Unit 3 Health and Safety Policies Assignment

Unit 3 Health and Safety Policies Assignment

Unit 3 Health and Safety Policies Assignment


In this Unit 3 Health and Safety Policies Assignment we are going to discuss about the Health and Safety in workplace and Home and how the different organizations measure the Safety for their employees and also what are the requirements that they need to analyse properly. Also we are going to analyse their varying roles and responsibilities on health and safety policies. Proper charts and tables have also been used for a better understanding.

Task 1

Q 1 - Maintaining health and safety at work:

Health and safety at workplace is very important. Every individual should be aware about the safety measures. The staffs should be aware about the fire drill and reach outside to the safety point during a fire outbreak. The steps for safety measures should be displayed on every wall at the office or workplace. All the staffs should get training regarding first aid and the fire drills. The environment must be clean and safe for the staffs and all the equipments should be placed in their exact safe places. Health and safety inspections should be carried out frequently. The new employees need to be informed about the relevant health and safety information as part of the introduction process during their training period. The Health care organizations are responsible for providing trainings and create awareness about health & safety in the workplace. There also needs to be a few administrative measures in order to control the workplace hazards and the administrative measures should be used with all types of hazards so as to reduce the risk at the workplace (Stellman, 1998). The management develops the policies and procedures but still it does not always ensure that the entire staff follows them. However, it will ensure the workplace safety to a great extent.

Task 2:  Case Study 1

Q 2- Health & Safety Properties that  are important to Mr. W's health:

Mr. W is an old man who is 75 years old is not supposed to live in the home alone because he has a past history of psychiatric illness. He needs to be placed under care by someone who does not make him irritated. He owns a large dog which always keeps growling and barking. Even though he has a dog for safety, he should not keep the door open always as it is not secured for him. A clean and safety environment is very essential but Mr. W’s home and his surroundings were unclean and not safe too. The environment needs to be kept as clean as possible so as to help improve the overall health of Mr. W.

M 1 - Effective approach and research has been used in Health & Safety Policies:

The Health and Safety policies have different approaches and research varying from place to place. From this Case Study, the effective approach of policies which is must is cleaning. Clean environment is the basic need for proper Health. Many of the harmful diseases are spread through an unclean and unhealthy environment(Hughes and Ferrett, 2011). Mr. W is already a patient who has a health issue. So he needs to prevent himself from diseases and needs to reduce the risk factors which will further affect his health badly.

Some ways to reduse the risk factors:

  • Creating and maintaining the surroundings.
  • awareness on health and safety measures.
  • To prevent from diseases, the place should be clean and unusable furniture should be removed from the place which otherwise can cause injuries.
  • Ensure the safe handling in house.
  • Keep the Dog on downstairs for safety purposes.

Task 3:

Q 3 - Organizational Chart as a guide and asses responsibilities:

General policy and responsibility of Organization :

John – Manager who will take care overall responsibility for health and safety


Paul  – Assistant Manager who has to ensure the policy as Day to Day

Statement of general policy


Responsibility of


Managing the health and safety risks in the workplace through preventing from the accidents and cases of work-related ill health


Providing relevant risk assessments and getting it completed by all. Actions arising out of those assessments needs to be implemented.

Providing the clear instructions, information, trainings to ensure employees are capable to do their work



For this, necessary trainings for Staff and subcontractors need to be given in introduction by providing appropriate training. The arrangements which are suitable to cover employees in the place while engaged in work also needs to be implemented.

Discussion with all employees on a daily basis


Paul and

All staff

The staff should regularly participate in discussions on health and safety matters as they take place at review meetings (Hughes and Ferret, 2011).

Implementing  emergency procedures – In case of fire or other similar incidents



Plan the escape routes which is a great safety measure to evacuate people from the building during a fire outbreak. The directions to exit needs to be well-placed and the pathway needs to be clear at all times. The Evacuation plans needs to get tested from time to time.

Marinating safe and healthy working conditions through maintaining plant, equipment and machinery to ensure safe storage



The Toilets, Rest rooms and drinking water are provided and these three basic needs will be placed in a secure place for an emergency purpose. The inspections will take place frequently of maintaining the equipments and machinery to reduce the risk factors.

M 3 - Presentation of the Organizational Chart as appropriate structure and approach:

The development of Health & Safety measures are taken by the management. The Management allocates few positions for Health & Safety purposes. The people who are allocated play a vital role in management for Health & Safety. Those people will report to the management by analyzing the issues in the Organization. They will make the prevention and guide the staffs in order to prevent hazards (Bohle and Quinlan, 2000). Every Individual has the responsibility to have a safety measures. The Organization also needs to implement fire drills frequently.

Activities & Responsibilities Statistics:

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Task 4:

Q 4 - Risk assessment based on the work and analyzes the information:

To manage the health and safety of the organization one must control the risks in the workplace by analyzing the risks that may cause harm to the employees relation. According to the report the management will decide the required policies and law to develop the procedures (Erickson, 1996).

Hazards & decision making:           

What are the hazards?

Who might be harmed and how?

What are you already doing?

Do you need anything else to manage this risk?

Action by Whom?

Complete Where + How?


Visitors may get injured if they slip upon any object

We are transferring few goods and cleared few areas

Need a house keeping always

Staff will monitor

Manager will check the Care centre regularly

Old furniture

The unwanted stuff may harm any people

We are clearing the goods from the stairs.

No, Housekeeping will manage this.

House Keeping will track this.

Manager will check this with others staffs.

Risk assessment is must for all staffs in the organization because through the assessment the staff will become aware of the various health & safety measures.

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Task 5: Case Study 2

Q 5 - Implementing systems and policies:

Even Mr. H loves his independence but however he is not supposed to go out alone to buy the newspaper because he is suffering from Mania and he doesn’t have road-safety awareness. He needs proper training on road safety and for which his psychiatric nurse is on duty. Her responsibility is to guide him about road-safety. Since Mr. H is 45 years old, he is not able to look after himself when he is on the road as he is suffering from apraxia. So if he goes out all by himself without having control of his motor senses, he could meet with an accident which may also lead to death. So he needs to be constantly be accompanied with the psychiatric nurse and he also needs to be trained to bring stable control on his motor senses and road safety awareness.

M 2 - Demonstrate the range of sources of Information &Techniques :



Trainings on Road Safety

Trainings on Road safety should be provided as frequently as possible.

Awareness Program

Creating awareness program for all the people

Discussing about the safety

Apart from doing programs or trainings, there also needs to be efficient group discussion which gives the chance to analyze a situation and get the solution for it.

Discussing about the First Aid

For safety measures, knowledge and training on First Aid is required. People need to be educated what necessary steps to take in First Aid.

Explaining about the Hazards

Giving different scenarios of hazards as an assessment and explaining the solutions.

Identification of Board Signs

For the Road Safety, there are different board signs are displayed in Road. So, those signs have to be displayed and explained to the employees (Stranks,2010).

Practicing the Road Safety

Apart from awareness on Road Safety, proper practice is very important to successfully implement road safety. The trainer needs to guide the people in each and every step.

Task 7:

Q 7 - Examples of two Health and Safety Policies:

Health and Safety policies are developed by the organization as individual policies. Those policies are based upon the hazards and risks of the organization. It will be reflected as systematic hazard identification by analyzing the risk assessment which are undertaken by others. There were various policies which are related to Health and Safety. Health and safety policies vary for different Organizations behavior and Individuals. The Organizations have a lot of procedures to develop the policies according to their needs (Spellman and Bielber, 2012).

For Example:

[1]We can take a leading Construction company called X. This company will develop more policies so as to satisfy the employee needs as well as government legal requirements. X Company will plan the requirements by analyzing the health and safety of employee and their needs.

The Health and Safety Issues of X Organization:

  • Construction work will get delayed if any employee gets health illness.
  • Sometimes workers need to work under heavy goods area. So they need to wear helmets and safety shoes in order to protect themselves
  • The Company provides life insurance and Medical claim Policies to get free treatment (Griffith and Howarth, 2014).

[2] Let us take an example of a shipping agent travels company called Y. The shipping travels company has more risk during travelling. These types of companies have additional policies in order to ensure the safety of the employees and the customers.

The Health and Safety Issues of Y Organization:

A ship travelling has more risk. While travelling the management needs to check a few things before the travel starts, so that they can avoid the risks and give more protection for their safety.

  • Providing the Life Jackets to all who are in the Journey.
  • Providing the basic awareness
  • There should be a few swimmers who are willing to volunteer for the protection of the people on board during a time of emergency.
  • The ship needs to have auxiliary small boats which are always operational which can act as life savers in case the ship sinks into the sea (Hughes and Ferrett, 2012).

Policies are supervised and reviewed:

In the end, the developed policies are needed to be supervised and reviewed by the management. The Chief Executive will arrange the regular review meeting of the health and safety management system and ensure that it has been properly implemented. The other managers including the Chief Executive must consider the reports which are analyzed by the Health and Safety Management Team. Those reviews helps to plan for the improvement in the Safety Systems.         

D 2 - Reviewing and Monitoring health and safety Policies:

A monitoring and reviewing of the Health and Safety measures are introduced by following the risk assessment which helps to ensure the effectiveness of those measures. The information which are generated through tracking the activities are used for the review of the risk assessment (Hughes and Ferrett ,2012) The Risk Assessment forecasts the views of Health and Safety Measures of the Organizations.

  • The assessment will not be applicable for a long period as the information will not be valid after a period of time.
  • The changes will alter the risk of a workplace.
  • The New process, new work, materials or any other hazards which lead to developing the policies.
  • Once the new assessments are implemented through the analyzed data, the risk will not get transferred and the organization will get the solution for the problems which were created during the last assessments.
  • The Managers can take a visit and can interact with the employees formally about the Health and Safety System.


We discussed in detail about the Health and Safety policies of the Organizations. Every Individual must follow the procedures and policies as given in this report. Everyone has the responsibilities on Health and Safety measures at each and every Organization. But, however the health and safety policies may vary from organization to organization and individual to individual. Thus we can conclude from this report that Health and safety should be the primary concern for every organization.


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