Marketing Planning

Unit 19 Marketing Planning Assignment Brief

Unit Abstract

Effective planning is essential for any marketing activity to ensure that an organisation realises its marketing objectives. Without planning, marketing activity can be inappropriate and waste resources and opportunities.
This unit introduces learners to different ways of auditing, to looking at how internal and external factors can influence marketing planning for an organisation, in order to build up a picture of the marketplace.
Learners will gain an understanding of the main barriers to marketing planning, the effects of barriers, and how these can be avoided or overcome.
Ethical issues in marketing are important in terms of how an organisation and its products are perceived by customers and employees, and can affect the overall ethos and ultimate success of the organisation. This unit will enable learners to investigate and examine how exemplar organisations have been affected by ethical issues, how they deal with them, and how ethical issues should be taken into account when developing marketing plans.
On completion of this unit learners will be able to produce a marketing plan for a product, a service or an organisation that is realistic, in terms of objectives and resources, and effective in terms of the current situation in the marketplace.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this unit a learner will:
LO 1: Be able to compile marketing audits
AC 1.1 Review changing perspectives in marketing planning
AC 1.2 Evaluate an organisation’s capability for planning its future marketing activity
AC 1.3 Examine techniques for organizational auditing and for analysing external factors that affect marketing planning
AC 1.4 Carry out organizational auditing and analysis of external factors that affect marketing planning in a given situation
LO 2: Understand the main barriers to marketing planning
AC 2.1 Assess the main barriers to Marketing Planning
AC 2.2 Examine how organizations may over come barriers to Marketing Planning
LO 3: Be able to formulate a marketing plan for a product or service
AC 3.1 Write a marketing plan for a product or a service report
AC 3.2 Explain why marketing planning is essential in the strategic planning process for an organisation   
AC 3.3 Examine techniques for new product development    
AC 3.4 Justify recommendations for pricing policy, distribution and communication mix    
AC 3.5 Explain how factors affecting the effective implementation of the marketing plan have been taken in to Account         
LO 4: Understand ethical issues in marketing.
AC 4.1 Explain how ethical issues influence marketing planning
AC 4.2 Analyse examples of how organizations respond to ethical issues
AC 4.3 Analyse examples of consumer ethics and the effect it has on marketing planning.