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About As And A Level Courses

About Course

Advanced Subsidiary level or the AS level and the Advanced level or the A level are the qualifications that majorly emphasis on the traditional skills of study. This is a qualification which is entirely subject-based.  It takes almost two years to complete full-time, so most of the students take it as a part-time and complete it till the time they leave the school. These courses are obtainable in a very wide variety of academics and are also applicable to a large number of subjects. Mostly these are used as a toll gate to the higher educations. It can also be understood as a secondary school leave-taking qualification which is very important in order to enter into higher educational studies & is provided by the educational bodies that exist in the UK. To get an entry in a university, it is mandatory that a student must have an A level or a comparable qualification.

The A level can be split into two distinct parts and that too must be studied each year. The first or the head part is the Advanced Subsidiary Level or the AS level or the A1 level or the Advanced Supplementary level. The second or the succeeding part is the A2 level which is more of the complexity and also is academically more rigorous than the first one or the A1 level. The combination of both these parts is collectively called as the A level and only after the completion of both the parts the student comes to be known as an A level qualified student.

Basic Necessities for A level

  • The student must have a diploma in level 5.
  • The student must have awarded in level 5.
  • The student must have a certificate in level 5.
  • Student must possess National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in level 5.
  • The student should be having Diploma course.
  • The student must possess a Foundation Degree.
  • The student should be having Diploma in Higher Education (DipHE).

These are some of the basic requirements that are mandatory for a student if in case he wants to go for an A-level course. Most of the students in the UK usually attain all of these till the time they take leave from the schools. It is also said that for A-levels a much-advanced level of the work and also a respectable understanding of English language is essential and is mandatory as the A-Level is much tougher than the various degree level packages.

Subjects offered

There is a huge list of the subjects that are offered in the A-level course. Some the subjects are mentioned below.

  • Accounting, Business, and Economics.
  • Design & Textiles.
  • Computer Science.
  • Environmental Management.
  • Media Studies.
  • Mathematics.
  • Language & Literature in English.
  • Health and Social Care.
  • Sport and Physical Education.
  • History & Geography.

The list of the subjects is very large and all the subjects cannot even be mentioned over here. The ones that are mentioned are among those which are mostly selected by the students in the UK.

How We Can Help You


  • The student after completing the course would be able to understand the content of the subject in more depth.
  • The thinking process would get independent.
  • The student will start applying his knowledge and skills and understanding in a better way to new and also to the familiar situations.
  • The evaluating and the handling skills would get improved.
  • Logical thinking would get developed and presentation skills will get improved.
  • Judgment, decision making, and the recommendation skills would improvise.
  • Work and comm. skills in English would get developed.

These are some of the benefits that the student would possess after the completion of this course.

How we Help You?

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