Unit 15 Managing Business Activities Assignment Sample

Unit 15 Managing Business Activities Assignment Sample

Unit 15 Managing Business Activities Assignment Sample


This Unit 15 Managing Business Activities Assignment Sample is about the Recruitment Company ABC. Its job is to recruit the right candidate for the right post and meet all the requirements those are declare by the client organization. One of the objectives of the ABC that is the customer satisfaction and another objective is to earn more revenue with maintaining the good brand name of the company. It is possible by the joint efforts of all the employees of an organization. ABC brand name is lacking behind due to the various problems such as poor performance, lack of leaders means no leadership quality in the management, poor quality of services with no positive output. This study shows that how the company should follow various steps in bringing the good change in an organization.


1.1. Evaluate the interrelationship between the different processes and functions of the organization.

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The above structure is of the ABC Company and all performs their activities to achieve the goal of the company that is to earn income/profits by recruiting the employees for the corporate, companies or any organizations. Customer satisfaction is also their main priority by providing the skilled full / efficient employee to the organization (Alrichs, Nancy,2000). The recruitment company evaluates the candidate first on their own behalf & if shortlisted then forward him to the HR of the organization as per meet their requirement but here, the company is lacking behind in fulfilling its aim. The reason is lack of the interrelationship in between the staff of the ABC Company. Some of the members those should play the role of the leader is not meeting their job effectively. Recruitment manager is not maintaining a proper coordination with his junior staff and not retrieving the data of efficient candidates. He should first keep the requirements of the company in his mind and then start working on the procedure. He is lack of the leadership quality.  The same is with the business developer whose responsibility is to recheck the process of all activities from where the business of the ABC Company effects and co-ordinates with subordinates properly.

1.2. Justify the methodology to be used to map processes to the organisation’s goals and objectives.

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The above is the process chart that fulfills the aim of the ABC Company. All members of the organization chart works only to fulfill the goal of the company and they follows the above process to meet the requirements of their client and the goal of their own.

The Process of Recruitment of ABC

The company first advertises the requirement of the candidate with the client’s company details through newspaper or on their website or by sending mail to the candidate. The first attempt by the candidate is to approach the recruitment agency. Sometimes the company name is not reveals by the recruitment company as it follows the procedure of their recruiting their employees through the agencies only (Ashby, Franklin and Arthur, Pell, 2001.).  Once the CV is shortlisted by the manager who interprets the data (Curriculum Vitae) & call made to the candidate then it forwards to the recruitment interviewer who takes an interview and evaluates on his own judgment by taking ability test. He makes the selection & forwards it to the corporate HR department.

1.3. Evaluate the output of the process and the quality gateways

The recruitment process follows by the ABC company results in the selection of an effective employee for the client. ABC Company evaluates the candidate first on the base of their own judgment because it effects on the goodwill of company and its revenue generate. Gateway is the procedure that follows in the procedure of selection of the candidate. The diagram in the previous question states the process of recruitment (Acka and  Heaton,2004). The quality of the selected candidate should be superior that means the candidate should effective and efficient enough in his aptitude, skills, academic qualifications those should as per the need of the client. There is a loophole in the recruitment and selection  process of the ABC Company such as lack of leadership, proficiency in following procedures & lack of co-ordination that affect the financial status of the ABC and effects in becoming down its brand name. ABC Company should review all the steps in the procedure of the recruitment and adhere strictly on it. Company should keep its proper control on the time and the cost used in the recruitment process. The management should bring changes in their behavior by adopting leader’s quality that changes the quality of the recruitment process and effects on the selection of superior quality candidate.

2.1. Design plans which promote goals and objectives for own area of responsibility.

ABC company must takes care that their act of responsibility relating to their own staff members, clients / customers, community etc with whom they are working follows the laws and regulations in their own working key areas i.e. recruitment and selection. They have made their own ethical framework, which they follow in achieving their own goal. Issues with the environment internal/ external and with the selection of the candidate from whom the customer is not satisfy. It effects on the quality of life of the people (Bunting and Grugulis,2007). The responsibility of following and considering all regulations should take by the middle or higher level of managers All units of the ABC should follow above ethics. The below are the skills those need to follow and ensures the compliance that are follow by the recruitment company and ABC should adheres them.

  • Monitoring the legal regulations, ethical and social needs those effects on the key areas of the working if the ABC Company.
  • The company should follow the developed process and procedures in recruitment and selection so that they can meet the needs of their own and of customers.
  • It is the responsibility of the top and the middle management to make ensure that all interrelated people with the company understands clearly and follows the procedure /policies and make it their as a practice.
  • Encourage the environment of meetings among the staff members not only with the single aim of meeting the needs / goals of the company. Sometimes employees have a lot to share with the management and if is not fulfills then leaves the adverse impact on the working of the recruitment process/ business activities.
  • Identify the failures if any & submit the report of the failures to the relevant steering group.

2.2. Write objectives, which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based to align people and other resources in an effective and efficient way.

Smart objectives means that the company ABC should clear with its goal first whether it wants to make the money or lose the money. By keeping in mind, the company should analyze the situation and formulate the policies and procedures that help in achieving its goal. ABC should also specify the activities and responsibilities to its staff so that they can give their best by using various resources. The following activities should perform by the ABC Company-

  • ABC should recognize the changes first occurs in an environment of the company and formulates new policies according to the changes. 
  • Utilize the appropriate time in following the process/ procedure of recruitment and selection of employees with the support of the staff of the company.
  • The middle and the top management should guide and give their feedback to the other employees so that it will improve their performance that makes the working of the business effective and meet the goals easily.
  • Take care of the concern of all ethical frameworks.
  • Use the right type on knowledge and information in the right task and at the right time so that it helps in reducing the risk.
  • The management should encourage employees to share their knowledge by taking them in the confidential.

2.3. Implement appropriate systems to achieve objectives in the most efficient way, on time, to budget and meeting organizational standards of quality.

There are various risks to the recruitment agency such as ABC Company and it is necessary to follow various steps in removing all risks by follow an appropriate system so that the company can meet its targets and fulfill the goal.

The various risks are-

  • If the company delays in giving the service to the consumers or in other words, if ABC delays/ fails in giving the right and effective candidate as per the client needs then it effects on the performance of the on-time delivery.
  • If the client does not get satisfies by the ABC Company then the negative impact would be on the quality of the service given by the ABC. It is often need to require the adequate transition time and the cost with the effective communication and training in between the cross companies. It is essential to clear the goal in between both the companies.
  • The system of recruiting the right candidate for the right post fails if no sufficient resources provided to the staff members by the management in the ABC Company. It is due to the non-effective use of cost and the budget specific for the purpose b the company.

An appropriate system should follow by the ABC to reduce all the above risks.

Unit 15 Managing Business Activities Assignment Sample, Assignment help, Assignment help Uk, Online Assignment help
The above system follows by making strategy first to remove the risks imposed on the ABC Company and becomes the hurdle in achieving it goals. After assessing the various above risks them strategies made by the top and the middle management of the company. Risk process consists of various steps to control the risk ability to occur further and monitor them in a proper way so that improvement notices in future by adoption of the risk control process.

2.4. Carry out work activities meeting the operational plan through effective monitoring and control.

The management of the ABC is the responsible to monitor all the activities of an organization and evaluate the quality, impact and effectiveness of the activities. It clears that whether the company is reaching towards meeting the goal of the company or not. Monitoring involves the activities of keeping the records of all performing activities inside and outside the ABC Company. By adopting this monitoring activity by the management on the regular basis, the management gets the opportunity to do adjustment in the project to make ensure that all the resources utilize by the company. In addition, all the goal of the company properly achieved. To make ensure that company also follows all the compliance laws and regulations with showing the progress towards meeting the objectives. All monitoring activities monitors by the management for considering the reports of the operations & the finance. This is the responsibility of the management to ensure that all the reports are maintain regularly and discussion should done by noticing every minute of the activity. After monitoring all the risk-generated activities is control after the evaluation. The management evaluates the ongoing improvement and provides the proof that leaves the effect on the working of operations, planning and making decisions. Review is the ongoing process of continuous improvement, learning & development. The evaluation and monitoring process is not possible without a proper planning.

3.1. Design systems to manage and monitor quality standards specified by the organization.

The best system to manage and monitor the quality standard of the services provided by the ABC is six-sigma quality management. The method set up the benchmark of superiority. It is the prime concern of any organization for survives in the market in the high competition. It raises the standard of the quality of the business activities / services through implementing the management approach in ABC organization (Antony. J, 2004). The purpose behinds the six-sigma is that that company makes itself ensure by testing the products and services meeting the criteria of the desired standard and the customer satisfaction.

 Unit 15 Managing Business Activities Assignment Sample, Assignment help, Assignment help Uk, Online Assignment help

The above diagram is the system that consist all the phases of Six-sigma in maintaining the good quality of services and meet the consumer needs by the ABC company.

The first step defines the needs of the client to the ABC and all the risk assumed are measures, defines in the next step, and makes the company active in taking further decision. Analyze analyses the situations that what are the reasons those create the problems and the risk those effects on the business operations and the poor performance of the ABC. In improve phase, it stated that how all the problems eliminated by the company and last all the actions are control by the management of the company to do further improvement in all operations and maintain the standard of the quality (Voelkel, 2002).

3.2. Demonstrate a quality culture to ensure continuous monitoring, evaluation and development of the process.

Unit 15 Managing Business Activities Assignment Sample, Assignment help, Assignment help Uk, Online Assignment help

The above diagram is of the quality culture that is value system of the ABC Company. It results in the establishing the conductive environment of the company for the continuous improvement in its quality(Webster,2006). There are various steps that ABC should follow and improves the standard of the working performance of the company. These are mention in brief-

1. Clear of objective

2. Follow Management approach

3. Good Attitude towards consumers

4. Approach of problem solving

5. Performance improvement approach

6. Builds the good relations and trust among employees

It is little tough to change the working environment and adopts the new steps / culture in improving the quality of business operations to overcome the deficiency in the past. Leadership quality is the one only and important that brings the drastic change in an organization if the company adopts it. Changes require new ideas / innovations for bringing the new improvements. It is the effort of all members of the organization especially the major efforts from the management level.

3.3. Recommend improvements which align with the organization’s objectives and goals and which result in improvements.

Below are the steps that should adopt by the ABC and these steps helps the company in bringing the continuous improvement in the business environment i.e. recruitment and the selection. It changes the behavior of the employees (Messmer and Max,1999).

  • ABC should maintain the awareness of improving the quality of culture in an organization by removing all issues.
  • The Company should ensure that the management must follow the leadership steps and plays the role of the leader at every single moment.
  • Encourages the self-development and the self-initiative by the Company to its employees
  • Give the recognition and the reward to all the employees to maintain the good quality of environment in an organization.
  • The management should observe all the activities those are performs by the interviewer in selection of the candidate as an employee of the client company
  • The business development manager develops the new innovative activities that should perform by all the employees under the observation of the management. It also considers that training should give to the employees by the management to improve their skills.

3.4. Report on the wider implications of proposed changes within the organization.

The major implication for bringing the drastic changes in an organization is done by the top and the middle management. These changes are on the improving the quality of the services given to the consumers by providing the right candidate for the right post. The management adopts new techniques in improving the skills and the efficiency of employees that brings the new change in business performance (Herman, Roger and Joyce,2001). All senior mangers adopts the quality of leadership to brings the change in ABC and also gets the ability to control all the risk creating situations before becoming them worst.

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The Unit 15 Managing Business Activities Assignment Sample of the management of the ABC Company is to remove all the problems and improves the performance of all business activities performs in the organization. The company analysis the risk and the problems, take necessary measures to improve them by keeping all health & safety policies for its employees in their mind.


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