Unit 18 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment

Unit 18 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment

Unit 18 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment


Human resource management is the term which is used in management of the resources in context to human who are working in the organization. In this fast moving world and adapting organization with the environment it is understood that organization has to maintain quality of employee in their working process. Human resources play an important part in organization sustainability, success, accomplishment of set targets and establishing standard in front of their competitors. Human resource management is the management of resource in organization in most specified manner so that following problems could be overcome- employee turnover, increasing productive cost, problems associated with training and development and one of the most lack of quality of employees in working process. In this whole discussion we will understand how this human resources management will help organization to attain synergy in their working process and how a company can establish a productive value chain in their working environment. Management of  human resource  is typically performed by specified persons usually known with their specific department name HR department. It is the department who takes full responsibilities in finding deploying and making hired person employable. Like other working department human resources department is also as much as much imperative in organization proper functioning(Sojka, L. 2015).

Unit 18 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment 1


Unit 18 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment - Assignment Help

Differentiate between personnel management and human resource management giving examples in two suitable organizations?

Personnel management in organization is the traditional approach in managing employees in best and effective manner. Whereas human resource management works as a separate department In order to troubleshoot problems concerned with the human resources in organization. This could be describing with the help of blow discussion.


Personnel management

Human resources management

  • The way of working in organizations

In Small organizationwhere there is less complexity in their working process this management helps to maintain at good amount of human resources. This is the traditional approach to hire employees and keep them sustain in organization

Human resources management is the newly generated concept used to overcome problems related with the human resources in the organization...

  • Company which used this process

This approach is usually  used in kings café

This management process is used by Hilton group

  • Objectives of the department

This personnel management is used by the organization for the purpose of administration  of the employees and how it will be effective in their welfare

It makes organization to focus on the development of the employees and how it will be beneficial for the company in the long run

  • Process of working system

Personnel monument is usually makes efforts in solving problems which are of routine nature and also known as structured problems

Human resource management is concerned with the troubleshooting problems which are of non-routine nature and helps company to maintain good quality of employees in organization

  • Power to give instruction

In this there is solemn power given to the promoters  who put their efforts to solve problems

This is the department which takes all the decision for the problems associated with the human.

1.2 Assess how human resource management functions help your chosen organization in achieving its purpose?

Human resources management in park group which are engaged in the hospitality business is considered to be very effective in maintain good human resources. It is the wide fact that company needs to work as per the requirement of the environment and in order to manage the forecasting demand or cater the need of the people from the organization it is required to managegood employees. HRM department see the environmental need and provide organization various quality of employees who could discharge the functional appropriately.

Human resources management plays the following imperative role in achieving organization purpose.

  • Gives discretion of the following terms- HRM department is the key nexus between employees and origination’sobjectives. It imparts knowledge to the organization regard with the purpose, working style, managing culture, code of conducts and work ethics.
  • Strategy formulation- HRM department being the comprehensive process of different key skills people helps top management to formulate analytical strategy. It is the course of action which is required to achieve the goals and objectives of the business(Closon., et., al.,2015).
  • Helps in maintaining quality of employees in the organization- It is the HRM department which provides quality of employee to the organization. Employees are considered to be the key pillars in the proper functioning of the all the key parts.
  • Other benefits- There are other benefits in the organization which could be derived by the HRM department in the organization such as- helps in increasing the productivity of the process, create synergy, reduction in employee turnover increase in the quality of working process, employees welfare, reduction in work load, achievement of goals in best efficient manner, use of different technology with highly qualified persons etc.

1.3 Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in your organization or familiar organization and how it supports human resource management functions.

In this changing environment it is seen that organization is opening their different branches at different places. It becomes hard for the human resources management department to keep watch on each and every branch. Furthermore there is find restriction to keep watch on all the branch process worldwide. It is the line manager who performs the task of HRM department in different branch offices. MNC or other organizationsthat have wide variety of working process and big value chain have line manager. It is the person who shares knowledge with the employees and work as a nexus between employees and top management.Line manager is the sole responsible person who perform different day to day task activates of the human resource department in the organization. In Hilton group there are following task which could be find which is performed by the Line manager(Sojka, L. 2015).

  • Provide a good aid in mangling employees- line manager of the Hilton group helps employees to manage the different takes accordingly. He guides and imparts the required skills to manage a good code of conduct in the working process (Carbery, et., al., 2015)..
  • Preparation of the performance check list of the employees- Line manger keeps direct connection with the employees. He checks all the work performed by the employees and also guides them how this work could be rectified in best efficient manner.
  • Helps in deciding the basic pay roll- Line manager is the person who has key information of the working profile of the all employees. He gives his report to the higher authority regarding with the working performances and the caliber of each and every employees in his department.
  • Perform the role of teaching employees various key skills- Line manager is the person who have super vigilance on the employees of his department and he is the person who teaches, guide and impart information regarding code of conduct, work ethics and the working style of the organization.

Unit 18 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment 2

1.4 How legal and regulatory framework impact on human resource management?

There are various rules and regulations which are passed by the government. It is the responsibility of the organization to make good compliance with all the laws, rules, statue to the government. Various laws which could be required to be complied by the organizations are as following-

  • Discriminationact 1995- There is simply in act given that in organization or in the premises of the organization no one should be discriminated on the basis of race, cast, gender and other matters. There is the following cases finds in the many places but our company Hilton has never faced such kind of problems in working places.
  • Equal pay act-1970- This act shows the importance of the employees and it talks about the provisions of hiring, firing, managing employees and their code of conduct in the working profile. Business ethics rules and regulation is also covered in such act  Hotel Hilton  is making proper compliance with each and every provision (Stanberry, & Aven, 2013).

Unit 18 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment 3

  • Disability Discrimination Acts 1995 and 2005- Discrimination between employees in the company and organization behavior toward employees suffering from different disabilities is covered in the ambit of this Act. Hotel Hilton group is making extra perquisite to the employees who have disabilities to perform tasks such as management of lift, special type of toilet arrangement and work from home facilities.
  • Workmen compensation Act- This act provides the arrangement for the employees in case of malfunctioning by the organization against employees. With the help of such act employees could ask for the damages from the organization. Hilton group has never done anything wrong with their employees. It is their working style to work around their stake holder and their benefits.

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2.1 Analyze the reasons for human resource Planning?

Human resource planning is concerned with the manglingforecasting predetermine the demand and supply of the human resource in the organization, in the case given there is wide variety of need of human resource planning.

  • For hiring good amount of quality of employees- with the data given there is find that this organization is suffering from the employees and in order to find a good quality employees there is need to make a good arrangement of employees.
  • For making cost effective plan of labor turnover- This organization needs to hire good employees in order to increase the sustainability of experienced staff in the working process. Organization is suffering from the quality of employees. It has to make good human resource planning in order to cater future need and demand of the potential customers.
  • Framing policies and code of conduct- Proper maintain of functioning planning and adopting good level of working style there needs to imperative set standard of working style. HRM planning is responsible in managing identifying and making hired persons employable.
  • Recruitment and selection process- HRM department of the organization needs to make a good planning system so that adequate trust worthy employees could be hired in organization. It has to measure the need and demand of the working process for the given standard output. HRM planning helps in hiring and selection of employees(Rouyendegh, & Erkan, 2013).

2.2 Outlining the stages involved in planning human resource requirements?

Organization in order to rectify its present situation has to adopt a proper human resource planning. It is seen with the present scenario that organization is facing lot of problems due to the following factors such as high product cost, management problems, employee’s turnover, inadequate policies and framework and further more(Külcü, Ö. 2012).

There are steps involved in maintaining good planning of human resources-

  • Step-1 identify the need of human resource planning as per the standard set of requirement in the organization
  • Step-2 Make proper assessment of the employees and the working process and find out the need of rectifying the mistakes found
  • Step-3 analysing the market need and supply of the product and then find out the actual need of the number of human resource in the management system.
  • Step-3 human resource management department needs to make efforts in order to overcome the gap which is identified during the analysing process
  • Step-4 Proper formulation of course of action for the proper human resource planning
  • Step-4 implementation of the ideas and plans
  • Step-5 cross watch to identify the drawback of the human resource planning
  • Step-6 clear monitoring and control plan accompanied with proper follow up plans(Roque.,et.,al.,2010).

2.3 Compare the current recruitment and selection process in the organization with another organization you recommending?


Current organization and its conditions

Hotel Hilton group

  • Advertisement process

Organization is not having proper advertisement process in order to counter the qualified employees in the market

Hotel Hilton group is coupled with many organizations who provide it qualified employees

  • Selection system

With the  help of data given it could be said that organization is not having a standard set system for hiring employees

This group has identified the importance of the employees in the industry. It has used a tough section channel under which various  interviews programmed are used in order to find out the actual potential of the employees

  • Assessment

 Current assessment system is coupled with only few questions which are such as what is your life goal? How do you want to see yourself in organization

Hilton group assessment criteria are full of analytical system in which various questions and test are conducted.

  • Hiring employees

There is not procedure to hire employees

In Hilton group there are set format and system which is followed by each and every department before hiring employees.

Unit 18 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment 4

2.4 Evaluate the effectiveness of the organization recruitment and selection techniques with another organization you recommending?

 It is the simple fact that employees are the most effective tool without which organization can never reach its goals and objective. Success of the working process is determined on the basis of output it draws out of given input. Employees are the main key ingredient to find out the actual effectiveness of the working system.

  • Recruitment techniques- Currently organization is following the traditional approach which is no more effective as per the current era and environment demand. During the recruitment process only walk in interviews are taken which is not effective. Hilton group is following methodology for souring employees. These are the following method which consists of the online recruiting, holding job fair, college placement and internal hiringprogram for various promotional posts. These are drawbacks which current organization is having in its working system(Perez, C. 2014).
  • Selection technique- as the selection step is comes direct after the recruitment procedure. Selection technique should be based on different attributes, skills, set format, current organization is using only few regardless questions which are not even imperative to decide the actual caliber of the employees. Where as in Hilton group in selection process of employees work sample is identified with his past experience, reference checklist is prepared. Therefor in order to overcome the employee turnover Problem Company needs to make slight changes in its selection and recruitment techniques.


3.1 Assess the link between motivational theory and reward at Virgin Media or your chosen organization. Your answer must show if you think there is a link, what connects the two?

Organization success and its increasing competition with the external environmentrequire various changes in policies and framework of working process. The need of motivational theory in this cut challengingenvironment is most effective. Employees are the key pillar and for their motivation organization needs to prepare most effective plans and procedure. Different motivational theory is given by different person. Motivational theory is concerned with motivation of the employees. Employees are found to be in follower’s positions.  It is seen that motivational theory provides the base to the top management to bring out the best outcome out of the given input.

Unit 18 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment 5

There are different motivational theories such as Maslow’s motivational theory, Herzberg and furthermore. Virginmedia has followed different theories of motivational program for their employees. Virgin media has observed that employee’s motivation is the utmost required thing in the business development or creation of core competency in the working process. Organization as per the study of different motivational theories has decided that reward system is the most appropriate in order to keep employees motivated in workingenvironment. Virgin media has understood that employees find themselves motivated when their need is satisfied. Maslow and Herzberg have also depicted that in order to see true motivation in Employees Company needs to first cater their personal needs and then after  personal and professional  need. Reward is the outcome in monetary term which is given to employees for their performance. Virgin media has given theory that there are different needs and requirement of different employees either at personal level or professional level. But in order to cater all those .Reward is the panacea for all the need.

Herzberg and Maslow have also used reward as a strongest pillar in their five motivational elements. There are other theories too which virgin media take into account for the development of its working process and cater the need of the employees on sustainable basis  such as McClelland's  Maslow's, Herzberg's, and McGregor's  Motivational theories.

3.2 Evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay at Virgin Media or your chosen organization?

Job evaluation at virgin media is the most effective process in determining the pay roll to the employees as per their potential and working performance. In Job Evaluation Company evaluate the productivity of each and every employees and how they perform their task in company. It is seen that company has used different team manager in order to appraisal the working performance of each and every employees. Job evaluation process starts with(Sell, & Cleal,  2011).

  • Organization of job evaluation committee leading into a panel,
  • Identify the jobs and process which are productive to the organization
  • Analysis and make collective suggestion regard with the employee performance
  • Decide pay roll and reward to the specified persons
  • Different factors which are understood very imperative in deciding the most effective payroll for the employees are such as reward system, performance based pay rolls. Standard target achievement and the most important is how employees encountered problems(Sell, & Cleal, 2011).

3.3 Assess in different contexts (for e.g. attracting talent, retention, and motivation) how effective is the reward systems at Virgin Media or your chosen organization?

Reward system is the best method in developing employees mind set and their working performance. There are several benefits to the Virgin media for adopting this reward system (McGrath, & Hammontree, 2016).

  • Attraction of the qualified and appealing economical talent- Virgin media has followed different reward system such as incentives and issues bonus shares as employee stock option scheme and so on. With this consistent efforts and advertisement of this quality of working style has provided a pool of talented employees in the organization.            
  • Reduction in employee turnover- Virgin media being the leader in its market segment has provided standard quality of service for a long time. In order to sustain this graph it has used various tools and techniques. Reward system in virgin media is very effective in which good performer of the process are given various rewards such a vehicle, monetary rewards, dip, incentives and further more.
  • Motivational system- Reward system is the program in Virgin media so that it can make a good nexus between organization development and its employee’s welfare. Many economist and various theories of motivation has shown the impact of reward on the motivation of employees. It is imperative to cater the need of the employees so that they can be motivated to put the best efforts in organization working performance. (Hutchings, K., De Cieri, H. & Shea, T. 2011).

3.4 Examine the methods Virgin Media or your chosen organization use to monitor employee performance?

There are following ways which is used in Virgin Media to monitor employee performance

  • Discipline in working performance- Virgin media has used to tool to identify the working performance of the employees such as time punctuality, work ethics, code of conduct, behavior toward the culture of the organization.
  • Outcome of the work performed- This is seen in many process Virgin media used various reward system in order to motivate employees. Different employees working performance are choked as per the different need. Virgin media also check the attitude of the different employees engaged in different process and their attitude toward the assigned work is checked in order to monitor their performance.
  • Random check or sudden visit: in the work process is the traditional approach of virgin media in order to monitoremployee’sperformance. Review their working style and the work done by employees by the linemanager is the most effective measure tool in performance check.


4.1 Identify the reasons for termination of Faisal’s employment contract with The Chicken Master and generally explain other reasons for cessation of employment?

The chicken master is whole sole promoter of the restaurant. He hired Faisal for having supervision on all the works performed by employees. There is the following reason which could be derived out of the working conditions of the Faisal.

  • Faisal was improper in handling administrative tasks and other works which are assigned to him.
  • Faisal was found to be doing mischievous acts such as watching pornography at the work places.
  • He was using office property and other assets for his personal use which is against the employment contract.
  • He is negligent in holding responsibilities and other assigned tasks which shows the bad impact on other employees.
  • He was not following proper code of conduct and the rules and regulation of the professionalism.

4.2 Describe the employment exit procedures used by The Chicken Master and another organization of your choice?

There are following exit procedure which could be used but the chicken master has used the following procedure in order to fire Faisal from the employment.

Forced resignation process- the chicken master in order to save its own brand image and Faisal career has asked Faisal to resign from the post as soon as he can. Forced resignation is the process of giving last chance to the wrongdoer employees to leave the organization in best and efficient manner with clear warning other aggressive steps could be taken. The chicken master has asked Faisal to leave the written resignation latter and its resignation would be effective from the date on which he will leave the resignation later. Cessation of his job is also an appropriate method against his mischievous act.

There are other route also given but in the scenario given Bob has used forced resignation process. Other dismissal that could be used by bob against the Faisal – Fire, case against Feisal under employment act and other legal cases. Bob needs to take appropriate step so that proper arrangement or less legal matters are taken into consideration.

4.3 Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements with an organization such as The Chicken Master if Faisal’s claim was proven to be true?

There is different rules, regulation, laws and statute given for the employment contract and working procedure. Different laws and regulation comes in the ambit when it comes to safe the employees and their exploitation. Employment contract it the legal contract which helps employer in case of malfunctioning of the employees performance.

In this case it is clearly found that there is wrongdoing by the Faisal in the working process but in case if it is seen that Faisal claims prove to be true then Bob will be liable to imprisonment or fine or both under the Equal pay act 1979 (MacDonald, & Charlesworth, 2013).

Under the Equal pay act 1979 it is given that no employee should be discriminated on the basis of race, cast, gender or other factors. If Faisal’s claims are proved to be right then Bob has to bear very big amount of loss.

  • Firstly his restaurant image will be impaired
  • Second he will have to face big amount of monetary loss
  • Third He might need to confront with the Interpol for the following case
  • Forth he needs to hire a good legal officer for handling his case
  • Fifth he would face further problems like lock off his restaurant by the society members, close down his business chain cycle, and further more

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In this whole research and different scenario has imparted me the vast variety of knowledge in context with the human resources management in the organization. Human resource planning and its proper management is the key task in developing synergy in working process. Increase in the productivity of the different process is the main concern in every  business organisation . Human resource management is the utmost phase in motivation, development and enthusiasm of the employees in right effective manner. Success of the organization is not restricted with only accomplishment of goals but it is concerned with how organization achieves its goal. The process of accomplishment of goals and objective is the effective term as per the long term point of view. Success of the organization is highly dependent upon the intent of the human resource management. Job description, evaluation, employment strategy and employment policies are the key framework in deciding the human resource planning system.


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