Unit 13 Personal Professional Development Assignment

Unit 13 Personal Professional Development Assignment

Unit 13 Personal Professional Development Assignment


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Unit 13 Personal Professional Development Assignment 

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Level 5

Case Study- Global Link

AC 4.1 Select appropriate solutions to the above work-based problems.

Problem solving principles refer to as the principles, methods or theories that can be used in the situation of problems that may occur in the personal and professional life in order to solve the problems and help an individual get over them. As a consultant of Global Link UK management I would advise the manager must use the following motivational theories and problem solving principles for the identified work based problems to find a better solutions.

Here is some of the theory which should be use for Global Link UK. 

High staff turnover and High level of absenteeism

In order to solve the problem that Global Link UK facing, high staff turnover, firstly the manager should use the Godzilla principle before the problem cause more problems for the company. The manager should not ignore the problems for long. The sooner he reacts the sooner he will be able to resolve the issues for the company. If the manager leaves the issues for long it will cause more complex for the company to resolve the problems. The manager must find out why they having High staff turnover what changes should be made to avoid this type of problem in the future? Also acts will help the manager to find a better solution faster. For example by doing a review or meeting with the staff monthly or quarterly  will help to find out what the employee needs. The Godzilla principle suggests that Global Link UK manager should Pay attention to employees personal needs and offer more flexible hours. Employees needs equal treatment; they need respect and recognition from the manager. High staff turnover can put the company at Risk. High level of absenteeism can bring big problems for Global Link UK. To solve this kind of problems, as a manager he needs to understand what cause of high level of absenteeism.  The problems can be personal but, employees need to be comfortable to work in Global Link UK. By solving any issues early on, the manager can be able to prevent problems from getting out of control.

Low level of employee motivation and Very little opportunities for employee training and development

As a manager it is very important to motivate and to give an opportunity of employees training and development. The manager should be focus on the higher level needs like Self-esteem and self-actualisation according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Global Link UK management can minimise the problems staff motivation and training. Show your employees that you can support them and encourage better performance by motivating them. By motivating your employees you can make a big difference for your company. Give them time to meet with and listen to their feeling about how they feel to work for your company. Make sure what individuals are happy to work for you. Different people have different needs and motivated by different things.  Once you find out what individuals needs to be motivate then it will be easy for you to sort out the problems.  Leading to no employees motivation, can cause negative consequences. The manager encouragement helps employee know they are appreciated. Make them to believe what are they doing is important for your business (Pereira, 2012) When an employee is not motivated to do the job properly, it can impact the business of bottom line. If employees do not produce enough work products to pay their positions, they become an expense instead of an asset. This is the manager responsibilities to take all issues in to consideration and resolve them before it cost the company. People have different needs and are motivated by different things

It is a manager responsibility to develop the staff. As a manager you should give a wide of opportunities to develop the staff skills and knowledge by encourage them to growth and career development of employees, by giving the important support to achieve their personal goals. The manager should provide training and development activities that match the employee’s career development and job needs.  Very little opportunities for training and development can have big impact for the company. The manager should make sure that your employees get enough training and development to do their job properly. When employee has good skills and knowledge your company can be benefit as well as your employees. When the manager develops the staff, it will help the staff to produce the quality of product. Quality product can attract more Customers. When your employees learn new things they can also be able to take responsibilities for their job and to share their knowledge to others. They can also be more cooperative (Sell, 2011).

Low levels of employee engagement and involvement as a result of lack of communication between the top management and the employees

 As a manager it is very important to have good communication and engagement with your staff. Good communication is a must to solve any issues in your company. Manager should be able to understand the typical causes of disengagement and lack of communication between employees. By disengaging or lack of communication with your staff there will be a chance to loss them to competitors. Good communication and engagement with your staff can make a big difference. Also it will creates a highly productive workforce and be able to grow faster than others company. Also Manager should involve the employees in decisions and policy changes, such as sharing information, this kind of involvement it will give your employee to become more confidence and more responsible.

Give your employee a main concern to get to know them so they can offer whatever’s necessary to keep their employees fully engaged in what they do. According to the Maslow’s theory good communication shall be established with employees so that the sense of belonging and participation is developed in them which may result in fulfilment of their social and self-esteem needs as described by Maslow.

Time management issues such as poor time keeping and missing project deadlines by the employees are evident throughout the company.

in order to solve the problems of time management strategies Global Link UK should focus on the 4D’s which is Do, Delegate,  Delay, Delete, by using these strategies the employees should be able to deal with the issues without delay. Realise what can be done at an early step and fasten deadline to important work.

Also it is the manager’s responsibilities to set SMART goals which means setting realistic and clear objectives.

 It is very important for the company to realise that obstacles exist and it can be identified and they should employ strategies to defeat them

As we all know that poor time keeping and missing project deadlines can have significant impact to the company business. This is the manager responsibilities to find out why these issues happened. Poor time keeping and missing important deadlines, it could cost your company money and lead to lose your customers. Manager should pay attention how the staffs uses the time to do the project properly, making sure you gives them a suitable timetable or schedules for each employees, by asking each employees what they needs.  For example: focus on only what is most urgent at the time, this will help your staff to produce the product on time and it will make your customers satisfied.

If your employees are consistently late or unprepared, they cause problems for everyone and waste the valuable time of others who have prepared and ready to work. The first step you should do is review to discuss the problems and ways of dealing with the situation will always be to improve your employee’s skills, knowledge and awareness. This is part of strategy which focuses on increase in efficiency for effective time management. (Islam, 2012)

AC 4.2 Formal Letter to CEO

                                                                                              Tel- 02088833425
                                                                                                Eden Yemane
                                                                                                 Hewitt Road
                                                                                                  N8 0BS

Recipients contact information
Name Mr Benny Mukoko
Title CEO
Company Global Link UK
Address 11 Baldowene court
N17  9XH

RE: To organise management meeting for communicating solutions to work-based problems.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to arrange a meeting with you and all your staff members in order to discuss about work based problems in your organisation and their solutions.

I consider face to face meeting would be effective to discuss more about the real issues in the organisation.  This meeting would help you to resolve all problems that have been identified in your company that need addressing. My objective for this meeting is to recommend the most optimal solution to help your company avoid any business risks that could arise subsequently.
The meeting will be on Tuesday 21st July at Global Link UK, 2:30 which will takes 40-50 minutes.  I hope you will surely spare time from your very busy schedule since attending the meeting by all the management staff will be beneficial for the staff as well as the company in a way that it has been specially organised to solve the problems at work of all the staff members. I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate for considering my request.

Yours faithfully,
Eden Yemane

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AC 4.3  Evaluate how you have effectively used time management strategies to communicate solutions to the work based problems.  (AC 4.3)

Being a business consultant for Global Link UK I used  effective time management strategies in communicating  solutions to the work based at Global  Link UK.
The first thing I did in terms of adapting successful time management strategy was to set SMART goals of that I want to complete at the end of my consultancy and then I was able to identify the cause of problems of Global Link UK.
I wrote a formal letter to the CEO of Global Link UK to help establishment the group to give to the chance to successfully communicate the solutions to all members of staff as a part of 4D strategy and setting SMART goals in order to resolve the issues of time management. Based on the answer received from the CEO who communicated the time which helped me in managing the time effectively and identify other techniques that could be used which increased my performance efficiency.
In the main time as the outcome of agreement of successful time management strategies which I approved out by prioritising useful setting clear goals I was able to effectively communicate the necessary work based solutions to the staff and management of Global Link UK. This helped me in coping up the problem of using effective techniques as by managing time I was able to search and apply new techniques.


 Unit 13 Personal Professional Development Assignment

global link UK
problem solving
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time management
summary o solution

I first, identified all the issues at Global Link UK, then I recommended the best solutions of each issues. By setting SMART Goals to achieve my project. I managed to write a formal letter to the manager and set a meeting date to discuss all the issues at Global Link UK.  Time management is very important for all business organisations. Good time marketing management strategies for Global Link UK, it will help them to reduce less stress level, they can be able to do more work in less time, reduce mistakes and less extra work. Also it will increase their credibility and it’s allowing them to spend time on the things that matters most.
Some of limitations of time managements for Global Link UK are wasting time on unclear objective, losing customers by missing important project deadlines. Also too much stress for all and produce poor quality product  


This course has helped  me to think ingeniously, understandably and in a convergent manner and will definitely help me to become a successful and a confident self- direct employee. At the last part of the term, I feel confident in managing my own personal and professional skills and this will allow me to achieve my personal and career goals. I was able to learn strategies, theories and principles for solving work based problems and develop the self learning and learning of other methods for my personal and professional development.
I am now more confident  and improve my own learning process, and be more capable of problem solving through the use of case studies,rols and real life activities.


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