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About Entry Level Courses

About Courses

The education sector in the UK comprises of a very wide range of types of qualifications that are presented by the awarding bodies the UK. In the terms of the size & the type, the qualification range can be vocational, skill related or academic and so they are congregated together into entirely diverse levels of tools. Each level tallies to the degree of the difficulty for a particular qualification. The qualification for any one level would cover a wide range of subjects, and can also take various amounts of completion time. In total, there are nine entirely different levels of the difficulty in the structure, ranging from entry level to the last level 8.

The Entry Level consists of 3 different sub-levels. The last sub-level, which is Entry Level 3, is the most challenging one among the three. In brief, the Entry level qualifications are also acknowledged as awards or the certificates that are premeditated for the beginners who are not ready yet, to gain the basic qualifications at the level 1 on the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF). These entry level experiences serve to be appropriate for the learners or the beginners who do not even have basic traditional qualifications that are required and also for those pupils who were away from the field of learning for a very prolonged time. They are obtainable in a very wide range of subjects, and specifically at three distinct sub-levels.

Qualifications for the Entry Level

  • Award for the Entry level.
  • The ELC (Entry Level Certificate).
  • Diploma for the Entry Level.
  • English for the Speaker of Other Languages (ESOL) for the entry level.
  • Essential skills for the Entry Level.
  • Functional Skills for the Entry Level.
  • Skills for the Life in the UK.

These are the basic qualifications that are mandatory and are compulsorily required for the Entry Level in the UK. There are some more additional and basic tests that a student coming from outside of UK has to go through; one of those tests is the IELTS. The IELTS is the Basic English test that is required to enter in the UK for any type of study or for work or for migrations.

Subjects for the Entry Level

There are more than 100 ELCs to select from. These subjects include:

  • Mathematics, Science & English and also various traditional subjects.
  • Skills for life, Literacy, Numeracy and other skills.
  • Office practice or hairdressing and also various explicit vocational courses that acknowledge you about a specific stream of work.
  • Common vocational subjects that provide you a comprehensive introduction to the domain of work.

These are only some of the various and the wide range of the courses or the subjects that are offered under this program.

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Benefits of the Entry Level Course

The entry level is the course that is framed and designed for the beginners or the learners, as this course or the program completely molds them and trains them for the difficulties and the challenges that they are going to confront in their near future. It gets them used to the teaching style in the universities and also provides them proper time to adjust. It more necessarily, specialize them in their respective field in which they are going to enter for their degree-level study. Along all of this, this program also focuses on the English level of the student and assures that it gets improved and enhanced.

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