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About Bachelor Of Arts And Ba Honours

About Course

Bachelor of Arts is one of the common courses among Bachelor Degrees. Generally, this is the first educational degree that achieved at the university or any other higher academic institutes. A bachelor's degree is a curriculum of the higher level of education which gives a student the complete understanding of a particular subject. Especially traditional universities like Oxford and Cambridge awarded the Bachelor of Arts in many subject either the liberal Arts or Science, Diploma, generally includes the name of the university, type of degree awarded, a signature of officials, providing authority and location of the place where a candidate studied.

The duration of Bachelor’s degree is generally three to four years and generally considered as undergraduate or first graduate study. It may be different according to the country. Three years Bachelor is described to as Minors or Basic Bachelor and the Bachelor of four years is considered as Bachelor of honors. In general, the Bachelor degree is the criteria to enter in master’s degree. The three or four-year degree of B.A. is also recognized to enter into a professional program as M.B.A. or Law program. A Bachelor of Arts is enabled to the position B.A. for a pass degree and B.A. (Hons.) for a degree of honours.

Qualification for Bachelor of Arts

To enter into a Bachelor’s program, a candidate needs to have the qualification that meets the admission requirements of the college. 

  • A candidate must complete the higher secondary education from a recognized Board. for entry into a Bachelor‘s degree.
  • Meet the college’s educational standards.
  • An application form filled by the candidate.
  • A candidate must pay the fees decided by the Institute.

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Subjects and Courses

The Bachelor of Arts has a wide range of subjects. There are many subjects under this program. Some of the most popular subjects are:

  • Business Management (Hons)

The Business Management (Hons) is a program provided by the London School reflects the changing scenario of today’s business and enable the students to understand the business and management at a global level. 

  • Journalism (with opinion in sports)

Nowadays, the role of media in every field is very important. Journalism continually developed with the time. The media is creating more opportunities for the students. The study of journalism will provide a candidate the skills which are needed in this competitive age.

  • Health & Social Care (Honours)

The world is changing very fast. There are many issues related to health in society. So, in this situation, this course has become very useful for the students as well as society.

  • Music, Performance & Production

This course is provided by the University of Kent. Studying at this University for Audio and Music technology will enhance your skills, knowledge, and confidence in the music industry.

  • Society, Politics, and Policy

This course is for the students who want to get knowledge of the discipline of social science.  

Benefits of the Course

  • Learning Job Skills

A Bachelor of Arts degree provides valuable job skills. Someone get a degree in business and management and aspire to make a career in the corporate sector then it will be very useful for the candidate. The aim of the study is to provide the whole knowledge of a particular subject. A candidate learns to speak and writing skills and thinking very critically.

  • Learning Life Skills

The time of college is of change. In this period, a student is aware of time management, to balance work, and being responsible for him. A student knows the importance of various facts of life.

  • Networking Possibilities

In college life, a student meets different people of different areas. This leads a student to great opportunities for networking. This helps him in his future requirements.

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