Unit 14 Working with and Leading People Sample Assignment

Unit 14 Working with and Leading People Sample Assignment

Unit 14 Working with and Leading People Sample Assignment


Diploma in Business

Unit Number and Title

Unit 14 Working with and Leading People

QFC Level

Level 5


In the present era of extensive professionalism, human resource plays a pivotal role, serving immensely towards staff recruitment and overall management of the working force of an organization. Essential to highlight that it is on e of the key concern of every organization to incorporate effective staff recruitment, selection and retention process in order to engage proper working force. The presence of an efficient human resource segment reflects a strong leadership efficacy of the concerned organization that is successful to meet the challenging conditions in the professional domain. Needless to mention that a strong team management is a reflection of strongly embedded leadership ability at an organizational level (Noe, 2013). This unit 14 working with and leading people sample assignment focus than be given to explain the staff recruitment, selection and retention procedures of city along with  highlighting the organizational culture of the concerned courier company. In compliant with the given requirements of the task an attempt shall be undertaken to explore various aspects of human resource and the significance between working with leading people. In this context the example of City Link Company has been considered. City Link is British origin Courier Company based in Coventry of the United Kingdom, established in 1969. The key business of City Link is to operate a delivery service within the United Kingdom. The cited courier company has annual revenue of more than £320 million that enabled City Link to earn a leading position in the business market of Courier Company (Citylink.co.uk, 2016).

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Task 1

1.1 Prepare documentations to recruit and select new staff members in your organisation

Aligning with the provided case scenario it can be stated that City Link Company has present working forces of 25 employees working as full time employee and has a plan to initiate a developmental plan in future. For this purpose City Link has also planned to strengthen its  working in partnership  for which the concerned organization is planning to develop a proper recruitment plan. As evident from the task question a documentation of staff recruitment in City Link has to be produced by the recently appointed general manager of the concerned organization. The following steps are important with respect to documentation of a staff recruitment procedure:

  • Approval of recruitment: The first and foremost step towards documentation of a staff recruitment process is the approval of recruitment that is obtained from the higher administrative authority of the concerned organization. For this purpose it is important to develop a draft with providing the detailed specification regarding the number of staffs required to be recruited. The draft should also include details about the required academic qualification and professional experiences expected from the candidates who shall appear during the recruitment session of City Link (Yeung, 2011). Following the official approval of the draft it should be further send to the human resources segments of City Link. It is to be noted that the approval documents should include a draft description and advertisement also.
  • Position description: Prior advertisement of staff recruitment it is essential for City Link to specify the position for recruitment of the staff. Hence position descriptions is mandatory in a recruitment process that cannot be altered once advertised. The position description must also gain approval from the administrative authority of the concerned organization. in this case, City Link in order to strengthen its business operations require to recruitment ten additional staffs  of which 4 are drivers and 3 delivery boys , 2 operational trainer and 1 administrators.
  • Advertising: Advertisements being an important aspect of recruitment process should be approved by the executive director of human resource management of City Link. The advertisements can be given through online media and also by publishing in the newspaper.  However modes advertisements of recruitments should be in accordance to the decisions of the  human resource management.  Important to mention that vacancy announcements and required skill, term related payments should be included within the given advertisement.

Advertisements for different post in City Link are:

  • For driver:
  • Location: Birmingham
  • Salary: $ 20000 per annum
  • Vacancy: 4
  • Type of employment: temporary
  • Per week working hours: 45 hours

Responsibility for the post:

  • To perform duty in a cooperative manner
  • Agree to drive to all the nearby places of Birmingham
  • Should involved in loading and unloading of goods and parcels
  • Should deliver goods safely reflecting professional skill
  • Closing date: 31/12/2016

Academic and professional requirements:

  • High school pass
  • Basic knowledge in English
  • UK driving license
  • For delivery boys:
  • Location: Devon
  • Salary: $1000 per annum

Type of employment:

  •  temporary
  • Job vanity: 2
  • Working hours per week: 35 hours
  • Closing date: 31/12/2016

Post responsibility:

  • Should have excellent communication skill
  • Should be able to safely deliver the goods

Skills required:

  • Basic knowledge in English
  • Should be informed about the local locations of Devon
  • Should be at least class 10 pass

For administrator:

  • Location: Newcastle
  • Salary: $40,000 per annum

Type of employment: permanent

  • Duty hours: 35 hours per week
  • Job vacancy: 2
  • Closing date: 31/12/2016

Post responsibility:

  • Should be able to meet the target deadlines
  • Should bear excelling surveillance skill
  • Should be able to restore the  health and safety regulations and he policies should be able to work in team and should be able to make key  business decision making.

Skill and experiences required:

  • Excellent communication skill with good command over English

Academic degree:

  • MBA with major in management
  • Minimum 12 years of professional experience in similar position
  • Should be conversant with the socio economic culture of Europe

Operational trainer:

  • Location: Birmingham
  • Salary: $20,000 per annum
  • Job vacancy: 1

Type of employment:

  • permanent
  • Duty hours: 40 hours a week

Responsibility of the post:

  • Should be able to maintain high professional behaviour with the superior and also with the sub ordinate employees
  • Should be able to train the employee of operational level
  • Should be capable of efficiently dealing with the varied clients
  • Should be able to work in team and also should maintain the integrity of organizational culture
  • Should possess an excellent communication skill

1.2 Assess the impact of the legal, regulatory and ethical considerations in recruitment and selection process and identify the areas of improvements

In compliant with the mentioned question it is  be stated that the process of staff recruitment should be in accordance to the statutory roles and legal guidelines applicable in the United Kingdom and the concerned human resource manager should remain informed about the legal guidelines applicable to recruitment process. During the staff recruitment process it is also essential for the human resource manager of City Link to remain focus on aspects related with job posting, formulation of the interview question, checking job offers etc. therefore both legal and ethical considerations are found to produce an impact over the entire job recruitment process of City Link (Brown, 2011).

  • Impact of discriminatory act: It is mandatory for City Link to remain obliged towards the legal guidelines of sex discriminatory act with an objective to prohibit the practise of discrimination in workplace. Hence during the recruitment process City Link cannot discriminate a candidate on gender basis.
  • Impact of race relations act: City Link should not make any discrimination with respect to race or ethnic background of the candidate and hence a individual with a legal permission to work in UK should be considered as a candidate irrespective of the race or nationality of the individual
  • Impact of equality (age) regulation: The recruitment of City Link should incorporate both bound and senior generations and should also provide equal benefits in recruitment and selection procedure.
  • Impact of legal implications in advertisement stage: While advertising for job vacancy City Link should emphasise that the advertisement should not indicate any essence of discrimination with respect to sex, age or ethnic background.
  • Impact of law in interview stage: It is mandatory for City Link to conduct the interview session obeying the law wherein no questions shall be asked in the interview session that reflect a controversy with respect to one’s religious or nationality. Also equal behaviour should be given for   physically challenged interview candidates (Arthur, 2005).
  • Impact of right to employment:  During the recruitment session in City Link it is mandatory for the recruitment board to check whether the concerned candidate own the legal right to work in UK and should also check with the criminal records.
  •  Impact of statement of employment: The appointed employee should obtain a statement of employment provided by City Link that indicates the terms of conditions of employment inclusive of salary pack offered to the candidate, duty work and holiday and medical leave allowances (Arthur, 2005).

1.3 Participation in the selection process:

The staff recruitment and selection process is found to comprise of a number of sequential steps that are as follows:

  • Selection of a recruitment and selection panel that should be selected by the human resource director of City Link
  • Short listing: In this step the panel shortlist the applications received the candidates wherein IQ test, MCQ exams are used. The shortlisted candidates for called for the final interview.
  • Interview should be conducted by the selection and recruitment panel of City Link that is subsequently followed by appointment of the   best candidate selected for the post.
  • My participation as a general manager in City Link should be in shorting of the   candidates and also should remain involved in interviewing the shortlisted candidates.

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Task 2

2.1 Explain the skills and attributes you need as a Manager using the theories on leadership and management to be an effective leader in your organisation.

The presence of a strong leadership is a reflection of strong and stable organization. An efficient leadership is one of the major requirements that a manager should possess. Important to state those distinct types of leadership styles are prevalent and managers select the leadership style appropriate for their respective organization (Beerel, 2009). Citing the example of City Link it can be stated that with an intention to expand its working force incorporation of a proper leadership style is very essential. In this context the directors of City Link is evident to hold a staff recruitment session wherein there are vacancy for 10 staff at different posts. In complaint with the question, it is important to consider that leadership ability of the manager is a reflection of the leadership traits.  Hence in context of discussion it is important to convey that the appointed individuals should be responsible for the given task provided that the appointed individual is having a good leadership skill. However leader has the trait of both leader and a manager.

2.2 Using your organisation, explain the differences between leadership and managerial skills

Leadership and managerial skills are two distinct aspects that are equally important for an organization to remain operationally efficient. The leaders in City Link are responsible for setting the business goals and also to address the professional challenges. On the other hand the managers of the cited organization are found to be specialised on conformance to the standard and also are responsible for proper management of their team members. Hence the managers of City Link are found to involve in organizing and giving directions and also in controlling the employees with a sole objective to achieve business goals. Therefore it can be further added that both leadership and managerial skills must complement each other and an efficient manager should not only reflect proper managerial skill also should possess and strong leadership skill (Daft and Marcic, 2014).

2.3 Do you think you are a situational leader? Using leadership theories compare two different situations where you applied two different leadership styles and explain two motivational theories to motivate your staff to follow you and achieve organisational objectives

Addressing the task question I don’t consider myself as a situational leader, however I would prefer to follow participative leadership style being in managerial position of city link. Important to mention that a number of  different leadership styles like democratic leadership, autocratic leadership, paternalistic leadership , laissez   faire leadership, transformational leadership are evident to be practised within the present day organization. However democratic or participative leadership can be considered as the most suitable form of leadership style implemented by city link. Also while meeting the challenging situation wherein decision making is the key requirement; it is marketing essential  to undertaken autocratic leadership approach. Citing the example of city link the incorporation of paternalistic leadership style is not preferred as in majority of cases; employees demand to remain free from the burden of decision making. Additionally laissez faire leadership style is also not suitable for the business operational activities of the concerned organization (Sadler, 2003). Citing the example of City Link emphasis shall be taken to understand how the concerned organization has motivated its employees. For this purpose the motivational theories considered shall also be included. Maslow’s need hierarchy theory, two factor theory and X and Y theory are among the important employee motivational theories. Understanding the approach of employee motivation practiced within City Link it can be stated that the concerned organization motivate its workingforce in alignment with Maslow’s hierarchy of need theory. Through the practice of reasonable payment to its employees and treating the working force equally without any type of discrimination, City Link motivates its employee population. By offering a good salary package, City Link not only motivates its employees but also ensure retention of working force. Furthermore, the positive organizational culture of City Link treats its entire employee with dignity and without any discrimination. This approach has enabled the workingforce of City Link to obtain social prestige and social respect (Winkler, 2010).

Task 3

3.1 As a manager how would you assess the benefits of teamwork in your organization?

The presence of an effective teamwork is a reflection of organizational success which is also true for City Link. It can be further stated that team working is one of the most preferred ways of sharing skills within the professional domain subsequently enriching the knowledge content of the entire team wherein a unity of knowledge is dominant. Playing a role of manager of City Link, with an objective to assess the benefits of teamwork in the concerned organization it can be    conveyed that teamwork contribute in development of efficiency at business operational level aiding to reach the set target at a much faster pace. A strong and functional team is also effective in meeting the professional challenges along with distribution of work pressure on the entire team (Felton, 2012).  Additionally in a functional active team, for any failure not an individual but the entire team is held responsible. Hence team work gives an essence of unity and also acts as a sharing platform. Development of employee relations is also achieved through team work which is evident within the organizational culture of City Link. Hence in City Link through effective team work a number of projects are undertaken within the same time frame enabling the company to achieve better degree of business success. Importantly decision making is also an integral part of an effective teamwork.

3.2 A common problem in teamwork results from conflicts. Demonstrate how you would resolve conflicts in teamwork in your organisation? Use theories relating to teamwork to strengthen your analysis

Emergence of conflicts of interests within the employees is a common phenomenon in every organization and City Link is not an exception to this. The cited company is evident to encounter is varied conflicting situations while undertaking its regular business operational activities. Team working attitude enable the company to sole the disputes as the team members of City Link reflect a goal oriented working attitude. Furthermore in situations of organizational conflicts the team leader plays a pivotal role and in this case, Belbin’s team roles model has been implemented to address the given scenario.

  • Coordinator: Acoordinator can be presented as a person oriented leader reflecting essence of responsibility and is also committed towards the professional duties or obligations. Positive thinking is the key characteristic feature of a coordinator.
  • Shaper: An individual associated with shaping the work or task reflecting a task focussed leadership feature is a shaper. Energetic and motivated are the key characters of shaper.
  • Plant: High level of intelligence and introversion are   indicated within the character of plant playing the role of idea maker. They are found to remain concerned regarding the core issues of the concerned business organizations.
  • Resource investigator: Responsible for exploring the opportunities with an intention to make multiple numbers of business contracts.
  • Implementer: Implementer is professionals with a very cold brain and is found to contribute silently for the growth and development of concerned organizations.
  • Monitor evaluator: Evaluation of the performance level of team in City Link is conducted by monitor evaluator. The individual given the responsible of monitor evaluator address the challenging situations and also actively participate in decision making.
  • Team worker: Contribute in achieving the organizational goals
  • Finisher: They are responsible to concentrate on the way to complete the task allotted.
  • Specialist: The individuals who are found to be very helpful for his technical expertise (Harding and Long, 2006).

3.3 Review a possible strategy to improve the effectiveness of the team in your organisation

The existence of a functionally effective team can be considered as competitive advantage for City Link. Therefore in order to improve the effectiveness of the team of the said company it is essential to embed the essence of diversity of knowledge within the team for addressing the challenging situations. However the team of City Link can improve its efficacy level by implementation of proper ethical code of conduct along with establishment of a proper interactive platform. Furthermore by following Belbin’s team role model the team efficacy level of City Link can be enhanced. The incorporation of mutual trust within the team members and integrity are the also essential in this respect (Frazer and Oswald, 2009).

Task 4

4.1 Explain the factors involved in assessing the work performance of the employees in your organisation

Assessing the work performance of the employee is considered as one of the crucial aspects with respect to monitoring the functional efficacy of the concerned organization. The above mentioned fact is also applicable for City Link wherein significant emphasis has been given to monitor the work performance level of its working force.  In this context it can be added that a number of ways have been found to be effective in assessing the work performance level of City Link. To begin with the implementation of random methods, organization of surveys, and incorporation of performance appraisal and execution of appraisal interviews are the ways by City Link can monitor its employee performance level (Frazer and Oswald, 2009). Through application of random methods of quality control within the said organization is useful of City Link in this respect. Furthermore conducting a survey based study wherein the clients and customers of City Link are the respondents enable the company to   have an insight regarding the functional efficacy of the working force of City Link. Also undertaking of performance appraisal and with organizing appraisal interview can not only    help City Link to evaluate the performance level of its working force but also serve to motivate its employee.

4.2 How would you plan and deliver the assessment of the development needs of your employees?

Continuous up gradation of the professional skills of the working force is very essential for an organization with respect to its business operational efficacy and a number of ways can be implemented to assess the development need of the working force. Considering the example of City Link it can be stated that training need analysis can be executed in order to understand the development need of its working force. Training need analysis is found to be in alignment with the concerned organization’s business strategies, goals and objectives. Furthermore person analysis being a part of training need analysis is useful in analyzing the potential of the participants and the instructors who are associated with the concerned procedure. Also City Link can initiate analysis of the content for which the company should be informed about what type of knowledge. Information and experience required. Following training need analysis the required professional training should be provided to the employee’s of City Link in order to upgrade their professional skills (Noe, 2008). In this context it is also important to understand that the delivery of training process should comprise of understanding the organizational objectives along with finding out the gap. Formulation of training objective, selection of trainee, training methods, selection of evaluating methods, administration for training and evaluation of training are the other important aspect of the training method that should be essentially considered by City Link while assessing and providing training to its working force.

4.3 Evaluate the success of the assessment process used in your organisation and of supporting the needs and development of employees

As already discussed in the previous sections, for the betterment of business operational activities; organizations emphasize on improving the professional performance level of its employees.  In order to attain this it is highly important to understand the drawbacks and also the requirement of the employees with respect to the organizational framework. Moreover in order to obtain a well trained and efficient working force it is essential to provide them with the required training. The above mentioned statements are also applicable for City Link that through its organizational efficacy has already proved its business excellence. Citing the example of City Link it is evident that similar to other organizations evaluation of the success of the assessment process is accomplished. On an elaborated note it can be stated that the newly recruited employee demand a good and extensive level of training related orientation program in order to better adapt to the newly associated organizational structure and culture of City Link (Laird, Naquin and Holton, 2003). This assessment process can be conducted through survey that can become an effective tool for understanding the effectiveness of the training given to the newly recruited employees of City Link. The result or survey data obtained can be further utilized as a measuring tool in order to understand job performance or productivity quotient of the employees. Hence it can be inferred that proper evaluation of the success of the assessment process of the employees can be presented as a potential device to understand to what extent the training given to the working force has profited the concerned organization with respect to its business productivity.

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Referring to the   information and knowledge  provided in the above tasks it can be concluded that leadership is the most important factor with respect to organizational success which is well presented through City Link. A proper leadership approach has not only the capacity to in build a sustainable business platform but is also effective in hiring of the suitable working force. Worthy to mention radical changes may emerge within an organization if leadership style or approach is not found to be properly embedded.  Hence leadership, managerial skills and effectiveness of professional training given to the employees are the key drivers for an organization like City Link to achieve commendable business success.


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