Unit 3 Essay on Health and Social Care Assignment

Unit 3 Essay on Health and Social Care Assignment

Unit 3 Essay on Health and Social Care Assignment


Diploma in Health And Social Care

Unit Number and Title

Unit 3 Essay on Health and Social Care

QFC Level

Level 4

Part 1


The main aim of the health and social care setting like East & West Care Home is to provide the service users or the clients with an appropriate care and support. The principle of support is required to be applied in the health care centre in such a manner that it ensures that healthiness and wellbeing of the service users are promoted and enhanced. It makes sure that each and every care workers working in an East & West Care Home is providing a quality based services and respects the rights and individuality of the service users. The care workers are required to serve the service users without mattering their originality, culture or belief. They should put these all factors apart in order to perform their job efficiently (Munn-Giddings and Winter, 2013). The care workers are responsible to obey the policies of the organization and acts and should select and decide appropriate course of action.

To ensure that the service users are cared properly in East & West Care Home it is required to apply the various principles of the support. The principle of support includes the provisions for the care, universality in its ease of access and offers monetary options for the service users coming with different backgrounds. The principle of support assists the organization to supports in providing a treatment to the service users belonging to different culture, surrounding and ethnicity.

As the care workers comes very close to the service users hence the according to the principle of support the care workers are required to keep all the private information related to their health and procedure of medication safely without disclosing to any outsiders (Reeves.et.al, 2011). The principle of support also assist the service users to look out that how they are treated in the health care setting and what procedure they adopt for the treatment and medication. This principle ensures the service users that their private and sensitive information are kept safely and how they manage the food safety of the information. It assist them whether the rights are been followed or not by the care workers of East & West Care Home.

The main objective of every health care setting is to protect the service users from any harm or and to prevent the vulnerable people from potential abuse due to financial, psychosomatic and medicinal difficulties. In East & West Care Home, the clients are protected from being abuse or harm by making mandatory for the care workers to follow a fair procedure for the treatment in order to prevent any abuse or harm to the patient within the organization. The care workers are responsible for making the confidentiality of the information or report of the service users as well as to protect the vulnerable people by taking an appropriate course of action (Glasby and Dickinson, 2014). The care workers are required to provide an effective and quality based services to their service users by respecting their rights and personality to protect them from any type of harms like emotional, physical, financial or psychological harm. In order to protect the service users from the harm they can be protected by being a loving and friendly to them. To protect the colleagues from any harm is also a responsibility of the care workers of East & West Care Home. The major harm to the colleagues is the risk or any negative thing that may harm their jobs. Therefore, the other care workers may protect them by supporting them by obeying the health and social care policies in order to safeguard from such types of risk. The care workers can make use of devices which may assist the colleagues in making ease in job and reducing the workload.

The basic purpose of person-centred approach is to support and fulfil the basic need, requirements and preferences of the service users. The approach stresses more on promoting the rights of the service users and meeting their needs in a best possible manner (Brooker and Latham, 2015). The benefit of the person-centred approach for East & West Care Home is that it ensures that the dignity and rights of the service users are protected by caring them and fulfilling their basic requirements. This assists the organization to provide the best and optimal services to the service users. By fulfilling the basic needs of the users they feel more energetic and a sense of individualism which is very helpful for the care workers to promote their health and wellbeing by protecting them from emotional and psychological harm. Communication between the care workers and service users helps in developing a sense of trust in them and through this proper treatment of the users are possible.

In East & West Care Home, many times a situation occurs when the care workers face a conflicting situation where they have to choose between the wellbeing of a service user and organizational policies and rules. The ethical dilemmas are generated in such circumstances. Many times, a disagreement arises between the care worker and service users due to clash in the outlook, ethnicity and faith. Due to these disagreements, the quality of the services may affect. The matured service users have a right to decide for their wellbeing and because of this right they sometimes refuses to take the proper procedure of the treatment or medication and the care worker for the sake of their good health and wellbeing neglect their decision and proceed with their procedure (Murray.et.al, 2012). On the other hand, the care workers are required to respect the dignity and rights of the service users. This leads to the situation of ethical dilemma for the care worker. On such circumstances the care workers are required to follow the organizational behaviour but doing nothing for the sake of wellbeing of the service user is against ethical values of a care worker. If due to such course of action, any harm happens to the users then the care workers are made responsible for that. In order to cope up with such situation of ethical dilemma, the East & West Care Home has listed some of ethical guiding principles and guidelines which will assist the care workers (Munhall, 2012).

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Part 3


I have been working as a care worker in National Health Services (NHS). The responsibility being a care worker at NHS is to promote the health and wellbeing of service users. The role of my in NHS was to provide the service users with a conductive and healing environment. I was accountable for forming a trusting relationship with a service user in order to attain their trust and confidence towards the services provided to them. The duties being a care worker were to provide the best and quality based services in order to heal and protect them from any harm or abuse by respecting their rights and personality. I was liable to obey the rules and policies of organization while serving the services to the service users.

According to the person-centred approach, I was responsible to ensure that all basic needs, requirements and preferences of service users were fulfilled like if any user was not able to bath then to help and support them while bathing were the duties of mine. Hence, my duties and responsibilities within the organization towards the service users were to provide the quality services, respect the rights and beliefs of the users and ensuring that the private and sensitive information of the user are kept safely by not disclosing it to any outsiders. Outside the workplace by duties and responsibilities were to help and support the vulnerable people to cope-up with the problems by providing with the required resources by obeying the ethical values. Within a workplace, being a care worker at NHS it is required to protect the emotional, financial and physical interest of the service users from being abuse or from any kind of hurt. 

In every health and social care organization it is required that each and every employee relations strictly obey the rules and policies of the organization in order to operate smoothly by providing a valuable and quality services. The organizational policies and rules assist in solving and reducing any contradictory situation or misunderstanding prevailing between the care workers or service users. Being a care worker at NHS I have contributed towards the organizational policies by following and obeying these policies and rules strictly in my daily duty hours. I have come across with many ethical dilemma situations and I have deal with such situations by obeying the organizational policies and rules. These rules and policies helps in making a good and friendly working workforce. This assists the care workers like me in reducing the workload and serving the effective and quality services. Being a care worker I have made contribution in the development of the organizational policies by protecting the vulnerable peoples and their rights.

The good practice requirements can be obtained developing the knowledge and skills in ourselves. By enhancing the knowledge related to code of practices a good and improved practice at workplace can be achieved. Through this we can assess our performances and can enhance them accordingly. By properly reviewing and understanding the current organizational policies as well as rules and legislation in health and social care practices, we can improve our performances. The improved and good practices can also be achieved by preferring effective training agendas. To make oneself updated with the change in the technologies and code of practices, trainings are the best way to enhance the one’s performance in health and social care setting. The training assist in developing the professional skills according to the prevailing situation by obtaining the knowledge and information about the new technologies and methods which can be applied or used in curing and healing the service users by making the services effective. Apart from this, the care workers or the professionals working in health and social care setting can also meet the good practice requirements by gathering knowledge through proper research and study by taking help of various articles and journals. The best source of gathering the current information in relation to the health and social care is the internet. Through internet one can enhance the knowledge by referring the articles, books and researches made by the different professional scholars and authors.


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