Unit 18 HRM For Service Industries Assignment - Hilton

Unit 18 HRM For Service Industries Assignment Hilton

Unit 18 HRM For Service Industries Assignment - Hilton


Human resource management or HRM is a widespread aspect which covers ample of concepts into it and helps an organisation to deliver the best out of their functionalities. It is basically a combination of various processes like recruitment, selection, training and development and managing the workforce within the organisational framework and makes them work as per the organisational desires. Therefore, the present report is been carried out with the purpose to gain better understanding about the HRM practices and the concepts in the service sector. The report would be basically focusing on the case study of Hilton hotel worldwide in the Stratford city. It would evaluate the role of human resource management in hotel.  The report would also focus upon the importance of maintaining good employment relations and following the relevant laws. The study would also review the different selection processes which are followed in the service industry. The report would also present the role of training in developing the skills of employees.


1.1 Role and purpose of human resource management in Hilton Hotel worldwide

The term human resources management is been used to define the formal system being devised to manage the people in an organization. The major responsibilities of the human resource management are been classified into three areas: staffing, employee compensation and benefits and the management of the work. In fact, the basic purpose of human resources management is to enhance the productivity and profitability of the organization with the help of optimization of the effectiveness of the employees (Mathis.et.al, 2016). In the present times, hotel industry is been experiencing a boom in the business and also contributing in the economy to the great extent. It has been observed that the most important and primary objective of the hotels is to provide best possible satisfaction to the customers which differentiates them from other and help in acquiring a position in the service sector industry. With reference to the Hotel Hilton worldwide, a leading luxurious hotel chain which serves the people with the best quality services, it has been seen that HRM plays a significant role in carrying out the activities effectively.  

As per the new trends people are moving towards the luxuriousness and prefer spending holidays or any of the purpose in high class hotels. This is majorly seen due to the increase in the income levels of the people and their interests over the luxurious services. The emergence of new lifestyles and the standards had opened new avenues towards the comfort and deluxe life for the people that also increased the expectations and demands of the customers from the hotels.  These demands and expectation led to the advancements in the hotels as well so that to provide the customers with the best satisfactions (Berman.et.al, 2015).  However, HRM plays a significant role in accomplishing these objectives of the hotel and establish a brand value among the customers. It has been identified that HRM facilitates the hotel Hilton in carrying out the functionalities in an effective manner and deliver the best quality service to the customers.  

Hotel Hilton is been listed among the top most and the rapidly growing hotel chain all over the world. The management of hotel facilitates the customers with all the required amenities and fulfils their demands effectively.  The human resources management helps the hotel Hilton in carrying out different activities such as hiring the best suitable staff members, motivating them, training them to work as per the organizational desires, etc. It helps in getting the best individual for the right post along with the desired skills, knowledge and proficiencies in the hotel (Gatewood.et.al, 2015). In addition to this, HRM also helps hotel Hilton to manage the workforce and motivate them to work with their best efforts and contribute in the higher levels of quality services to the customers. The HRM department of hotel Hilton had also framed specific policies so that to establish a fair and ethical practices at the workplace and maintain the decorum along with the reputation of the organization in the industry.

1.2 Human resources plan based on an analysis of supply and demand for Hilton Hotel Worldwide

A human resource planning is been mainly represented as the assessment of the basic requirements of employees in order to accomplish the desired objectives and meet the set standards over it. It has been observed that it is very important to evaluate and identify the actual requirements of human resources in the business so that to fill the vacant position and ensure the effective accomplishment of the operations in the organization. It is important for the organization to meet the quality and quantity both while selecting the candidates so that to acquire best suitable resources and in the required number (Bowen, 2016). With reference to hotel Hilton worldwide a human resource plan thus helps in matching the demands and supply of the human resources and maintain equilibrium between the both. The human resource plan mainly includes:

  • Estimation of the actual number of positions and employee in the hotel along with the vacancies over them.
  • The methods of staff motivation which could be used to acquire better results out of it.
  • Building a direct relationship between the human resource plan and the business plan effectively.

With reference to the hotel Hilton worldwide, meeting the demand and supply of the human resources would help in establishing an effective human resource practices and would come up with the profitable number of resources being required by the hotel specifically (Delahaye, 2015). The human resource plan would help in filling the gap between both the aspects and benefit the organization to the great extent. In the present competitive era, it is very much difficult to acquire the best suitable candidate will all the desired skills and proficiencies. Thus, hotel needs to make use of the human resource plan and select the actual number of required candidates and make them work towards the objectives. In addition to this, the HR management of hotel Hilton ensures the training and development of employees so that to train them with the best service parameters and meet the standards of the hotels. Having an effective workforce would facilitate the hotel in gaining higher profits and provide the customers with better satisfaction along with the enhanced reliability over the brand (Tracey, 2016). The estimation of the demands and supply over the resources would also assist in making proper arrangements prior to the requirements and would not lead to any of the vacancies in the department as the empty posts could create a mismanagement of the work and then further losses to the business.  Moreover, hotel Hilton would be beneficial by establishing the human resource plan in many of the ways and lead to success effectively.

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TASK 2          

2.1 Assessment of current state of employment in the hotel industry

Employee relations are generally derived as the relation between the owner and the employee in the industry or organization. Good relation among the employer and employee develops the motivation level in the organization and assist the employer to achieve the organizational goal. This further helps in enhancing the service provided by the organisation as the satisfied employees would give their best in work. It has been evaluated that quality relations in the service sector requires good communication and utilization of various concepts which could be implemented within the system of the service industry (Mowday.et.al.2013). Employee relations are mainly focused on checking and finding solution for the issues and problems faced by the employees. Sound relation affects the efficiency of the employees and boasts the morale of the employee.

The main aim of the organization is to achieve the organizational goal for this it s necessary for the employer is to implement standards and policies so that subordinate relations are maintained in the organization through fairness and trust. Hospitality industry in UK is being regulated through trade unions, labour union, employee welfare foundations etc. For effective operation management needs to keep the healthy relation with the unions. Trade unions plays vital role in the protection of the rights of the employees by eradicating the unfair practices in the organization, implementing legislative frame work, providing equal opportunities to the employees, bargaining power for the salary to the employee etc (Greenberg and Colquitt, 2013). Trade unions protect the right of the employees and bridge the gap between the relation among the employee and employer.

UK follows the win-win approach which all the contracted parties must be benefited so Hilton Hotel Stratford follows democratic kind of leadership style to maintain the relation with the employees. Employee relations are connected with the job satisfaction, productivity of the employees, motivation levels etc this kind of things are important in the service sector. Hotel Hilton mainly focuses on the man power by providing them extra monetary benefits for the better productivity. Assessing the training needs and develop of the skills helps the organization to raise the productivity. Hotel Hilton measures the performance of the employee and provides the training according to the requirement. HR team communicates properly with the employees by which proper utilization of the resources could be generated. Management of the Hilton identifies the problems of the employees to provide the effective alternative for the problem. An effective motivation technique binds the employees to give their best in order to give their best towards the productivity. Management provides the growth opportunity to the employees through this they can earn more and feels motivated. Management of the Hotel Hilton provides the good employment schemes to the employees in order to keep the good relations with the employees (Patterson and Hennessy, 2013). To maintain the good relations management provides the authority to the employees to take the decision in the absence of the superior. Freedom at the work place maintains the sound relation between the employee and employer.

2.2 Impact of employment laws on the human resource management of the Hotel Hilton

Employment regulatory laws are the guidelines for the HR team that how to treat the employees in the organization. All the business has to follow the employee guidelines to maintain the equality in the organization. The guidelines are drawn to protect the rights of the employees and provide them growth opportunities within the organization. The laws assist the organization to maintain the sound relations with the employees and develop the feeling of trust among the employer and employee. In case of any discrimination the employee or employer has the right to take the legal action against the person (Kehoe and Wright, 2013). Following are the legal acts designed for the welfare of the employer and employee:

  • Employee Relation Act: The main aim of the organization is to maintain the good relations among the employee and the management. The act assist the Hotel Hilton is to give the proper training to the employee and raise the productivity. The act prevents the rights of the employer and employee both and aids the HR department in finding the appropriate person for the job. The employer provides a job letter to the employee stating all the conditions and clauses to avoid any dispute further (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). The act assists the management to provide good working conditions so the employee works effectively to achieve the organizational goal.
  • National minimum Wage Act: The act was commenced on 1998 to protect the rights the right of the employees. This act aware the employees who are getting low wage for their work in the organization. Hotel Hilton follows the all the legal law of the minimum wage acts and designs the salary package according to the act. The act binds the organization to provide the minimum wage to the employee according to this talent and skills. Hilton categorize the payment scale of the employees according to their age for instance age of 22 and above will get higher amount , age of 18 to 21 get the continuous development rates and under age of 16 to 17 will get the minimum wages by which they can achieve their livelihood (Bratton and Gold, 2012).
  • Data protection act: The aids the management to keep and process the individual data of the working employees in the Hotel Hilton. Personal information is that which are generated from the individual employee before recruiting him in the organization. Processing of the data means that data should be generated should be kept safe at the secured place. Hotel Hilton manages the information of the customers, suppliers, and employees for the security purpose. To handle the data Hilton appoints the data manager who kept the data safe and records the data according to the need. The data controller can be an artificial organization or any individual person (Hatley and Pirbhai, 2013). According to the act the data should be processed for the limited purpose and kept for the limited tenure.


3.1 Job specification and Person specification in the Hotel Hilton

Job specification refers the detail about the job should be mentioned before hiring the candidate in the organization. It helps the candidate to get the proper detail about the job before applying for the job in the organization. Job specification is just like the portfolio for the job which is generated by the organization for the employees. The job specification contains job title, salary, schedule of work, job purpose, duties and responsibilities of the individual during the job. Job specification describes whole details regarding the job (Garety, 2015). HR department of the Hotel Hilton describe the authority under which employee will work in the organization.

Job Description

Job title:- Receptionist

Salary: - $12000 - $ 18000

Job purpose: - Receptionist will handle the customers and the first person who deals with customer either on phone or face to face contact. He/she will be the representative of the Hilton which take care of the various departments, answer the calls and solve the quires of the customers.

Duties and Responsibilities:-

  • Good in communication skill.
  • Must be able to deliver full detail of the packages.
  • Must have the proper knowledge about the facilities of hotel.
  • Candidate must be able to complete the given task on time (Windlinger.et.al.2016).
  • Candidate must be able to handle the practical situations and easily provide solutions to the clients.

Person specification is defined as the process of defining the job description and the skills which the person needs to have to perform the job. The person specification might include details like past experience and skills required for performing the job. It is important the organisation has proper person specification defined for the job which helps the organisation in identifying the ideal candidate. If job is in the technical field then manager mention in the person specification that candidate must have the knowledge of technology etc.

Personal Specification


  • Candidate must be graduate
  • Candidate must have fluency in English


  • Candidate must have minimum 1 years experience I office administration
  • Able to handle the problems of customer


  • Must be able to Coordinate with team mates
  • Effective communication skills
  • Sincere towards the work (Kugyt? and Šliburyt?, 2015).
  • Must be able to deal in the rigid situations and communicate in very polite way
  • Updated with the latest technology
  • Flexible in all the work timings

3.2 Comparison of the selection process of different service industry

Selection is the process in which HR department of the organization selects the candidate in order to fulfil the human resource need in the organization. Selection process assists the management to select the right person for the right job. The selection process has numerous of advantages like it consumes less time and hire the suitable candidate for the business and identify the skill of the candidate. Generally manager hires the candidate but in some cases HR department instruct the manager to hire the candidate. Selection process includes identification of the interested candidate and if their profile matches to the specified job then management call them for the interview (Liou, 2012). It is the best way to select the best candidate for the vacant place.

It is evaluated that Hilton hires the candidate from the internal and external source for the effective recruitment. Different industry follows different kind of selection procedure. All the organizations have different working environment which affects the working culture of the organization. Organization like TUI has different kind of selection procedure where as Hilton has the different kind of selection procedure. TUI selects the experienced candidates whereas Hilton selects the polite speaking candidates or good communication skill candidates. In Hotel Hilton candidates are hired on the basis of written test, personal interview and management skills on contrary TUI hire the candidates on their experience and verbal test (Anand.et.et.al.2012). Hilton selects the candidate on the basis of talent and skills whereas TUI hires the candidate on the basis of communication skills.

For hiring the receptionist the manager of Hotel Hilton evaluate the capability of the applicant and count his past experience if the person specification matches the job then hire the candidate for the organization. On the other hand TUI mainly focuses on the communication skill of the candidate. Through this study it can be generated that both the industry needs the suitable and talented candidate for the organization after the selection process. The selection process of the hotel Hilton is very easy and suitable in comparison of the TUI. Experience is the foremost need in the TUI where as Hotel Hilton judge the candidates on the basis f their potential and capability (Garety, 2015). It can be identified through the study that both the organizations follows the different kind of selection procedure like Hilton follows the written test and interview whereas TUI take the oral test.


4.1 Assessment of the contribution of training and development activities to the effective operation of Hilton Hotel Stratford

Training and development activities are been considered to the most important aspect as it helps the organization in moulding the candidates as per the organizational standards and put their efforts towards the achievement of set objectives. It is very much important for an individual to understand the structure, norms, policies, standards and other functionalities of hotel Hilton so as to fulfil the expectation of the employer (Kusluvan.et.al, 2010). With reference to the Hilton Hotel Stratford, it has been observed that training had proved to be beneficial in many ways as had contributed in achieving growth to the great extent. However, training and development sessions also acquire some investments of time and cost by the hotel but it is worth investing in the same.

  • The role and need of training:Training plays an important role in the growth of an organization as helps in developing the employees as per the expectation and makes them work accordingly. It has been found that an effective workforce is like an asset which helps in earning regular profits with onetime investments and leads the business towards the new avenues. Training is a basic need of any of the business as it helps in educating the newly hired candidates about the organizational operations (Pollock.et.al, 2015). With respect to hotel Hilton, the management organizes periodic training sessions so that to keep the employees updated with the trends and changes in the business and serve the customers with their best etiquettes and behaviours. This would directly lead to the higher level of satisfaction in the customers as well as the staff members at the workplace.
  • Different types of training:There are various types of training which could be used by hotel Hilton with the purpose to establish effective working environment and motivate the employees as well. Some of the most common training programs are as follows:

Difference between training and development

Table 1: Difference between training and development



 Training is been mainly considered as the learning process that provides with an opportunities to the employees for improving their current skills and knowledge to meet the requirement of the jobs.

While, it is an academic process which helps the employee to have in-depth application of the theoretical knowledge and gain growth in their jobs.

Training is organized for short periods.

Whereas, it is a long term process (Amara and Atia, 2016).

Training is entirely concerned to job


While it is focused with the careers specifically.

It is been carried out to improve the work performances of the employees.

On the other hand, it is carried out for preparing the individual for its future constraints.

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With the above report it could be concluded that human resources management is been used to define the formal system being devised to manage the people in an organization.  The report had revealed that with the emergence of new lifestyles and the standards had opened new avenues towards the comfort and deluxe life for the people that also increased the expectations and demands of the customers from the hotels. It has been identified that HRM plays a significant role in accomplishing these objectives of the hotel and establish a brand value among the customers. Furthermore, the report revealed that training and development plays an important role in the growth of an organization as helps in developing the employees as per the expectation and makes them work accordingly.


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