Unit 31 E-Business Operations Assignment

Unit 31 E-Business Operations Assignment

Unit 31 E-Business Operations Assignment


In the business world the biggest thing that has to be done by any organisation is that they have to ensure that they are always in line with the technology that runs in the market since using the latest form of technology helps the organisation to have a high level of efficiency in the company and also at the same time maintain a good image of the company in the minds of the people. In this Unit 31 E-Business Operations Assignment we will discuss the scope of computerized systems for working in an organisation that has recently upgraded their working systems as per the running trends.

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Task 1

1. How customer enquiries and orders (B2C) are managed by the computer system and Web Site.

Walking on Wood (WOW) is a company that has recently upgraded their working style and now all the customers of the company can enquiry about their orders and also the products of the company through the means of the website of the company. This will make the work of the employees a lot easier and the customers can at any time at all times, enquire about their orders from the company and stay up to date with the processes. This is best fort he company as well since the employee skills of the company will have more dependable records according to the systems which has very less probability of committing any types of mistakes that could happen in placing and processing the orders. For the customers, they will be at all times, aware of the situation of their order and what the employees of the company are doing of their products. (Illia Business, n.d)

2. How integrating supplier price lists and placing orders (B2B) are managed by the computer system and Web Site.

Another thing that the company of Walking on Wood (WOW) has indulged in through the means of technology is that they have not only made themselves available to the customers of the company but also to other companies that want to have business relationships with them and all this ahs been done by the means of technology and the website of the company. The benefit for this technology to the company of Walking on Wood (WOW) would be that the company will become more approachable to the other businesses that are looking forward to dealing with them. On the website the company has updated all the details of the company that makes it reliable and which is needed by the other companies at the time of making their decisions. For the other companies, it will make their choices a lot more easy to finalise which is a rarity in the market.(Brooks, 2013)

3. How contracts to supply are negotiated.

In the business market, the biggest thing that all the companies have to do is that they have make sure that they maintain all the records of the dealings that they have in the market which are needed at the time of audit of the company. The use of technology is one thing comes in very handy at these times since it enables the companies to maintain computerized records that do not any kind of manual labor. When it comes to the negotiation of the contracts, emails and instant messaging proves to be very easy to have discussions and conversations since they do not require any time or money. Another thing that comes out of using operations of technology for the purpose of negotiating contracts is that the employees of Walking on Wood (WOW) do not have to put much effort in maintaining the paperwork or having the record of the deal. (Geisheker, 2013)

4. How systems are integrated to provide price lists updates in real time.

The biggest challenge that the management of Walking on Wood (WOW) was facing in the operations of the company was that they had to put in a lot of manual effort in just finding the right prices that were going on in the market. Another problem that was being experiences by the management of Walking on Wood (WOW) was it was getting difficult for the customers to know about the charges that the company has for the products that they offer. This is the reason that the company offers prices on the website. The website has software that it is already connected with the online portal of the market and immediately picks up the changes on the table and then it is automatically being updated on the company. In this way the website of the company always has the right prices that are to be charged for the products. (Word Stream, n.d.)

5. How e-procurement is managed.

When it comes to conducting business on the e-business and internet methods, there are many different things that have to be considered at the same time and the management of the company that indulges in this type of business needs to be very careful about the decisions that they make regarding their operations and they even have to consider the security aspects of the transactions because there are many different frauds also that can take place when it comes to conducting business by the means of the internet. In order to prevent that the employees along with the management of Walking on Wood (WOW) need to continuously study the development that takes up in the market but also the security measure that need to put in place in order to ensure that the interest of the company along with that of the customers is safe at all times and there are no frauds. (Hermansen, 2014)

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In order to conclude this Unit 31 E-Business Operations Assignment I would like to say that internet and e-business is one of the most developed and dependable factors that run in the business world and almost all the organisations in the market use the technology that is available at their disposal in one way or the other to develop the operations and the goals of the company for the future. The technology that any company uses can be one of the greatest factors in the company if all the aspects are properly followed and executed by the employees and the management of the company.


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