Unit 18 Human Resource Management Assignment - Morrisons

Unit 18 Human Resource Management Assignment - Morrisons

Unit 18 Human Resource Management Assignment - Morrisons


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Unit 18 Human Resource Management - Morrisons

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This unit 18 human resource management assignment morrisons is been carried out with the intention to collect adequate knowledge about the human resource management practices and its related facts in order to establish a better understanding with the same. According to the organizational context, human resource management refers to the personnel who are engaged in the different levels and activities of an organization and managing those personnel refers to human resource management. The success of an organisation does not solely depend on the market realities and competition. It also depends on the human capital as the important asset. An organisation needs an effective human resource management which helps in building a good team of  working with professiona people  for the organisation. The key function of this management is to recruit people, train them, motivate the employees, workplace communication, appraisals etc.

Unit 18 Human Resource Management Assignment Morrisons -  Assignment Help in UK

The main goals of HRM are:

  • To attain effective and efficient mobilization of resources.
  • To retain a low employee turnover by motivating people to work for the company.
  • To attract new people to the organisation.
  • To develop the personality and polishing the skill of the employee to enhance the productivity of the organisation. (Armstrong, 2005)

Task 1

1.1 Differentiate between personnel management and human resource management.

In personnel management the main focus was on the relationship between the workforce and the organization. Human resource management means a management whose main concern was the effective and efficient use of human resources which could help in accomplishing the organizational goals and objectives.

The main differences between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management are as follows-

  • Approach- Personnel management is a traditional concept of managing the employees whereas the human resource management is a modern approach of handling employees with their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Handling of Manpower- In personnel management the employees are treated as machinery and are acted as the input for achieving any goals whereas the human resource management treats its employees as an asset for them and gives credit for achievement of goals.
  • Basis of Remuneration- In personnel management the pay is decided upon the analysis and evaluation of the job whereas the remuneration paid under human resource management is depending upon the performance regarding any task.
  • Role of management- In personnel management all the decisions are taken by the top level management and are delegated to the lower levels of management whereas in human resource management all the decisions are taken with the opinions and advices of employees
  • Opportunities- The personnel management provides less training and development to its employees whereas in human resource management more emphasis is laid upon providing training and development to it employees from time to time according to the changes in the environment
  • Focus- The main focus of personnel management is on employee’s welfare, relation and administration whereas the focus of human resource management is on motivation, directing, developing and managing human resources. (Ivanceivich, 2007)

1.2. Assess how human resource management functions help your chosen organisation in achieving its purpose.

The  Human Resource Management  plays a very crucial role in motivating, staffing, and maintaining the workforce department. It plays an important role in providing satisfaction to the employees as well as achievement of organizational objectives.

functions of hrm -  Assignment Help in UK

HRM department at Morrison’s has the following functions-

  • Managerial Functions- It refers to the administrative functions of an organization which includes decision making. It has following parts-
  1. Planning- In order to achieve organizational objectives planning must be done with the help of the research on the basis of information which is to be collected and analyzed and decisions to be made depending upon the environment and forecasting the changes also.
  2. Organising- Here, the task are now allocated to its members and all the activities are now integreated in order to achieve organizational goals
  3. Directing- It means to provide directions to the employees from time to time in order to motivate them and also to let them know how to perform a task in a better way for achieving goals.
  4. ControllingThe final step is to control the working of the employees and to keep a check of the planned performance with the actual performance and deviation if any, reasons for deviation must be found.
  • Operative Functions- The operative functions of HRM as follows-
  1. Recruitment and selection of employees- It refers to the selection of the most deserving employees by an organization.
  2. Job Design-  It means explaining the nature of the job and the qualities and qualification required for it as well as dividing the whole work into small tasks for achievement of goals.
  3. Performance Appraisal- After recruitment and performing particular duties by employees and after judging his quality of work performance appraisal must be given.
  4. Training and Development- Proper training and development of employees should be provided in order to adapt with the changing environment.
  5. Maintenance- Morrison’s always try to keep their best employees with them by motivating and other techniques. This is why their labour turnover is very less compared to others.
  6. Labor Welfare- Ehen the benefits and rights of employees gets affected they form a trade union in order to raise their voice.
  • Advisory Functions- Advisory functions means providing advice to top level management in formulation of plan, job analysis and recruitment , selection of employees also it provides advises to various heads of department regarding training and development of its employees. (Mayhew, 2016)

1.3. Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in your organisation or familiar organisation and how it supports human resource management functions.

Line managers are the managers who have the responsibility of managing the individual employees and then report their performance to higher level of management.

The roles of line managers at Morrison’s are as follows-

  • Appointment of employee: The concern of the line managers are the dissatisfaction among the employees. Satisfaction among the employees and providing them work is the major challenge for Morrison’s.
  • Performance appraisal: Appraisal processes are designed by the managers but are executed by the line managers in an organization, employee behavior and performance are directly rated by the line managers they are then forwarded to the HR...
  • Performance related pay: Organizations which follow performance related pay structure the role of line manager in estimating the pay raise for their direct reports can be very crucial as their feedback in ascertaining the hike, line managers should make sure they follow the criteria based on the objectives and not on their personal judgment.

Whereas the responsibilities of Line Mangers at Morrison’s are as follows-

  • Managing the operational costs.
  • Allocated the work to the employees under them.
  • Everyday people management.
  • Regular checking of the quality.
  • Evaluate and monitor the work process.
  • Deals directly with the clients and the customers.
  • Evaluating the performance of the employee working under them.
  • Providing technical expertise. (Richards, 2016)

1.4. Analyse how legal and regulatory framework impact on human resource management.

Legal and regulatory framework is designed in order to prevent discrimination and other practices in an organization which directly or indirectly harms the employees of an organization. The various points which are considered in legal and regulatory framework are as follows-

  1. Equal pay actensures equal pay must be given to all employees regardless of their gender, color, racism etc.
  2. National minimum wage actmakes that each and every employee must be provided equal remuneration for equal amount of work.Also it makes sure that the employee gets minimum wage per hour.
  3. Employment rights actenables employees for certain rights at the work place such as clean drinking water, part of labor union, decent working environment, prior notice before termination etc.
  4. Anti-sexual harassmentact is made to prevent inappropriate verbal and physical conduct and also enforces the organization to form a sexual harassment and a separate cell for the women.
  5. Labour relation act: It deals with the formation of unions and indicate them what to do and what not to do.
  6. Family and medical leave actempowers the employees eligible to take the unpaid, job secured leaves upto 12 weeks in the period of 12 months for specified medical and family reasons.
  7. Civil rights act wasin acted to force the employers to follow and record the documents related
  8. Social security actwas enforced to keep the interest of the older, disabled and children by establishing various varieties of systems.
  9. Age discrimination actwas in acted to protect the workers above the age of 40    from the wrongful terminations.

Morrison’s had a proper legal and regulatory framework in its organizational so that no rights of any employee can be suppressed.  (Jordan, Thomas, Kitching, and Blackburn, 2013)

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Task 2

2.1 Analyze the reasons for human resource planning

Human resource planning can be explained as the process which helps the management in decision making. It is the method through which organisation progress from its current condition of manpower to its preferred situation of manpower. Human resource planning aims at fulfilling manpower requirement.

The significance of human resource planning are as follows-

  • Future organization needs- It deals with the concept that the manpower must be available anytime when required in future. It is a tool of assuring future requirements of manpower.
  • Adapting changes- The changes are very frequent in an organization. The manpower planning is so designed in an organization that it cope up with social, economic, environmental, political and technological changes from time to time.
  • Proper utilization of resources- The planning is required for proper utilization of resources for which candidates must be designated who has an expertise. The purpose of human resource planning is to select the most talented and capable for an organization.
  • Proper development of human resources-  Human resource planning  helps in recruiting the skilled personnel and provides timely training and development to its employees to adapt the changes.  
  • Uncertainty- Uncertain conditions may occur in an organization anytime. Thus proper planning in advance must be done to meet up sudden changes.

Morrison’s always make a proper planning to recruit, train and develop its employees so that they can place a right person at a right job.( Armstrong, 2005)

2.2 Outlining the stages involved in planning human resource requirements

The human resource planning is the most effective way of planning the requirement of customers and employees at a same time. The various stages involved in human resource planning are as follows-

  1. Collection of data- Collecting data on organizational stages and future plans of where it wants to be and how to achieve it.
  2. Assessing the organizational objectives- Auditing this stage involves scanning the internal environment in the context of strategic objectives, it gives a look over historic data to find out the turnover ratio and estimate the cost of human resources and setting a budget for future.
  3. Estimation on the requirement of employees- It deals with keeping an estimate of the demand and supply of the man power in terms of quality and quantity of people despite being huge unemployment there is the gap between the expectations and availability, so hiring the people as to cover for the turnover.
  4.  Formulation of plan- HR plan is formulated to hire people from either internal sources or the external sources, to formulate the succession plans so that the organization never suffers from key personnel.
  5. Evaluating the job- Job evaluation is done and accordingly job profile and job specifications are penned down as per the requirements.
  6. Advertisement- They are then advertised to call up for the resumes, through various sources, which are then screened.
  7. Monitoring, Control and feedback- Monitoring and controlling is the final stage of HR planning, HR has to follow up to the plans and adhere to the final deadlines so as to keep the delta in check and steer the organization to the highest trajectory.

The Human Resource Planning differs from company to company. Morrison’s screens the candidates based on their CVs the selected candidates are then sent to the stores to work for a day given set of activities to complete whereas Harrods screens the candidate for interviews by the manager they are then sent to Harrods store for on job experience and then interview is conducted and the best one is finally selected for the job. (French and Rumbles, 2010)

2.3 Compare the current recruitment and selection process in the organisation with another organisation you recommending.

In the Morrison’s, the company does not directly accept the Curriculum Vitae of any candidate. All the jobs related to every position are posted on their website and from that website only candidates are allowed to apply for the desired position.Candidates are given a telephone interview before a face to face interview and are asked various questions before they are screened for final interviews after they are done with the face to face interviews they go through the psychometric tests and aptitude tests which shouldn’t be the case they should be done in advance before the interviews as knowing about the candidates mental state before the interviews would make the process more robust and simple and help screen them which in turn would save a lot of cost for the organization. (Morrisons, 2016). As practiced in Harrods, Harrods advertises its vacancies through the company website, and career boards in stores, also through offline media such as television, radio, newspapers and makes it simple for candidates to know about available vacancies apply for the same. It chooses the most appropriate applicant from those that apply for a vacancy, An applicant who passes screening test takes part in an assessment and is given a set of activities to complete in the Centre, based on the internal selection by the managers based on their performance in the subsequent activities the candidate is then interviewed and selected for the and this time it is assured that the selected candidate is right for the job. (Harrods, 2016)

2.4 Evaluate the effectiveness of the organisation recruitment and selection techniques with another organisation you recommending.

Recruitment and selection process at Morrison’s is much more robust as compared to the organization the case is about, The two major reasons for the robustness  in the process include cost effectiveness and finding the right skill set in the candidates, Harrods saves lots of cost by doing internal recruitment for a particular position. Advertisement is the external way of its recruitment, it happens through the website those who follow Morrison’s culture know this, and this allows screening of the candidates who are not aware about the same. Assessment task and interview process further filters the candidates on who are not required by the organization hence best fir for the position is found easily and effectively.

Effectiveness of organization recruitments and selection techniques are as follows-

Strength- The biggest strength on which Morrison’s believed is retention of employees.
Weakness- The weakness of Morrison’s are it has a very lengthy process of recruitment and selection. It followed a very lengthy procedure(Harrison, 2002)

Task 3

3.1 Assess the link between motivational theory and reward at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation. Your answer must show if you think there is a link, what connects the two.

Motivation is originated from the word ‘movere’ which means to move. It is a process of directing the continuous efforts of an individual in order to attain the goals. Motivation is a required factor for the success of an organization and Morrison’s knew the same. Morrison’s followed the Fredrick Herzberg theory of motivation in its organization. Fredrick Herzberg developed a theory of motivation in which focused on people working in an environment to see what the reasons for positive and negative factors. This theory is also known as Dual theory.

Herzberg -  Assignment Help in UK

His theory propounded two factors-

  • HYGIENE FACTORS- These are the factors whose presence doesn’t motivate but whose absence will create dissatisfaction among its employees, such as working conditions, company’s policy etc.
  • MOTIVATING FACTORS- These are the factors whose presence doesn’t dissatisfy but when present create the sense of motivation and builds up enthusiasm among its employees achievement, such as, recognition, award etc.

Motivation among the employees is the main goal of Morrison’s and they do it by providing monetary and non-monetary rewards as per the industry standards. Loyal employee base at Morrison’s is created by establishing a reward system and remunerating them efficiently if they have achieved the targets. Organization is highly dependent on employees in order to run their business and tend to provide them with good work life balance by offering them flexi timing and additional health benefits. From the case study, I able to identify that  marketing strategy of Morrisons  and motivational structure pursue Two- factor theory of Herzberg where the company maintains the level of job satisfaction of the employees and creating more motivational factors to retain them for longer period of time. (Aswathappa, 2008)

3.2 Evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation

Job evaluation means a process in which a job is described, analyzed and weighted. It is a systematic way in order to know the worth of one job when is compared to another. Morrison’s had a systematic process through which they analyze the proper job positions on the basis of skills, knowledge and the expertise of the candidates.
The job evaluation process consists of the following process- 

  • Stage 1- It refers to the inflexible part of the job evaluation and mainly consists of writing of the job descriptions and then grading of the job by the expertise using certain rules of job evaluation.
  • Stage 2- It is the flexible system of job evaluation as its consists of the remuneration regarding the job evaluated. It consists of salary and wages, remuneration, basic pay, rewards etc.

There are many more factors which are considered when determining the pay,

  • Cost of living in the area is among the most important factor in determining the pay of an individual.
  • The supply of people in the market required for the particular job is a very important factor, the lesser the supply the more you have to pay and vice versa.
  • Government regulations also determine the pay.
  • Bargaining power of the labor unions also plays an important role when determining the pay structure.
  • Size and budget of the organization is a major determinant of the pay the large the organization the higher to pay can it afford the smaller the budget lesser it pays. (Harrison,R.,2002)

3.3 Assess in different contexts (for e.g. attracting talent, retention, motivation) how effective is the reward systems at Virgin Media or your chosen organization.

Morrison’s put into the consideration an effective system of rewards that has a huge effect on the employees. The reward system inspires workers so that they use their skill and give their best to the organization. The employees work hard to achieve monetary objectives such as incentives and bonus. The company spreads the positive and confident environment which motivates employees to work with positive attitude. At Morrison’s services to customers and providing quality products are the top priorities. When employees get appraisal they work with efficiency which increases the productivity and profit for the organization. (Jordan, Thomas, Kitching and Blackburn, 2013)

Reward system has the supporting features which are as follows-

  • Reward system increases the organisational competitiveness.
  • It solves the purpose of getting deserving employees who can be use efficiently for completion of the task.
  • It helps in increasing the level of commitment towards organisation.
  • It also encourages the employees to gain the skills to meet the current as well as future challenges.
  • Employees contribute in the organisation efficiently and productively.

The reward system followed by Morrison’s is as follows-            

  • High performing employees are identified and rewarded in order to keep them retained with the organization.
  • Linking the reward system with the industry keeps the fair completion within the organization and help the employees link their performance in the marketplace.
  • Career planning and succession planning help eliminate the personal worries of the employees and helps them grow in the organization.
  • ESOPs are offered to the employees so that they get a feeling of being a part in the profit sharing of the company.
  • Filling the vacancies through internal recruiting gives them a confidence of being at the key managerial positions within the organization. (Marrisons, 2016)

3.4 Examine the methods Virgin Media or your chosen organisation use to monitor employee performance.               

Morrison’s time to time use to monitor the performance of its employees ad review it on the basis of the targets achieved which is been set at the beginning of a particular period. (Morrisons, 2016)

Morrison’s used the following ways-

  • Keep an eye over the work- Employer must from time to time keep a watch over the work which is being performed by its employees
  • Ask for the work performed- Keep a track on the work performed by the employees. An employer must ask from the employees that what work is done. How much goals are achieved?
  • Monitoring performance- Employer must ask employees to keep a check on their work by creating checklists, questionnaire etc. They should be asked to provide the regular reports at regular intervals of time.
  • Reviewing the work- The employer must from time to work calls him for a random check of how much work is finished. It is a random way of keeping a check on employee’s performance.
  • Score card- It is a way of checking the employee’s performance as after every task score is given to him regarding the quality and quantity of work performed. The work is to be performed in deadline at Morrison’s. (Daily Mail Reporter, 2011)

Task 4

4.1 Identify the reasons for termination of Faisal’s employment contract with The Chicken Master and generally explain other reasons for cessation of employment.

There are many reasons for termination of employer and employee’s contract. Morrison’s also have reason when it has to take that tough decision for the betterment of the company. These are identified reason in Faisal’s’ cessation of employment.-

  • Absenteeism from workplace without permission at the time of duty for more specific number of days. This cause the cessation of employment in the organisation.
  • Use of the property of office for personal use.
  • Breach of code of conduct and discipline leads to termination.

The other reasons for which termination in employment contract takes place are as follows-

  • At the time of peak season of work employees enter in the employment after signing of the contract in which tenure of work or employment. It the tenure has completed then also it contributes to the termination of employees
  • Involuntary termination can become one of the reasons of end of employment. In this case employee does not qualify to hold the position or job or the he or she may further promoted to fill the vacancy.
  • The decision of lay-offs taken by the company due to financial loss. Employers fail to take the services from employees due to cost cutting.
  • Due to merger and acquisition, the excess of workforce is terminated from the organisation as there is less number of requirements.

Employees can also take decision to quit the job and resign from the job. (Marchington, and Wilkinson, 1996)

4.2 Describe the employment exit procedures used by The Chicken Master and another organisation of your choice.

When an employee is leaving an organization either voluntarily or through termination is considered under exit procedures from an organization.

A person could exit from an organization from the following ways-

  • Termination- When an employee who is working in your organization is not willing to work and is involved in such practices which are against the code of conduct, and then he is asked to leave the organization. Also, it may include termination of particular contract when a time for such contract comes to an end. This is known as termination of an employee as he is not leaving the organization by himself rather than he is forced to do so.
  • Resignation- When a person voluntarily or willing fully is leaving an organization due to personal or professional reasons like better job opportunities, this is known as resignation.
  • Retirement- When an employee attains an age where now he is ceased to work in an organization as he is no more allowed to work in an organization due to government rules, as well as the voluntary retirement by an employee due to various issues such as family issues, health issues etc., this is called as retirement.
  • Dismissal- When a person is required to leave the organization due to his personal reasons such as health issues and illness, it is known as dismissal. Here, an employee has an option to be reappointed when he wishes to.
  • Transfer- When due to promotion or the requirement of an employee from one department to other department of one location to another location, this is known as transfer
  • Redundancy- When due to winding up and liquidation of a company, where a company is ceased to work due its shutting down, it is known as redundancy.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, the labour turnover was increasing, as labour turnover means how many employees are leaving your organization either voluntarily or forcefully in a particular period. Morrison’s and The Chicken Master both were suffering from labour turnover and then they adopted the exit procedures. (Stewart, 2016)

4.3 Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements with an organisation such as The Chicken Master if Faisal’s claim was proven to be true.

The employer and employee must enter into a contract before employment; it is not only the written evidence of such employment but also saves both employer and employee in critical situations. Contract guides employee and employer to respond in the situation of conflict.

If Faisal’s claim was proven true following may happen-

  1. Loss of earnings for the time being, loss on consulting the psychiatrist for the termination, loss of earning for the paid sick leaves.
  2. Bankruptcy of the organisation becomes legal framework of dissolution of the company and employee termination.
  3. If Faisal’s due to wrongful termination faced some emotional stress he can even ask for the emotional distress damages.
  4. Attorney fee and court fee can be claimed in case the employees win.
  5. The  chicken master  can also be asked to reinstate the employee if satisfied that termination was based on age and regional discrimination. (Reid, and Barrington, 1997)

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Human Resource Management is vast discipline requires meticulous study to comprehend the meaning of the terms. Every topic such as motivation, personnel management, recruitment and selection, employee cessation and job evaluation has huge significance and one of the contributing factors in the success of any company.  The human resource management plays an important role for the growth of the organization. The techniques and approaches used by the HR team are often productive and beneficial. In this assignment enlightened us with different perspectives of management such as handling the employees, methods of motivating them, terms and conditions required for human resource planning helps the organization in its smooth functioning, and helps mitigate the risk of excessive human resource turnover, also various aspects like salary negations, job evaluation, job planning, further it talks about the impact of legal framework on the Human resource management. Human Resource Management is a process of recruitment and selection and how line managers are associated with it are discussed, various reasons why cessation of employees takes place and what would be the impact if an employee files a suit for wrongful termination in that case what damages could an organization suffer, what are the acts which are applicable and the quantum of their effect on the structure of an organization. The assignment is made on the basis of Morrison’s, a retail store based in UK.


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This unit 18 human resource management assignment morrisons is been carried out with the intention to collect adequate knowledge about the human resource management practices and its related facts, Locus Assignment Help  UK posting free units solutions so scholars can explore Assignment Help in UK and get review the quality of our work.