Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Sample Assignment

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Sample Assignment

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Sample Assignment


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Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development

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Level 5

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TASK 1 Assignment Report Format (1000 Words)

In this personal and professional development assignment, we will discuss on the various approaches to the self-managed learning. We will also analyse the ways in which the lifelong learning could easily be encouraged and above all the various benefits and advantages that we obtain from the self-managed learning for personal and organizational learning, growth and professional development.

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Sample Assignment

1.1 Evaluate approaches to self-managed learning.

Self-managed learning is a process whereby learning is encouraged and knowledge is gained through one’s own efforts. There are various approaches whereby the learning process by self is encouraged. Learning by the process of research and survey is one of the most important and best ways. The person may study, analyse and research the sources like articles, online internet portals, websites and the journals of the already done surveys to gather the information and data on the subject. Not only the websites are a source of information on the internet but social networking sites are also a great resource for the updating and development of the self-learning. Secondly the person can learn from secondment. This means that employee working for an organization changes his roles, profiles and the functionality to gain insight and knowledge on various aspects of the different functions and organization (Siegel & Donnelly, 1978). The various ways in brief for gather knowledge and enhanced self-learning are mentioned below:

  • Attending various seminars and conferences – There are various seminars and conferences being held on the personal and professionals levels. When a person attends them, he is able to know and gather the data and information on various aspects.
  • Internet sources – Internet is said to be an unlimited resource for the self-learning and gathering of information. The moment we type any word on the search engines, we see a lot of information pertaining to that word appears on the source and thereby even letting us know the areas we were not aware of earlier.
  • Active participation on the social networking sites – While chats and interactive sessions, a lot of useful and fruitful information is gathered and collected. Sometimes it is imperative that we keep interacting with the learned and knowledgeable individuals. This helps us in knowing various facts and figures that we could not even imagine.

1.2 Propose ways in which lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts could be encouraged.

Life Long Learning refers to a process whereby throughout the life, a person consistently approaches and gathers information and learning. The assessment on personal and professional grounds could be done on the basis of SWOT Analysis. This means a person needs to check and jot down his strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. This would help the individual in knowing the various areas which have to be worked out and converted into strengths. Above all, the various opportunities that could be converted into action plan would also be fully developed. We sometimes do not know that even after we reach the old age then also when we read study or sit among the group of people, we tend to learn new areas and skills. This is termed as lifelong learning. It depends on us that whether what we get from others, we tend to acquire it in our daily lives (West, 1997).


It is said to be a way in which we are able to know and assess our strengths and weaknesses. When one person knows the various areas that he has to develop in him then surely, he is able to develop a plan and work on them. This is the way in which the person does not depend on the various other people to make their judgements in terms of their attributes. SWOT is to be done on regular intervals so that new skills as acquired could also be assessed and encouraged to be developed more.

Learning through Self-Reflection

This is the inner motivation and drive for an individual that when he sees that few good things are happening in their environment then surely, he works upon them. He is able to self-reflect the areas that he has to develop and work upon. Self-reflection helps in more and better learning in all the areas as we tend to gain and imbibe through our own reflection (Burden, 1980).

1.3 Evaluate the benefits of self-managed learning to the individual and organization.

Self-managed learning helps in the self-assessment and analysis of an individual. It helps people knowing the areas in which they have to develop and expand their horizons in. The process of self-managed learning helps an individual in inculcating various skills as mentioned below:

  • Team Work – Through the self-learning, personal and professional development of an individual takes place. The person is encouraged to work in a team. It helps in encouraging and motivating the individuals to work in teams and help each other in acquiring knowledge and new skills.
  • Communication – These are the skills that are acquired when an individual gets encouraged to the path of self-learning, growth and development exercise. He is able to interact and develop his communication so that he could easily persuade and counsel others.
  • Presentation – The person when gains the information, data and knowledge in certain areas, he is able to present himself well. He is able to portray himself easily and in a well manner (Gordon, 2003).

When self-managed individual works in an organization, he is able to apply his skills and attributes to gain business strategy and volumes and profitability for the company. This way he is not only able to develop himself and gain skills on personal front but these skills also help on the professional front and working for the organization.
In the nutshell it could be said that self-managed learning is the most important tool whereby the person can enhance his current skills and update his new competencies for his development and growth on personal and professional fronts. Self-Learning process should be consistent and encouraged throughout the entire life of an individual.

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TASK 3 Assignment Report Format (1000 Words)

This task would be based on the various processes and activities that could be followed and encouraged for the implementation of the development plan. This would also list down the developmental activities that are planned and worked upon. It is also crucial that we work on the developmental process by developing of the various aims and objectives. Above all feedback and evaluation process helps in obtaining the feedback so that the level and working on the developmental process could be done.

3.1Discuss the processes and activities required to implement the development plan.

There are various processes and activities that are required to implement the developmental plan and these are discussed as under:

  • SWOT Analysis – This would include the development and creation of one’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Based on this the person would get to know the areas that have to be improvised and developed in the person.
  • Development of a Personal strategy and the areas in which development has to be brought about – It is very important that an individual lists down the areas and points in which the development and growth has to be brought about. Based on the areas and the points that have to be developed, the strategy in terms of an action plan could be listed down. This personal strategy may include the reading and learning through books, articles and journals. This would also include the interactions and attending of the seminars and useful events and programs (
  • Based on the areas of the development it is required that he develops the short and long term objectives and targets which could be combined to be worked upon.
  • Based on all the above, he will develop and design the chart in which he will list down the areas and points that have to be developed. This would also accompany the timeframes and the deadlines that have to be designed to meet the various objectives that are set for an individual.

3.2 Undertake and document development activities as planned.

The below mentioned is the table that lists down the various objectives and aims. It will have the various attributes, level of success in that regard and the feedback and evaluation process. The table will list down the levels of achievement:








Achieve the sales target

  • Enhance the negotiation skills.
  • Develop the communication skills.

Within a period of 2 months





















Above mentioned is the example of the aims and objective that an individual has set for him. He has to complete and fulfil the sales target that has been given to him. Based on it he has listed down the various skills and competencies that have to be developed and enhanced in him. Then accordingly he will list down the time frame that he will spend on the inculcation and development of those skills to achieve the respective objective. Self-assessment will list down the level or the personal rating that an individual gives to himself on those skills. Finally the last column has the feedback and the evaluation that would be taken from the seniors or the peer group (Johnson& Golombek, 2002)

3.3 Reflect critically on own learning against original aims and objectives set in the development plan.

When an individual develops a development plan for himself then he even sets the various aims and objectives along with it. These objectives and aims divide and break the aim into simpler short term goals that could then be achieved easily. Learning is encouraged against the aims and objectives. This kind of a learning process helps in the achievement of the developmental plan and working on the areas that have to be developed and worked upon. Unless an individual develops the objectives and aims, he will never have the clarity on the areas that are still to be worked upon and developed. The table or the developmental chart should have the aims and objectives written along with them. Unless there is a set target, the person would not be able to concentrate and develop on the areas and the points that have to be developed in an individual (Baird, 1990).

3.4 Update the development plan based on feedback and evaluation

The developmental plan would include the areas that have to be developed, time frame assigned for them and the level at which we have to reach. Against each objective and the areas, the person has to list down the respective feedback and evaluation criteria that would be followed. Feedback and the evaluation process help the individual in knowing the aspects and the developments that have to be further made in the event of the personal and professional developmental plan. Feedback and evaluation that takes the approach for taking the consent on the level and amount of development and growth that has taken place in an individual. For example in case an individual has worked on his negotiation skills then he may negotiate on a deal with the vendor and ask his senior to sit with him and assess the level of success he has obtained in his key area of development. This way while negotiations, the senior would assess the level of development and give his feedback and evaluate the level at which he has reached and further working if required in this regard.
In the nutshell it could be said that when an individual decides to work on his weak areas or the improvement points then he has to develop and design a developmental plan for himself. This plan would comprise of the various objectives and skills based on those objectives that have to be achieved and the time frame in which he has to acquire them. Above all it will have even the column that will have the evaluation and the feedback that may be taken from others so that achievement level or the success factor could be assessed and listed down for the further working on it.


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