Unit 18 Human resources management Assignment – Hilton

Unit 18 Human resources management Assignment Hilton

Unit 18 Human resources management Assignment – Hilton


BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business 

Unit Number and Title

Unit 38 Business Event Management

QFC Level

Level 4


Human resources management deals with the efficient handling of the most important resources in the organization and particularly it is important function for the service industry where he product offering is highly intangible and the service provided by the staff is only source of recall and loyalty in the customers (pichault et al, 2008). The study basically aims to discuss the various aspects of the human resources management in the hotel industry and more particularly hilton group of hotels. The concept of the hrm and the planning of the human resources had been discussed along with focus on the understanding of the recruitment and types of selection process including job description and specifications at hilton hotels.

Hilton is worldwide hotel chain and particularly in london it is very popular among the tourists due to its location of hotels as in stansted in london that is proximity to airport and connected to city through trains and road routes. The company is planning to open more hotels as one in stratford city and faces competition from sheraton and holiday inn.

Lo 1 understand the human resources management

Hilton hotels stratford is the part of the international hotel chain consisting of fully serviced hotels and resorts located around the world. The organization presently operates in around 78 countries with more than 540 hotels and resorts and it runs either through company ownership, company management or through franchising arrangements. Hrm is the related to the management of the human in the organization and as in case of hilton hotels stratford which services more than 8 million visitors each day it s a crucial function (josephat, 2011). The human resources management function in the whole global organization is concerned with planning, forecasting, recruitment and selection, training and development deployment, maintaining budgets and employment contracts, motivating and maintaining exit with more than 100000 employees in the organization (chugh, 2014).

The human resources in hilton hotels stratford are concerned with various important functions in the organization (lynn, 2015). The primary focus is on the planning of the human resources at hilton hotels stratford which involve through analysis of the current resources and forecasting the need. As the new hotel will have 50 rooms along with various other facilities like parking, laundry, gymnasium, barber facilities, etc thus it must plan and forecast its human resources needs first. The recruitment involves the attracting of suitable employees and the selection deals with the analysis and matching of the individual specifications to job specifications and placing them in various positions in the company. As hilton hotels have good image in the hotel industry, it will be well capable of attracting suitable and highly experienced and qualified personnel for various jobs through advertising for the posts (josephat, 2011). The training and development function of the hilton hotels stratford will focus on enhancement of the productivity of individuals, teams and the entire organization through focusing on competencies and skills enhancement. Motivation of the staff is a necessary function in order to perform for attainment of desired outcomes and the ultimate goals of hilton hotels stratford. Thus motivating the employees is linked to the psychological process of improving the commitment of the employees towards the performance and thus leading to reduction of absenteeism and enhanced productivity of employees and thus the entire organization. Compensation or benefits is an important aspect of motivation and it related to employee needs fulfillment (chugh, 2014).

The organization as hilton hotels stratford must also be responsible to the maintenance of the human resources function of the organization as through maintaining good relationships with employees through allowing an environment of open communication and taking care of their safety, health and well being (foot et al, 2016). Hilton hotels stratford will focus on showing concern towards the employee and provide them with security or safety needs along with adequate compensations as concerned with lower order needs in order to generate dedicated and high performing workforce for the organization (sulich, 2016). This will help hilton hotels stratford in order to generate good image in the industry as through enhancing customer satisfaction through high performing and dedicated workforce. The human resources maintenance is also concerned with the management of the exit of the employees leaving the organization for personal or other reasons(lynn, 2015).
The human resources planning for the hilton hotels stratford can be done through involving in the following stages as shown below:

  • Analyzing organizational objectives- the objectives of the hilton hotels stratford are like its chain and involve the best customer services in the industry along with provision of the various facilities to enhance the customer overall experiences and loyalty with the brand name ‘hilton hotels’. Thus the organization must need to recruit, train, motivate and maintain the high performing and dedicated workforce at hilton hotels stratford in order to attain overall goals (chugh, 2014).
  • Inventory of present human resources- the organization hilton hotels stratford may have certain employees including top managers from its parent organization in order to allow better marketing planning and development. The succession and transfers are essential in any organization which helps in development of the new project of the organization as hilton hotels stratford in this case (pichault et al, 2008)..
  • Forecasting demand and supply- the company hilton hotels stratford may forecast the demand of the employees as required for the various facilities in the organization like car parking, barber, gymnasium, restaurant, etc along with the number of the staff required in each category as for example 50 waiters and 40 room service staff (sulich, 2016).
  • Estimation of gaps- the company may analyze the human resources that need to be recruited and selected for the various job positions through analysis of the gaps between the existing and the required manpower (foot et al, 2016).
  • Final human resources plan- hilton hotels stratford will develop a plan of the employees required for the vacant positions along with the job description and specifications required to fill in that job position (josephat, 2011). The resources plan will include various job positions and this will b followed by recruitment advertisement and selection of suitable employees by hilton hotels stratford.
  • Monitoring, control and feedback- the whole process of the human resources planning at hilton hotels stratford must be monitored in order to develop competent organization with focus on the incorporation of the culture, procedures and competencies like that of the parent organization along with proper planning and selection of the human resource in the new hilton hotels stratford and if need be, changes in the plan may be incorporated to improve the efficiency and productivity (chand, 2015).

Unit 18 Human resources management Assignment Hilton

Lo2 understand the impact of employee relations and employee law on human resources management in service industry

2.1 assess the current state of employment relationships at hilton hotels

The organization as hilton hotels stratford must follow the employment laws in the country it operates. The present state of the employment laws in the uk, where the new hilton hotels stratford is planned, is quite robust and the company is supposed to be concerned towards the customer satisfaction as towards the satisfaction of the employees. Hilton hotels ensures to abide by the laws of the country while also allowing autonomy to its employees and inclusion in the decision making situations in the organization (pichault et al, 2008). The country’s employment laws are towards the democracy and it means the decision making as in hilton hotels stratford must not only be taken by the top management but the lower levels have a right to speak in decisions. Hilton hotels also believe in the democratic style in management of relationships with its employees so that the concern of both the employer and employee are taken in to consideration thus generating significant benefits for both of them in the employment relationships. Hilton have developed a culture towards the empowerment of its employees and the distribution of the decision making and the leadership powers in order to allow more productivity for the organization(josephat, 2011).

The organization has an open environment so the employees may involve in negotiations and collective bargaining activities (mathis et al, 2008). This is in line with the employee relationship scenario in the uk, where the interest of both the employer and the employee are given considerations. Hilton hotels thus allow a win-win approach for both the parties at negotiations in order to drive the productivity and the customer services orientation in the organization while this approach has also helped in the decline of the turnovers at hilton. The hilton hotels have a clearly defined vision along with the clarity of job responsibilities and individual goals help in maintaining high employee morale and motivation (lynn, 2015). Also hilton hotels have strong grievance redressing mechanism where any of the employee issues are sorted with utmost priority. The organization pays keen attention that all the members work strictly in the legal premises and perform their duties lawfully. The organization has created an obligation on all its employees to follow the rules and the procedural guidelines to avoid any punishments or lawsuits.

2.2 how employment laws affect hrm at hilton hotels

Laws are framed by the constitution and it defines as what will be considered as right or lawful in the country and what will be considered wrong or illegal or undesirable in that particular country(chugh, 2014). While formulation of the human resources policies and the guidelines the laws of the country of the operations as uk in case of hilton hotels stratford must be taken in to account. The organization as hilton hotels stratford must follow the legislations and the laws in the country where it operates. As the human resources are the necessary elements of all the aspects of functioning of the organization including hilton hotels thus the laws in the country uk has profound impacts on the human resources management in the hilton hotels and has impacted almost all the aspects of human resources like recruitment, selection, training, etc(josephat, 2011).

As seen in case of the recruitment function of the human resources management at hilton hotels, the company has to conduct the recruitment and selection as per the employment laws at uk. Under the minimum wage act, 1998 in uk all the employees at hilton hotels over 21 years must be provided individual along with provision of 28 paid leaves and the working hours should not be extended above 48 hours in a week as per working time regulations act, 1998 until the candidate accepts to (foot et al, 2016). Also hilton hotels has to adjust the working patterns in order to allow the rights of the employee as per the employment laws in the country and allow the right to flexible working of the employees. The female employees in particular are allowed to leave the organization in order to undertake the child care duties on a temporary basis as per the employment laws in uk. Thus the hilton hotels must consider as in case of uk employment laws of the relevant country in order to undertake staffing and other human resources function in its organization and must abide by the laws and acts applicable (pichault et al, 2008).

The employment laws in the country as in uk are in protecting the rights of the employees working in the various employment settings in the country. The employment relations act as in case of hilton hotels puts liabilities on the organization towards the welfare of their employees and has to be open towards entering in to negotiations with the trade unions, which may not be in the favor of the hilton hotels but in the favor of the trade unions due to voting majority (lynn, 2015).

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Lo3 understand the recruitment and selection process

3.1 discuss job description and person specification in hotel industry job

The recruitment and the selection process at the hilton hotels is quite robust as it is one of the well known hotel business at uk and it is as shown below in the chart. The selection procedure at hilton hotels consist of various stages that may vary for the kind of jobs but the organization ensures that the best candidate is selected for any particular job position in the organization. The stages in the selection at hilton include:

  • Screening- this includes the screening or elimination of the individuals that don not match to the minimum required as in terms of skills and knowledge or education for the job position required (mathis et al, 2008).
  • Completed applications- the passed candidates from screening are allowed to fill in the application forms and who fail to fill in completely and properly are again eliminated in this stage (dhariwal, 2012).
  • Employment test – the candidates are allowed to take test that is build specially to check the intelligence and other attributes in the candidate to match the job position at hilton hotels
  • Initial interview- hilton hotels eliminates all those candidates that fails to address the expectations of the interviewing panel in the organization (lynn, 2015)
  • Investigation of background- this helps the hilton hotels analyze the individual origin and belonging along with ensuring no criminal history, etc.
  • Medical check- this is a fulfilling criterion for various job positions in the industry(chugh, 2014)
  • Permanent job offer- it is discussion about the job roles, responsibilities and the compensation as desired by the employee for the job position followed by a provision of letter of appointment informing the joining in the hilton hotels (chand, 2015).

Job description is an important criterion in helping the selection of the right candidate for any job position in hilton hotels and this is basically the description of the roles, duties and the requirements as in terms of education, additional skills, experiences and knowledge are courses required by the applicant to fill in the job position(chugh, 2014). The person specification includes the attributes and the attitudes of the individual or the personality that will best within the organization and the particular job position (mathis et al, 2008). As for example the service deliver head in the hotel industry is selected with utmost concerns to the skills, qualifications and expertise along with being capable of handling the customers at the hotel in a pleasing manner. Hilton hotels in job description mentions such person to hold an mba degree from leading institutions at uk and abroad along with work experience with leading industry operators. Also such a person must be good at directing, leading and motivating the subordinates in order to deliver the best customer experiences (ghazala et al, 2013). The hilton hotels gives utmost importance to these characteristics involving in the design of job description, person specifications and selection of the candidates to allow best in class customer satisfaction (dhariwal, 2012).

selection process in hrm

3.2 compare the selection process of different service industry businesses

In order to compare the selection procedures at the hilton hotels with others in the industry, the leading food chain business gordon ramsay is selected which is prominent in uk service industry. The hilton hotels maintains good relationships with the hotel management schools globally wherever it operates, in order to recruit and select the fresh and best talent in the organization. The recruitment of the talents in the gordon ramsay is not based on maintaining contacts with the business schools or other such institutions but it recruits through by posting vacancies on the company website and elsewhere (mullick, 2007). The selection at hilton hotels is quite cumbersome involving a series of screening, tests and interviews as discussed above but in case of the gordon ramsay the number of individuals are quite less as compared to hilton hotels and the selection is based on the screening of the applicants followed by an interview lading to final selection. Here the number of stages involved in making selections are also quite less and the candidates are selected more directly as calling them by names for the selection interview after screening (mathis et al, 2008). However as both the organizations operate in the uk service industry thus the candidates are not discriminates in the selection procedures based on the caste, race, religion, sex, etc (lynn, 2015).

The various organizations in the service industry may adopt different patterns in the recruitment and the selection but the advantages of the procedures as in case of hilton hotels are the reduced costs and the efforts through the organized methods and thus leading to the selection of the best possible candidates that match the job specification and description to enhance the productivity and matching to job profiles (chugh, 2014). Hilton hotels have a step by step approach in the selection which allows it to allow the rejection of the individual at each stage and allowing convenience in making final choices. This is all the more important as hilton hotels have considerably large number of applicants due to its rapport in the industry (chand, 2015). While in case of ramsay, the minimal selection process with simplified stages allow selection of the candidates allows ease and the reduced costs and efforts rather than the cumbersome and time taking procedures as in case of hilton hotels (mohommad et al,2014).


Hilton hotels are a reputed name in the hotel industry around the world and have the most impressive recruitment, selection and staffing processes in the organization thus helpful in attraction of the future fresh talents in the organization (josephat, 2011). The organization has a high performing workforce that is committed to the customer services. As the hilton hotels abide by the laws and legislations in the formulation of the human resources policies in its organization, it pays equal attention to the employee satisfaction and the customer satisfaction. Also it allows the democratic philosophy in the organization thus allowing the distribution of the powers in the organization along with involving employees in the decision making process (chugh, 2014). The hilton hotels has the employees coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures thus its managing human resources policies are designed in order to take care of the employees in the organization along with placing focus on the compensation and safety needs of the employees. As per the employment laws in uk, the hilton hotels hotel allow the employees to enter in to collective bargaining, negotiations with the employer along with participation in the trade unions (scwabel, 2012). Hilton hotels believe that the taking care of the needs of the employees and quick settlement of the grievance through a cell in the organization will allow employees in the high performing and productivity directions. The corporate image and the correct strategies in the recruitment and selection allow the company to attract qualified talents in the organization to apply for jobs.


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