Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Solution Assignment

Personal and Professional Development Solution Assignment

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Solution Assignment


Diploma in Business

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Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development

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Level 5

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15 credits

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Personal development is a long lasting procedure. It's a route for individuals to evaluate their abilities and attributes, consider their points in life and lay down the objectives with a specific end goal to acknowledge and expand their potential. McLeod (2007) recommends that all people have an in-fabricated requirement for personal development which happens through the procedure called actualisation toward oneself. The degree to which individuals have the capacity create relies on upon specific needs being addressed and these needs structure a progressive system. Just when one level of desire is fulfilled a higher one can also be produced. Seeing that change happens all through life, nonetheless, the intensity of need spurring somebody's conduct at any one time will likewise amend.

Personal and professional development

Part 1

Skill Audit

It is significant that the professional standards are met through the skills that one possesses. The current skills of a dynamic personality, good communication as well as positive thinking have been developed since childhood (Goldstein and Bokoros, 1992). These can be improved by adding values to them by some professional courses. It is good if we study the SWOT of an individual. The strengths are all positive behaviors that add value to a person’s personality. These can be humbleness, etiquettes, positive attitude etc. However the weaknesses are the aspects on which an individual needs to work upon. These can also be addressed by regular training and introspection of oneself. If one is weak in managing people then he can get trained by management courses. Similarly lack of confidence can also be dealt with, by the personality development sessions. With respect to meeting the business objectives, the training can be imparted to overcome the weaknesses and threats, so as to develop the following skills:

  • Better communication capabilities.
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Time management, analytical, supervisory, strategic and managerial skills.
  • Technical skills

In order to be a strong contender for any position at work, or to be successful, an individual must possess all the above mentioned skills and should utilize those for the betterment of the organization.

SWOT Analysis

If we introspect ourselves and analyze our current skills, then we can know about own development needs (Brian, 2001). This introspection is necessary for personal as well as professional development of a person. So as to meet these needs one has to build an action plan. This action plan would be based on SMART, and would include the following steps:

  • Laying down the Objective: To development needs should be known to the individual.
  • Action:It includes the necessary measures that one needs to undertake to meet the laid objective. This action plan is a part of planning phase.
  • Assessment: There should be some criteria defined to assess the previous skills with the resultant skills, so as to know whether the whole process had been fruitful or not.
  • Laying down a target date by which those skills need to be developed.

Personal SWOT Analysis:


I am an effective listener with an ability to manage interpersonal relationships. I can put in new thoughts and have a foresightedness which can help me to have a vision for the future growth of the firm. The innovative ideas and my positive attitude can be beneficial for the business I would work with.


I am bad at managing my work due to lack of technical knowledge. I have been working on tis now, and have utilized my interpersonal relations in such a way that all my colleagues and peers provide me support in the same. I am trying to improve my technical skills and convert this weakness into one of the strengths.


Right now, the opportunity that I foresee is a good score in my academics so that I can be part of any good firm and accomplish my professional goals.


The main threat is low marks in academics which would not allow me to get into the organization of my choice. To overcome this I am putting a lot of hard work and efforts in academics and preparing myself for the future.

Current CV and Cover Letter

Numerous heading organizations are trying to find out the approaches to connection aptitudes development to key targets and also to exhibit agreeability with industry regulations. The best cost of learning is the time individuals are not meeting expectations at their occupations (Eysenck, 1996). The arrangement is to minimize the time used in preparing and center individuals particularly on simply the abilities they require. It is imperative, along these lines, to distinguish the ability crevices of representatives as far as the association's particular business objectives and methods. Competency administration is presently perceived as an issue methodology to guarantee that the individual and association preparing arrangements are connected to business objectives. The abilities and competency administration frameworks can help associations enhance the adequacy of their preparation "Aptitudes and competency administration". So as to meet the current and future needs, training in IT, technical skills is necessary. This would help in being self- sufficient and would also help in having an edge over others in this competitive World.
At first, from a business strategy viewpoint, correspondence was seen as restricted methodology, downwards, where the top administration would steer down to the staff yet time has changed now and correspondence is currently seen as two way methodology, it can be in numerous headings; upwards, downwards and sideways.
Correspondences in associations in a perfect world comprises of three levels;
Key Level:They are the top administration and are the ones who are in charge of settling on all the choices and afterward passing it to the central level representatives (Allinson and Hayes, 1990).
Center Level: Once the primary choices are taken by the top administration, it is then the responsibility of the directors to suggest them and bring it to action.
Operational Level: Top directors set up the key arrangements. At the center level the assets are supplied and offices are orc hestrated the achievement of the procedures in connection to the divisional units lastly the lower level, which is known as the utilitarian level, is executing those vital arrangements. For this practical choices are taken for different exercises.

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Part 3

Write an essay to discuss changes you would make at ‘Talk Team UK’ in order to resolve the above work based problems

The capacity to take care of issues has been considered as a standout amongst the most perplexing intelligent capacities. As per the case study of Talk Team UK, there are a few issues confronted by workers that influence their working conduct. These work based issues are,

Time management:It is crucial that time keeping is kept up at job. Disappointment to do this way, might bring about unreasonable work awaiting or investing a ton of time on errands that shouldn't regularly take excessively long. In any case, it has an incredible effect on the worker's efficiency.
Improper Communication: In the event that the message is not being exchanged by senior administration to the lower level, the representatives face challenges in living up to expectations. Compelling correspondence assumes an imperative part on the grounds that this helps the staff comprehend what they should do and not simply go for their things.
Poor leadership: Leadership is an endearing blend of individual qualities and the capacity to think and go about as an issue. To turn into a pioneer, it needs more than simply an inspiration and in this manner I will need to deal with building the attributes like 

  • Give importance to others at work
  • Promoting a vision at work
  • Would not give negative feedback in public, rather private criticism is acceptable
  • No use of negative expressions

Albeit I see myself as to be a persevering person who dependably strives his best to accomplish the fancied aims; I, for one need trust in administration. After intensive thinking the primary reason I could come up for it is on the grounds that I can't make individuals do things. At the point when an assignment is given to me, I can without much of a stretch complete it in the wanted time however when I need to coach others at Talk Team and allot assignments, I can't always do my 100% on it.
As discussed above in part 1, there are 3 levels of management.
At key level:They are likewise in charge of the budgetary execution of the organization as an issue, for instance corporate picture and social obligation. The correspondence is normally done through group gatherings, intranet, notices, and so forth (Furnham, 1996).
At central level: At center administration correspondence is upward, when the directors give a criticism to the top administration and evenly, when they impart and convey inside the same chiefs groups. The correspondence is typically done through gatherings, presentations, and so on.
At Operational Level:Utilitarian exercises incorporate different exercises, for example, creation, showcasing, work force administration, money related administration, office administration, innovative work and so forth.
As discussed in Part 1 also,a person that applies time management methods can enhance his efficiency, which permits this individual to accomplish more work in shorter measures of time. Time management permits us moreover to assume responsibility over our expert and in addition private life, as it helps us to recognize what is to be carried out and what objectives need to be fulfilled regularly. Powerful time management can be a genuine preference for a worker as it permits him to meet due dates of undertakings with no postponement. There are prioritization and organization of work on the basis of the strategies like ABC analysis, - scaling, Pareto’s analysis, POSEC i.e. Prioritizing by Organizing, Streamlining, Economizing and Contributing, elimination of unwanted tasks, delegation etc.


In this assignment we have focussed on the skills available and skills needed to attain the personal as well as professional goals of an individual. It covers the skills needed to grow and flourish to attain the goals without much of hindrances. There is a proper need of marketing planning, organizing, streamlining, organising and carrying out of those plans with effective evaluation.


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