Unit 21 HRM Assignment Posh Nosh Limited

Unit 21 HRM Assignment Posh Nosh Limited

Unit 21 HRM Assignment Posh Nosh Limited


Diploma in Business

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Unit 21 HRM Posh Nosh Limited

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Level 4


In HRM posh nosh limited report human resource management is described. A human resource manager from the different organization is hired for Posh Nosh Limited to dilute the process and make the effective changes in human resource management. Carmel Williams is addressed in this report who is chief executive officer of the organization Posh Nosh Limited. This Unit 21 HRM Assignment Posh Nosh Limited is consisting many dimensions in human resource management.

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Task 1

In the above scenario of a small organization, highlight the difference in applying personnel management and human resource management. In your opinion, which would be a better approach and why? (AC 1.1)

Ans. Unquestionably people are the most crucial factor in an organization. The success and growth of an enterprise depends upon its employees. Both Personnel Management and Human Resource Management deal with the human aspects of the organization, which is where the similarities among the two concepts end. With technological advancement and replacement of human employees with machines in last two decades, Personnel management has also been replaced by Human Resource Management.

There is a distinct variation in applying personnel management and human resource management.

Difference in applying Personnel Management and HRM in Posh Nosh Limited:

  • Personnel Management concentrates on all employees as a group whereas in HRM each employee of the organization is given attention.
  • In Personnel Management employees are treated as a tool while in  Human Resource Management  they are regarded as a crucial asset of the enterprise.
  • Due to Indirect Communication , Decision making is also slow in Personnel Management on the other hand Direct communication in Human Resource Management facilitates faster Decision Making.
  • Training and development opportunities are very few for employees in personnel management but in Human Resource Management, training and development of manpower is an integral part of the overall management function.
  • In personnel management job design is done on the basis of division of work while in Human Resource Management it is done on the basis of team work.
  • Remuneration is based on the Job evaluation in Personnel Management whereas in Human Resource Management it is based on Performance appraisal (Buckley, et. Al., 2014).

Hence Human Resource Management will be suggested for Posh Nosh Limited.

Assess the function of the human resource management in contributing to organisational purposes. (AC 1.2)

Ans. HRM can be described as a process of managing people in organization from a macro perspective. Needless to say Functions of HRM play a crucial role in attaining organizational objectives.

Following are the major functions of HRM in Posh Nosh Limited:

  • Human Resource Planning: In Posh Nosh Limited it is the Process of identifying the current and future manpower requirements in the light of organization’s objectives, culture and structure. It’s impassable to perform any function without HRP, since manpower is the main component of all organizations goals.
  • Recruitment and Staffing: In Posh Nosh Limited this function focuses on putting right person on the right job. To attain organizational purposes it is imperative to obtain people with appropriate skills, abilities, Knowledge and experience.
  • Employee Development: In Posh Nosh Limited the main objective of this function is to improve organizational productivity by elaborating knowledge and skills of its employees. With constantly changing technologies and procedures it is essential to ensure that employees are equipped with necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Compensation: In Posh Nosh Limited it refers to providing fair remuneration to current employees for their contribution to organizational purposes and attracting more employees to fulfill future manpower needs. On surpassing the performance standards employees are also rewarded with Bonus or other benefits which ensures their commitment towards organizational goals.
  • Employee maintenance: In Posh Nosh Limited to ensure higher organizational productivity it is essential to maintain the mental and physical health of its employees. Monitoring and motivating employees to improve their performance is undoubtedly essential for organizational purposes. (Delic & Smajlovic, 2014)

Considering your client’s business size and industry norms, evaluate the roles and responsibilities the line managers in HRM?  (AC 1.3)

Ans. Line Managers have complete authority to exercise control over the work of subordinates and their aim is to achieve the organization’s basic goals. In a smaller firm like Posh Nosh Limited, line managers may perform all personnel duties unassisted, whereas a larger firm requires the intervention of a trained human resource staff.

There are four aspects of Line Managers role in HRM in Posh Nosh Limited:

  • Implementing: It refers to whether Line Managers put HR Policies into operation such as performance appraisal, rewards, etc.
  • Enacting: It is concerned with the way Line managers perform the policy to make it effective.
  • Leadership: It refers to the interpersonal skills of line managers which influences their employees
  • Controlling: Line managers have the authority to control behavior of their employees.

Line Manager Responsibilities in Posh Nosh Limited are as follows:

  • Hiring suitable person for the respective job.
  • Orientation of new employees in the organization.
  • Training new employees for jobs
  • Ensuring efficient performance of each person.
  • Gaining creative cooperation and developing smooth working relationships.
  • Enacting organizations policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring effective utilization of firm’s finances
  • Personal development of employees
  • Creating and maintaining department morale
  • Protecting employees health and physical condition (Azmi & Mushtaq, 2015).

Analyse the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on Human resources management for the chosen scenario (AC 1.4)

Ans. Legal and Regulatory framework on Human Resource Management differs from country to country. Human Resource Department must follow the laws and regulations of the country where the organization is based. Most of the functions of Human resource management are governed by certain rules, laws and regulations according to the country. In Posh Nosh Limited of UK managing human resources without complying with the laws is illegal and may cause serious offence. It might even lead to closing of the organization or establishment. Human Resource manager must be aware of the Legal and Regulatory framework on Human Resource Management to smoothly operate.

In India following Legal and Regulatory Framework on HRM is followed:

  • Trade Disputes Act 1906: It aims to maintain harmonious relations between employer and employees and solving any disputes aroused among the both parties as per laws of this act.
  • Factories Act 1833:The objective of this act is to provide suitable welfare, safety and health measures to its employees.
  • Employment Rights Act 1996:It ensures proper payment of salary and prevents unjustified deductions.
  • Public Contracts Regulation 2015: The objective is improve old skills through theoretical and practical training:
  • ICESCR 1981: To provide complete health care to the women and her child when the women is not able to work due to her health condition.  (Bredin, Söderlund & Macmillan, 2011)

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Task 2

In your report to the CEO, analyse the reasons for HR planning and its importance to the business.  (AC2.1)

Ioana Laura Marinescu

HR Manager

Posh Nosh Limited


Carmela Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Posh Nosh Limited


Ref: Importance of HR planning to Posh Nosh Limited

Introduction – This is a formal report understanding the dynamism of HR Planning in our organization Posh Nosh Limited. This report will cover the major attributes of human resource planning by focusing why it is necessary for our process.

Posh Nosh Limited are having multi sites in London and nearby area, hence to manage this needs a professional human resource channel. When an organization is small it’s very easy to manage all of the basic work of human resource department. But as our organization has established ten outlets already employing 100 persons, this needs a proper attention now. The employees and staff will be provided with the employment facilities and proper perks and salaries on time of the channel are established. The Human resource planning will also take care for the developed and efficient task force which will be hired on time to cover any shortage or deficiency in the process. The human resource planning will further helps us in satisfying the employee needs and requirements, where the company recognition and massive exposure will be outreached (Stoilkovska, et. al., 2015).

Outline the stages involved in planning the human resource requirements (AC 2.2)

There are several stages in the human resource requirements in Posh Nosh Limited. These are as follows:

  • Human Resource assessment: Firstly we will analyse the Human resource requirements in the organization by analysing the potential and efficiency level of the resources we are having. This will provide us the adequate data to make the employees visionary and far better performing to compete with the underlying industries in the market.
  • Demand forecasting: Later we will analyse the demand for the resources requirements. If the organization is requiring the  demand and supply  for new resources as concerned with the market advancements, trainings, experience etc., we will hire or make the arrangements accordingly (Jiarakorn, et. al., 2015).
  • Supply forecasting: Also we need to undergo the supply of the human resources, as there may be a time where we are having requirements but no resources are available in the market. Therefore we need to undergo the market requirements and match the demand and supply adequately to make the fair progress in the departments.
  • Action Plan: Finally for the Posh Nosh limited we need to execute a proper and adequate action plan which will hire the resources effectively and efficiently. This will also make the proper process dynamic with the human resource channel and the resources or the employees will trust the organization leads in satisfaction and comfort (Jiarakorn, et. al., 2015).

Compare the recruitment and selection process of Posh Nosh Limited to that of an organisation in the public sector.  You may select an organisation of your choice for this comparison. (AC 2.3) 

The recruitment and selection process of Posh Nosh Limited with MC Donald is established here. It is as follows:



Posh Nosh Limited

MC Donald


HRM Process


They are having immature process for selection and recruitment. They are having a small setup but are progressive and attaining process dynamism.


They are having huge set up and hence the HR channel is well established here.


Process of recruitment


Screening, Personal Interview.



Written Test, Screening and Personal Interview.





Direct selection


Pre Hired orientation and new hired orientation





Several trainings related to business development.


Huge training base not only with the business development but also with the employee development.


Taking both organisations into account as chosen above, evaluate the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection techniques of each.   (AC 2.4)

The effectiveness of recruitment and selection techniques of the above both organizations are as follows:

  • Posh Nosh Limited: Recruitment and selection process in this organization is immature. It needs to work on the proper attributes of human resource planning which will make the organization sustainable in the market and make the organization perfect (Stanujkic, et. al., 2015).
  • Recruitment– Its effective as they are taking the recruits by screening where they eliminate them in huge which will make them available with the best resources. Also after screening they took personal interviews which will again contribute in finding the best and right candidate.
  • Selection– They are providing direct selection which is very dull and void. They should incorporate the pre hire and new hire orientation. This will help the resources or the employees acquainting the process.
  • Training– They are providing business development training to the employees which are really adequate. Although, the scope can be broader by including employee development trainings (Stanujkic, et. al., 2015).
  • MC Donald- In MC Donald the process is dynamic and highly organised,
  • Recruitment–  n the MC Donald the process is disciplined, they are taking written tests and aptitude tests for getting recruitment, and finally with the screening and personal interviews tests.
  • Selection– They are providing pre hire and post hire orientations which is adequate for the process.
  • Training– They are providing both employee development and business development which is very effective for the process (Stanujkic, et. al., 2015).
  • Conclusion– At last I would like to conclude that our organization Posh Nosh Limited is highly progressive and prosperous. If employs a proper human resource channel if will help in the potential future by making certain arrangements of flexibility and dynamism in the organization Posh Nosh Limited.

Task 3

Assess the link between motivational theory and reward systems.  You should provide pragmatic recommendations to improve workforce motivation in Posh Nosh Limited.  (AC 3.1)

Motivation is a reason in order to act or behave in a specific way. It directs the behaviour to perform accordingly to get the desired results. Reward system is such system that shows concern over the formulation and implementation of the strategies and policies in order to reward the people in fair, equal and consistent manner according to their value in organisation.

Motivation and reward system get interlinked in order to satisfied the need and want of their employees. In context to motivation there are different theories are available such as Maslow's Hierarchy of needs theory, Herzberg theory, McGregor's theory and more. Posh Nosh Limited make use of Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory to motivate their employees (Nujjoo & Meyer, 2012). Posh Nosh Limited management evaluate the need of their employees and try to fulfil them such as they pay adequate level of salaries to their employees. secondly they provide them safe and secure environment for working. Thirdly, they render them adequate level of growth opportunity to their employees. They also implement the adequate reward system in which they make fair decisions to reward their employees. they follow the rank method to reward their employees in which employees get ranked on the basis of their production, accuracy and hygiene factors (Nujjoo & Meyer, 2012).

In your role as an HR manager you must evaluate the key elements involved in the job evaluation process and other factors which determine pay.   (AC3.2)

  • Job evaluation: - It is an process that make analysis of different jobs to find out worth of jobs in order to set the pay accordingly. It also make inclusion of different information related to the process which is given to their employees. there are variety of jobs in Posh Nosh Ltd. There are different methods available related to job evaluation such as: -
  • Ranking: - Jobs get ranked according to their worth or comparison. The major advantage is it is an simplest method as well as inexpensive too and helps in making easy understanding. The major disadvantage is it is not so reliable due to general rating and didn't differentiate between jobs (Zaidi & Abbas, 2011).
  • Classification: - Under this job descriptions get compared with pre-established grade descriptors. It is also simple and easy to use. But its major disadvantage is it is ambiguous and overlapping grade.
  • Point factor: - Under this method general factors get reduced to sub-factors and each factor get weights & points. These points get utilised for determining grades. The main advantage is it is specific and large number of factors. But it is an time consuming process and not easy to understand (Zaidi & Abbas, 2011).

There are different factors on which payments are depends such as: -  

  • Experienced and senior employees get high pay in compare to the fresher's.
  • High designated employees get high payments.
  • In order to set pay-scale there are various measures get included such as performance, efficiency, skill set and many more. These factors also get utilised by Posh Nosh Ltd. for setting pay (Danish, et. al., 2015).

Assess the effectiveness of reward systems in different contexts for Posh Nosh Limited    (AC 3.3)  

Reward system helps in motivating the employees and make them satisfied. With the help of it employees perform efficiently and make their best level contribution in organisation. the best performance of employees results into profitability for their organisation.

The two types of rewards systems that get followed by Posh Nosh Ltd. such as: -

  • Intrinsic reward: - These are non-monetary rewards given to employees in order to motivate them. This makes inclusion of recognition, appreciation, etc (Shiraz, et. al., 2011).
  • Extrinsic reward: - These are tangible rewards and can be monetary as it makes inclusion of bonuses, gifts, commissions, vouchers, coupons and many more.

With the implementation of the reward system Posh Nosh effectively motivate their employees and become successful in retaining them. It is simple approach that when employee grow then organisation grow automatically. For Posh Nosh ltd. their reward system helps in attracting new talents towards their organisation. Along with this they are able to retain their skilled employees as they make them satisfied and fulfil their needs and wants. As per their reward system they provide them equal growth opportunities and make their decisions fair that helps in motivating their employees and reduce the level of their employee turnover (Shiraz, et. al., 2011).

Suggest suitable ways in which Posh Nosh can examine various methods that can be used to monitor employee performance.   (AC 3.4)

In order to monitor the employee performance Posh Nosh may follow different methods that get discussed below such as: -

  • Feedbacks: - Feedback is the effective report that get shared by the immediate manager with the management related to individual employees. It make inclusion of various factors such as employee's behaviour, production, growth and many more that helps in monitoring the employees performance (Cho & Perry, 2012).
  • Productivity reports: - This report make inclusion of the production made by the employees. According to this report management of Posh Nosh get to know about the efficiency of their employees and with the help of it they determine the performance of their employees.
  • Accuracy reports: - This report include the end results of the production and with the help of it they effectively determine the performance level of their employees. With the use of this report they effectively monitor their employees performance as they put more emphasis over low accuracy employees to enhance their capability and motivate them to do well.
  • Variance analysis: - This report make inclusion of the difference between the set desired results and actual attained results. This helps in evaluating the loop holes and make adequate level of arrangement to overcome from it (Cho & Perry, 2012).

These are few methods that get followed by the management of Posh Nosh Ltd. to monitor their employees performance (Cho & Perry, 2012).

Task 4

Identify the circumstances under which employees are most likely to cease employment with special reference to Posh Nosh.  What can such organisations do to reduce employee turnover?      (AC 4.1)

There are different circumstances under which employees are most likely to cease employment from Posh nosh such as: -

  • Lack of adequate compensation
  • Poor working environment
  • lack of growth opportunities
  • improper reward systems
  • lack of motivation
  • lack of support (Winston, et. al., 2014)

These are such factors that increase the employee turnover in Posh Nosh but in order to reduce the level of their employee turnover they need to took corrective actions such as: -

  • Firstly, they need to improve their reward system and need to follow the fair practices during giving rewards to their employees. They need to avoid favouritism and put emphasis over the performance and other factors.
  • Secondly, they need to improve the quality of working environment with the help of the integrity policy and others.
  • Thirdly, their management need to become more supportive in order to motivate their employees.
  • Fourthly, they need to create adequate growth opportunities and provide equally to their employees so that they perform their activities accordingly and if possible then attain growth on the basis of their performance.
  • Lastly, they need to value their employees as their asset so that they feel considered and perform their activities in adequate manner (Winston, et. al., 2014).

How might employee exits differ from one organization to another? Describe the employment exit procedures used by the two organisations – Posh Nosh and the organisation you used in AC2.2.  Comment on the usefulness of exit interviews.  (AC 4.2)

Employee exit is differ from one organisation to another as some has one month notice period while some has 2 months. Some accepts resignation letters while some has shifted to e-exit forms and many more.

Employee exit procedure in two different organisations such as: -

Nosh Posh Ltd.


Employee send the resignation letter to their immediate manager.

Employee fill the e-exit form.

Immediate manager make adequate discussion over it.

Team leader or manager discuss about the decision.

Immediate manager discuss with the management.

HR manager discuss with the employee

Manager approve the resignation and employee need to serve two month notice period.

Manager finalise the e-exit form and employee need to serve one month notice period.

HR manager make effective level of discussion with the employee in order to retain them.

Exit interview is conducted with the HR manager before leaving the organisation as they try for last time to retain their employees.

Exit interview: - It is such interview that would taken at the time of leaving the organisation. The HR  developing manager  of Posh Nosh took the exit interview in order to know about the consequences or factors that need to improve. Exit interviews are much beneficial to make adequate improvements in their processing so that they reduce the level of their employee turnover ratio (Chi, et. al., 2011).

How does the regulatory and legal framework have an impact on employee cessation arrangements? What steps would you recommend, in the case of like redundancy or dismissal, so that the steps are compliant with the law?   (AC 4.3)

The regulatory and legal framework having adequate impact over employee cessation arrangements. Employee get terminated from the organisation when they find out not following the policies of the organisation or perform something wrong that is not acceptable as it is not legal to perform. But while terminating or employee cessation they need to take care about the laws such as Equality Act 2010, non discrimination act 1994, Pregnancy Discrimination Act, and many more. These laws must be evaluated effectively while terminating employee as if one of these law get overruled then there is a possibility that they face a legal issue against them.

There are few steps would be recommended in context to the redundancy or dismissal such as: -

  • Firstly, collect all the available evidences that prove employee is defaulter.
  • Secondly, evaluate the impact of the incident over the organisation
  • Thirdly, evaluate the performance and background of the  employee
  • Fourthly, evaluate the evidences with the available laws
  • Lastly, if the employee found guilty then terminate by following all guidelines of their law (Duncan & Hill, 2014).

Above discussed steps need to be followed in effective manner in order to avoid the legal consequences and also helps in setting adequate level of example for other employees so that they didn't perform such kind of activities in future (Duncan & Hill, 2014).

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In this report the human resource manager has sufficiently address all the attributes of human resource management. Posh Nosh limited is compare with the suitable organization in some tasks to make the proper attribute in the human resource planning in the organization. Carmel Williams the C E O of the Posh Nosh Limited is addressed with the report which fulfils all the proper attributes of human resource planning.


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