Unit 37 Digital Image Creation Development Assignment Solution

Unit 37 Digital Image Creation Development Assignment Solution

Unit 37 Digital Image Creation Development Assignment Solution


Diploma in Computing and Systems Development

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Unit 37 Digital Image Creation and Development

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Level 5


This report will be introducing the Primary and Secondary sources of image. Distinguishing between primary and Secondary sources of image is the most important step to understand the process of data image collection which is further modified and edited. Furthermore, understanding the technical and aesthetic facets of digital image also hold importance.
All these features have been well integrated and presented in user-friendly manner for better understanding. Tables and illustrations have also been incorporated so as to clarify the basics and theories pertaining to digital image.


3.1 Use of software tools to manipulate digital images

Digital images can be altered using software tools. It basically enhances the quality of the image and does not take away the originality. The most frequently used software is Adobe photoshop.With the help of the various features of these  softwares, one can easily modify the images. It can also change the attributes. We are showcasing these manipulations using Adobe Photoshop.Adobe Photoshop is commonly used by visual professionals. It aids them to add a fine touch to the modified version of image to achieve professional look (Sachs, 1996).

Digital Image Creation and Development

Digital Image Creation and Development

Original Image

The image can be modified in following ways


Digital Image Creation and Development

Digital Image Creation and Development

Cropping of image means extracting a particular portion of the original image. This is effective and is used to get a clear view of the certain portion of the picture which we think is important. Facebook also prompts the users to crop the profile picture into a square shaped image. Though if the image is very small in size, there are chances for it to get pixelated.

2.  HUE

Hue refers to the structure of basic properties of color. Green, red, blue, Yellow.

Digital Image Creation and Development

Hue images


Saturation depicts the intensity of the light in turn effecting the color to be darker or lighter in tone. A spectrum consists of lights of varying wavelengths. Thus, the level of saturation depends upon the combination of the intensity of light corresponding to the wavelengths.

Digital Image Creation and Development



Digital Image Creation and Development


This feature allows to write text or draw images on the existing image. this might be used to highlight some important portion in the image. Photoshop has various options of free hand paint tools.

Digital Image Creation and Development

3.2 Prepare Image files for output

After all the modification, one must process the image files for output.
A color model is created corresponding to RGB. It is highly important as it pertains to real time features.
SOFT COPYwherein color correspond to RGB spectrum
HARD COPYwherein the spectrum corresponds to CMYK
CMYKis better is than other formats.High quality images require PNG formats. Dynamic images require GIF format. For printing purpose CMYK shall be considered.
Storage of images is another facet. CDs and DVDs are used for storage purposes. CDs may become unusable after some time because of wear and tear. hence DVDs are preferred. Images can also be stored in memory cards of DSLRs, and mobile phones. The card reader can be used for accessing the memory card in other devices as well as for transferring the images (Jahne, 2005).

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Digital images have become an important channel of expression in today’s world of globalization. Numerous thoughts and views are exchanged through the use of digital images. As a matter of fact, photography has become a great source of income for those with little knowledge of photography. Digital images show us the path to the person’s thought process and gives an insight to one’s mind. The way an individual perceives a view and conceives it through a digital image reflects a lot about the thinking and the personality of an individual  Hence, it can be rightly said that digital image has become an important mode of communication which is artistic yet self explanatory.
We shall now take a look into other facets of digital images corresponding to current scenario.

4.1 Own use of digital images in meeting the requirements

This sub-section discusses the design constraints of digital images, their considerations and originality.
Design Constraints
The design constraints takes care of the enhancement of the quality of pictures. The availability of free and paid softwares has made this possible. Adobe photoshop is the most effective software used in this. Online photo editors are also available. While designing the images one should always take into account the size constraint which is limited to 10 pixels.

Color correction

It is been taken care by Adobe photoshop. the originality of the image  should not be lost while color correction. The enhancement shall not diminish the main perception. Color correction consists of Layering, filtering, saturation and creating hue. 


Original images are captured and then processed. They are primarily edited, modified and altered using Adobe photoshop. It is made mandatory that the original essence of any image is not lost.
The points to be kept in mind:

  1. the original essence of the image should not be lost.
  2. Too much of editing leads to artificial image, hence diminishing the originality.
  3. Pixel size should be maintained
  4. Design Constraints in terms of storage size and capacity should be kept in mind
  5. Legal and authorised used of digital images. Clicking of vulgar digital images is punishable (Russ, 2001).

4.2 Others’ use of digital images in meeting specified purposes.

The use of secondary digital image is also allowed herein. It is thereafter modified using Adobe photoshop. The internal characteristic of digital images leads to lesser design constraints. Others have used images of higher pixels which allows easier altering of images. As there is filtered stage in secondary sources, design constraints are less. It can be thus concluded that depending on the medium and nature of use, digital images can be used differently.
In this part, we will be analysing the work of my colleague. In his project, he has emphasized more on primary images; hence, due to the lack of good photographic devices, he failed to produce good quality images. Therefore, the images taken by him are of lesser pixels. Even if Adobe Photoshop is used to edit and modify those images, the quality might not be improved much. However, higher color correction methods have been executed at the maximum possible level. Most of the images used by him abided by the Copyright laws as there was no need to credit sources.
As we already discussed digital images have become important tool in the mode of communication. It caters to expression of thoughts, ideas etc.
They play an important role even in the new age cinematography. Animation films, advertisements, banners earn a lot of revenue and helps in economic growth. Insted of painting images and using it as a banner or advertisement, the new age software have made it much easier. It is the new world of digitization. Storing digital images is no more a challenge, thanks to the new age mini chips with Tbs of storage space.
Digital images are quite vocal and effective in spreading awareness regarding any social or political change. Visual demonstration has a better impact on minds rather than verbal or written media. Illustrations regarding anything and everything is carried out and has proved to be effective.
Moreover, it has been a boon for the medical world. Digital imaging has helped to faster detection of any medical emergency and has been instrumental in saving lives.GPS system has helped in tracking a particular location thus helping reducing criminal activities to an extent. In a greater perspective, movement of celestial bodies can also be detected and has opened a horizon in the field of Science and technology.


The report concludes that digital imaging has brought about the age of digitization and has technologically brought an advancement in the human breed.
This report discusses the sources of digital images i.e. primary sources and secondary sources.   Digital images have an edge of over traditional images in terms of better storage and processing chance etc. Moreover, it has been integrated with visual illustrations of various kinds of image alteration .
The report has also been able to showcase the importance of digital images in the different fields and the way it meets the prescribed objectives . Hereafter, the report has described all the aspects of digital images and its need in today’s world


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