Unit 3 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment

Unit 3 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment

Unit 3 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment


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Unit 3 Function of Human Resource Management

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Level 4


Orgnisation is the comlex and dyamic process of various activities in which severallevels of authorities and responisbilites are taken and assigned works are discharged.Human resource mangment is the wide process to manage epmployees in orgnisation in order to keep orgnisation away from the various associated problems accompanied with the employees in the long run. In this stake holder oriented business environment it is being found that employees are the key asset for the orgnisation. There is fact that like other assets such as building, machinery and other plants and tools, employees are the human assets without which an organizationcan’t run its business. Human resource mangament is the long term planning process to cater the need of the employees so that they could give their 100% in the organization, productivity, efficiency, synergy in the production process all these terms are the outcome of consistent efforts of HRM department. In this complete study we would understand how HRM department of companies and orgnisation works and mangage critical task in best and efficient manner.  Hotel Marriott  and Hotel Park are the key most available study to examine the most effective points in HRM. In this full study I learned and demonstrate the uses and intent, importance, and the way of working of HRM department in orgnisation and how it could be effective in the long run.

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1.1 Differentiate between personnel management and human resource management?

Personnel management is the process of management in which individual employees and their way of working are managed in order to develop efficiency in the working style of the company. It is being understood that personnel management is the department who exit in the orgnisation so that it could advice instruct line managers in personnel matters in better manner. Personnel management is the separate department like any other department but it’s mainly focus on how employees are managed and working in different department. Personnel management is the process of planning, organizing, integration and management of employees for the contribution of the organization (Doaeoi. et. Al., 2012).

There is ample amount of difference between personnel and human resource management which is given below.

  • Function- Personnle management is comprised of activities such as development, mangnement and employment of the employees in the business where as Human resource management works around the framing policies and plans for the betterment of the orgnisation and employees.
  • Focus- Personnel management focuses on primarily basis upon the employee’s welfare and their satisfaction level in the working process. Whereas HRM department is the trustee for the orgnisation not for employees. It helps company to manage good working enviorment and how problems concerned with human resorce management could be trouble shoot.
  • Approches- Personnel management is the traditional approach to discharge the work in order to keep the better mangment of the employees. Whereas HRM is concerned with the sophisticated way of working style so that employee’s problems such as employee’s turnover, production cost, and other matters could be handle.
  • Authority- Personnel management department is accompanies with less power to take decisions. It has to work around the orders given by the promoters and top management. On the other hand HRM department is the highest authority in mangmenet of employees concern. It is coupled with the solemen power to manage employee’s related concern in the orgnisation.
  • Uses by Organization- Hotel Park follow the Personnel management process in order to tackle employee’sconcern in suitable manner. At the same time Hotel Marriote being the leader in the hospitality industry has a separate department of HRM in order to handle employees concern.
  • Main objectives- Personnel management in Park classic focus on administrative activitis and its real concerned. On the other hand HRM department of Hotel Marriote focus on the employees welfares and problems which could arise at the work place.

1.2 Assess the function of the human resource management in contributing to organisational purposes?

It is the fact that organization is the complex set of activities and several numbers of people works for the common objectives in order to accomplish their personnel goal at the same time. Human resource management helps orgnisation in various styels so that it could achieve its objectives and goals in easy and suitable manner (Mariappanadar  & Kramar 2014).

Unit 3 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment 2

Helps in reduction of employees turnover- HRM department is mainly engaged in troubleshooting employee’s problems and their key concerned in the workplace. Hotel Marriott is the leader group of company in orgnisation and it has to keep maintain the quality of services at world wide HRM department keeps employees sustain in company and also motivate others to join the organization in effective manner (Leak, et. Al., 2016).

  • Framing policies and procedure of working style- HRM department is comprised of different key persons who are highly qualified in their fields. Promoters group in their board meeting allows their HRM deparment head to contribute their gracious advice for the better functioning of the process system in the long run.
  • Helps in generation of quality of personnel for the organization- HRM department is the mangment system which helps organization to identify and recruited the quality of employees in the business. It also helps employees in several manner so that they could their own goal could be linked with that of organization. Hotel Marriotthas employees having experience in the hotel industry around more than 20 years. It helps company to generate core competency for the orgnisation.

Number of other benefits-

  • Reduction in employee’s turnover.
  • Process cost reduction.
  • Creation of synergy.
  • Employee’s welfare.
  • Helps in achievement of goals.
  • Sophisticated in working style.
  • Innovative idea and creative working process.
  • Development of standard value chain.

1.3. Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in your organization or familiar organization and how it supports human resource management functions?

Line manager- It is the person who takes care of all the daily routine and tactical decision in according manner. It is not possible in big organization by the HRM department to keep consistence watch over all the process function. Therefor line manager works as a separate department in organization (Baczy?ska, 2015). In this development and enhancing working style organization is making consistent efforts to develop their business plans so that they could drive their expected results in the long run. Lots of branches and business places are being oppend by the hotel Marriote in order to expand its business Chanel worldwide. In this present era it becomes hard for the HRM department to keep proper understanding upon the each and every subsidires and alliance department. There for this inresing need Line mangaer role is being developed. It is the person who takes all the responsibilities to handle works in its own process line. He checks the all the tactical decision which are concered with the daily routine activities in the  business organisation . In Hotel Marriot there is find following roles which is played by the line manager in order to make proper functioning in the process cycle (Heiskanen & Jokinen 2015).

  • Proper Management of employees- Line manager is the person who has ample amount of information regard with its own process chain. Top managers leave all the administrative powers in the hand of Line manage so that they could take all the tactical decision for the better management of employees (Heiskanen, &Joined, 2015).
  • Decide pay roll and salary of the employees- HRM department or other authority are mainly engaged in deciding polices and framework. It is the line manager who keeps watch upon the all employees and their working performace. He measures the caliber and efficiency of different employees in the process and forwards the data to other higher authority to determine the pay roll of different employees.
  • Handle all the administrative works and other assigned work- Line manager is concerned with performing tactical steps which are repetitive in nature and provide guidance and direction to employees so that they could perform well in the long run.

Unit 3 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment 3

  • Imparting training and other tactics to discharge works to employees- Line manager is the whole sole authority to impart a good amount of newly recruited training in the process and provide them good amount of knowledgeon how to perform work, the way of working, culture and other important things (Tabiu. et. Al.,2016).
  • Creation of positive environment- Line manager helps process team to create a positive and effective working environment. It generates such environment so that employees could be motivated with their own efforts.

1.4 Analyze how legal and regulatory framework impact on human resource management?

Government has taken efforts in today environment where various malfunctioning has been found by the organization and other persons against employees by issuing and circulating laws and notification. There are number of laws and act which helps employees to protect their interest in the long run. In U.K. number of Quasi-judicial bodies and court which handle the cases related corporate sectors.  Various laws and regulation which should be complied by the orgnisation for the betterment of the society and stakeholders are as follows (Donham. 2014).

  • Sex discrimination act1945- All the rules and regulation read with various laws and statue depicts that employees in the orgnisation should never be discriminated on the basis of cast, race, sex, gender. If any of the persons or management groups is found to be involved in such steps then they might face imprisonment and fine for the same.
  • Disability discrimination act 2005- With the newly notified rules and notification passed by the U.K. government there should not be any kind of discrimination at the work place if any of the employees is impaired with organs. Hotel Marriott has many employees who are not able to walk and run in this special lift and bathrooms are arranged and other beneits are also given to such employees.
  • Unit 3 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment 4
  • Workman compensation act- In this act various protections are given to employees in several manners. Professional damages and other losses to employees are taken into consideration under this act.
  • Equal pay act- This act helps employees to take the benefit of equal pay to the person who are of same caliber and experience. Hotel Marriote has never faced such problems in its business organization.
  • Employment relation act 2004- This act is very much responsible in establishment of positive and healthy work environment with in the work premises.

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2.1 analyze the reasons for human resource planning?

Human resource palnning- It is the long term process planning in which various qualified persons makes collective efforts to understand the demand and supply of the employees in the orgnisation and provides the clear view that how much employees would be required to perfom certain estimated task.

Human resource planning work around the following pillars such as demand of the production in the need in the near future, available resoucreces, spot the forcasted need of the employees and their collective efforts.  Human resource planning in organization could be divided into two dimensions such as internal human resources planning and external resources planning

Internal Human resource planning

In this organization which has been described in the scanrio it could be said that there is high level of problmes in managing employees and recruiteing qulity of staff. HRM planning should be done in better and efficient manner for the following reasons-

  • There is need to determine the demand and supply of the production and spot the defeicny of the required employees to perform the certain task
  • Orgnisaition is suffering form the high employee turnover problmes and there is also not quality of employees who could handle work to provide quality of services.
  • HRM planning is also needed in order to make a cost effective plan and provide synergy to the working process value chain.

External Human resources planning

  • There is also seen in the given scenario that company needs to make required changes in the interview sectins such as new persons need to be asked questions like how much time would like to invest our company? Where do you find your self after 10 years? Their future plan and dedication also need to be considered by the top management.
  • Recurtment and selection procdure also needs to manage in order to attract high quality of employee in the long run.

2.2 Outlining the stages involved in planning human resource requirements?

Organization is comprised of different set of activities and functions which is performed by employees under the common goal. In the given orgnisation there is find lot of propblems and employees concern which might affect the long term sustainability of the orgnisain. In order to make good changes in the working style there need to b proper human resources planning of the organization.

  • Step-1 Top management in consultation with HRM department drafts a raw document that will depict actual need of the employees for performing set objective and process activities.
  • Step-2 There is find that in this given organization there is requirement to identify the mistakes in handling employees and their concern. Proper assessment program of employees needs in the organization is taken into consideration.
  • Step-3 Make proper research plan of the market then establish the equilibrium   between employees need and supply as per the required production demand in the market.
  • Step-4 HRM polices and procedure to arrange the proper recruitment and selection process.
  • Step-5 Proper management to identify the shortcoming of the process.
  • Step-6 Implementation of the plans and formulated policies in order to see the required result.
  • Step-7 Apply proper management and control plan in order to monitor the results of HRM planning.

2.3 Compare the current recruitment and selection process in the organization with another organization you recommending?


Current organization

Hotel Marriott

Recruitment policies and process

This organization is not having effective recruitment policies. It does not depicts the employment practices operational efficiency it  is comprised of lack of identifying quality of employees, CV selection procedure is also missing, interviews are conducted but irrelevant questions are put into consideration.

In Hotel Marriott there is is proper recruitment procedure to hire quality of employees it accompanied by the following steps-

  • Identification of vacancy.
  • Call employee requisition.
  • Authorize the steps to implement.
  • Make proper advertisement.
  • Sorting of the CV received.
  • Interviews conducted.


Selection process

Employee selection process is covered with putting right person at right job. It tells how this is effective in accomplishment of goals and objectives.

Current organization in its selection process only consider asking immaterial questions  and one walk in interview process which is not enough to identify the employees actual potential

In this Hotel Marriott staff and top management makes collective efforts in identifying the need and best suitable selection process.

In this Hotel selection process takes the following steps.

  1. Conduct the advance preliminary interview.
  2. Filling the application for the required job in legal manner.
  3. Written test to check the aptitude of the employees.
  4. Interviews are held
  5. Medical tests are conducted.
  6. Offer letter are given to selected employees.
  7. Appointment letter are given.



2.4 Evaluate the effectiveness of the organization recruitment and selection techniques with another organization you recommending?

 Basis Content

Current Organization

Hotel Marriott

Recruitment technique

Current organization policies and framework are very less effective in recruitment of employees. It does not cover the different stages from sourcing employee’s stage to hire them in different process cycle (Aktar, et. Al., 2015).

It is comprised of lack of these three steps.

Resume selection.

Conducting interviews


Furthermore it is to be noted that employees are asked question which are not effective to identify the true potential.

There is also found other things that recruitment methods are only walk in interviews.

Person specification is not given that much focus.

Assessment criteria are also accompanied by simple oral test.

Only simple interview and limited question decides whether the person should be hired or not in company.

In this organization there is found a complete set of recruitment chain which helps organization to avail quality of employees.

Proper recruitment procedure which includes identifeing true potential to perform certain tasks (Lin & Lu  2011)

Written test are also conducted to identify aptitude of the person.

Recruitment method of this organization includes.

Advertisment vacanices filling including media connecton, hiring through agencies, different assessment center,

Selection of CV etc.

Selection technique

 It is the fact that company needs to take various measures in hiring right amount of employees. In this organization selection of employees are done on the basis of some selected questions which are not good enough to determine the true potential of employees. There needs to put some screening and other application forms so that proper interviews could be conducted in the company. Aim and objective of selection process should be such as it describes full job description of the post.


In this Hotel selection Technique there is proper systematic approach in hiring people in the organization.

Proper screening application forms, conducting interviews, group selection method, and taking reference from other employees in the organization.

Other selection methods which are also used in this organization are forming tests, psychometric test. Sample of observing and other effective plans procedure.


3.1 Assess the link between motivational theory and reward at Virgin Media or your chosen organization. Your answer must show if you think there is a link, what connects the two?

In this today’s world there is several motivational theory is given by various economist worldwide. F Taylor. E mayo, aMaslow, Herzberg, McGregor, MC Cleland andetc. are the well known perosns who have given their theories and several aspects in order to make good understanding upon the employee’s motivation. Virgin media is the leading company and in order to develop an effective working style it has to keep its employees motivated at different time being in force. It is the fact that reward system is the being place at the top most requirements in several motivational theories by the entire economist worldwide. This era is fully based on the monetary terms all the employee in the company has different level of demands and needs and Virgin media in order to cater all the needs offers various reward system so that their personal needs could be satisfied (Chevallier, et. Al., 2012).


Unit 3 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment 5

In Virgin media there is seen that employees are given various rewards such as incentives for the working performance, special kind of allowances or DIP, issuing stock option scheme, providing other benefits. Performance of the employees in virgin media has shown that reward system is the true indicator in the complete motivation of the employees.

All the F Taylor. E mayo, A Maslow has used in their motivational theory that reward the true emerging point in development of motivation of the employees in true manner.

3.2 Evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay at Virgin Media or your chosen organization?

Jobevaluation is the effective process for determining relative worth and overall size of the post in the organization. It provides a proper guidance regarding with how it could help in good pay structure and grading job in the job evaluation process (Sanders & Yang 2016; 2015).

  • Management needs to make clarification of the particular job and its evaluation program in the company.
  • Proper works are deligagted as per the required knowledge and skills to perform jobs
  • Job evaluation is done in order to determine the efficnecy of each and every department process system.
  • Afterward appraisal of the selected job is done by the special committee
  • There are two points which could be used in order to evaluate the jobs in the organization
  • Analytical approach- in this program factors comparison brands matching and rating systems are used (Wall. et. Al.,  2014).
  • Non-analytical- in this approach proper arrangement is made to determine job ranking, classification and comparison in the given project.
  • Other factors in determining pays- There are several factors such as Size of the organization,  employability skills  set, performance ability, profit earned by the company and so on.

3.3 Assess in different contexts (for e.g. attracting talent, retention, and motivation) how effective is the reward systems at Virgin Media or your chosen organization?

  • Attraction talent- Reward system is very effective in employee’s motivational program. It provides bonus, commission, DIPs, Incentive and other several benefits to employees for their extra ordinary performance. Reward helps employees to cater their personal needs make them feel satisfied with their working performance.
  • Retention- Reward system in different manners helps employees to feel motivated. There is finding that Virgin media provide salary raise, promotion in its reward system which is being used by Virgin media in order to retain qualified employee in the company.
  • Motivation- this system in virgin media helps employees to put their extra efforts so that best result could be seen which helps them to learn effective knowledge for the future. However reward system also increase overall profits and also establish a good physiological nexus between employees and organization.

3.4 Examine the methods Virgin Media or your chosen organization use to monitor employee performance?

There are various methods which could be used by virgin media to monitor the employee’s performance

  • Observation and feedback- it is the best method to evaluate the strategically performance of the employees in this Virgin media needs to hire a separate staffs who will have clear look upon the proper functioning of employee at each and every time.
  • Evaluation of the performance is anotherstep in monitoring the employee’s performance. In these steps all employees working in same department and their works are analyzed.
  • In this another steps there is cross check functioning is done. Stake holders of each and every department check the functioning of mangers of other departments.
  • Smart- This methods helps organization to understand the works specific, measurable, achievable, realistic,

4.1 Identify the reasons for termination of Faisal’s employment contract with The Chicken Master and generally explain other reasons for cessation of employment?

There was following reasons for Faisal’s employment termination.

  • He was not flowing proper code of conduct and professional conduct at office premises.
  • He was watching pornography at the worlplace which is aginst the office rules.
  • Inspite of aware of rules and regulation of contrat of employment he was consistently not following rules and regulation.
  • His negligent behaviour and working style puts the bad impact upon other employees at large.     
  • He was deploying office assets for his personal use that was crime of serious nature.

Unit 3 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment 6

  • Other reasons which could be there for the cessation of employment-
  • Resignation.
  • Dismissal.
  • Death of the employees.
  • Termination of job.
  • Forceful resignation.

In this case study Faisal has to face constructive fair Dismissal in which BOB has used proper reasons and explanation to cease Faisal job.

4.2 Describe the employment exit procedures used by The Chicken Master and another organization of your choice?

There is various exit procedure in today’s world but the Chicken master has used the following exit route as fellow-

Forced resignation process- This is the process in which Bob has asked Faisal to give resignation from the post. This process is used when there is adequate evidences is available against employees


The Chicken master

Hotel Marriott

No separate procedure

The Chicken master is having no separate procedure which could provide separate set footsteps in exit procedure in chicken master.

Being the leading company it has separate department which helps employees and organization to provide a easy exit route.

No retention process

No clarification and other management is done while resignation of Faisal.

There is separate structured program which asks several questions to employee before they leave the company.

Separate committee

There is no separate department or establish committee in the exit route.

Hotel Marriott has different partition of Committee group which helps employees in different manner and exit route.

4.3 Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements with an organization such as The Chicken Master if Faisal’s claim was proven to be true?

Various rules and legal framework on employment cessation is there which could be taken into consideration by the chicken master. There will be several impacts of these circumstances if Faisal’s claim was proven to be true.

  • There will be impairment of restaurant Image and brand name.
  • Involvement of police and judiciary cases that may result into drastic loss of time and money.
  • Hiring of legal officer who is proficient of handling such kind of corporate cases.
  • This situation may result into lock off, strike off, lay off of the restaurant.
  • Faisal could ask for a big amount of compensation.

Unit 3 Function of Human Resource Management Assignment 7

There are other different laws and regulation which could be face by BOB in such case- employment right act 1996, Sex discrimination act, Minimum wages act, data protection act and further more.

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In this report I have come to understand the different aspects of the human resources management. It is the complex set of activities that is performed by highly qualified person in order to influence employees in positive manner. Human resource management is deemed to be the trustee for the organization and has to work around the ultimate interest of the organization. there is wide variety of  motivational theories  have been discussed that has ample amount of impact on the employees behaviour, Job evaluation and other pay roll tools are the most effective in determining the actual outcome of the employees performance. I at the end of this report would like to conclude my report by saying that in this highly rapid changing environment HRM plays a very vital role in the sustainable development of the organization.


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