Unit 3 Organization and Behaviour Assignment - Capco

Unit 3 Organization and Behaviour Assignment - Capco

Unit 3 Organization and Behaviour Assignment - Capco


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Unit 3 Organization and Behaviour - Capco

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Level 5


Present era of this world is comprised of wide range of industries and organization that has been running their business in order to earn profit and satisfying clients on sustainable basis. In this unit 3 organization and behaviour assignment Capco we will be discussing how Capo is making its consistent efforts for the betterment of clients and company. Capo is capital market company engaged in providing services regard with the technology and other ancillary assistance services in the capital market and founded by Rob.  Present CEO of the company is Lance levy who is making his vigorous efforts in managing company in efficient manner.  In this report program we will be sharing our views and company’s working style in order to develop a positive culture and organization behavior for making ethical decision that has horizontal inclination in compliance with the corporate governance at the global level.  in the middle of this report we will see how different policies and strategic plans are developed by the company so that proper working channel in productive manner could be managed in the several sub process channel of the Capco. In the Annual return of several years it is found that company has been setting up its business channel in various countries therefore in this case company’s culture and organization behavior are managed and forwarded in customized manner in context with the interest of the stake holder of the company.

Unit 3 Organization and Behaviour Assignment - Capco


1.1 Compare and contrast CAPCO’s structure and culture with another organization of your choice. Show the differences and similarities in these two organizations?

According to Todd, S. 2013, Capco has been running its business since 1998 with the two set objectives that is earning high amount of profit and also providing best services to the clients in order to prove itself on the sustainable basis. Capco has been covered in the blue chips companies in context with the market share price of the company in the financial market. In order to become a leading company it has developed an effective structure and culture for the betterment of the company and motivation of the employees in all the process system.

  • Culture- It is the complete set of values, belief, and working style that is being managed with the issued rules and policies formulated at top level of the company.
  • Organization’s structure- it is the complex set of functional channel that is being engaged in order to discharge assigned works in well and sophisticated manner. There are various structures such as functional structure, matrix structure, project structure, etc.




Matches between both the company


It is being found in 1998 for providing technological services in the financial market.

International business marketing  machine that was founded in 2012 for the providing technical products and services.

 Both are engaged in providing technical services therefore team building and training channel are working at the same note.

Traditional approach

Capco is the leading company engaged in providing services all over the world in U.K. company is being following decentralized working approach in which employees are at their liberty to take tactical decisions for the better productivity of the company.

IBM is the newly incorporated company in which all the imperative decisions are taken by the top management even though recurring nature of the problems are sought out by the process leader by their own.

Companies has been following different traditional approach but in terms of providing a good motivation to employees all the process related decisions are taken by team manager with the consultation of employee.

Working system

In Capco decentralization in the power is adopted in all process channels.

In IBM only centralized approach is adopted but in the current news delegation of power matters has been put in the resolution in the upcoming general meeting of the company.

Even though the working system of both companies is different but they are found to be similar in providing ethical consideration and code of conduct of the company working system.


Capco has been setting up its business channel all over the world its culture in different countries depicts and several changes but they are mostly influenced by the standard working style and set policies of the Capco.

IBM has global culture consisted with employees values belief and their own set working style in several value chains. But employees need and demand are taken into consideration to the extent of the company.

Being in the global context organizations has been following global culture to the extent with the slight changes as per the company’s value and belief.

Other aspects

Legal matters, code of conduct of the company and employees working ethics are the utmost imperative when company make revaluation program in any of the working channel of the company.

IBM has followed a global code of conduct and working style in order to give high competition to the international rivals but has failed to generate its own self generated code of conduct.

Both companies are vigilant with all the legal requirements and international laws and have set up a separate legal department in order to handle legal issues.

Structure channel

Capco follow following structure in context with the internal and external demand factors.

  • Matrix structure
  • Project structure
  • Functional structure

IBM being the newly company comparatively ahs followed centralized structure in the decision taking and in the functional level decentralized approach is being followed.

Companies have been following different organization structure as per the demand and need of the micro and macro economical factors for the time begun in force.

With the help of the above study we could easily take a good glace at the Capco’s and IBM’s structure and how they reciprocate with the different variable in the environment. Therefore it could be said that Capco covers all the values, belief, set of ethics and corporate governance for the sustainable development of the company (Goka, et. Al.,  2015).

1.2 Explain how the relationship between CAPCO’s struture and culture can impact on the performance of the business.

According to  Business Management  styles and success", 2014 Capco has been running its business since the very long time in order to earn good amout of profits and providing best assistance to the clients int eh finacial market. It is the well understandign fact that orgnization’s culture is highly dependent upon its structure of the working system. Capco’s strucute could be said to be follwing centralised working system that has allowed employees to put their concern and utilization of their power in the company’s geneal meeting when the matters and isuues are put to vote for the future tasks. It is well known fact that culture is the complex set of program that covers how employees interact with other employees in the businiess prmises and what are the do’es and don’t of the coampny, employees’s values beleife annd their cutome, region their working style and so on. This all the matters given in this report has positive and negative realtion with the performance of the business in the long run.

  • Postive and well defined culture that has impactfull nexus with the orgnization’s structure could help in genration of a high level of core compitency in the process working system
  • Effective relation between culture and strucutute becomes the foundation of emergence of the sysenrgy int eh productivity system.
  • Right level of relation between both results into good motivational tools for the emloyees in the differnet process system.
  • It is used a shield in order to safe employees from the possible conflicts and upcoming hurdles in the working process system.
  • Provide assistance in the gernation of positive working enviorment following complete corporate governance.
  • Enhance compnay’s produtivity and the effectiveness of working style for the betterment of the company of the sustainable basis.

A good level of nexus betweeen structure and culture of the Capco provides follwing sub benefits such as.

  • Reduction in the employee’s turnover
  • Cost reduction
  • Gernation of compitative advantage
  • Helps in brand image and increment in the goodwill of the company
  • Emergence of the performace efficencies

1.3 Discuss the factors which influence individual behaviour in CAPCO or in any organization of your choice?

Capco is the leading company that has been running its busienss on the internation level with the more than 3000 plus employees.

factors which influence individual behaviour

Individual behavior- It is the complex set of wants and needs of the employees in the orgnizaiton depends upon the nature and reciprocating action of the individual employees in the orgnizaiton there are various points that could be used to influence the emloyees behaviour.

Employees own factors- it is consited with how employees are taking certain tasks and work in the orgnization. It covers age, gernder, inteligince, ability to work, his caliber, wants and need at the differnet time spans.some other attributes that has very bigh amount of influence on the employees working in the orgnization such as percption, attitudes, beleife, developed values, custome, etc.

Exteranal factors- These are the factors in which orgnization has to opearte its business on the sustainble basisi. It is comprised of follwing factors given as below.

  • Polotical factors- government policies, rules and changes in the political party
  • Enviormetal factors- micro and macro facctors such as purchasingpower, inflatio, minimum wages
  • Social factors- personal values and belife, perception of the employees
  • Technological factors- innovation, creation and development of the coampny working system.

Internal factors- These factors comprised of organization culture and its structure to perform tasks and process work. These are used in order to determine the effectiveness of the process productivity and how efficient employees are in the organization. They are made of setting targets, compliance with law, corporate governance, determined ethics and value of the organization.

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2.1 Compare the effectiveness of the different leaderships at CAPCO and any other organization of your choice?

Capco is very big and leading organization that is being running its business all over the world. In order to establish a proper working channel it is understood that company has to get its work done in well manner with the good assistance of its several employees. Leadership is the intent that helps company to get the work done through the other in well and effective manner. Leadership is not a process but is a key intent for the betterment of the company. There are several theories are given on the leadership with the given time schedule. There are given following points to make an effectiveness of leadership at the Capco and IBM (Conrad & Isaacson, 2015).




Autocratic leadership

 Capco in some of the matters follow this leadership style that has helped in avoiding loss of time and money that could be aroused if the decision taken is wrong.

IBM working structure are centralized therefore company follows only this leadership style. But some time it results into dissatisfaction of the employees.

Democratic leadership

Capco has been running its business only on this leadership style as all the decision either at top management or process level are taken with the complete participation of the employees. This type of leadership style provides assistance in the development of motivational tool for the employees.

IBM follows this leadership style only in some of the cases where employees are considered to be having more knowledge regard with the matters. It helps in identification of the hidden intent of the different participating employees in the organization

Paternalistic leadership

In this type of strategic leadership leaders are deemed to be the well efficient person who provides his best assistance to the employees. Team leader in the Capco follows this type of leadership program.

IBM is following this leadership style to the some extent as all the decision in this type of leadership is taken by the management. The core benefit out of this leadership program is that employees take good advantage of leaders skills and intent

 2.2 Explain how organizational theories (e.g. scientific management and human relations theory) have had influence on the practice of management?

Practice of management- is the complete set of activities that is used in order to formulate business plans and policies for the company. in today’s world where many organization running their business different organizational theories has been developed for the betterment of the company’s working style and overcome the threats coming from fluctuating factors of the organization.

Scientific management theories- This theories is based on works assigned in organization that could be delegated in order to establish a good productive system in the different working process. This management theory helps company to generate a good amount of synergy and productive working style. There are various benefits of applying this management theory in the organization.

  • It provides a support system to the employees when it is actually required to follow standard working path
  • Provides a meaningfully  database analysis  that could be used in order to generation of effective working process chain.
  • Helps Company in providing a clear guidance to the employees for the betterment of functional channel.

Human relation theory- Capco has been using different management theory in order to establish an effective management theory so that an effective channel could be emerged in the company’s value chain activities. Human relation theory helps company to determine a good amount of nexus between employees’ welfare and corporation development. There are various options given in this theory that not only helps employees to put their vigorous efforts for the betterment of the company. With the help of this management theory company generate following outcomes such as.

  • Emergences of synergy in the process productivity system
  • Development of competitive advantage
  • Employee’s motivation
  • Increment of productivity in the several value chains of the company.

2.3 Evaluate the different approaches to management used by CAPCO and your chosen organization?

There is different management approach that is being used by much organization worldwide so that an effective footsteps or standardized system could be developed for the employees working. Capco being the leading company has used this following management approaches in order to give high amount of competition to the rivals in the given market segment (Pacesila, 2014).

Classical management approach- This type of approach is highly used by the leading companies in order to incorporate and determine different policies and framework and providing a right set of objectives and goal to the stakeholder in their memorandum of association and article of association. Classical management approach is the simple way of establishment of rules and regulation and providing a clear path to the employees.

Human relation approach- This approach is used by Capco in order to establish a good management relation with the employees. It helps in establishment of good nexus between employees’ development and company’s welfare at the horizontal level.  This approach depicts that effectiveness and proficiency in the work has positive co relation with the reward system in company process system.

Contingency approach- This approach helps company to develop an effective back up plan if something goes wrong in the process working activities. This kind of approach is used by the company in order to develop a contingent plan so that Capco could be saved from the unforeseen factors in the economy. Various management approaches have different several benefits for the Capco. But the Capco has establish a good line system between classical and contigeny approach so that better effective system could be developed in the company. This management approaches has given a good amount of changes that has been required with this consistent change in U.K. micro and macro factors (Hammersley, 2014).


3.1 Discuss the impact that different leadership styles may have on motivation within period of change?

In the today’s changing environment Capco has to develop a good competitive advantage in order to give a right amount of competition to rivals. There are different ladyship styles that has described as below.

Autocratic leadership style- In this leadership style management and other team leaders take all the decision at their hand. As the name suggests this type of leadership gives ample amount of focus and inclination toward the leaders core intent and their core strength comprised of high level of caliber in the given subject matter. In Capco this type of leadership style is followed in the era of 2000. Some other organization focus on this leadership style and the data depicts that leadership style helps in avoiding high cost investment mistakes.

  • Minimization of cost and employees hurdles
  • Overcome the employees load and their core problems
  • Generation of effective footsteps that could be followed by employees for the betterment of the company
  • No amount of demoralization with the implemented work. ( Fowler,  2016).

Democratic leadership- This type of leadership provides a good amount of participation in the working system of the organization. Proper level of participation of employees in the decision making process is the core value point of this participating leadership style. This leadership style helps company in the following ways (Saeed, et. Al., 2014).

  • Provide employees good amount of assistance in the working activities
  • Helps company to take innovative ideas and plans of the employees in well identified manner.
  • Employees feel motivated when their concerns are taken into consideration by the management.
  • Complete level of responsibilities and authority helps in generation of a proper vigilant channel in the employees working behavior.

Charismatic leadership- This type of leadership style focuses on the leader’s core strength. In this leadership style it is assumed that leaders in the company has sophisticated and outstanding views and critical understanding on the subjective matters. Leaders in this type of leadership style are very effective and outstanding in order to influence the employee’s behavior and working style. However in this type of leadership program employees sometime feel demoralized as their concern and their views are avoided by the leaders (Clargo & Tunstall, 2011).

Servant leadership- There is different type of leadership style various leaders and management in this leadership style focus on the employees working style. They assume that employee in the process system could more efficiently handle their task so it is better to follow their steps than to direct them. This leadership style gives the high level of motivation.

Transformational leadership- In this type of leadership style employee is motivated with the core intent and strength of the leader’s skills and their working style. This is deemed that what leaders shows is the actual standard path for the employees and leaders adopt the way that showcase the best interest to the employees and their motivation program.

3.2 Compare the application of two motivational theories (e.g. Maslow’s & Herzberg theories) within organizational setting?

It is the clear fact that employees are the key pillars in the organization proper running. Different type of working style and employees’ capacity and productivity are the main intent for the sustainable development of the company in the long run. In order to provide right amount of motivation to employees working several value chain of the company management has to use various motivational theory for the betterment of the company and enhancing the productivity of the company. Capco has understood the main objectives or base outcome of application of right amount of  motivational theories  given by different researcher by the time e.g. it provides a best grassroots in avoiding cost reduction, emergence of synergy, development of robust relation between employees and organization. There is seen that in the application of two motivation theories e.g. Maslow’s & Herzberg theories within organization has provided very much help in various sectors that could be described with the help of given fact.  In the complete study of Maslow’s motivation theory regard with the complete complication in Capco has given me a sophisticated and clear idea that each and every employees in organization perform their works in order to accomplish their different separate needs and demands and if their needs do not get satisfied in timely manner then it may result into dissatisfaction, demoralization in work performance or other negative impact could be seen by the time. Maslow in his motivational theory has clearly depicts that employees in the organization is also human and likewise their demand and needs increases with the satisfaction of one need. It is fact that satisfaction of one need results into emergence of new demands and needs with the given criteria. This is the process that helps company to get all the work done on consistent basis from the employees simultaneously satisfying their needs and demand ( Porter, 2016).

In Herzberg motivational theory it is find that there are given some hygiene factors that tell that organization can never find set goal and objectives that showcase the best way to cater employee’s need and demand in order to motivate them for the working and increment of the productivity of the process channel. But there are fact that setting targets and performance chart may result into a motivational tools in the organization if employees archive them in highly manner. But some time setting higher standard and target and failure to archive such targets may result into demoralization of the employees in the working process.

Application of Maslow and Herzberg theory in Capo and its results- In the application of both Theories in Capco has found to be very much help in the different motivation program. Different level of needs and demand of the employees could be catered with the help of proper implementation of motivational theoriesin defined manner. In the implementation of methods depicts by Maslow theories Capco identify the different standard needs and demand of the employees that could be used as an adequate level of driver to increase the performance of the process system and employee’s individual working caliber. Whereas there are some employees and team leaders that are motivated with the help of Herzberg hygiene factors. Capco in order to make good level of motivation in the specified employees set standard targets and needs so that they could be strived to put their best level of efforts for achieving set targets and goal. In the accomplishment of set target company reward them various gifts and incentives some time promotion are found to be the best reward in this type motivational theories (Lacko,  2011).

3.3 Explain the necessity of managers to understand and apply motivation theories within the workplace?

With the wide range of study and sophisticated research program on Capco’s working style and other company tactics I could depict that organization is the complex set of activities that should be managed in well and effective manner otherwise different drastic results could be seen in the different time span of the company. Managers are the key drivers of the company and employee are the key pillars who are accustomed to act as per the direction set by the managers of the company. There are various necessity and need of manager to understand apply a right amount of motivational theories within the workplace (Giltinane, 2013).

Every employees in the company have their individual values and belief therefore in order to motivate employees in the several process managers has to understand which motivational theories will b effective in which process

  • Different motivational theories such as Herzberg‘s need and demand completion theories Maslow‘s hygiene factors and F. Tyler employees self esteem motivation tools are the some of the example that needs to be observed by the mangers.
  • A clear idea over motivational theories gives a complete process to managers so that they could provide best aid to the employees in completion of their needs and demand.
  • Manager with the wide range of information about the employees perception and their way of behavior with different factors can make an easily bifurcation in the employees and their needs.
  • Hygiene factors helps manager to set up a clear level of target and Maslow theories helps in cater employees need and demand in easy and sophisticated manner.
  • These are the most imperative benefits that could be derived by the managers with the help of given motivational theories in today’s world.


4.1 Explain the nature of the groups and group behavior within CAPCO or your chosen organization?

Capco is the leading company that has been working since the very long time in the technical market segment. Various team members and group of employees   are employed in order to accomplish set objective and goals of the company, in the organization and different process system there are two operation measures are found formal group of employees and informal group of employees. Formal group of employees are comprised of employees in the same process channel engaged in production of defined output. These are the group of persons who works for the proper functioning of the organization whereas on the other side there are group of employees covered in the informal group of members who are from different process system but meet at cafeteria, or other places for doing gossips and communicating immaterial information with each other. There is seen that both group of members are equally important for the accomplishment of set objectives as formal groups of persons discharge functions in efficient manner where as informal group of people helps in establishment of amicable behavior between each employees and provide hidden information in the management system of the organization (Wickramasinghe & Perera, 2014). Organization is the complex set of activities and comprised of various group of peoples such as forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning and other group of members are incorporated at the different stages in the process working system. There are various advantages and disadvantages of various groups of employees in the organization 




Provide a right amount of  information and knowledge  to the management level

Helps company to collect data that could be used as a development of troubleshooting program

Less costly and proving creation of innovative idea


Time consuming process

Hurdles in the increment of the productivity of the process

Makes employees leisure and talkative at the office premises

Development of negative behavior and bad impact on the process.

4.2 Discuss factors that may promote or inhibit the development of effective teamwork within CAPCO?

There are various factors that could be defined as below in order to showcase the real impact of these factors in the development of effective teamwork within CAPCO

  • Effective communication- Team building is the process of getting work done with the help of employees employee‘s collected efforts.  A good level of Communication is very much important in the team building and discharging assigned work in systematic manner
  • Culture- It is the comprised set of values and belief set up in organization that has real impact on the proper functioning and organizational behavior
  • Ethics- it is the process of deciding what is wrong and right in the organization activities in the determined manner so that we can individually decide what employees should be doing as per the virtues of the tasks
  • Code of conduct- it is comprised of set activities that define how employees should be discharging their assigned tasks in the given organization.
  • Leadership- Employees in the several teams are the followers of the leaders in the organization. Management in order to overcome the burden of employees and to save their own time appoint different team leader in the various process system. They help employees to identify the best course of action to discharge assigned task.
  • Team building efforts- this is the efforts made by each employee under the guidance of a team leader so that effective results could be derived.

There are various benefits of using an effective team work in the development of the organization such as its helps in the synergy, effective production, and development of amicable relation.

4.3 Evaluate the impact of technology on team functioning within CAPCO?

Organization has various functions to discharge so that a better level of world could be created for the better satisfaction of the clients worldwide. Capco has been showcasing a drastic change in its process system and technologies uses in all the operation of the business. This level of program has helped in creation of wide range of understanding on the uses of new technology and its impact on the development of core competency. In Capco various up level of technology has been used either it is in collection of data, observing employees behavior, development of automation in some fields of the process system and furthermore. With the help of this technology Capco has developed effective cross checking system so that hurdles and problems could be mitigated.  Development of data management system, high level of security and artificial intelligence has proved to be very much helps in the team building of employees and their functioning in the organization. There are various drawbacks that could be seen with the effective implementation of newly generated technology in the company

  • Effective use of ethnology results into the increasing dependency of the employee on each others.
  • Technology has provided a great amount of increment in the employee turnover as experienced employees are very rigid to the changes and them fails to adopt new technology in the process working system.
  • Uses of technology have shown drastic changes in the employees working style that generates confusion in the team working.
  • Increasing use of technology has resulted into high level of risk in the data protecting system and dependency upon each employee to discharge own functions in the value chain activities of the organization.

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With the help of this report I have understood the vast variety of information upon the organization behavior, culture, policies, and article and association of the company. Capco is the leading company coupled with the various set of activities and in order to manage all the functions in right manner company has to develop a standard set of structure in the organization internal environment. Now I would like to conclude my words by saying that organization behavior is completely dependent upon how organization has developed culture and organization structure for the betterment of the company.


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