The Internet and E-Business

Unit 29 The Internet and E-Business Assignment Brief


The aim of this assignment is to check learners understanding of the internet and how e-business/e-commerce can be used in organisations.
The unit introduces learners to the scope of e-commerce and the benefits it offers to an organisation through the different business models. It also provides sufficient understanding of internet technology for learners to appreciate the potential, and the limitations, of using the interment for business. The features of good website design are also covered.
Moreover, learners will gain insight into how business help is evolving within the virtual marketplace in order to remain competitive; how the development of a global marketplace impacts on all businesses; and how businesses can take advantage of these opportunities whilst meeting customer expectations.
Assessment Tasks
You are an IT Manager of a growing retail company and your company is planning to invest in E-business/E-commerce. The managing director has asked you to provide a report focusing on and discussing the areas given below:

LO1 Understand the scope of e-business
1.1 Describe the environment in which e-business is conducted and business transaction types
1.2 Explain the benefits and barriers to businesses considering an online presence
1.3 Assess the security and legislative issues facing an online business organisation
1.4 State the modes of communication available to an e-business and their applications
LO 2 Understand how the internet works
2.1 Explain the internet technologies and their importance in making an e-business successful
2.2 Explain the main features of HTML
2.3 Analyse the functions of client servers and browsers, and the role of the search engine
2.4 Evaluate the use of intranets and extranets within business communications
LO 3 Be able to use different e-business models
3.1 Illustrate the different e-business models that can be used to generate revenue for a business
3.2 Analyse each model in terms of its capacity to generate revenue
3.3 Report on future developments in e-business models
LO 4 Be able to use good website design
4.1 Use the key elements of good web design structure
4.2 evaluate the impact of a well designed website to an e-business
4.3 Report on the issues concerning website usability.