Easy Jet Marketing Plan Assignment

Easy Jet Marketing Plan Assignment

Easy Jet Marketing Plan Assignment


An effective planning of marketing refers to an Easy Jet marketing plan developed for forecasting goals and objectives, best possible allocation of resources, identification and monitoring of key marketing variables, planning of disaster recovery for overcoming its problems and exploring the untapped marketing opportunities. It is apparent that Easy Jet Marketing needs to incorporate and successfully manage all its resources for its marketing objective attainment. However, on the contrary, according to the general psychology, the entrepreneurs initiate the marketing plans primarily oriented for start-ups or for seeking loans and investors for marketing. Although, it is significant that for an effective establishment of an Easy Jet financial resource is vital, however, later it cannot be contradicted that marketing domain of all businesses do need an excellent marketing plan for the best possible utilization of the resources for growth and development (Deffner, & Metaxas, 2005)

Task 1

Question 1.1 review changing perspectives in marketing planning

As is observant that even contrary to a lot of financial difficulties over the past years, 2012 and 2013 marked to exceed both the domestic as well as global tourist by additional 1 billion. Also statistics supports that the foreign hospitality earnings collectively with the traveller transportation earnings at present sums up to be greater than 575 billion dollar thereby establishing  hospitality sector as the most preferred export recipient, in advance of the automotive sector, petrochemical industry as well as food sector.

Easy jet Product /Services: either the tourist himself or the agent that thereby affect their satisfaction accumulates a tourist product.

Price:Based on the demographic study, it is substantial that theEasy Jet should offer low priced tour packages owing to the target customer’s annual income study. 

Place:In accordance to one of the studies suggested by the World Hospitality Easy Jet, it is evident that 698 million tourist preferred travelling to external countries, with an average spending expenditure of 478 billion dollars.

Promotion:Marketing definition for easy jet sector: It is a systematic, cumulative effort of the global tourist as well as the easy jet businesses across the world to accomplish hospitality growth by increasing the tourist satisfaction.

Question 1.2 evaluate an easy jet’s capability for planning its future marketing activity

Resource Analysis: As a marketing manager it is necessary to understand the PLC for hospitality in the below graph refers to the probable trajectories that is shown using dotted lines as A, B, C, D and E that shows the potential effect after the point of stagnation.   In addition, as is evident in the graph that there can be phase rejuvenation which can be caused by the rapid changes in technology as well as infrastructures resulting in elevated capacity as in A and B.  The trajectory of C and D can be caused due to elevated congestion as well as weak growth, thereby resulting in corruption of the motivating resources. Lastly, the trajectory of E refers to the decline phase of the Easy Jet services.

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Source: Miller and Galluci, 2004

Marketing research and market information:

Building Global Network and accessibility: This study assists in providing the experience in the most traditional form through natural features; cultural diversity, social benefits, etc. have also moved a step ahead in providing several other recreational experiences for the tourists in form of events and festivals. These not only display the socio-cultural trends of the tourist spot but also help in becoming a memory to cherish for the tourists.

Overcoming Weaknesses of cultural diversity: Moreover, the local people also help in creating a wholesome experience for the tourists especially from the global platform (Smeral, E., & Weber, 2000). However, a number of countries have potential to change on the responsible hospitality aspect of Cultural Sensitivity. Being influenced from the western culture, these countries must honour the cultural diversity and the sensitive nature of the global citizens especially of the people from the Asian countries as they are highly orthodox and more on the spiritual domain.

Question 1.3 a) examine techniques for easy jet auditing and for analyzing external factors that affect marketing planning

Internal Factor Audit

  • Financially stable
  • High skilled employees
  • Transparent and effective internal communication system
  • Low competition in the vicinity

Question 1.3 b) examine techniques for analysing external factors that affect aviation marketing planning


  • United Kingdom government along with world hospitality sector has undertaken several steps in becoming a more responsible tourist spots especially in conservation of the environment (Davies & Downward, 2001). In addition, the United Kingdom government has consequently carried out effective processes that have imparted carbon and other pollutant emission controls to minims the depletion of the environment.
  • : For attaining this, the UK government has undertaken a number of measures on the worldwide scale to obligate the use biodegradable product offerings, creating awareness to reduce the usage of petrochemicals and fuels, further deployment of varied renewable energy derivatives, etc. for an actual preservation of the natural environment.

Social:The demographic study suggests that 91% of the total population is below the age of 45 years with income below £25,000 (Davies & Downward, 2001)

  • The other international agencies like World Hospitality Easy Jet in its set of guidelines necessitates all its members to endorse as well as grow the hospitality sector relative to its 138 governmental board members for hospitality along with additional 350 affiliated associates belonging to different associations, and hospitality sector.
  • It is also highlighted that the World Hospitality Easy Jet at present look for an effective establishment of an optimistic easy jet by stimulating the sector’s immense employment as well as income creating prospective, besides increased importance on the factors of pro-environmental as well as pro - poverty effects.  This agenda on environment and poverty and economic growth is identified and for its affect minimization (Aguiló, Alegre, & Sard, 2003).

Question 1.4 a) carry out easy jet auditing and analysis of external factors that affect marketing planning in a given situation

This report shows a strong association concerning hospitality as well as cultural heritage imminent product advancement prospects relative to cultural as well as heritage sector. This report therefore comprises of the assets, places as well as vicinities. It is extensively recognized in this report what is the value of the policymakers as well as managers from several cultural Easy Jets and how they fit in the value chain.

In the recent days it is seen that the Easy Jet management as well as cultural and heritage Easy Jet institute custodians have shown an increased responding to the augmented plea from both public as well as private sectors. Therefore, in this competitive environment, it is evident that the report could support in a further up-to-date as well as stable process of effective decision-making through considering various primary and secondary aspects of Value chain(Horner, S., &Swarbrooke, 1999). The various functions of the value chain are briefed in the chart below:

 Easy Jet Marketing Plan Assignment, Assignment help, Online Assignment help

Question 1.4 b) carry out analysis of external factors that affect aviation marketing planning in a given situation

As is evident from the value chain, it is significantly evident that quality of services is critical with respect to hospitality must be demarcated relative to the set of associated activities of several tourists going to diverse locations. It is also essential that the customer needs be identified appropriately to entrust speed solutions. It is necessarily evident and elucidated as another hospitality form that is inspired by the presence of a number of customer oriented services characteristics pertaining to that location.

Task 2

Question 2.1 assess the main barriers to marketing planning

The most noteworthy consideration relative to SWOT analysis as well as PESTEL is isolating factors. These identified factors, which are recognized to have an elevated impact on the marketing planning in other scenarios possibly, will not be apparent. Similarly, in marketing planning it is apparent that a concern, which is apparent to one of the Easy Jet process or unit or individual, may perhaps not be relevant to other departments or processes. Therefore, a significant consideration for both PEST and SWOT is to involve group involvement, predominantly involvement different scenarios analysis (Meer, 2008).

Isolation of Marketing: Marketing planning and the approach to SWOT and PEST would differ. An analysis of the marketing functions refers to encouraging customer service as a significant contributor for strengthening the marketing function (Grundy, 2006).

It is apparent that in case of small and medium Easy Jets, marketing strengths may subsequently overpower its weakness; however, after some time with the continuous growth of these weaknesses, the growth of the Easy Jet may perhaps be hindered (Ward, 2005).

Marketing Concept and planning: it is evident that Marketing planning consideration for using SWOT and PEST analysis suggest that the risk that is encountered by other firms or industry relative to the internal factors of the Easy Jet operations, for instance ineffective suppliers other channel partner relationship or key customer account lost or losing an important staff or investor, can be minimized through past data trend analysis.

Question 2.2 examine how easy jets may overcome barriers to marketing planning

  • Easy Jet need to adapt the training and development programs for its employees to understand and use the new IT devices and interfaces.
  • Easy Jet need to invest on the online advertisements to reach the majority of the population in UK and Europe who are primarily youth.
  • Easy Jet should diverse it channels of distribution through third party contracts for transportation bookings, accommodation arrangements and travel planning activities.
  • Establishment of a marketing team of few members to understand and attract the target customer base

Task 3

Question 3.1 – 3.5 write a marketing plan for a product or a service

Outlining the business Mission and Vision

The mission of Easy Jet is to diversify its business through new market development as well as penetration through targeting new set of customers for Gatwick ~Beijing flight. This mission is supported by the IT implementation in Easy Jet to commence and maintain e- commerce initiatives by Easy Jet in hospitality service distribution (Kropp, Lindsay & Shoham, 2006).

The vision of Easy Jet should be to integrate IT in the business model over the span of one year for business development and growth sustainability.

Strategic Analysis identified concerns

The strategic analysis for Easy Jet suggests that in its plan for effective business development, should address the below concerns:

  • Marketing objective clarity is not yet appropriately defined
  • Appropriate target customer identification
  • Fostering the brand reputation
  • Advanced communication strategies
  • Appropriate team formation and role development

Identification of the Marketing mix

Product:This explicit tourist attraction refers to Country’s buoyant cultural sight relative to the number of festivals along with the Easy Jet of the event of a number of shows, live concerts as well as artefacts exhibitions substantially covering the city’s calendar for cultural events for the tourists. The product also comprises of the transportation services for the tourists and planning the accommodation arrangements and tourist guidance services (Klemm & Parkinson, 2001).

Price:The hospitality package pricing also depends on seasons wherein peak hospitality seasons.

The price Discount decisions are decided based on loyalty programs that results in differential pricing decisions.

Place: UK and Europe market is identified as the target market and online platform is the market place that would serve Easy Jet’ objective of reaching the mass to increase the customer base.

Promotion:The promotional activities should be initially carried out on the internet on social media site, or push mail strategy implementation or through marketing and advertising over radio (Davies & Downward, 2001).

Marketing Objectives

The current business turnover of Easy Jet suggests the diversification of the business for sustaining growth. This urges the development of the strategies to undertake the online market exploring initiatives and employment of the advanced services for the boosting the existing Easy Jet capabilities. 

Core Market Strategy

The core market strategy is designed in accordance to the online market of hospitality that comprise of the major part of the UK population (Klemm & Parkinson, 2001).

The decisions of the Easy Jet should be to design the Easy Jet website allowing accommodation bookings, planning historical tour, online travel reservations etc.

Role of marketing plan in corporate strategy

  • Effective marketing plan Implementation boost the Easy Jet growth: It is significant that planning alone without an appropriate implementation would not suffice. As the designing and documentation of the marketing plans should be followed by the designing and allotting of the individual departmental goal setting and alignment to the marketing plan objective. This marketing plan then serves as a benchmark for performance measurement
  • Marketing plan sets the Easy Jet objectives:An effective management needs setting particular set of Easy Jet objectives besides its subsequent tracking as well as follow-ups. With the growth of the Easy Jet the marketing’s develop and further modify their existing marketing plan more successfully, as well as efficiently communicate all the marketing priorities well.
  • Decisions relative to buy or take new sites of operations on rent: The rent being one the major contribution to the overall fixed costs necessitates its effective planning in the marketing plan.
  • Internal and external communication of the marketing objective: This assists the employees and the channel partners to align their objective with the Easy Jet goal. While the shareholders and investors can make better valuation of the marketing.

Techniques for new product development

For an effective marketing planning, it is advisable to use a mix of SWOT as well as PESTEL Analysis. This consideration refers to the analysis of the environmental variable influencing an Easy Jet in two -dimensional framework; thereby allowing a convenient determination of the variables that actually affects the Easy Jet performance post marketing planning, instead of a low coincidence factor.

Development of marketing associations: The marketing plan assist in the decision making processes relative to the new alliances for product development target setting, besides highlighting certain sections of the marketing plan for effective marketing communication to the partners (Deffner, & Metaxas, 2005).

Pricing policy, distribution and communication mix

Pricing of the flights is always done based on the packages offered and the product bundled. It is also dependent largely on the consumer demand and the overall cost involved for the designing and implementing of the product/ tour packages. The pricing in the hospitality industry varies greatly seasonally; it is high in peak seasons and vice- versa.

Discounting based on customer loyalty also contributes to differential pricing. Discounting based on special life events like birthdays; anniversary etc., of the customers is another well-practiced form of pricing in the hospitality industry.


The process typically followed by easy jets is as below:

 Easy Jet Marketing Plan Assignment, Assignment help, Online Assignment help

Promotional mix: The promotion mix in the easy jet sector comprise of the effective combination of the marketing mix elements of advertising, personal selling as well as use of Publicity.

This also involves an effecting planning of the distribution channel and the relationship marketing with the intermediaries to foster superior value proposition for tourists.

 Easy Jet Marketing Plan Assignment, Assignment help, Online Assignment help


This refers to the usage of the global distribution system and an advanced reservation system to boost direct selling and marketing and increase the promotional activity.

It is therefore evident that all the Easy Jets within the easy jet sector have shown a tendency towards the usage of direct selling and marketing methods along with significant contribution in the establishment of a multimedia that is significant for the development of the hospitality industry.

Advertising and public relations:

With change in consumer preferences and tastes, it has become imperative that religious pilgrimage should not only be the sole attraction for them but also be choices of alternate options to explore near the religious place. Use of social media networking is very important for the wide awareness of the cultural travel and tour (Smeral, E., & Weber, 2000). Sending the direct marketing mail along with coupons about the offers of the Easy jet’s past, present and future potential set of customer/visitor base for boosting hospitality.

Factors affecting the effective implementation of the marketing plan have been taken into account

Our Easy Jets successfully evaluate the effective marketing plan implementation relative to two level factors:

Level 1: This stage necessarily urges to outline the Easy Jet needs that facilitate the evaluation of the marketing plan implementation activities thereby designing the evaluation plan (Katz & Green, 2007).

Level 2: This stage incorporates the effective measurement of these activities in alignment with the overall Easy Jet objectives and hence designing the measurement plan.

It is apparent that the envisioned results of the marketing plan evaluation is to significantly forecast any impending problems relative to the adaptation such that the corrective measures under taken henceforth has very low interference with the comprehensive customer focused service.

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Task 4

Questions 4.1 Explain How Ethical Issues Influence Marketing Planning Of Flight Services

The ethical issue may concern the distribution of drug across the borders or carrying extensive hard cash. Under such a circumstance wherein an aircraft owner is held guilty for cross border distribution of drug, then the owner is liable to prove his innocence or his licence may be cancelled, if proved guilty.

Question 4.2 Analyse Examples Of How British Airlines Respond To Ethical Issues

The marketing strategies are made in order to ensure that consumer has trust in business, which influences the purchase decisions. International businesses are trying to improve their services every day. British airlines have designed its security and freight transportation to abide by the international laws of Aviation drug trafficking control act.

The digital world made the customer services process that is more complex. There are number of factors to be considered to provide good customer experience. The companies make sure that they build effective call centre, they are able to find information required by the customers and rigorous mentoring of metrics and customer feedback (Lamont, 2014).

International companies understand that customer experience is great as it influences the buying behaviour of the customer.

Question 4.3 Analyse Examples Of Consumer Ethics And The Effect It Has On Marketing Planning

The manners in which the local people treat the tourists also form a part of memory for these tourists and an add-on the experience they have of the destination of travel which may be otherwise affected due to Drug trafficking. The people of the tourist destination also play a very crucial role in the development as well as the sustaining the essence of the tourist destination. More than any other aspect, the people give the tourist spot in Amsterdam a life in various forms and also showcases the very essence of hospitality and sustaining the culture of the place like Lisbon and Porto. In some countries like UK, the level of diversification, which the people of various regions display, forms one of the most attractive domains that appeal the visitors from all across the globe (Smeral, E., & Weber, 2000).


It is conclusive that despite the fact that planning and Easy Jet Marketing is difficult and tiring, however it is inevitably difficult to avoid and this phase may result in scenario of low information availability relative to the Easy Jet or the industry in which it operates. Additionally, it is significantly apparent that marketing planning is an effective tool for Easy Jet communication. The Easy Jet marketing plan assists the shareholders, the investor, and other financial institutions for reviewing the company’s plan as a reference for measuring the Easy Jet performance and marketing objective and growth achievement. Marketing planning aids the Easy Jet channels partners and employees to have a comprehensive understanding of the employer’s long term objective blueprint, identification of significant aspects of marketing function, sales as well as operational goals. The marketing planning therefore sets the overall functional objectives into single document and thereby facilitates Easy Jet growth and profitability (Grant, 2002).


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