Unit 18 HRM for Service Industries Assignment Solution

HRM for Service Industries Assignment Solution

Unit 18 HRM for Service Industries Assignment Solution


Human resource management is the one who controls and manages all the activities performs for the welfare of the employees after appointing them. The whole process starts from their appointment till their terminations are all controlled by the HR management. It is the accountability of the management to follows all the rules of the company by considering all the labour laws enacted in the legislative. There are various managers like line manager and staff manager who works under it. Employees plays an important role in any of the organization so it is very important to take care of their rights and also make them satisfied by offering the good atmosphere at their work place. It makes the strong relations in between the employer and the employee. Once the employees are satisfied they will give their 100 percent to perform their work. It is all about that how Human Resource Management takes care about their employees in the UKCBC Hotel.


1.1 Analyse the role and purpose of human resource management in a selected service industry.

Human resource management looks after the appointment, selection, induction, controlling, appraisal, compensation and organizing process of the employees in an organization. It consists of Human resource managers, line and staff mangers. The UKCBC Hotel that provides the service in hospitality to the people or tourist and There main purpose is cater them without doing any mistake. This purpose can only be fulfil when Human resource management take the charge and understand its responsibility also performs all activities with loyalty (Bartel. A, 2004). The role of the human resource management is to recruit the trained staff in the hotel. Staff must have a professional education and the training should be given again by the experts of the hotel. Training sessions are arranged by the HR manager or line manager. The benefits of these sessions are that they are given by an experienced person who has a practical knowledge about this field and it is more effective for the staff rather than theoretical knowledge. At the time of appointment of the staff, all written formalities should be completed with the employee and all procedures are followed before recruiting him like interview, written test, telephonic interview etc. once the employees are appointed then the training are given in their own prior nature of work for which they are appointed. There are various departments in the Hotel organization like, reception, room service, Service from kitchen, staff who takes care for restaurants, pubs etc. so,  special training will be given in the hospitality to the staff that stands for the welcome of the guest also. HR management makes the business strategy in the service organization that how each & every department will perform and the line manger works under the management take care about the working of every employee in the particular branch. Employee’s compensation also decided by the management only and salary increments, promotions or rewards are given to the employees on their performance based on the report given by the line manager. If any criticism found of any employee related to his misconduct or negligence then the strict action is taken by the management (Boselie. P, Paauwe .J, 2005).
HR management formulates the rules for the employees by keeping all legal frameworks made by the country like all labour laws etc.  In the hospitality service sector employees works in the shift so it’s the responsibility of the management to take care that no miss happening will be done with any of the employee especially with the female staff. Complaints related eve teasing are so often which should be punishable and against the labour laws. Last but not least, HR management also has the responsibility of completing all formalities at the last step of the employee that is retirement or on exception if there will be any termination due to any negligence behaviour of the employee.        

1.2 Justify a human resources plan based on an analysis of supply and demand for a selected service industry.

Human Resource planning means recruiting the efficient or skilled employees in the Hotel so that these employees are worth taking as comparatively to the hotel capital budgeting. UKCBC has decided the certain amount of capital which is to be invested on the employees only like on their guidance, grooming, compensation & development etc. so it’s the duty of the management to accomplish the charge efficiently  which they have taken in recruiting the staff. To make strategy effective a proper planning is needed so that it will give the benefits in the future too. There are many factors that effects on the planning done by the management. Both the internal & external factors affect them. The demand of this industry is to provide good hospitality and it is only possible when efficient employees have been recruiting. In recruiting / training the staff UKCBC has fixed the certain amount to be spending on the employees. Cost incurred by the organization on the both internal and external labour (Bowen. D. E and Ostroff. C, 2004.).

  • Cost on internal labour:  Internal labour means employees those are already appointed and special training programs are planned and organized for the employees grooming and to increase their knowledge in the hospitality with the help of experts. It is not justified if the organization has kept the capital separate for just employees but still it is not getting good returns from them. So, planning done by the management should be valuable and useful in deciding that what type of employees should continue and other are not worth for the same job. Staffing is the main area for the decision of the management.
  • Cost on External labour: Retirement percentage is more of the employees and staff in working is less so this is the time for the recruitment which is done with the proper planning. Various procedures are followed- Interviews, written test, observation test, discussion test, final round with the top management. All such process is made by the management with just of one aim that is getting skilled staff for the Hotel. 

Both the above points show the demand of the organization and to fulfil the demand responsibility is of the Human resource Management only. Now, besides the demand one more effective area is left that is supply of employees. Supply of skilled labour are affected by the many factors-

  • Competition: There is a high competition in the hospitality industry. It is the behaviour of the competitor to attract the skilled employees by offering them the more salary than they are taking. Also, in the service sector at every time employees need to be updated with the proper training and knowledge of latest technology (D'Annunzio- Green. N, Francis.H, 2005). Every organization should adopt such behaviour to face the hard competition.
  • Compensation: Everybody is working for the compensation so if employee found it less than he does not takes much time in switching the job. If an organization does not want their efficient employees to leave the Hotel then they have to give the reward for providing them motivation on timely basis.
  • Unemployment: It is the major factor when the supply of the labour is more. Every person wants to be employees or financial independence but aim is to recruit the skilled or experienced staff in the hotel so that it will takes less time for the employee in understanding the whole scenario of the organization.
  • Legislation: There are certain laws made by the country in the favour of the labour like, their total hours of working, Wages decided, adjustable timings, and safety for the employees etc. In the sector of providing service, company has to provide the assurance for all above.
  • Transport Facility: Time of doing work in this industry are in shifts so proper transport facility should be given to the employees. Those who are not able or does not provide the transport facility to employees, they lack behind in getting the good employees.
  • Location: Employees prefer to join the job in such location which is familiar to them and easily affordable also.


2.1. Assess the current state of employment relations in UKCBC Hotel.

The current state of the employer and employee relationship in the UKCBC Hotel is not very well. The main risk area for the employer in the hospitality industry is to provide that place of work which is safe. To develop the strong relationship is an extra effort made by both employer and employee. UKCBC should put in order the various programs which purpose is only to give the motivation to the employees. Rewards play an important role in building the new and strong relations. Employees put there all efforts in giving their best to the employer and if these efforts are recognized by giving them the reward then it builds the good relations (Delery .J. E, 1998). Finally the motive is to make the employee happy because employees are the main pillars of any organization. It is not possible for UKCBC to run its business without employees. Employer alone cannot handle all the activities of the organization.  There are various ways of giving rewards to the employees. These are considered both in monetary & non-monetary terms. UKCBC gives the salary increment, promotion, perks, transport/ mobile reimbursements, incentives etc. in the way of rewards. Rewards are not only the way which makes their relation strong but equality in rights also builds the new relations. It is noticed that in UKCBC Hotel the discrimination is done in between employees on the basis of gender, colour, religion, culture, educational background etc. It makes the situation worst at the workplace. Employees feel biased and don’t take the situation in the positive way. They feel neglected by the employer. The difference done by the organization in on the basis of the gender creates the issue on the equality basis. It is enacted in the legislation also that no discrimination will be accepted. Both genders should be equally treated. Equal rights and respect towards the employees makes relations good.
Increase in the wages is the factor which effects on the relation in a positive way. Recognition is the new name which helps the employee in moving their career ahead. It is other way of the non-monetary way which helps in boost up the confidence level of the employee. It means a lot for an employee when employer appreciates his/ her work and also applause for him with the other staff of the organization. The aim of the employers for rewarding the employees’ are-

  • To attract the employees
  • To give them the motivation for doing better work.
  • To boost their confidence level.
  • It is the part of the employment act, which an organization follows.

Major part of the Hotel’s profit is spent on increasing the skills of the employees can also improves the relation (Edgar. F and Geare .A, 2005). By this most of the benefits will be for an employer only by training sessions but this can also be not ignore that these sessions enhancing the knowledge of employees also. So, it is beneficial for both.

2.2. Discuss how employment law affects the management of human resources in UKCBC Hotel.

A law in the legislature made by the country’s assembly provides the security to the employees. They help in building their smooth relations with the employees and also enact for the welfare of the employees.

Laws enacted under the legislation are –

  1. Act of Equal compensation, 1970
  2. Act passed for sex discrimination, 1975 & 1986
  3. Race Relation Act 1976
  4. Act against discrimination based on disability, 1995
  5. Act of equality in organization, 2003

The above laws are made for the welfare of the employees and give them the security in their work place. It is the responsibility of the Human resource management to take care in the Hotel that no injustice will be done against the employees on the grounds of the above laws. Every state / country has their own regulations, on the basis of them an organization has to setup the company. The strength of the employees in the hotel, their working hours, facilities provided to the employees is decided by keeping all laws in their mind. HR management is the one who considers all laws while framing the rule and regulations for the employees (Panayotopoulou. L and Papalexandris .N, 2004).
If any injustice will be done with any of the employee then he has a right to go to the trade union/ management/ labour court for the justice.  Discrimination should not be done among the employees on the basis of creed, caste, tradition, colour and gender. Discrimination does on the basis of gender by the Hotel that easy tasks are given to the females and difficult kept for the male staff this straightaway impact on the relation in between employees and employer. Here, the Human resource management plays the major role in making the practice of no discrimination in the Hotel. All rights of the employees are kept in knowledge of the management which is beneficial for both the employees and the employer. If any of the employers breaks any of the law which is in favour of the employee then an action can be taken by the judiciary on the complaint of the employee.

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3.1. Discuss a job description and person specification for two selected service industry jobs in UKCBC Hotel

Personal specification & Description about the receptionist in the UKCBC Hotel-

unit 21 Human resource Management

Description about the Receptionist: Receptionist is the one who first interacts with the customers at the time of booking tickets of the Hotel and also welcomes the guests with the other staff at the reception of the hotel. Helps in making comfortable by providing the keys of their rooms and also has a responsibility of providing the full satisfaction to all customers.
Qualification: Postgraduate in hospitality professional course with good communication skills & the knowledge of computers.
Experience: She is capable enough of taking new challenges in her job profile. She has a good experience previously in one of the best hotel and also having knowledge of keeping all records and details confidential about the customers. She also performs all the activities within her limited time period.
Skills: Good communication skills, computer operating skills, skills of handling customers, Business Skill, Sills of exploring new ideas & techniques on the internet.
Attributes: she easily handles the any type of situation raised in the Hotel and can talk to the different type of customers belong from the different cultures. She has the capability of making strong relations with her office employees (Pfeffer. J, 2005). She always motivates herself and is strong enough. Always ready to work as a team, she really believes in it.
Responsibilities: It is her responsibility to take a charge to make the proper arrangements for the meetings of the customers in the hotel like Business conferences / seminar etc.

  1. She has to give the good service to all customers and solve the customer’s problems if any.
  2. To ensure the customers to feel like home and look after about all their comfort level.
  3. She has to be ready always with the solution to solve the problems of the guests and if not handled by her then inform the higher authority for the immediate solution.
  4. Make it sure that reception area should always be clean and tidy.
  5. She has to handle all the activities that re related with the customer service. Like, booking rooms, checking & doing mails for giving them revert on time and take care of the proper payment of bills made by the guests.
  6. She must be sure of providing all true information to the customers about the hotel. No misguidance (Wright, P. M. and Haggerty .J .J, 2005).
  7. She is perfect enough to handle all uncertainties if arise in the Hotel like Fire etc. and also looks after the medication service to provide it on urgent basis if any guest really requires in the Hotel.


  • Pleasing personality
  • Good communication
  • Good Hospitality
  • Problem solver
  • Intelligent
  • Team Leader Qualities

Desire for Experience

Previous experience should be in Hospitality, customer relations / service, providing first aid and administrative work.

Personal specification & description about the kitchen caretaker in the UKCBC Hotel-

Unit 21 HRM in Service Sector

Description About the kitchen porter: Kitchen porter is the caretaker of the kitchen department who takes care about all the activities going inside the kitchen he is the responsible enough for the health of the guests. All grocery items use in the kitchen while cooking the food for the guests must be hygienic. All this are taken acre by the porter only. He is very careful about the cleanliness in the kitchen and punctuality about making & serves the food on time as declared to all guests of the Hotel (Kaman. V, McCarthy .M, 2001).
Qualification: Graduate from the reputed university and certified of providing hygiene food.
Knowledge: He has a full knowledge in handling kitchen work and serving the food to the guest. His is a multi-tasked that performs more than one task at the same time.
Skills: Good communication skills, 

  • Caring and helpful
  • Flexible enough to handle multi situations like giving services to many guest in the hotel at the same time,
  • Calm nature
  • Punctuality in completing the work.
  • Handles the pressure easily.
  • Capable enough to take the charge of the health of others.

Duties: The duties of the porter must involves-

  1. Cooking area must be very clean and hygiene.
  2. Dishwasher is used properly to clean all the utensils. 
  3. He guides the cooks in preparing the food.
  4. Take the charge of keeping all cutlery, glasses and crockery at the safe place.
  5. Kitchen floor should mop properly.
  6. Full stock is there of all grocery’s kept in the store room
  7. Training should be given by him to the every new staff member of the kitchen.
  8. Entertain all problems of the customer’s related to food very maturely.
  9. All dirty clothes of dining hall should send to the laundry on time.
  10. Handles all the queries efficiently and carefully arise at the time of audit
  11. Taking care of the food deliveries gets from the supplier.
  12. Make sure that all the activities of the kitchen will get complete on time on daily basis so that have to do fresh start for the next morning.


  • Having attitude of saying “yes” always.
  • Friendly and trustworthy
  • Motivated
  • Handles the work pressure
  • Must be flexible with the work timings as has to work in shifts too
  • Provides the good customer service

Professional experience:

  • He must have the knowledge about hospitality
  • Superior Quality of communication.
  • Must have the quality of leadership as has to only supervise the activities of the kitchen
  • Good listener as he has to follow the every instruction given by the management of the hotel (Gelade. G. A and Ivery. M, 2003).
  • He must be fit from his health and capable enough to take more work loads.

3.2. Compare the selection process for two different positions in UKCBC Hotel

Hotel needs many employees to recruit for its various departments but to choose the right person is the very important task for the management for the right position. To recruit an efficient or skilled employee it is very important to consider his education, experience, knowledge test before recruiting an employee and then later the decision is to be made on the basis of these. There are various techniques of selection process of the employees are followed by the hospitality companies in the service industry but only selected and reliable methods are only follows by the UKCBC Hotel.
There are various steps of the selection process are:

  1. Considering CV’s.
  2. Written test
  3. Interview
  4. Checking of references and background
  5. Decision for selection
  6. Medical examination
  7. Offer Appointment letter
  8. Selection- Induction.

As the organization received many CV’s so it is not possible for the employer to call every candidate for an interview. The major & important methods which are follows by the UKCBC hotel in short listing the candidates to first consider their past experience/ knowledge details as in the hospitality industry practical knowledge is very important  and to consider an experience by the Hotel it saves the time of the UKCBC in giving training sessions at the employees initial stage (Fulmer. I, Gerhart .B, 2003).
Before initiating with the procedure of selection of employees the two major things which comes in the mind of the employer is to check the reliability of the candidate that can be only fulfil by taking his/ her IQ test to measure the consistency and also takes the candidates intelligence test.

Selection Process followed in selecting the Receptionist of UKCBC Hotel.

  • Short listing candidates:consider all CV’s and short list the few best profiles for the receptionist job out of many. Shortlist was only possible by considering the experience; candidate personality comes to know by the attached photograph, Languages known etc. A receptionist should have a pleasing personality and it is the positive point in her if she knows different languages as in the Hotel guests are from the different locations and follows various culture.
  • Initial interview: After shortlisted her, she called for the first interview round which is with the line manager of the Hotel who checks her personality and communication. The way she represents herself in front of him and shares her knowledge on the hospitality by giving the answers of the manger’s questions.
  • Checking her background & references: After the positive revert given by the line manger to the top management of the UKCBC the HR department crosscheck about her from all the references given by her. It is always better to check the background details of the employee so that it is sure by the company that there is no criminal record of the candidate and if everything is clear or sorted by just doing an inquiry so no one can mind in doing so.
  • Selection formalities: In this, the HR manger discusses the compensation with the candidate. If the conversation gets settled on the mutually then the further formalities will be held.
  • Medical examination: It is the company’s policy to arrange the normal check-up fit all of its employees at the time of the selection. It is always healthier to aware about the employee’s health because company’s provides the facility of the medical insurance to its employees and if there might be any major health problem with the selected candidate then the company will be in the loss in the near future (Ferris. G. R, Hall .A .T, 2004).
  • Appointment: The entire green chit by the medical supervisor the HR management of the UKCBC has given the appointment letter to the candidate that she has been recruited in the company as a receptionist. And the compensation letter is also attached with an appointment letter.

Selection Process followed in selecting the Kitchen Porter of UKCBC Hotel

Unit 21 HRM in Service Sector Assignment Solution

  • Considering CV’s: Applications received from all kitchen porter are considered but only calls an experienced personality for the further challenges. Profile of this job is totally relying on the practical knowledge. Theoretical knowledge does not work.
  • Initial interview:shortlisted candidate are called for the first interview round and evaluate him on the basis of his knowledge and experience by asking question related to cooking tips and the hospitality/ customer service.
  • Demonstration:Kitchen Demonstration is must. It is all based on the practical knowledge which the candidate already has. He asked by the management to guide the chefs in cooking and also deals with the customers for the day. Once he is selected then proceeds with the next round.
  • Checking references:Checking for the references and the background is the compulsory methods of the selection process which is to be follows for every employee of the hotel.
  • Selection process:In this process the compensation is decide by the Hotel after discussing with the candidate. In this process negotiation any be held in between the candidate & management but once decides on the mutual consent then the candidate is appoints as a porter of the UKCBC Hotel.
  • Medical Examination:Again it is the compulsory strep which is to be followed by the Hotel for all its employees.
  • Appointment:Kitchen porter get appoints after completing all the formalities which are done by the management of the HR Hotel and also by the compliance department by doing the investigation part through cross checking of him with his references (Ferris. G. R, Arthur .M .M, 1998.).


4.1. Assess the contribution of training and development activities to the effective operation of a selected service industry business

Training means to increase the knowledge and skills of the employees of the organization by providing them the various types of training sessions given by the expert / an experienced person. It also helps in boosting their self-confidence and motivation of the employees. It helps in the development. Development means the employees personality/mental/ intellectual/ social developments by the training. Increasing confidence and gives the motivation to the employees is the part of the personality development. Training which offers the quiz sessions will develop their aptitude skills i.e. to help in the intellectual development. Sometimes training are given to the new recruited employees and also to an existing employees in increasing their knowledge and makes them more efficient.
There are various training & development sessions provides in the UKCBC Hotel are:

  1. Training to the beginner: It will help in guiding the new employees about the background of the UKCBC and also shares the knowledge about the hospitality by the expert. It trained employees in making strong relations with the employer.
  2. Training offers certificate: It is given to the existing employees to enhance their skills and knowledge. At last they have to appear in the theoretical test which gives them the certificate after clearing such exam.
  3. Training in Recreation: Practical training sessions are given to the employees for improving their skills and also give their best to the Hotel. It is given to both new and existing employees of the hotel.
  4. Training at on the job: On the job means that employees will attain the training at their workplace while performing all activities of their own job profile. It is also a part of the practical training (Yao-Sheng. L, 2005).
  5. Training for learning new languages: In hotel customers are of various cultures and speaks different languages so it is compulsory for all employees to speak more than one foreign language. So it is the duty of the employer also to help their employees in gaining such efficiency by arranging the different training sessions for their employees.
    The other sessions for the development are-
  • Development in improving the skills of the employees of every level in the Hotel.
  • Offers the various opportunities to the employees for enhancing their personality i.e. personality development.


Human resource is an essential part of the organization and without Human resource Management it is not possible to continue with all the activities performs in the organization. It is the one who takes care and looks after all the needs of the employees. Employees are the major part so HR management takes the half of the burden of the employer by taking the responsibility of recruiting the employees in the Hotel. Hospitality industry is the one which most considers and focus on the customer service areas so it is the Hr management to take the whole decision after considering all the candidates that who are the best for the Hotel. To full the same requirement the management has to adopt the several selection and recruitment methods in selecting the skilled candidates. 


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