Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Assignment - Marriott

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Assignment - Marriott

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Assignment - Marriott

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Assignment Marriott  - Assignment Help in UK


An individual’s personal development comprises the comprehensive growth of his/her numerous attributes and further involves certain factors ensuring the integrated progress that eventually will be helpful in achieving of social, emotional and mental maturity. For enhancing an individual’s comprehensive growth, it is important to undertake certain activities for promoting competent development. Moreover, such activities should be practiced regularly for ensuring a dynamic growth of the concerned person. In this Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Assignment Marriott discussed the various concepts and approaches of the personal and professional development will be discussed in addition to evaluation of the approaches that are related to self-managed and lifelong learning in the context of Marriott London. Also the benefits of self-managed learning for  Marriott Hotel  Mand for the Senior Manager will be discussed including the evaluation of own personal and professional skills and competencies by taking into consideration the professional standards.

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Assignment Marriott  - Assignment Help in UK

Task 1

1.1 Evaluate the various approaches to self-managed learning. [P1.1]

Principles of personal and professional development largely depend on the process of self-managed learning and self-assessment. SML can be described as an approach of managing development further enabling the managers in becoming more aware of how can they achieve decisive outcomes by employing live issues at work, control the content, process and measure of their own learning, with a group of other managers who collectively are responsible for assessing their own progress in a structured program that is promoted by the adviser. Self-managed learning is formulated with the help of the approaches that are applied in individual learning and are borrowed from methods like self-development and action learning. Moreover, SML is significant for a person’s long- term career development. (Lester and Costley, 2010)

Various approaches to self-managed learning

  • On-the-job Training: For gaining experience on leading a team as a Senior Manager, it is important to first concentrate on training programmes provided in Marriott London. OJT will be helpful in using whatever things learned in a real workplace environment and concurrently evaluating own improvements. OJT has numerous benefits and the biggest plus point of this technique is that one can gain knowledge while working eventually saving time consumed in other methods. However, chances of getting inaccurate results are more in OJT
  • Seminars and conferencesthis method is the best tool of self-learning and is adequate for the employees working in hospitality industry. By participating in seminars and conferences, an employee not only gets the opportunity of listening to the leaders who are top in their game but concurrently will get the chance of meeting and discussing things with other participants and implement the learning in own development. This method will also help the Senior Manager in developing confidence in speaking in public and enhance communication skills needed for increasing the levels of customer satisfaction and evolving the presentation skills that are necessary in this industry. (Jones, 2010)
  • Social networks: emergence of technology and rise in use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, MeetMe etc. are leaving an impact on the self-leaning styles of an individual. More people are making the best use of these platforms in establishing communication with different people across the globe and collecting knowledge based information. Moreover, being active in social media is helpful in improving the abilities of customer interaction.
  • Internet: individuals can learn and gain knowledge through internet by reading the articles based on management studies, strategic, risk management etc. that are shared by different authors or professional leaders and apply whatever learned in real life practices. The knowledge gained in how a team can be lead will further be beneficial in achieving an outlook that eventually is based on theories. However, this method is not helpful in every case in spite of the fact that internet is the biggest online supplier of  global business  references and case studies. There are times when acquiring knowledge through this method can be sluggish and dispiriting. (Jones, 2010)

1.2 Propose the ways in which lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts could be encouraged within your chosen organisation. [P1.2]

Lifelong learning is a kind of learning which a person can pursue throughout life and is very essential for the development of both personal and professional skills by further augmenting the means of understanding. The process of lifelong learning can be implemented across all sectors and promotes learning beyond the traditional form of schooling. One can gain knowledge and develop the require set of skills from anywhere as learning cannot be avoided and takes place everyone time. The learners who learn throughout the life are motivated to learn and develop because they want to do it deliberate and voluntarily. Moreover, a person can enhance self-understanding of the surrounding world through lifelong learning eventually furnishing with more and better opportunities of improving the quality of life. (McNiff, 2010)

personal and professional understanding - Assignment Help in UK

Approaches through which the lifelong learning is encouraged in Marriott London

  • Apprenticeship: it is the most effective tool for lifelong learning with the help of practical applications of analytical knowledge gained under the supervision of the administrator. With the help of this approach, an individual can grow his/her personal and professional abilities further inspiring in gathering more knowledge and information. (Novak, 2010)
  • Continuous development: it is a proven fact that evolving of professional skills on a regular basis will drive an employee towards acquiring efficiency at work. Evaluation of existing skills and knowledge and establishing a comparison with the impending development needs, employees can make use of both formal and informal sources for collecting useful knowledge related to the skills that are required. By gaining knowledge, a person can practice the skills in a continued way that eventually is needed for the expansion of learning for a longer prospect.
  • Self-managed learning: this approach is the most efficient process of lifelong learning as the person involved conducts it and with the help of this process, individuals evaluate their own needs with their current skills and adopt the approaches that would assist in filling in the gap amid the current and needed skills. By undertaking this method, Marriott’s staffs can bring the much-needed development in their skill sets by further studying the customer feedbacks and accordingly designing services that are customer satisfactory. (Novak, 2010)

1.3 Evaluate the benefits of self-managed learning to you and your chosen organisation. [P1.3]

Benefits of self-managed learning to me as a Senior Manager

  1. Use of SML technique has helped me as a Senior Manager to further evolve my existing skills and abilities related to problem solving and make an efficient use of self-capabilities like active listener along with that of been impartial in resolving workplace conflicts.
  2. Use of SML has helped me in ensuring that I have the required set of skills for playing the role of a Senior Manager and others that will help me in focusing on other departments eventually establishing a memorable customer services at Marriott. (Bjork, Dunlosky and Kornell, 2013)
  3. SML has provided me the opportunities of gaining knowledge from my mentors and the professional leaders I admire and take inspirations from and transfer the same at work. For example, Sir John Willard Marriott who is the Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board Marriott International and Arne Sorenson , President and CEO at Marriott International
  4. Use of SML has allowed me to evolve my confidence at both personal and professional levels and becoming more productive at  safety workplace  and making an efficient use of theory-based information at work for bring in more innovative solutions. (Bjork, Dunlosky and Kornell, 2013)

Benefits of self-managed learning to Marriott London

  1. By encouraging the hotel staff to opt for SML, Marriott has been benefited by gaining an overall growth and the key reason behind this growth is continuous improvements in the skills and abilities of the staff eventually enhancing their individual efficiencies.
  2. SML has assisted Marriott in supporting market competition in respect to growth in products and services offered to the guests. The joint effort made of every staff of the hotel has helped Marriott in staying ahead of its competitors like Hilton Worldwide and Hyatt Hotels Corporation and concurrently evolving new innovative ideas in making the stay of the guests a memorable experience for a lifetime.
  3. By providing its staff with opportunities of self-managed learning Marriott has successfully retained its skilled and talented employees and lowering the costs involved in arranging other modes of training (Pedler, 2011)


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Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Assignment Marriott discussed the various concepts and approaches of the personal and professional development will be discussed in addition to evaluation of the approaches that are related to self-managed and lifelong learning in the context of Marriott London,  Locus Assignment Help UK  posting free units solutions so scholars can explore Assignment Help in UK and get review the quality of our work.