Unit 4 Research Report Assignment - Jet Airline Service

Unit 4 Research Report Assignment Jet Airline Service

Unit 4 Research Report Assignment - Jet Airline Service


Diploma in Travel and Tourism

Unit Number and Title

Unit 4 Research Report Assignment - Jet Airline Service

QFC Level

Level 5

Task 1

Research report (proposal)

Topic: This research is about how the best practices of customer relationship management in the operational activities of Easy Jet airlines services.


Easy jet founded in the year 1995 is British based Airline Service Company. Its area of function is in around 32 countries covering 820 routes. It is one of the fastest growing airline service companies. It has achieved success in its operation through low cost traveling fares as well as from acquisitions. It stands second position by carrying around 65 million people in the year 2014 in Europe. This organization follows a unique marketing strategy ‘making flying as affordable as a pair of jeans’ and also to insist travelers to cut travel agents. Its head office is located at Luton in the London- Luton airport. Easy jet is also working towards protecting the environment. In this research it is to be determining the contribution of CRM in the operational activities of the company (Elena, 2016). Also of the contribution of customer relationship management in the organization signifies a great importance. The basis in this research is to analyze the scenario of the operational activities of the company regarding the practices.


This research is conducted to determine the contribution of best practices of customer relationship management in the operational activities of EASY JET. Easy jet is a British air line service founded in the year 1995. It headquarter is situated in Luton. It followed various unique market strategies and approaches for establishing its name in this industry and area of line. Easy Jet being an airline service company has various operational activities. Their operational activity is providing airline service to the passenger or customer. This organization carries various approaches such as speed boarding and all other imperatives ways to make their organization a profitable one. For conducting the research various literature reviews are taken into account. All the reviews are properly analyzed for the commencement of research. Around five theories and authors are included in this research. After proper review of the literature, next step the creation of research question in this research. Only through research question approach for the collection of data are concluded. By the creation of the research question, purpose of the report is determined. After the formation of same, the next step performed was the collection of data for the purpose of research. Data are collected by following both primary and secondary data collection approach. For conducting primary data approach, all the data are collected through the questionnaire conducted and surveyed to the customers. From the questionnaire, all the data are properly collected and analyzed as per its effectiveness. Research question that were created for this purpose is being answered accordingly (Bhat & Darzi, 2016). After answering the question related to research, all the answers are interprets and compared as per the theoretical approach.  All the analyses are being conducted in an effective and efficient manner. A proper conclusion is being determined for the research. Research is conducted in a systematic and analytical manner. Through this process a proper and effective research is been concluded and completed.

Aim of the research: This research is related to the contribution of best practices of customer relationship management in the operational activities of Easy Jet airline service. Easy jet is a part of service sector, emphasized on obtaining profits and market sustainability by reviewing the market condition. . The basis in this research is to analyze the scenario of the operational activities of the company regarding the practices

Objective of the research

Research is conducted to get systematic and analytical result of the contribution of customer relationship management in the operational activities of the airline service company name Easy Jet..Customer relationship management consists of all the plans, ideas that business used to interact with customers of the organization. In this research report it has to signify the importance of customer relationship management in the easy jet organization. So through all the data it can be analyzed from the research all the contribution of customer relationship management in the operational activity of the easy jet company. So few objectives are stated below-

  • To determine the contribution of CRM- The main objective of this research is to analyze the contribution given by customer relationship management in the operational or day to day activities of company easy jet. Easy jet being a service sector company helps to gain access to the income in the economy.
  • To identify the success strategy- the success of the organization depends on numerous factors such as its management, financial and all the other strategies required to make the company successful. Through this research all the imperative data that leads to the success of this company can be analyzed and concluded.
  • To maximize customer relationship with the organization- the purpose of this management is to maximize relationship of customer with the organization on a large scale. Customers must also be satisfied by the performance of the organization at a greater level.
Research question

A research question is an inquiry in relation to the question whose answer is required to be determined. It is a methodological study and review of the case study or inquiry. Research question works as active step in the research. It is essential to determine a research question for conducting the research effectively and efficiently.  In this particular research, that is conducted to have sufficient result about the contribution of CMR in the operational activities in the airline service company named Easy Jet. So the research question in this context would be-

H0- Does customer relationship management best practices contributed in the operational activity of the organization
H1- Does CMR best practices not contributed in the operational activity of the organization.

Research strategy: In this research report quantitative as well as qualitative research approach is used to carry out the result of this research. In quantitative approach a questionnaire will be made to collect all the necessary data. In qualitative approach, data collected re scrutinized and analyzed.

Primary and secondary research: In this research primary data as well as secondary data shall be used to determine the result. Primary data be collected from questionnaire and through survey all the data shall be analyzed. And secondary data shall be collected from all the newspaper, journals and other mediums. Primary data are the first hand data and secondary data are the data that are gathered from internet, journals and all the other sources.

Sources of data: For the primary data collection, sources would be questionnaire distributed through the survey conducted in this research. Journals, newspaper and all other required sources are used.

Population and sampling: Around 250 customers are surveyed the questionnaire. They are:

Data collection method- This research is related to the contribution of customer relationship management in the EASY JET. So customers are the best sources to collect the necessary data. So for this purpose, the best way to collect data is through questionnaire surveyed to the customers of this airline organization.

Time plan and resource required

Action plan



Starting date

Time slot (weeks)

Completion date



Select research title

10 October, 2016


16 October, 2016

Title is selected with the help of professor.


Gather ground information

17 October, 2016


30 October, 2016

All the literature sources are collected from various sources.


Prepare documentation

17  October 2016


23 October ,2016

All the necessary documents are prepared such as questionnaire


Data collection

31 October 2016


13 November 2016

Collection of data from sources available.


Evaluation of data

14 November 2016


5 December ,2016

Evaluating the data using proper techniques and approach



 6 December 2016


12 December 2016

A proper conclusion of the research.

Gantt chart

Gantt chart

Network Diagram

Network Diagram

Critical path to be followed is A + B+ D +E +F=9 weeks

References-Apart from the collection of data through the sources, there are various mediums through which data can be referred and analyzed like newspaper, journals, internet research.

Literature review

According to Nuriye, Seda and Sevil in there article on customer expectation, satisfaction and loyalty relationship in airline industry, in a highly competitive industry it is important that managers find ways to carry out their functions and anchored among others. For this purpose managers must look after the needs and make plans to satisfy the same. Service quality should be analyzed on frequent time interval.

Similarly, as per George, Emmanuel, Christiana and Rachel in there article on customer relationship management, they stated that CRM practices are different to each and every industry. Their research included the three qualities essential that are relationship, value and brand equity. The benefits of CRM are in relation to the equity and lastly to customer satisfaction. There are seven core essentials that are necessary for the success of this system (Hajiyan, Aminbeidokhti & Hemmatian, 2015).

As per ali and Bajpai, they have stated that in current scenario organization are engaging in the activities of promoting customer relationship management for the success of the organization. With proper strategies and planning relationship with the customers are enriched with effectiveness and efficiency. With the excessive use of CRM in the airline service it has increased the boon in the economy and market.

As per Parsuraman, Berry and Zeithamal, service provider always takes into consideration of the customer need and focus on their satisfaction. When a customer is satisfied with the performance of the service provider, it become possible for them to increase their business performance and gain goodwill which is important on a long run.

Lastly as per thesis, there are certain software that enable to create a customer relationship with the airline industry. Customer relationship management has created data warehouses for the purpose of accumulating data of the customers or passengers. Due to the use of software, all the links are created to gather and analyze the information required to lead the organization to the success path (Koopmans & Lieshout, 2016).

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Task 2

Research report

In this research it has to be concluded about the contribution of CRM in the airline industry. For this research all the data are collected from different sources and are analyzed and scrutinized in an efficient and effective manner. For conducting the research, a research proposal was formulated. According to that proposal it was determine the criteria through which data shall be collected, categorized and then formulated in the action plan. So accordingly a full illustration on this research is described in detail below-

Research methodology

In this research, questionnaires are conducted along with the survey. A questionnaire was conducted to around 250 customers or passengers who travel through Easy Jet.  Customers have given their comments and recommendation accordingly. Through this questionnaire of 250 customers, 200 customers were in favor and 50 customers were against. All the questions mentioned in the questionnaire were easy and understandable. There was no ambiguity in this approach. Customers have taken part in this questionnaire with great interest. All the points were related to the research report only (Laketa, Sanader, Laketa & Misic, 2015).

Another methodology used in the research is the survey conducted by the organization. Through the survey, all the necessary data are collected by interviewing the customers in relation to the customer relationship managed by the organization. Through the interview conducted from the customers it was analyzed that most of the customers were satisfied by the management of the airline industry.

Data are collected on both qualitative and quantitative approach. In quantitative approach, all the data collected are and being calculated effectively. Similarly data collected helps to determine the contribution of CRM in the success of the organization. Research is concluded in nine weeks.

Techniques used for research

There are two techniques used in this research. Survey evaluation and biblometric techniques are taken into consideration for its success. Survey evaluation techniques help to collect data through questionnaire and interview. All the data collected are in primary form of data collection. These techniques provide the direct views of the customers in relation to the Easy Jet. Biblometric techniques are the secondary approach of collecting data. Data are collected from the internet searches or written publication such as books and articles. Documents present on these areas are properly analyzed by the analyst. These are the data that can be effective as they showcase the point of views of different analyst and specialist (Maecker, Barrot & Becker, 2016). In this research both these techniques possess the great importance and consider highly effective for its success.

Factors affecting research success: There are certain factors that are required to be taken into consideration for the success of the research. They are-

  • Required time period- In this research there was limited time of nine weeks for its accomplishments. Research was concluded in the limited period due to the efficiency of research plan and its implementation.
  • Various approvals- There were the requirement of certain authorities to approve the research proposal. In fact authorities’ approval was also required for the permission to hold questionnaire (Tseng, 2016).
  • Limited budget- only limited budget was available. Researcher has limited resources, as budget for the survey was limited. So research was concluded in the limited resources in an effective manner as proper planning related to it was already performed sufficiently.
  • Attractive and simple questionnaire- easy and attractive questionnaire helps to retain the interest of customers. Due to its simplicity, all the answers were answered easily by the customers who made the survey successful.
  • Other efforts- apart from the above mentioned factors, there were certain other factors that help in the success of the research. Like a team effort was shown by the research team and their determination to accomplish the desired task (Mirghafoori, Sharifabadi & Taki, 2016).
Interpretation and analysis

Interpretation and analysis are required to showcase the result obtained in questionnaire and survey through interview. A questionnaire was held to search for the result of interpretation of data collected through the primary data collection. 250 customers participated in the survey. 200 customers were in favor of this research whereas 50 people were against the same. A sample of same is illustrated below-


  • Gender
    • Male       Female
  • Fare charges are high
    • Agree
    • Disagree
    • Neutral
    • Highly disagree
    • Disagree
  • Airlines provide effective services to its customers
    • Highly agree
    • Agree
    • Neutral
    • Highly disagree
    • Disagree
  • Staff member response to the queries on time
    • Highly agree
    • Agree
    • Neutral
    • Highly disagree
    • Disagree
  • Grievances are responded on time
    • Highly agree
    • Agree
    • Neutral
    • Highly disagree
    • Disagree

From the result it can be interpreted that the contribution of customer relationship management in the operational activity of the Easy Jet is satisfactory. As most of the customers are in favor of the survey conducted. They are impress by the performance of the airlines. The key factor in the success of this organization is the focus on improving the services relating to the customer satisfaction (Toma, 2016). Due to tough completion in the market, it becomes important to anchor oneself in the completion. So it can be said that due to the effective and efficient customer relationship management all the matter relating to the performance and success of the organization are taken into consideration in Easy Jet.


Through this report it was look after that the importance of customer relationship management in the operational and day to day activities of the organization encompasses great importance. This research helps to know about the research conducted about the customer relationship management helps to organization to focus on one of the key factor that is important is every respect to the success of the organization. It is important for every organization to stick to their old customers simultaneously making new customers as well. This subject can only be achieved if sufficient customer relationship management was existed in the organization. In this research it was seen that Easy Jet an airline industry heavily focuses on the success of   the organization. For this purpose, this organization focuses on the management of relation of customers with the organization (Nijssen, Schepers & Belanche, 2016). And the result of the research was successful. It was seen the efforts made by organization in maintaining the customer relationship. But for the future growth of the organization it is important that the success of the company be maintained or increased. This purpose can be achieved only through making proper decision in future for the growth.

  • ?For the future growth, company has to make new and effective strategies to maintain its position in the market.
  • It is also to consider the new competition that may arise in future as the new organization may provide better customer relationship services to the passengers.
  • New and innovative technology is also required to be used such as the software of customer relationship management be used and updated time to time. Apart from the software, other advanced technology should be used and implemented in the organization (Siu, 2016).
  • Organization is required to be more flexible and accustomed to the changes. These changes and scenario should be adopted in a proper time limit. As if proper steps are not adopted in proper time then best opportunity would be missed.

In future, the research in relation to this subject shall be the adoption of new technology within time limit adopted in the organization named Easy Jet. It will also be focused how flexible the organization is for the adoption of these techniques.

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In this research all the data collected, analyzed and review effectively and efficiently. It was properly analyzed that all the data related to questionnaire was collected in a correct manner. Most of the customers were satisfied with the performance of the company on large scale. But there were customers who were unsatisfied. So it become important for the airline company to focus to achieve the areas in which that they still lack in producing outcome .in overall it can be concluded on the basis of this report it can be  that the customer relationship management possess the great importance in the success of the Easy Jet.


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