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Business environment

Unit 1 Business and Business Environment

This unit is aimed to give scholars best possible understandings and knowledge of business sector i.e. how an organizations function and needed what kind of business environments in which they not only operate but also grow. Scholars will get know...

Business Skills e-Commerce

Unit 1 Business Skills for e-Commerce

Aim To enable learners to apply the business skills needed to design an e-Commerce solution for an organisation. Unit abstract Organisations of all sizes, structures and aims can benefit from the opportunities made available by the intell...

Communicating in HSC Organisations

Unit 1 Communicating in HSC Organisations

Aim The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ awareness of different forms of communication used in health and social care settings and its importance for effective service delivery. Unit abstract  Learners will investigate ...

Unit 1 The Contemporary Hospitality Industry

Unit 1 The Contemporary Hospitality Industry

Aim This unit will enable learners to gain understanding of the nature and diversity of hospitality and its constituent industries, including the range of job roles and employment possibilities. Unit abstract Learners will explore the dyn...

The Travel and Tourism Sector

Unit 1 The Travel and Tourism Sector

Aim This unit enables learners to gain understanding of the travel and tourism sector, the influence of government, the effects of supply and demand, and the impacts of tourism.  Unit abstract This unit will provide learners with an ...

unit 10 Financial Accounting

Unit 10 Financial Accounting

Balancing the books is at the heart of all business management. The overall aim of this unit is to introduce students to essential financial accounting principles and techniques which will enable them to record and prepare basic final accounts. St...

Safeguarding in HSC

Unit 10 Safeguarding in HSC

Aim The aim of this unit is to enable learners to develop an understanding of the factors of abuse, and study the working practices and strategies to reduce and prevent its occurrence. Unit abstract The unit enables learners to understand...

 Financial Systems and Auditing

Unit 11 Financial Systems and Auditing

Aim The aim of this unit is to enable learners to develop understanding and skills in the management of business accounting systems and the conduct and reporting of audits. Unit abstract In this unit learners will develop skills to evalua...

unit 11  Research Project

Unit 11 Research Project

This Unit 11 Research Project is assessed by a Pearson-set assignment. Students will choose their own project based on a theme provided by Pearson (this will change annually). The project must be related to their specialist pathway of study (...

The Role of Public Health in HSC

Unit 11 The Role of Public Health in HSC

Aim The aim of this unit is to raise learners’ awareness of factors influencing public health and the different approaches taken to reduce incidence of disease and illness in communities. Unit abstract The unit requires learners to ...