Greenwich Leisure Limited HRM Assignment

Greenwich Leisure Limited HRM Assignment

Greenwich Leisure Limited HRM Assignment


Diploma in Business

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 Greenwich Leisure Limited HRM

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Level 4


Greenwich leisure limited HRMassignment has been providing the brief concepts over the human resource management system. Through this document the personnel and the human resource management has been addressed along with their differences. The human resource management functions and their roles in the organisations like Greenwich Leisure Limited are assessed. The role of line managers in the HRM is evaluated by taking the case of GREENWICH LEISURE LIMITED organisation. Different impacts of legal and regulatory framework over the HRM are given. The reasons over the  human resource planning  and different stages of the planning have been provided through this document. The recruitment and selection processes of different organisations and their differences along with effectiveness are discussed by taking the example of GREENWICH LEISURE LIMITED and McDonalds. Different motivational theory and their impact, process of job evaluation reward system are assessed and evaluated in this report. Different methods of monitoring the people within the organisation are examined and discussed. Different termination processes and the regulatory framework which are involved with the ext procedures are discussed by taking the case study of Chicken Master.

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Task 1

1.1 Differentiate between personnel management and human resource management giving examples in two suitable organisations.

Human resource management and the personnel management though based on similar concept, they have differences. Personnel management is the traditional form of human resource management. It is the modern approach in supervising the people within an enterprise. (Nayab, 2015)

  • Personnel management: Personnel management can be defined as the administrative record keeping function which has the intention to establish and maintain the reasonable terms and conditions of the employment. The personnel management has been concerned over the procurement, compensation, integration, maintenance of the personnel. Through managing the personnel of the organisation the personnel management system tries to contribute towards the accomplishment of the organisation’s goals and objectives. Personnel management is the organising, directing, planning, controlling of the operative functions. (Nayab, 2015)
  • Human resource management: Human resource management integrates the traditional approaches of personnel management in order to corporate goals and strategies. Human resource management performs additional people-centred activities towards the development of organisation.

There are significant differences between the personnel management and human resource management:

  • Scope: The approaches of human resource management remains incorporated to the core strategy and vision of the organisation. The HRM system seeks to optimize the usages of the human resources to fulfil the organisational goals. The scope of personnel management includes different functions such as planning of manpower, job analysis, evaluation of job, administration of the payroll, performance appraisal, recruitment, labour law compliance and related functions.
  • Communication: human resource management uses higher communicational channels to interact with the employees and also to motivate them while personnel management uses traditional communicational methods.
  • Development: human resource management has focus on the training and development of the human resources in order to increase their capabilities. Personnel management does not provide any training and development to individuals.
  • Practices and approaches: The personnel management has been more focused on the norms, established practices and the customs.Human resource management along within these activities adds leadership, motivation, development of organisational culture, communicational activities with shared values etc to the approaches. (Nayab, 2015) The strategic context of human resource management makes it more purposeful and more effective than personnel management. Human resource management has been based on modern approaches while personnel management has been based on traditional approaches.
  • Policies: The established rules, policies, procedures and contracts are more concerned within the personnel management while monitoring and enforcing the compliances with delineation of the written contract. Human resource management is based on the rules and regulations. Based on the business needs the HR manager tends to place relax rules with the aim to go by the spirit of the contracts rather than the content of the contract. (Nayab, 2015)
  • Nature:The nature of the human resource is more proactive than the personnel management. The nature of the personnel management has been reactive.

The chosen organisation Greenwich Leisure Limitedis a non-profit organisation which has been running over different facilities of sport and leisure. They have over 6,000 employees and human resource management strategy has been implemented to emphasise the performances. Through induction and training the employees are trained towards the efficiency. The management empowers the employees in encouraging their abilities. The staff motivation and the empowerment is the main concern of the HRM strategy of Greenwich Leisure Limited. Considering the Rainbow Cafe in the Cambridge, it has been using the personnel management system. With the involvement of the line managers the cafe has been managing the people in the organisation. The organisation has been following the strict job description and fixed promotional policy.

1.2 Assess how human resource management functions help your chosen organisation in achieving its purpose.

The human resource management is the organisational functions which have been used by the organisations by focusing on the recruitment, management and leading the human resource towards the achievement of business goals.  The human resource management functions of Greenwich Leisure Limited are implemented to increase the organisational performances with high skilled human resources. (Woods, 2012) Greenwich Leisure Limited has strategically integrated the HR policies within the management system. Through this system the organisation has been improving the existing skills and capabilities of the human resources and improving their performance to increase the customer satisfaction.

Greenwich Leisure Limited has been focusing on the strategic human resource functions with the long termed objectives. The primary concern of the strategic human resource of Greenwich Leisure Limited is to increase the skills of employees while focusing on the problems of business. The human resource management of Greenwich Leisure Limited has shown high level of commitment to the HR, offering the staff proper training, attempting to obtain acceptance from all employees. The Human resource management system has been involving the employees in the functions with efficient manner. This has been placing greater amount of value in the employee relation. (Woods, 2012) Greenwich Leisure Limited has introduced the training facilities within the human resource management in order to extend the employee skills with adding competitive values. As the organisation has been doing business leisure market and in the service sector new skilled are required within the human resources for the survival. (Woods, 2012) Rather than being an administrative department the HR department of Greenwich Leisure Limited has been working with proactive measures to maintain the relationships with the employees. The clear and efficient execution of the HR functions by Greenwich Leisure Limited HRM is showing the evidence that the HR strategy is tool for competitive edge. The complete implementation of the HR functions is concerned over the welfare of the staffs.

1.3 Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in your organisation or familiar organisation and how it supports human resource management functions.

Line managers have the direct connection with the employees. They have the responsibilities in directly managing the individuals. They have to report the individual performances to the higher level of management, which includes the performances and the welfare of the employees along with basic training needs, requirements of specific skills and talents, required human resource numbers etc. (, 2016) Within the hierarchical structure of HRM the lower layer of management roles and responsibilities are referred to the line manager. They have the supervisory responsibilities rather than management of the individuals. The management responsibilities of the line managers consist:

  • Line managers of Greenwich Leisure Limited manage the operational costs of the services which are connected to the sports, leisure facilities, health wise programmes, etc.
  • For dealing within the current trends in the leisure and sports services the line manager providing proper technical expertise in order to run the operations with efficiency.
  • Line managers allocate the roles and work according to the job specification. For example if an employee is in the sports services then by evaluating the skills line manager places him within proper operations of sports services.
  • As Greenwich Leisure Limited is dealing with diverse service sector the line has to management of employees through monitoring their performances in a regular manner.
  • Line managers of Greenwich Leisure Limited deal with customers and clients (, 2016)
  • Line managers have to measure the operational performances. Through this they check the quality of the performances and monitor the work progress. They report status about the progress to the higher management.

Apart from these responsibilities the line managers also have roles in

  • Employee engagement: through motivating the employee line managers tend to engage the employee within the organisational achievement goals.
  • Disciplining the human resources: or maintaining the employee performances and leading them with proper manner the line managers enforce discipline within the workforce. Greenwich Leisure Limited line manager has to maintain the discipline in order implement the organisational culture within the human resources.
  • Performance appraisal system: through the performance appraisal system line managers evaluate the performances of the current human resources and report them to the higher management.
  • Performance related pay: by analysing the performances the line managers arrange incentives and bonus for the employees. (, 2016)

The line managers of Greenwich Leisure Limited have their focus over the increment of the current performance status to ensure  customer satisfaction  over the services. Thus the line managers have the responsibilities over the administration of the individuals and they have to assess the proper development needs of the individuals. (Woods, 2012) Different HR related issues and tasks such as taking interviews for the front line staffs, filling out the assessment forms, enforcing the standards of performance within the human resources as required by the organisation, dealing with the regulations and complaints related to the human resource management, establishing the communication between the staffs and higher management. (Woods, 2012) Maintaining the discipline within the working environment is also an essential role of Greenwich Leisure Limited line managers. The line managers of Greenwich Leisure Limited have the role in assessing the performance appraisal system. The line managers of Greenwich Leisure Limited provide rating and feedbacks over individual performances of the staffs and provide them to the higher authority. (Woods, 2012)

1.4 Analyze how legal and regulatory framework impact on human resource management.

The legal and regulatory framework which is related to the Human resource management approaches are the set of laws and legislations enforcing the legal requirements to be met through different approaches and practices of human resource management. There are different areas of legal framework which are associated with the human resource management:

  • Data protection act (1998): this legislation has been impacting over the access of the gathered data or information of the individuals who are working within the organisation. This act ensures the protection of these data and the right of the employees to acknowledge the data which has been stored by the organisation. .(Nickson, 2013)
  • Health and safety act: health and safety has been the most concerning regulation within the HRM system. This act enforces proper environment with safety measures in the working environment. The health and safety act should be maintained to reduce the injuries and the accidents within the organisation. This act also implies the safety aspect within the use of machines and chemicals in the working environment.
  • Equal employment opportunities act: the main aim of this act is to enforce fair treatment within the human resource management practices such as in the recruitment, selection, supervision etc. Equality must also be implemented within the payment or salary for performances. (Nickson, 2013)  Equal pay should be provided to the individual without considering their race, religion, gender and age.
  • Work and family act (2006): this act has been enforcing different leaves and payments on family measures such as maternity leave and payment, flexible working times etc.
  • Discrimination act: this law has been prohibited the discrimination over the people on the grounds of race, religions, gender, disabilities. .(Nickson, 2013)

These legal and regulatory procedures are incorporated within the practices and approaches of human resource management along with the principles and strategies. The legal and regulatory framework of HRM ensures that the management of the organisation has complete understanding over the relevant legislations.(Nickson, 2013)

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Task 3

connects the two 3.1 Assess the link between motivational theory and reward at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation. Your answer must show if you think there is a link, what.

Motivation is the psychological force that influence one individual to perform certain act (Price, 2011). The management of the organisation needs to identify the factors determining the motivation. It is the theories of the scholars regarding the motivation which can give a basic formwork to the management. Based on that the management can undertake the strategies to increase the motivation level of the employees. Maslow’s need theory is one of the popular theory which focuses on the motivation of the individuals based on the fulfilment of the needs. Motivation is one of important parameters for a manager to be followed in the organisation for increasing the productivity level. Highly motivated employees will give productive performances in the organisation that will help the organisation for achieving the target. Over here the organisation is Greenwich Leisure Ltd UK where the employees are given certain benefits to hold the leading position in the market of UK.

Maslow’s theory can be classified into 5 needs which comes one after another when there is a fulfilment that are as follows:

  • Physiological Needs:This are the very basic needs that the individual wants for his/her living. For instance, food, shelter, medicine etc. Greenwich Leisure Ltd UK has a sound remuneration as per the industry which will definitely support the employees to fulfil their basic needs. Remuneration rates are based as per the industry and the management ensures that the rate is high than all the leisure houses in UK.
  • Security Needs:Security needs of the individuals are fulfilled by Greenwich Leisure Ltd UKin giving job security, medi-claim facilities etc. Pension scheme is also there in Greenwich Leisure Ltd UK which will give more interest than the other sources of income.
  • Psychological Needs:This needs are mainly derived when the individual wants to get mixed up with the friends or groups to make his/her social identity. The team of Greenwich Leisure Ltd UK are diverse by their culture. Respecting and building trust to each other is followed in Greenwich Leisure Ltd UK. Apart from that annual leavesare 31 days, society memberships are also there which will help the employees to maintain a work-life balance. (GLL, 2016)
  • Self-esteem Needs:Recognition plays a major role over here. Greenwich Leisure Ltd UK has also the recognition schemes for the employees with their best performances. Staff membership discounts, development plans for the best employees by giving training from the London Leisure College.
  • Self-Actualisation Needs:In this needs individual prefers creativity and spirituality. The employees of Greenwich Leisure Ltd UKare given certain challenges or promotion to certain departments for facing the challenges are followed which can be related to this phase of needs.

Greenwich Leisure Limited HRM Assignment 1

Thus we can observe a clear link between the motivation and the reward system at Greenwich Leisure Ltd UK. Each and every needs identified in Maslow’s theory can be linked with the organisation structure of Greenwich Leisure Ltd which will motivate the employees for their organisation and they can perform well to achieve the target.

Herzberg Theory can also link the motivation of the employees with the reward system. It is the theory where two factors are identified which are classified in two aspects Hygiene and motivational factor.The following diagram will help to understand the structure of the two factors which has an influence in the working environment of the organisation.

Greenwich Leisure Limited HRM Assignment 2

Non-financial rewards like staff memberships discounts, society membership options, leisure courses are given to the employees at Greenwich Leisure Ltd UK in order to make them motivated and also to create an environment which is worth for working. Pension scheme is also there in Greenwich Leisure Ltd UK which will give more interest than the other sources of income. Monetary rewards the salary which is much high than the other leisure companies in UK. The motivational factors like recognition schemes for the employees with their best performances, staff membership discounts, development plans for the best employees by giving training from the London Leisure College are provided to increase the commitment and satisfaction level of the employees at Greenwich Leisure.

Thus we can observe that the motivational theories can be linked with the reward system of the Greenwich leisure. The employee’s benefit are the key attributes in Greenwich Leisure in order to increase the productivity level and to reduce the attrition rate for maintain a positive balance in the organisation.

3.2 Evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation

Job evaluation is the effective approach for determining the value of a job provided by the organisation. The pay structure will be rational and for that job evaluation plays a major role. There are certain steps which are associated with the Job evaluation that are as follows:

Greenwich Leisure Limited HRM Assignment 3

  • Job description: In the job description the related responsibilities for a post is mainly focused. For example, Senior Recreation Assistantwho will be responsible to check the cleaning activities, general safety measures, staff rotation, motivating the recreation assistant, following the health and safety policies etc. This will help an individual to understand the details of the responsibilities. But sometimes the organisation does not mentioned the detailed responsibilities which create a chance for the misunderstandings in future. (GLL, 2016)
  • Job Specification:An individual with minimum 2 years of experience in the leisure activities or leisure organisation. This will help the candidates to know the exact qualifications for the post.
  • Pay Structure: Pay structure is based on the industry standard or competitive. The experienced candidate will not find ant bar in the salary. Pay structure is determined on the post and the responsibilities that the employees have to perform. In Greenwich Leisure Ltd the pay structure is high than other  business organisation  in this industry. The pay structure for the post senior research Assistant is around 17,423 pound per annum. (GLL, 2016)

Apart from that the pay structure is determined by the following aspects:

  • Trade union:The representatives of the trade unions are the connector between the employees and the management of Greenwich Leisure Ltd. All the issues from the employees are communicated by the representatives. Salary negotiation is also the important function of the trade union to influence the pay structure.
  • The legislation also play a major role in determining the pay structure. For instance National Minimum Wage Rate is determined by the Government where the organisation has to follow the structure of payment.
  • Cost Of Living: Cost of living also determined the pay structure of the organisations. For example the inflation rate has fallen from 0.5% to 0.3% which indicates the low price level of the commodities available at UK. Greenwich leisure is also providing much higher salary than the other organisations in the leisure operations. (BBC, 2015)

Thus we can observe that Job evaluation consider three aspects which are job description, specification and remuneration structure. While evaluating the job one will find the activities that they have to perform in the work place which can be accessed from the job description. The required qualification or eligibility criteria can accessed from the job specification. For the money allocation, pay structure will give the candidate about the salary they will get while working. But sometimes the organisation hide certain details which are the sources of conflict and misunderstandings.

3.3 Assess in different contexts (for e.g. attracting talent, retention, and motivation) how effective is the reward systems at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation.

Reward system is an effective step for motivating the employees towards productive performances. The organisations gives preference to the human resources as they are the implementer of the strategy and the success of the company is depending on their performances. Reward system can be categorised in two ways which are the Pay reward system and Non pay reward system. Monetary benefits are included into the reward system and non-monetary reward system are included in the non-pay reward system (Torrington, 2014)

Greenwich Leisure Ltd also follows the reward system at their work place in the following ways:

  • Attracting Talent: For attracting the talent at their organisation, Greenwich Leisure highlighted the apprenticeships options for 12 months, NPLQ degree, flexibility options in their advertisement at their websites. Staff membership discounts, development plans from the Leisure colleges are also there. This kind of reward system is used to create interest among the candidates and make them motivated for applying in the concerned post. The student who are studying will also be motivated by observing the part time or different flexibility options and this will help Greenwich Leisure to get the young and fresh talent. (GLL, 2016)
  • Motivation is the important factor that engages the employees at their workplaces. Greenwich Leisure is an organisation where the motivational techniques like best salary, extra incentives, membership discounts, society memberships, annual leave for 30 days and other flexibility practices. This techniques will motivate the employees to give their best performance as the company is maintaining the work-life balance by giving several opportunities. In this case productivity will be high but the company has to invest for this benefits given to the employees. (GLL, 2016)
  • Retention:For retaining the productive employees, Greenwich Leisure ltd offers them development programme by conducting the leisure course from London Leisure College, Level 2 Certificate in Leisure Operations etc. The development programme help the staffs to get well acquainted with their role at the workplace and also it will enhance the future prospects for the employees. These are the techniques adopted by Greenwich Leisure ltd for retaining the employees. The positive side will be the efficient employees will give more productive performances and also saves the cost for the company on the ground of recruitment and selection.

Overall we can observe that Greenwich Leisure has applied several techniques in the reward system for maintain a healthy working environment which will give maximum productivity to support the business objectives of Greenwich Leisure. Though there is a huge investment related to the reward system but for the sake of productivity and positive working environment it is necessary to implement.

3.4 Examine the methods Virgin Media or your chosen organisation use to monitor employee performance

Employee’s performances are the key factor of the productivity in an organisation. The strategy formulated by the top management is to be followed by the employees to achieve the desired result and for that measuring the performances is required in order to check the progress. There are two dimension for measuring the employee’s performances which are “What and how”. What represents the result of the employees performances and How represents the skills and competencies used by the employees for the result. Different methods are there for measuring the performances and for Greenwich Leisure Ltd there are three methods which are as follows:

  • Performance Appraisal: It is the method by which the employees at Greenwich Leisure are evaluated by the ratings or feedbacks given by their team mates or the customers or other people associated in the process. Based on the average the ratings is calculated and checked. The positive side is the partiality which is non-existent due to the involvement of several individuals but the negative side can be the personal influence which can affect the ratings (Aswathappa, 2013).
  • : The leisure assistant are evaluated by the observations from the Senior Leisure Assistant. The actual target that the employees have done and the desired are monitored by the supervisors. The positive side is the direct observation where the evaluation can be transparent but the negative side is the partiality due to the negative relation between the leisure assistant and Senior Leisure Assistant
  • Management by objective: The management has already set the target for the individual department like children centre, library, and spa. Based on that they used to observe the fulfilment of the target. The positive side is the structured process which will help the management to evaluate and also to the employees to observe the progress but the negative side is the requirement of an experienced management team to formulate the strategy and target. (Arthur, 2014).

Thus we can observe there are several positive and negative side in each of the performance measurement process at Greenwich Leisure Ltd. But all the techniques that are used are having their own importance to measure the performances of the employees.

Task 4

4.1 Identify the reasons for termination of Faisal’s employment contract with The Chicken Master and generally explain other reasons for cessation of employment.

As per the case study is concerned, Chicken Master is a small restaurant situated in Ilford. The owner of the restaurant is Bob and he has hired Faisal at his restaurant due to his rich experience in the operations of the restaurants. But after six months of his employment, Faisal was fired due to the low productivity and violation of the company’s policy. Based on this scenario there are several reasons which influence Bob to terminate him. Cessation at employment is the process that brings certain end to the contract of the employment. The employer may terminate the employee for violating the company’s policies or the employee can break the contract due to his/her personal reason. Both the parties have to serve a minimum notice period for finding the replacement. For example an employee smokes in the office premises then there is strict rules regarding the cessation of the employment.

Greenwich Leisure Limited HRM Assignment 4

The primary reasons for the termination of Faisal’s employment happens are as follows:

  • The work activities in the restaurant were stagnant for example, the cleaning is not done regularly and employees are not giving their expected performances due to the lack of the supervision by Faisal.
  • Using the office equipment for personal purpose without informing is another reason as he violate the policy that was written in the hand book
  • The training or the guidance given by the restaurant owner Bob to Faisal was not reflecting in his performances
  • Spending the working hours by doing certain activities which are immoral

The other reasons can be:

  • Productivity of the restaurant was going down due to the inefficiency shown by Faisal after giving him certain trainings which may result to the cessation of the employment. As the restaurant is not the charity and the owner is having certain objectives and goal which triggered him to take the steps for firing the employee Faisal. (Belcourt&McBey,2012),
  • Employees must move by the code of conduct as per the organisation’s policies. Violating the codes with repeated warnings will generally lead to the cessation of the employment
  • The turnover was reducing due to the inefficient work force and for that reason certain strategies can also be taken by the owner to cut the expense by firing the staff.

Thus we can observe there can be several reasons for the termination in the employment. The main reason will be the inefficiency in the performance which leads to the downfall of the business. All the employers are looking for the productivity and moreover violating the policies will definitely bring termination in the employment contracts. But on the other side if we consider Faisal then there are certain grounds that the employers like Bob needs to be followed on the issue of cessation of the termination. Giving the official warning or sending a notice period or conducting a meeting by the presence of Faisal and trade unions as per the ACAS code of conduct is also compulsory.

4.2 Describe the employment exit procedures used by The Chicken Master and another organisation of your choice

Exit Procedures are the provision that have to be maintained while terminating the contract for the employment. Several companies have different exit procedures and both the parties have to follow the procedures to terminate the contract. (Bohlander and Snell, 2010). Exit procedure for the employer is the violation of the company’s policies such as if any employees steals any items from the store or sexually harass the colleagues or customer then the exit procedure also happens As per the case study is concerned, The Chicken Master follow certain aspects in the exit procedures which are breaking the codes of conduct, inefficient performance for a long time, not maintaining the hygiene in the work place, using the office equipment for personal use, leaving the work activities without informing the concerned authority etc. On these ground Faisal was terminated from The Chicken Master for giving inefficient performance after a certain period of training, lack in maintaining the hygiene at the workplace, using the computers for personal use, failed to inform the concerned authority and also doing immoral activities in the workplace.

Exit procedures that have been followed by Greenwich Leisure Ltd. when the employees used to terminate the employment contract are as follows:

  • The first step is to retain the employees by offering him/her better compensation
  • If the employee rejects the offer then the employee have to have to follow the procedures which include the fill up of the form by stating the reason for leaving and also there are other parameters which are needed to be ranked
  • The third step is to returning of the organisation’s property by the employee
  • Lastly the dues of the employees will be given calculating the number of days he/she has worked

To conclude we can observe that the organisations are different in their approach while following the exit procedures. It is due to the size of the company. As per the case study The Chicken Master has followed the step which is not documented or designed properly but in case of Greenwich Leisure Ltd the procedures are designed effectively in order to understand the reason for leaving the company or maintaining the policies in the company. Thus the size of the organisation is also matters to define the correct exit procedures. Chicken master is a very small restaurant and so such policies or framework is there. Structured exit procedures helps the organisation to record the database of the employees which can be required for future requirements or it can assist the organisation to collect the data regarding the employee’s feedback regarding the work culture and system.

4.3 Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements with an organisation such as The Chicken Master if Faisal’s claim was proven to be true.

The legal and regulatory framework gives a direction or a road map to the organisation for maintaining a positive and sound working environment at the workplace. The employees can get their confidence about the support by the Government by their legal systems. It is also the benefit for the organisation as this legal and regulatory framework will boost the employee’s morale which in turn will increase the productivity. Equality Act 2010 strictly brings restrictions on the ground like age, gender, race, religion, disability etc. Discrimination is also prohibited under the Equality Act 2010. The area Discrimination is very huge which involves discrimination cannot be done on the grounds like at work, consumers, buying or renting a property etc. As per the legal framework the victim can follow certain ways like: (Gov. UK, 2016).

  • Complaining to the concerned authority in the organisation
  • Can take mediation who will solve the issues with the company
  • Can also appeal to the tribunal

Equality Advisory Support Services by the Government is also there to support the victim by giving guidance or help. As per the legal framework, Faisal has appeal to the employment tribunal about the discrimination done by the employer of The Chicken Master by firing him by hiring a woman whose age is less than 40. Based on this situation the employment tribunal will analyse the hearings from both the employer of The Chicken Master that is Bob and the employee Faisal. The analysis will be done from both the end by evaluating the circumstances. The employment tribunal will first consider the employee Faisal regarding his complaint by asking him about the reason and then the tribunal will ask Bob about his procedures or the reasons for the termination. The employment tribunal will also see the notice period was served by the employer or not. As there is a provision that certain time has to be given to employees to find his job or to the employer for finding another one in his/her replacement. Bob will disclose all the facts that Faisal has violate in the work place and for that termination has been done. Employment tribunal will ask for proofs on the ground that Bob has terminated him. If Bob satisfy the judge then he can win the case but serving the employment notice period was not done by Bob which are violating the law. In this case both the parties have some  business negligence  in their movement as per the legal framework is concerned. Giving the official warning or sending a notice period or conducting a meeting by the presence of Faisal and trade unions as per the ACAS code of conduct is also compulsory.

Thus we can say that legal framework has given some guidelines which both the employer and the employees have to follow while delivering their efforts otherwise penalties, imprisonment can also happen. Legal framework has established a structured way that is to be followed in the workplace which will increase the productivity and minimise the incidents of the discrimination. The goodwill of the organisation can also be enhanced if the organisation strictly follows the guidelines regarding the legal framework by the Government.

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To conclude it can be said that this report has clearly highlighted the aspects of the human resource management in an organisation. The reason to implement the human resource planning, importance of the recruitment and selection process are clearly shown in this report by relating the organisation Greenwich leisure Ltd. Motivational theory of Maslow’s has been implemented with the reward system of Greenwich Leisure Ltd. in order to motivate the employees by satisfying their needs. The process of the job evaluation and the process to measure the performances are also highlighted in this report. Lastly a case study is being related with the several issues on the ground like cessation of the employment, exit procedures etc. in this report.


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