Unit 22 Managing Human Resource Solution

Managing Human Resource Solution

Unit 22 Managing Human Resource Solution


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Unit 22 Managing Human Resources

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Level 4


The report is prepared in concentration with managing human resource. It is a really tough job to manage the people of different diversities working at the same place. To increase the effectiveness of the report Sainsbury is taken as the company example in which information related with the human resource management will be discussed. Sainsbury is a second largest chain of supermarkets in United Kingdom. It is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Company is owned by David Sainsbury, Baron Sainsbury of Turville. For a company like Sainsbury it becomes really important to manage its human resource in a proper manner so that it could function smoothly in the market and could attain success and sustainability.

Unit 22 Hujman Resource Management


2.1 Explain how a model of flexibility might be applied in your organization.

Flexibility is the key to success for every organization. Organizations should try to remain flexible because market can change at any point of time. Rigid behaviour of the organization can affect the internal processes as well as external functions of the organization. Developing flexible strategies will help the Business of Sainsbury to manage the work as well as uncertainties in proper manner. Sainsbury is working in the market which is full of competitors hence for such aspects it becomes necessary that company should develop the strategies which could help the company in remaining flexible and accept the changes will help it to ensure its success in the competitive market (Doherty, et. al., 2014). Working on the flexibility model will help Sainsbury to manage its internal processes. Following are certain aspects of flexibility model they are:
Responsiveness: It is necessary that the organization should take responsiveness into consideration. Organization should follow its responsibilities towards the employees and so the employees towards the organization. It is necessary that the organization should train its employees so that they could get skilled and bring quality to the work this will help the company to grow in the market.
Differentiation: Product differentiation is another aspect that helps the company to grow in the market. Human resource management of Sainsbury should work towards to focus on making the products and services differentiated with the effect of which company will be able to attain competitive advantage in the market by attracting effective number of people towards its products and services (Gallie, et. al., 2012).
Efficiency: Making the worker efficient so that they could accept all type of challenges and work accordingly will help the company to grow. Human resource management of Sainsbury should ensure that proper training and guidance should be availed to the employees so that they could develop their intellectual skills and work efficiently at the workplace.
Time: Working on time management aspects and ensuring that the work should be prioritized will help the company to grow in the market. For the brand like Sainsbury it becomes necessary that it should work upon time management aspects with the effect of which company could manage its prioritized works and could ensure to succeed in the market (Kelliher, et. al., 2010).

2.2 Discuss the types of flexibility that may be developed by Sainsbury.

For the company which is willing to work on the flexibility aspects it becomes necessary that they should understand types of flexibilities that are available. Choosing the right type of flexibility to the workplace will always help the company to grow and sustain. Hence, it becomes necessary that human resource management of Sainsbury should gather information related with various types of flexibilities so that it could apply appropriate flexibility to the workplace and help the company to sustain in the market. Following are various types of flexibilities they are:
Functional Flexibility: Flexibility which helps the company to making decisions regarding redeployment of the employees in other process is known as functional flexibility. Adopting such type of flexibility to the workplace helps the company to ensure that its employees could know more about the company in which they are working. Providing cross training to the employees will help Sainsbury to make the assurance that it could avail the workforce to manage the work at the time of requirement (Sainsbury, 2010).
Numerical Flexibility: Numerical flexibility is another flexibility that is important to be considered by human resource management. It is the flexibility that works upon the number of employees an organization should have and the flexibility in that number could be managed by it. Human resource management of Sainsbury should ensure that it should have part time workers and contract based workers so that work could get managed in case if emergency situation occurs.
Financial Flexibility: Financial flexibility is another type of flexibility which helps the organization to manage its internal processes. Human resource management should work on the financial aspects to smoothen the functionality of the business (Gary, 2011). Human resource management should ensure to make the estimates of the expenses that would incur in managing human resources working so that it could provide the financial figures that are to be availed in managing the same. Working on the financial aspects will ensure that organization could provide the extra funding so that human resource management could work more effectively on the workforce.

2.3 Assess the use of flexible working practices from both the employees and employers perspective.

Human resource management shares various responsibilities at the workplace in which one of the responsibilities is to ensure that the aspects or practices that they are adopting should provide benefits to the employer as well as employees. Focusing on such type of aspect will help the human resource management to maintain the decorum of the business (Martin, 2010). Hence, accessing that whether flexibility will help the employer and employee both will help human resource management to make appropriate decision of whether to adopt the strategy or not:
Part Time Employment: It is a flexibility practice which helps the employees to manage their earnings and also their personal life. Mostly student works on part time basis to manage their studies as well as expenses of their studies. On the other hand employer gets the cheap labour to manage the work at the time of peak season. Hence, it could be said that both employer and employee gets benefit from part time employment.
Temporary staff: People who are less skilled and work on cheaper rates for certain period of time are the temporary staff for the company. These are the people who have less experience about the work and works to get experience. Working on temporary basis helps them in gaining the experience of the company. On the other hand employer, employing the temporary staff gets the work done on time and manages the work in an effective manner (Lang, 2010).
Zero Hour Contracts: Zero hour contract is the contract that is signed between the employees and employer in which employees are given the freedom of working at any time. Monthly targets are given to the employees which are to be fulfilled by them. This helps the employees to work on their own will as they do not have to work on a particular time. On the other hand employer gets the work done on the time prescribed which helps it to manage its work process in a smooth manner.
Teleworking and Work From Home: Sainsbury has its backend office which helps in resolving the queries of the customers related with the products and services they have purchased or willing to purchase. Teleworking or work from helps the employees to manage the work from the places they want on the other hand it helps the employer to reduce the cost of maintenance of infrastructure and various other expenses.
Hence, accessing all the flexibility practices it could be analyzed that adoption of such practices will help both employer as well as employees.

2.4 Discuss the impact that changes in the labour market have had on flexible working practices.

Change is one of the most crucial aspects for the organization because not only the organizations but all the employees working in it get affected due to the change. There are great effects that could be seen on the labour market due to change. Labour is one of the most important aspects for the organization as there are various works that are being processed out by the labour that helps the organization to function smoothly and manage all its work process in an effective way. Organizations prefer to adopt the changes which could help in making the work process more easy and effective and ensures that people working could get benefited from the change which is going to occur in the workplace (Dainty, et. al., 2013).
Bringing changes helps in exploring the skills of the labour as they get to get trained to manage the changes and work more effectively. With the development of skills labours gets the opportunity to work in a new working environment and manage the work in more appropriate way.
Working on the changing environment helps the labours to secure their jobs as they get knowledge of various aspects which helps them to work more effectively and appropriately at the workplace.
Applying the positive changes at workplace helps in ensuring that their work burden get reduced and quality could be brought to the products and services. It is necessary that organization should ensure to provide job securities to the labour so that they can comfortably accept the change and prefer to manage it accordingly.

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4.1 Select an organization you work or have worked for, identify and compare the performance management methods used.

Performance management is the process with the help of which quality could be brought to the workplace. Human resource management should work towards to access the performance of the employees and should guide them on the basis of their performance. It is the process with the effect of which biasness could get removed from the workplace. Some of the methods that will help human resource management to manage the performance o the employees are:
Reward System: Reward system is the method in which rewards are being provided to the employees on the basis of their performance. Performance of the employees is being analyzed on the basis of which decisions made to who the rewards are to be given and to whom trainings are to be scheduled (Dehaghani, et. al., 2013).
Monitoring and Supervising: Monitoring and supervising is the role of human resource management in which they keeps the eye on the work that is being done by the employees. Mangers keep in tracking the performance of the employees and provide proper set of guidance and support so that employees could bring quality to the work.
360 degree Appraisal: Most effective technique that could be sued by the organization to evaluate the performance of the employees is 360 degree appraisal in which human resource management gather the information related with the behaviour of the employee from his colleagues, peer members, manager, team leader and friends so as to make the decision regarding the appraisal that whether to appraise that person or not (Doherty, et. al., 2014).

4.2 Assess the approaches used to managing employee welfare in Sainsbury.

Organization is responsible for providing opportunities and other welfare aspects to the employees working over there. It is a responsibility that the employees working in Sainsbury should be treated as the most valuable assets. There are several approaches that are adopted by Sainsbury which will help in welfare of the employees they are:
Personal Assistance: It is a responsibility of managers to provide personal assistance to the employees by helping them in resolving their personal as well as professional issues so that employee could get relaxed and work accordingly.
Anti DiscriminationProgram: It is a responsibility of human resource management to work upon reducing discrimination from the workplace so that all the employees could get treated equally. Providing equal opportunities and pay to the employees will help in motivating them and working more effectively at the workplace (Sainsbury, 2010).
Health and Well Being: It is a responsibility of Sainsbury to focus on the health and well being of the employees and provide them proper health support so that they could remain healthy and safe.

4.3 Discuss the implications of health and safety legislations on human resource practices.

Health and safety legislations are provided by certain legislations which are necessary to be followed by each and every organizations available in the market. For the human resource management of Sainsbury it is necessary that it should focus upon the health and safety aspects of the workforce so that people working in the organization could remain safe and secure. It is necessary that Sainsbury should develop the policies which are provided in Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Availing the health and safety equipment at the workplace will help the workforce to manage the disastrous situation (Wellbeingcharter.org.uk, 2016).
Proper training and guidance should be availed to the employees regarding health and safety aspects so that they could help other employees by providing them support at the time of emergency or disastrous situation. Regular check on the health and safety equipments should be kept by the organization and assurance should be made that they should work properly and effectively (Gallie, et. al., 2012).

4.4 Evaluate the impact of another topical issue on human resource planning.

There are various topical issues that have a direct impact on the human resourceplanning these topical issues are:
Lack of team spirit: There are various people available in the organization that prefers to work individually at the workplace. These people have the mindset that if they will work with a group then their performance will not be analyzed properly and the whole credit will goes to the team. Due to such mind set of the workforce team spirit gets affected which affects the productivity as well as quality of the work (Cipd.co.uk, 2016).
Employee turnover: It is another aspect that directly affects the human resource planning. There are various rivals of Sainsbury available in the market who offers more effective job to the workforce due to which employee’s starts leaving the job. This affects the estimation of the human resource due to which human resource planning of the organization gets affected (Kelliher, et. al., 2010).


It could be evaluated that managing human resource is a very tough task for every organization. It becomes necessary that the organizations should work upon developing various set of strategies so that its human resource could get managed in an effective way because workforce are the key to success of the organization with the effect of which all the requirements of the workplace could get fulfilled. Organization should try to make the working environment flexible with the effect of which workforce could work comfortably at the workplace and help the organization to move on the path of success and sustainability.


Unit 22 human Resources

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