Unit 37 Digital image Assignment

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment


Diploma in Business

Unit Number and Title

Unit 37 Digital image

QFC Level

Level 5


In this research several data is collected and various primary and secondary data are used to come up with effective uses of sophisticated technologies. Various information is collected which depicts the actual uses of digital images and its constraints in capturing the images. Digital images has been very much useful in helping corporate world and industry in their communication activities. In digital image assignment report we have describe several tools and techniques and other constraints for the better understanding of the digital images.

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Task 1

1.1 Digital image sources

Digital images are the virtual format which is used to evaluate several needs and demand of this sophisticated technologies.  The Creation of digital images with the aid of capturing prices is called digital capturing. In this process user capture picturess an images with the help of camera and tablets.

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 1

Capturing pictures or images is more an art than science. With the increasing uses of technologies and sophisticated need of the people all over the world it is observed that varies digital tools and devices have made easy to capture images and pics with high quality. High quality of the images depends upon the pixels uses in the cameras.In addition to this various recital format and use of other media has assisted in changes the density of images and increase the quality of images. Digital images have been used with several other technologies. Uses of other advanced technology such as analogue medium results into extraction from other images at large a digital image may be extracted from another image.

Primary sources of the digital images

This captured image of this animal was done in the light and based on the real activities in the forest. The user who was capturing the image with the advanced camera was adamantine with the full of experience of the event of this. After capturing the image further proceeding made with other tools to enhance the quality of the images and this process is called digital imaging these images are stored and used further in digital imaging.

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 2







This is an image clicked by a digital camera. This is a primary source of digital image
Scanners: This devise is quite essential to covert the hard copy into soft copy also called digital image. It is the automated working machine and helps to copy the data and images by working on the principle of photo- Illumination.  In this data is put into the machine and with the help of leaser light all the data is captured and converted into Image.

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 3

Digital Cameras: Highly developed camera which provides the best clarity of the picture. This is the most demanding camera which is used by photo-phallic person. In addition to this it is comprised of more dynamic with high resolution provides the rotational benefits to the magnificent lens capturing in determined approach.

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 4

Mobile phone tablets:This is the most suitable video camera and used by each and every one to capture the images. In this with the single click one could easily grab the identified information in determined approach.

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 5

Webcams: It is used to capture the person’s image and directly transfer to other located users. This is more of capturing pic for remembering purpose but provide direct transiting of light captured image to other. It is used to make video chat with the help of internet connectivity.

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 6
Secondary sources of digital Images

The set of information that collected from the existing available data sources is known as secondary sources and it make inclusion of all journals, articles, reports and any other document. These documents get accessed in order to get the set of information that help in extracting adequate information set.

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 7  

                                                  fig - secondary source of digital image.  

It become very difficult to create differentiation among the primary and secondary sources of the images because there are number of factors that put influence over them.

  • Mobile tablets: - It is the most utilized tool these days as with the use of it information is accessed easily from anywhere. With the use of mobile tablets user access the internet and review the journal or article or anything that is needed by him/her. It provide easy accessibility and become major tool for accessing secondary sources in effective manner. There are various tools available in the tablet that helps in modifying or editing the information as per the requirement.
  • Video Camera: - Users make use of the video camera for different purpose that help them out in getting the information through secondary sources. Video camera is utilized for capturing videos in which user might record the important pages from the book or journal or magazine.
  • Still camera: - Users make use of still camera for the purpose of getting images of the important pages of the books or anything important that get reviewed in order to satisfy the requirement. It become effective tool that helps in getting adequate set of information from different secondary sources and get utilized effectively.

1.2 Creating digital image from source

Digital images are the most suitable format which is used by each and every users to store the valuable and precious images. In the creation of digital images there are various sources are used such as photographic devices which provides digital images by just one click. Other sources such as welcome, video camera, scanner. There are following uses and sources for capturing the digital images

  • Webcams: It provides the best suitable device to scan the images of user and transfer it to other located places connected with the internet. There are several set of webcams are  developing manager  in market which is used by users to make video chatting with other persons.
  • Mobile Tablets: In this fast moving world all the users prefer to use mobile tablets to capture pictures. These are the most suitable tool which are used by several users at every position and at any places. Now a day's Mobile tablets are comprised of Adobe Photoshop and other apps which provides the best quality enlargement of images.
  • Scanner:This is the device which is used to convert the hard copy into soft copy. With the help of lighting effect Device convert all the documents and images insert into the device to the soft copy. It is the photo illumination device which helps in transferring hard copy into soft copy.
    • Sheeted Scanners:This provides the useful conversion of hard documents into soft copy.
    • Flatbed Scanners: This scanners are big in size. These are highly sophisticated tools which are useful for capturing and making copy of legal and statutes documents.
    • Photo Scanners:This type of photo scanners are used to convert the hard images into soft tools. In this scanners hard copy of images are place inside and then scanner convert that data into soft format.

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Task 2

2.1 Formats and fundamentals

The formats are the key intent of sites and websites and in preparation of banners and brochures are comprised of different formats which is used for different sizes and determined application.

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 8







Banners: It is used to make promotional activities and helps in imparting the valuable information to clients either offline banner or offline banner. Banners are concerned with different information and follow a certain set of formats:

  • JPG images is used to prepare the best suitable banner
  • JPG are more suitable format for the preparation of banner than PNG format.
  • It is concerned with less time consuming process for the preparation of banners.
  • Online Banner: Online banner are the most effective banner which helps in connecting with clients either on mails and sending MMS the size of the banner is dependence upon the use of clients. Ideally the size of the banner should be 72 PX and JPG format is used to make effective distribution view websites to clients.
  • Printed Banner: These are the paper bases banner comprised of TIFF or CDR format. Ideally minimum resolution of banner should be around 300PX.
  • Logo: Logo are the symbol which depicts the trademarks. It is prepared with the help of following PNG format.

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 09

Brochures: Brochures is the most suitable format which is used to depict the all the relevant information of user. Therefore its front page should be accordingly prepared with high resolution as it contains all the requiredinformation at front page. Brochures should be prepared in CRD and PSD format in the at least resolution of front and cover page should b 300 PX (Mudassar, et. Al., 2016).

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 10

Image processing is comprised of several process which are essential in the increment of quality of image and enhance the image. There are various process which are followed to increase the quality of the image (Farhan & Junaid,  2016).

Starting with the process of image capturing. This is comprised of clicking he images with the help of cameras. On the other hand clicking images and then gather process is started with the help of frame grabber then pre stages works are taken to increase the quality of the images, which is done to enhance the quality of images.  In this process several drawback such as low brightness, blur images, less smoothness are diminished and a perfect image is developed. In the end of completion of this process label and regulation is done on the pictures so that different identification of pictures could be done. Mainly there are several file formats such as JPG, PNG and RAF. Bit map formats have been taken into consideration in this report. Vector image is comprised of objectives which depicts the each and every lines accompanied with number of points and interconnection. It results into formation of locus held line on the other hand  processing image data are different in nature. There are several benefits which are depicted as below:

  • Essential for animation and effects purpose.
  • No loss of image while capturing.
  • Easy to create and provides high quality.
  • Fulfill the expectation of user with the captured images
  • Either in printed or in soft copy images are clear and portray the true originality of the object (McCormick  & Lord,  2010).

2.2 Digital management technique to store imagery

With the increasing use of digital image several people have been facing the storage problems in determined approach there for there are various online and offline storage system has been developed throughout the time. This management system is created with the particular need don demand of the users in storing and keeping digital images safe and sustainable.

There are several movement technique to store images given as below:

  • Adjusted storage: This is the most suitable storage format which is used to protect the digital image in determined approach. There are several removable devises which could be used such as DVD, CD, USB and other blue ray devices to keep the digital images safe and durable. Uses of USB has taken a privilege in this computer developed environment at large.
  • Clouds Storage: Clouds Storage is the effective mean to keep the data and images safe on the identified platform.  The uses of clouds to keep the information safe has become the most imperative mean but in order to access the photos there has to use internet therefore due to this limitation it has become tough for the users at large. Several platform such as Google developed clouds, social media and trump box are the most effective example.
  • Offline Storage: USB, HARD disk and other boxes could be used to store the images offline. For this one should either transfer it’s fie in hard copy then keep the images safe at determined places

Before choosing the most suitable format of photo storage one should be keeping consideration over the size of the images and its volume. Compression is the technique which is used to reduce the size of the images accordingly. Mostly there are find only two type of compression such as Loss Compression, lossless Compression They are of two types: a) Lossy compression b) Lossless Compression. Both Compression are different at their places and provides different uses likewise. Lossy Compression is accompanied with risk of getting images diminished while reducing the size. On the other hand lossless Compression is safer and keep images safe. Therefore lossless Compression is being identified the most suitable Compression. In addition to this Adobe Light room is also one of the best example for the storage of images in digital form and assist user to arrange them in organized manner (Abdolmaleky, et. Al., 2017).

There are several tips has been given below to organize images in determined approach:

  • Streamline: the most needed and useful images are save in determined memories. In addition to this Google clouds and I- Phone valets are the most storage channels which could also be used.
  • Tagging images: In this intimal words are the most useable for capturing the location of image.
  • The process: With the increasing use of digital image it has found that several problems and hurdles have come into consideration in tackling and storing captured image. Sometime due to virus and breakdown in tools may results into loss of huge level of images. Therefore in order to maintain such problem we would adopt Management information system. It is computer developed plan which is developed in order to keep the data safe and protected on sustainable basis (Bowen, 2014).

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 11

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 12

Metadata of the image

Task 3

3.1 Use of software tools to manipulate digital images

There are number of software available in market that get utilised for different purpose such as alteration, modification and manipulation of digital images. The most utilised as well as popular software for performing these kinds of activities is "Adobe Photoshop". This software add value to the image instead of reducing its quality.

Users make effective use of these kinds of software for the purpose of modification or alteration in images. It reduces the chances of getting damaged.

Adobe Photoshop is an professional tool in order to modify or alter the images and in the below report it get utilised in order to modify the attributes of the images.

Orginal Image: The Kingsmills Hotel is a Historic 4 star hotel located in London. A historic hotel image is taken from sky scraper city forum where so many historic hotels are compared.

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 13

                        Courtesy: The Historical Hotels Thread,

An image can be modified in the following ways:
 Cropping is a very useful tool when your image size is big and you just want a section of that image. Cropping tool just cut the image from sides.

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 14

It is very famous tool for websites where uploading image dimensions are pre-defined. Such website use this tool to cut the image to fit it in defined area of website for example profile picture, profile banner on social website etc.
Resize:Changing in dimensions of an image is called resizing. It is very basic tool which is present in all the image editing software. Resizing tool is useful everywhere like graphics, websites, magazines etc.

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 15

This tool is handy when layout is predefined and images need to placed accordingly.

Blur: Blur is a part of filter tool present in Adobe Photoshop. Recently designers are using this tool very frequently to highlight something. DSLR cameras also work on this fundamentals. They simply blur all the image expect focused area which make it more beautiful. Many banners on website are designed using this filter. For example you just blur the university in the background and put one good quality student image over it to make a banner for university website.

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 16

Image text: Image text is a tool which is used to write a text over image. It is very useful for social media where users are allowed to share your image only. Many gags are designed using this feature.

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 17

Saturation:Saturation is a very important tool in Adobe Photoshop. Saturation of an image can be adjusted using intensity of light. By changing wavelength of light gives you different type of image. Image shown at left is adjusted at -65 saturation to original image.

Hue: Every color can be defined using 3 base colors RGB (Red, Green and Blue) by varying different proportion of these color. Hue effect is based on these attributes of colors only. For example image shown on left is changed by increasing yellow percentage using hue effect.
Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 18

Color enhancement: The overall mixture of colors in an image is changed using the color balance feature in Adobe Photoshop. This feature altered the intensity of the colors. This feature can be used in cameras as well and can be adjusted before clicking a picture.

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 19

Paint:Brush, pencil, stamp etc tools can be used to paint on an image in Adobe Photoshop. These tools are helpful to draw anything on the image so make it more attractive and useful.

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 20

3.2 Prepare Image files for output

There are number of measures need to be considered before talking over image file output. Some of these measures are: -

  • During alteration there should be value added in image.
  • There should be no compromise or reduction in the image quality due to modification.
  • The quality of image should be increased instead of reduction
  • There should be enhancement in image quality like clarity in colors after alteration
  • After alteration there should be adequate improvement within the overall quality of image such as Brightness, contrast and saturation

Formats of Image file: -

There are numerous formats are available that get utilized for different purposes such as: -

  • GIF and PNG: These formats get utilized when there is a requirement of high quality images. GIF is utilized for the purpose of high quality website publishing.
  • RGB:It is utilized for the purpose of storage only and it is also considered that it provide real time image quality. It get preferred for the purpose of soft copy format.
  • CMYK: This format is preferred for printing purpose and mostly preferred over other formats.

The size of images should be large enough so that it get utilized for various different prospective such as printing large banners or flux boards. Along with this these images also get utilized for producing high quality text and pictures such as hoardings, etc. In order to maintain the picture quality of large pictures there is requirement of high resolution.CD's and DVD's are effective devices that get used for storing images. DVDs are preferred over the CDs as they attain huge storage space as compare to CDs. Along with this there are some additional storage devices are available such as pen-drive and hard-disks as these are also utilized for storing images. These devices are commonly utilized by the users for storing as well as transferring the images to other users.

Photoshop key features:

Below are some key features discussed related to the Photoshop such as: -

  • Adobe Photoshop enhance the quality of image with the use of its feature "blur reduction".
  • It render effective level of support or guide in order to make use of it in effective manner. Every item is locked under smart guide and with the click over it, it helps by suggesting.
  • It renders different fonts that help in altering the missing fonts in order to match the other available text.
  • It is an effective software as it can perform almost any activity with the help of online media. It make adequate level of alteration within the normal visual communication and enhance its quality to an optimum level.

Task 4

Digital image is the most sophisticated use of several tools for the betterment of each and every life. But the quality and other factors of digital image depends upon the tools, camera or tablet used for capturing the image. Lower the quality of camera then lower the digital image quality will be and vice-versa.

4.1 Own use of digital images in meeting the requirements

 In this complexity of the world there is requirement to adapt with this sophisticated technology.  In order to make effective image quality there is adopted newly developed Design constraints. There are several examples are there such as Adobe Shopper, Retrial. But the only limitation is felt in this digital image is that it get blur due to high density of size there Design constraints  needs to keep its size to the extent to make its quality better. Color correction, image sharpness, layering and other intents are taken into consideration. The following ensure to maintain the originality of an image:

  • Design constraints needs to maintain the size of the image in order to maintain the quality of image.
  • Color correction are the key intent of digital image.
  • Use of digital application are the most effective use of Design constraints.

There are so many hurdles comes into consideration which was observed during the collection of primary and secondary data sources of digital image. On the other hand several research n methodology is being used to evaluate the digital image use and its effective intent in determined manner. Several parts and sub parts are identified for understanding the complete use of Adobe Image, Photoshop, and other apps.  It had taken lot of time in exploring new quality and intent of the newly developed apps with Design constraints. In addition to this it took a lot to complete research on the matter of Design constraints. Several professionals’ advice, and other secondary sources have been identified for the betterment of my research program. Collection of the information primary and secondary sources are the basic pillar in order to come up with the uses of digital Photoshop other design constraints. However, due to several problems and hurdles which come through during this research have helped me to get the deep understanding over the digital Photoshop (Boxer& Staecker, 2016).

4.2 Others use of digital images in meeting specified purposes.

Digital image has been gaining momentum throughout the time. With the help of digital image several problems has been overcome error in such as  marketing communication  and corporate presentation. Marcella Tiran is the person who have helped me to identify the several uses of digital photo shops. In addition to this several Design constraints have shown how imperative use of digital image could be for the betterment of the future. Throughout the time I and my mates have come up with the report on the digital images. Marcella Trifan and I have gone through several hurdles and problems in order to come up with the Digital Photoshop use and its quality intent for the betterment of the work. Several limitations, and strong report have been prepared on the basis of collection of secondary and primary sources. Proper equilibrium and balance has been made in making a deep study on the matter of digital images and preparing a complete study over the matter of Digital constraints. Throughout the task and increasing the ramification of given time it is observe that use of mobile tablets and low level of camera could depict the low quality of captured iamge.apart from that she has faced several problems and complication in the completion of her task such as capturing pics and other images. The most imperative part is she has used the live nature captured in her image and identified the core of nature by reflecting the quality of image (Rediet, et. Al.,  2011).

Unit 37 Digital image Assignment 21

However, difficulty has been faced by her in Task 3; while conducting the same, she has found it difficult to click classroom images and the same can be seen in her work. The work seems callous in Task 3, which presents a back view image of the student sitting in a classroom. But, the most appreciable fact is the use of life like images for the project. Moreover, attribution has also been made to a good extent in the project. Use of projectors, high definition camera and the clear lighting are the most suitable for her pic capturing section.

Digital image and camera loading has portrayed its imperativeness in this sophisticated world such as corporate working system, cinemas and online shopping’s. In addition to this several political parties and other corporates bodies are taking very much big help y using digital image in their sales plan. With this ramification of changes digital media have proved to be much of helps either in dispersion of information, education or for entrainment at large. Now a day’s uses of GPS system and technical tools are comprised of image captured with the aid of setline. Therefore digital image has provided very much help to make individuals life easier than ever. In addition to this people all over the world use this digital image for capturing their most valuable and precious time in their laptop and mobiles for the time being in force (Fridrich  & Kodovsky,  2012).

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With the adamantine study over the matter of digital Photoshop it is observed that each and every individual is taking use of this intent for the betterment of their life. Digital image has pivotal role to play in this corporate and sophisticated world. Various data and information has been collected from primary and secondary resources which has proved much of help in identification of digital constraints and other intent in determined approach.  Now in order to conclude it would be said that digital image is the very much help in  decision making  each and every life better and effective.


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