better and in a positive manner. Flexibility helps to maintain a better and much positive manner of performing work. Asda being a multi brand helps in the proper flexibility. (Galinsky, Sakai, Wigton, 2011)

  • Compensation: At Asda , it is very important that the staffs are being provided with equal amount of pay among all .this ensures much flexibility among all .
  • Increasing the morale: At Asda due to high amount of flexibility it is possible to maintain a well defined productive plan. Due to increased flexibility, the number of staff absenteeism is very less. At Asda staffs feels valued , they feel encouraged and which instils a trust and loyal towards the work.
  • Establishing well – groomed strategy: The main aim of Asda is to attract as many staffs as it can , it is done by making their work schedule flexibility which refers that the  workers can work as their scheduled time anywhere anytime .
  • Engaging in value chain: It is the duty of the managers of Asda to truly engage their employee in specific value added activities. this is done in order to establish a strong bond which will help the employees to work more hard towards attaining the goal of the  business organisation .

Discuss the types of flexibility which may be developed by your organisation.(2.2)

Unit 22 Aspect of Guest Model in MHR Assignment. 6 PNG

Asda being a large brand in all, it maintains certain schedules of work and depending on the flexibility of the workers

The different types of flexibility which exists are name:

  • Compressed work week: Under this kind of work the workers have the elasticity to work for a longer amount of time as per the requirement of the work.
  • Flex- time: This work generally refers to employees for working for a central part of the wok . this work can be resumed either from early beginning to later scheduled work
  • Job – sharing:Under this, the time allotted is generally between two workers, who share their part of work as per their convenience.
  • Part – time work: Under this, the amount of work which is being completed is generally less than full time but it is half of the planned full time.
  • Telecommuting/ work from home:This type of work is being assigned to workers to work a small part of their regular work in remote areas.

Assess the use of flexible working practices from both the employee and the employer perspective. (2.3)

Asda, always keep this in mind , that employees are the main asset and backbone . so it is the prime responsibility of the managers and supervisors of Asda to rightfully make certain practices which are flexible to the employees and will benefit Asda for better productivity . The most important concern in Asda is the diversification which has been variable at Asda, it is the managers who with its various skills and tactics has helped the workers to build a better working place. The most important thing is establishing a well equipped recruitment scenario. The managers and the hiring team should make sure that proper skill settings are being on boarded. If they are more flexibility it tends to decrease the amount of absenteeism and the productivity tends to increase. Another major important scenario being , it is important to retain the valued staffs , because they are considered to be rich assets , Asda always takes this into account in preserving the better and priceless staffs. Another important practise being, the employees should be made clear about the policies as mentioned, so that the employees gets a clear cut idea of the vision . how much effort they are going to give for the success.

Use of technology is the most important aspect at Asda, it is important for a high amount of flexibility

Discuss the impact that changes in the labour market have had on flexible working practices (2.4)

It is in the last few years due to the vast amount of change in the area of demographic, society, technology etc. This has a vast long effect on the UK employees, but due to the advancement of new technology it has enabled the employees to apply for various options and maintain the flexibility Due to the change in the market of labour, it has helped in instilling a high amount of loyalty among them . it is because due to work hour flexibility , their staffs can readily relate their personal and societal work readily without impact on their work life .one of the major legal and regulatory framework is the provision of providing a well defined flexible work time . In 2014, the right was given only up to the parent of having one children only , but it was later revised in 2014.The manager of Asda takes proper care that all the employees are entitled with proper training advantages so that there should not exist any kind of skill gap for them .

Sometimes earlier there were no such flexibility as in the number of hours worked , the option for flex time , but with the passing of time , it is being possible to make certain flexibility in the place of work . This will ultimately help Asda in better profitability and under certain unwanted situations as well. (Flamholtz, 2012) There was another issue being the timing hours including the happy night sleep hour. employees at Asda are normally allotted ass per shifts , so the night shift person are being given one hour happy sleep , which will help them to have the proper refreshment and work as well without any kind of chaos.

Task 3

Explain the forms of discrimination that can take place in the workplace using examples of recent discrimination cases which has made the news. (3.1)

It is common in almost worldwide the different forms of discrimination that happens. Recently there was some discrimination news:

Discrimination as per caste: It is recently listed that in UK, a women from different country was being paid less due to his nationality. Permila turkey was being recruited from India to work in Britain. She was being made to work like a servant paying 11 p and working for more than 18 hours. She was not made to connect with her families and the employers Milton Keynes. Later when it came into surface the employment tribunal has awarded her with a lump sum amount of £184,000.

Gender discrimination: In UK, there was a recent major upheaval regarding the gender discrimination at ASDA. Asda being a multi brand super marketing 2014, has made a quite a tormenting news where the female workers were literally paid less than the male workers. About more than 5600 women lodged in to tribunal legal framework, which has finally won and Asda was made to pay a heavy compensation to the female workers’.

Unit 22 Aspect of Guest Model in MHR Assignment. 7 PNG

As per estimation it is being observed, that women are actually paid off about £300,000 less than that of the male workers. In UK, mostly are women are being so actually seen at par with men in terms of efficiency, skills, knowledge etc. As on international women day, it was noticed that there is a gap of about 5732 or about 24% gap is being observed arising from non paying of the equal salaries to women.

Discrimination against disability: The renowned health service of NHS was recently seen to have discriminated against for a person who is disabled; a deaf to be prominent was not allowed to fill for a position of a telephone operator. This was seen to be major drawback in the health centres

Discuss the practical implications of equal opportunities legislation for an organisation. (3.2)

There has been a widespread aspect regarding the unequal opportunities at a work place. In UK it is being observed that however it good it may sound, employees are not being paid at par with the other employees there are some factors which should be taken into account:

  • The feminity aspects: In UK, however it is said that women are all equal in every aspect, but in reality it is not the case. UK has estimated that only 2.3% of the total women work face group actually can rise in a higher position in a company. It is because male domination is always prevalent in every sphere.
  • The aspect relation to geographically: In UK, there are several small towns from where people tend to migrate in search of work. But the\y are regarded as inferior and are always paid a much lesser amount. This is because of the fact that there place of origin is generally from a very small town. Therefore it can be said that geographic aspects plays an important role.(Timmons, 2016.)
  • The aspects relating to race, religion: In recent news, the celebrity or footballers are not getting away from such racism. A renowned footballer was not given a chance in the squad due to fact that he hailed from a different race or religion. UK still practices these kinds of unwanted practises. (Flamholtz, 2012)
  • The aspects relating to disabled people: This is quite a shock that when the disabled people are not given the right amount of compensation. As they are the one who needs ample support from the employer’s society etc. But in certain place in UK, they are not given any such opportunity.

Compare the approaches to managing equal opportunities and managing diversity. You should give examples from a selected organisation and discuss the similarities and differences in their approaches to managing equal opportunities and diversity. (3.3)

Unit 22 Aspect of Guest Model in MHR Assignment. 8 PNG

There are certain views that are being taking in account at Asda, for the purpose of depicting the equal opportunities. Asda is well known for providing a high and advanced balance between the employees and their growth.

  • Guidelines relating to equivalent opportunity: At Asda this is being maintained mandatory that all the staffs present should be provided with a fair amount of work. It helps in maintaining the work balance, helps in providing a fair amount of balance and maintains efficiency at work. (Kaas, Manger, 2011)
  • Aspect regarding the training: Asda recognises each employee with the type of training is required. Every Six months Asda conducts a training sessions, which helps the employees to improve further their skills, and helps the experience staffs to sharpen even more.
  • Disability aspects: Asda has certain provisions which are for the people suffering under any kind of disability, they are appointed under some special provisions. This helps to make proper and adequate environment for all
  • Equal amount of monetary compensation: Equal amount of money is being paid to all the employees depending on its way of work , the type of work , they are being given justified pay which helps in increasing their morale in a 360 degree .

Task 4

Select an organisation you work or have worked for, identify and compare the performance management methods used. (4.1)

Unit 22 Aspect of Guest Model in MHR Assignment. 9 PNG

Employees in an organisation work hard in order to attain the organisation goal, so it is very important for the managers to properly look at the performance level of each staffs. Having working for a multi brand named Asda, I have noticed certain methods of performance which has helped Asda to increase the level of productivity and maintain a harmonic surrounding at Asda.

Unit 22 Aspect of Guest Model in MHR Assignment. 10 PNG

Managing the performance of employees is very important in order to properly understand the needs of an employee, proper compensation etc. The different types of performance management methods are mainly divided into traditional and modern methods.

The factors which tend to measure the performance of an individual are:

  • Analysis of the job: At Asda it is very important to critically analysis each of the job which is being assigned to each staffs. So according to this the jobs as per designated. Job analysis is further classified under
  • Job description: Asda has several sub departments and departments
  • Key performance indicator: at Asda, the employees are first identified with their key areas of their strength followed by the areas where they are lacking. This helps to properly understand the function ability of each employee.
  • Recruitment: At Asda the next step which is followed is the quality of manpower which is being recruited. It is important that in order to serve a better and efficient work, mad performing at an effective manner it is important that employee have a high intensity to perform better. At asda internal hiring and selection is being often customised(Timmons, 2016)
  • Reward and recognition:This is the most important and more effective way which serves as a boosting element in Asda . Often the staffs are being awarded or bestowed with monetary gains or with promotions or perks or bonuses which helps the employees to work at an increase level.
  • Benchmark:Sometimes Asda maintains these criteria where staffs are being customised to a certain level or certain benchmark at par with another employee this tends to be create a competitive environment. This helps in working at a faster level and thereby accomplishing the task.
  • Feedback:At Asda, there is a method which is maintained at a confidential level, whether one to one session is being held with every staffs in order to understand the level or work the employees are being performing.
  • Analysing of the gap:Sometimes it is being seen that the employees at Asda, are lacking some skill in relation to proper handling of the work, etc .so it is the prime responsibility of the manager or who is in charge to look after the gap which is being created and help the staffs in filling up the gap.
  • Delivering proper training and development:Asda always maintains that staffs should be made acquainted with the upgrading technology and provided with proper training to establish proper skills. (Buller, McEvoy,2012)

Assess the approaches used to managing employee welfare in your organisation (4.2)

ASDA being a multi brand in the entire UK, in the field of grocery, household items etc, it generally uses some approaches which tends to benefit Asda. The approaches are as follows:

  • Social aspects: Asda being a multi banner, always makes sure that the staffs working under it , are being given the space and the flexibility to maintain a well  balanced social life . Asda being a grocery store gives a flexible happy time for its employees like a well planned lifestyle , spending more time with the dear ones , refreshments etc .
  • Pay system: Asda  takes the compensation part in a serious manner , it ensures that the employees who work tremendously hard , should be rewarded , in the form of pay , bonus , perks , extra allowances , free lunch coupons etc . This tends to help the family to work even harder and this maintaining a well – defined work life.
  • Proper job identity: At Asda, the employees are being depicted with job as per the individual skill settings; Asda always takes this into account that there is proper division of job according to his qualification.
  • Improving the work place: Asda creates certain sessions, and certain activity in order to maintain a harmonizing surrounding. This helps the staffs to work at a faster rate and helps to increase the efficiency of them as well.

Discuss the implications of health and safety legislation on human resources practices (4.3)

According to the act as described in H& S act 1974, in any organisation it is important to maintain a high degree of healthy environment. This helps the employees to work in a healthier manner. There are certain conventions which are necessary to discuss them are:

  • Connection between the income and the safety measure:Monetary encouragement plays an important role in creating a healthy improvement. People strive their best to withstand the life they are being facing negative or positive , so in order to fulfil their  health care , it is important to give the rightful amount which they have been working for .
  • The aspect of poor health:Sometimes it is seen that due to ill health, there are some situation regarding to poor conditions at work. This poorly work environment can affect the health of the employees to a great extend and can actually pause the work of the organisation to a high level.
  • Taking proper precautions:Sometimes it is possible  specially in factories or large furnaces , the employees are supposed to take into account certain safety measures , but it is the major responsibility of the employer or the supervisor in charge to see that all the safety measures are being properly maintained by the employees . (Kaas, Manger,2011)

Evaluate the impact of another topical issue on human resources practices. (4.4)

The most widespread issue which is being followed in this recently is the effect of racism and the discriminating effect. (Buller, McEvoy,2012)

Racism: The most influencing topic which is very much affecting the sentiments of the people in UK is the practise of racism . Employees sometimes come from various societies, cultures , groups , so some people are being seen in the category of not having the proper urge or the ability to work in a particular place .

Another issue which is widespread now days is the affect of discrimination in different context:

  • Age factor: In certain organisation it is seen that people who have crossed the age of 65 are often seen as a non usable resource of a company the reason being, the human resource department takes the perspective in account that hiring fresh talent can contribute more with their modern and innovative thinking rather than the person who have crossed the age of 65.
  • Separating an employee: Now a days it has become very common to fire any employee at will, as per the wish or the want often management level. The reason being In UK, they look more on the productive part, the more talented a person is, more revenue it can generate from the company.

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In unit 22 managing human resources ASDA assignment I have learnt about the importance of guest model and its implication on Asda. I have also learnt the different aspects of recruiting and selecting as per Storey. Moreover I have learnt how the different discrimination can affect the people in different organisation. Moreover, taking a review on the current discrimination issues which has a long lasting effect on individual.


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