Unit 3 Elements of Human Resource Management Assignment

Unit 3 Elements of Human Resource Management Assignment

Unit 3 Elements of Human Resource Management Assignment


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Unit 3 Elements of Human Resource Management

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Level 4


Human resource management is the proper managing of the human element in any organisation. In unit 3 elements of human resource management assignment differences within the human resource management and personnel management has been discussed. Different human resource management functions and the legal framework related to the HRM have been discussed. The role and responsibilities of the line managers are given. The reasons for the  human resource planning  , recruitment and selection system and their different applications in different organisations along with their effectiveness are discussed. Link between the motivational theory and reward system, process of job evaluation, effectiveness of the reward are analysed through this report. Different methods of monitoring the employees, reason and processes behind the exit procedures are discussed by taking in account the case study of Faisal.

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Task 1

1.1 Differentiate between personnel management and human resource management giving examples in two suitable organisations

Though Human resource management system is the modified version of personnel management there are distinct differences between them. Personnel management is the traditional one and concerned over the workforce and the relationship with the entity. The HRM system has been more focused on the emphasised use of the manpower to achieve the organisational goals. (Banfield, and Kay, 2012). 

Differences between HRM and Personnel management:


Human resource management

Personnel management


Modern approaches

Traditional approaches


Proactive nature

Reactive nature


Human resource management is linked with the line managers and staffs

Independent staff function, with little involvement from the line managers

Core strategy

Integrated with the organisational core strategy

No link with the organisational core strategy




Basis of pay

Performance evaluation 

Job evaluation

Labour management

Individual contracts

Collective bargaining

Job design

Team work or group

Division of labour (Banfield, and Kay, 2012). 

Tesco has been implemented HRM system within the organisation in order to manage the huge manpower along with diverse individuals. Considering the main perspectives of HRM system the manager of Tesco has been motivating their employees through different reward system, proper training and efficient communication. (Banfield, and Kay, 2012).  The HRM system of Tesco is based on the efficient implementation of HR policies. Through applying the policies Tesco managers as well as line managers are improving the performances of the manpower through proper training in respect within the core strategy of organisation to enhance the services. Taking the example of Curators Coffee Studio in central London the personnel management system can be illustrated. The management approaches of the human resources are traditional. The manager has the responsibility to divide the role as per labour division. Training and development session are not provided to the personnel while decision is made by the higher authority. (Banfield, and Kay, 2012). 

1.2 Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in your organisation or familiar organisation and how it supports human resource management functions

Line managers are the most responsible person on whom the employees and the organisation is totally dependent. Tesco being a number one brand in UK, relies on the instructions and the positivity of the line managers

  • Performance appraisal: It is the responsibility of the line manager on Tesco to properly identify the performance of each employee in each department. Tesco consists of a huge department and wide range of employees so each employee’s skill is being first reviewed by the first line, manager thereby depicted by the front line manager. (Barnard, 2012)
  • Proper discipline: At Tesco, the line manager has this prime responsibility in properly adhering to the discipline of all the employees. So Ceo Dave Lewis, makes it clear that all the line managers should keep a proper check on the employees behaviour work. It will help to maintain an harmonic surrounding and more effectiveness at work. (Barnard, 2012)
  • Engagement of employees: At Tesco , the line managers always looks for change , it makes it clear that employees after working in a particular work might get bored and the work might get monotonous so it tends to engage in other activities also , exploring the skills of each employees .
  • Pay – as per performance: At Tesco  there is presence of fair and just performance pay , where the line managers readily monitors each activity  of the employees and givers creditability according their performance and thereby , they are given just compensation. (Barnard, 2012)

1.3 Analyse how legal and regulatory framework impact on human resource management.

As per the legislation which is laid on every organisation tends to have some effect they are:

  • Opportunity for equal employment: It is very important that the employees working in any organisations should be given proper and just opportunity to work properly without any kind of discrimination
  • Compensation impact: The employees who are working should be properly documented about the number of work they are supposed to work, the pay structure related to overtime. It is important that the human resource department should be given adequate pension schemes for their future. The amount of pay should be fair in case of woman and men without any kind of discrimination among them.
  • Recognizing the safety of the employees: It is mandatory by any organisation to provide every employee a secure and hygienic place to work. It is the duty of the human resource department to look through the safety of all.
  • Harassment: The organisation should look into the fact that there should not any kind of sexual harassment in relation to physical or verbal behaviour by nay employee. Former employee of Tesco Orla Donnelly from Doughsika resigned from her post by claiming a four of harassment. This had taken legal action to the store. She had worked for 10 years before leaving in 2010. She filed case against Tesco store on claiming that she was the victim of persistent abuse and harassment from the member staff in the night shifts. She also took legal action against the management as they did not take any consideration to her complains. (Crawford, 2014)
  • Maintaining the privacy: It is very important that the employee’s confidentiality is being properly maintained.  So it is the human resource department who should look into this matter.

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Task 2:

2.1 Analysing the reasons for human resource planning

Planning is very important for the better functioning of any organisation. A full proof effective planning is required for a better performing and making the organisation much more effective:

The need for planning can be discussed as follows:

Forecasting about the future: It is necessary to predict the needs of the employees, which will ultimately help each employee for work even effectively. It helps in managing the large section of people.

Dealing with the change: Proper planning is necessary to deal with the factors which can affect an employee and the organisation as well. The external factors such as the technological factors, political factors,

cultural factors etc are some change which is required for the employees to cope up with.

  • Reducing the risk factor: In any organisation uncertainty cannot be avoided, but by proper planning it is possible to reduce the risk not wholly but at least to a minimum level. (Chand, 2016).
  • Recruitment: It is very important that whenever such planning is being made, the hiring aspect should be taken into account. The organisation should while hiring take into account the talent aspect which should be rich asset for the organisation.
  • Utilising the human factor properly: It is necessary that the higher authority while making such planning should look into the skills of each employee. Each employee has certain special skills so they should be taken into account and they should be properly utilized for better performances.

2.2 Outlining the stages involved in planning human resource requirements

Planning is very much important in any organisation which tends to increase the level of employees effectiveness. Human resource planning is essential in identifying properly the aims that a company has.  It involves certain steps they are as follows:

Unit 3 Elements of Human Resource Management Assignment 1

  • Scrutinizing of the organisational objectives: It is very important to minutely analyse the objectives of the organisation like in marketing, proper expansion, proper finance etc. (Majumder, 2012)
  • Record of current human resource: It is important to estimate proper information regarding the number of employees working , their ability to perform , their potentiality . who are capable for the proper functioning
  • Forecasting of demand and supply:It is very important to that all employees’ performance should be properly scrutinised. It involves that the description of the job is being properly evaluated according to the suitability of the each employees work.
  • Gap estimation: It is important to identify a gap created from the  demand and supply . If there exists deficit, which means that more employee should be taken on board whereas if there is a surplus it would lead to terminating. (Chand, 2016).
  • Formulation of the plan: It is important the plan which is being fixed finally should be properly implemented or not. It generally includes the new hiring, providing proper training, transfers or termination etc
  • Monitoring, feedback: It is after the plan is implemented it is important that they are being properly monitored and should be done on a regular or weekly basis to as to maintain its affectivity.

2.3 Compare the current recruitment and selection process in the organisation with another organisation you recommending

The two organisations which is being selected by me are namely Marks & Spencer and Tesco


Marks and Spencer

Tesco being a multinational super market it has to follow a somewhat long procedure 

Marks and Spencer :

Being a multinational company situated in London, has a long lasting effect on employees so it follows certain rules while hiring new people.


The higher authority with consultation with HR department it identifies the need for hiring after which an full concrete advertisement is being published

M& S it gives equal opportunity to all sections of people irrespective of any kind of race, religion, ethnicity etc.


The applicants which are being applied by several candidates are being properly reviewed and only those candidates are being called who matches the proper skills

Its creates a peaceful surrounding between the employees and the place they are working without any kind of discrimination

Which is followed by shore listing of the candidates

After several rounds and tests , the candidates who are found to match with internal and external criteria’s are being selected

Mark and Spencer firstly reviews the need for hiring an employee where it readily consults with all kinds of staffs and higher management , thus an advertisement is being given


They are then provided with the contract of appointment

After which applicants from several places are being invited and after which the real work starts



After this only those people are selected who matchers the skills as mentioned

After which they are being interviewed,

And only the applicant matching with all the criteria is being selected


Thereby his appointment letter is handed over

After which a training session of about 4 weeks is being given for the employee.

(Lagerveld, Bültmann, Franche, Van Dijk, Vlasveld, Van der Feltz-Cornelis, Bruinvels, Huijs, Blonk, Van Der Klink, and Nieuwenhuijsen, 2010)


2.4 Evaluating how effectiveness is the organisation recruitment and selection techniques with another organisation you recommending.

The process of recruitment and selecting of candidates are very much different, the organisation are NHS and Dominos:

National health services is a UK’s best health services, it believes that the effectiveness very much depends o the process of the hiring:

  • NHS used online mode for depicting such recruitment session , whereby an advertisement is being givenonline on the requirements
  • After which when the applicants apply they are provided with a protected id and the pin number.
  • Thereby after the application is being completely filled up, it is then submitted.
  • This helps to be a highly cost effective system , as the people can readily apply
  • All the sections of people can apply to it.
  • And after which the people who is most suitable is being chosen.

Dominos being a big fast food pizza brand uses some easy steps:

  • It mainly starts with both online and offline method
  • After which an add is being given
  • Thereafter people who have applied are being revised and asked to come down for a face to face interview.
  • After interview the person matching the skills is being hired, and he is provided with the contract and a full fledged training session. (The, Harris, Harvey 2010.)

Task 3

3.1 Assess the link between motivational theory and reward at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation. Your answer must show if you think there is a link, what connects the two.

The key factor helps employees to perform its organisational goal and serves as a force which drives the employees to work even harder and harder and accomplish the goal  readily .as the word sounds it makes people more effective in the way they work .

The organisation chosen by me is ASDA, the renowned supermarket; it tends to follow certain theory which tends to help the employees to motivate n work more efficiently.

Maslow theory:

This theory is based on 5 kinds of need which is important for every employee:

  • Survival needs: Asda being a multi super market, makes it sure that the employees are being provided with the basic needs first, they should have the proper home for living , proper clothing and proper food .
  • Safety needs: After the first need is being fulfilled it is important that the employees working at Asda should be given proper protection, the protection from the government in relation to taxes, the surroundings and a well maintained culture of work. .( The, Harris, Harvey 2010.)
  • Social needs: Apart from the basic and safety needs, it is very important to see that the employees are being given the proper time to take care of their families, relationships. Asda, being a big brand always maintains a flexible schedule where employees can readily spend time with their dear ones. Because without proper maintenance of their relationships and bonding it is impossible to motivate the employees
  • Esteem needs: These needs are very important, especially when working in a place like Asda. Here in Asda, they are provided with the dignity, adequate feedback, a sense of superiority, respect etc, which tends to help the employees to get motivated from the core.
  • Self – actualisation needs: This level of needs is the ultimate need, where employee tends to feel there is no more urge to getting anything higher. In Asda the employee’s area always given the motivation in every way. They should be filled with confidence but that should not get their way of being stagnant.
  • Reward: By this term we can understand the act of paying an employee as a token of appreciation for the job well done. It is very important for organisation like Asda to make full reward system that will help the employees to gain a momentum in performing the work more effectively. This tends to give an extra effort to the employees working and thereby increasing their motivation. There can be two kinds of rewards “
  1. Intrinsic rewards
  2. Extrinsic reward

3.2 Evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation

It is very important to analyse and access the effectiveness of the job. Evaluating a job is very important as it will help to value how the work is being performed by each employee. There should not exist any kind of inequality, unequal pay. Asda being a well known brand should take into account that each of its employees is being given equal opportunities of work. So it is important to analyse it.

  • Analyse: The first and foremost of such evaluation is analysing a job. This is further categorised as under:
  • Job descriptions: At Asda, the managers make it points that each of the employees is being given responsibility are per the type of work they can actually handle. It is important that the employee performs their tasks effectively.
  • Job specification: It is important that the jobs are being properly specified by the supervisor or the authorities in control, it will help in better performance and motivating the employees to work more towards perfection.
  • Job rating: It is important that Asda always takes it into account that the employees should get rightly rated according to the job and the performance they do. They can use such methods like ranking process, point ranking method etc.
  • Allocation of money: It is important that all the employees are being compensated as per their worth. At Asda it is seen to be a priority, since the employees are more motivated by such monetary rewards.

3.3 Assess in different contexts (for e.g. attracting talent, retention, motivation) how effective is the reward systems at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation

Reward helps organisations and employees to perform in a better and in an efficient manner, it is the by proper reward system that the employees gets the drive to work more and more towards achieving the goal.

At Asda different kinds of rewards are being used in order to make the employees much more motivated they are:

  • Talent attraction: In Asda, it is very important that the employee are able to gain much more momentum by giving proper rewards in the form of money or bonus or perks or promotions , it will ultimately helps them to work in an effective manner .
  • Retention: This retention is only possible if the employees are properly moti9vateed by providing the proper compensation as per their work. So to avoid this kind of scenario, Asda always makes it sure that the employees get the proper share of rewards either intrinsic or extrinsic. (Daly, Scheiwe, 2010) Rewards in today’s world is becoming a highly motivating factor, at Asda, this motivation is being acting like a force. Asda has many employees in it so it is very important that all the staffs, workers, managers are being motivated and given the proper freedom so that they have the motivation.
    • With rewards comes an urge to perform better
    • With such rewards intrinsic and extrinsic, the people get an opportunity to show their proper ability to perform in a better manner.

There are two types of rewards:

  • Intrinsic
  • Extrinsic

3.4 Examine the methods Virgin Media or your chosen organisation use to monitor employee performance.

The performance of the employees should be monitored by collecting the performance information and analysing the performances based on previous set targets in terms of timescale or achievements. The performance should be monitored for acknowledging the current state of their performance and measuring their ability to achieve the target audience. The purpose behind the performance monitoring is to analyse the current state not having control over the performance. There are different methods which are used for the performance monitoring:

  • Supervision: Through supervision of the performances the managers of ASDA monitor the individual performances. Through survey methods the line managers of ASDA are asked to analyse the current performance of the employees. Through supervision the ASDA management also place effective communication with the team members and individual employees. It is also helpful in maintaining the  employee relationship  . Through supervision the supervisor can assess the unit achievements of performance. (Banfield, and Kay, 2012)
  • Feedback:Through feedback from the customers the ASDA managers analyse team performances. The complaints and the positive feedbacks are also analysed for assessing the performances status and improvement requirements of the team. Feedback from the focus group is also analysed by management of ASDA.
  • Whiteboards: Through the whiteboards the goals and achievement criteria are analysed in order to monitor individual performance. As the employees of ASDA have the goals and targets in their performances Whiteboards are used by ASDA management to monitor the measurable results with the predefined success. (Banfield, and Kay, 2012)
  • Deadlines:Dadlines can be used as the milestone for the measurements. By taking in account of the currently fulfilled targets on the basis of preset timescale the employees’ performances are monitored by ASDA line management. These deadlines are also helpful to increase the efficiency of the employees’ professional ability.
  • Appraisal system: Appraisal system is the common system used by ASDA for monitoring and assessing the performance of the employees. The appraisal system has been used by the management over yearly time span to measure the performance the employees within the year. (Banfield, and Kay, 2012)

Task 4

4.1 Identify the reasons for termination of Faisal’s employment contract with The Chicken Master and generally explain other reasons for cessation of employment.

Unit 3 Elements of Human Resource Management Assignment 2

Faisal a 54 year old man was being terminated by the owner Bob, due to certain misconduct which is being made by him. Bob who is owner of a fast food chips centre, appointed Faisal with the hope that his experience will help the food centre to increase its sales number.

The underlying reasons are as follows:

  • Faisal, being a aged person being appointed at the chicken master with the hope of increasing the sales numbers, but he misused his authority and performed illegal works.
  • As per the rules and regulations laid down by the government of UK, he did not abide by the norms of the legal documents.
  • Mo0reover , he did not paid any effort in maintaining g the proper conditions of the work place , but rather was more interested in his personal work
  • He did not maintain the sanitation of the restaurant properly.
  • On working ground, Faisal watched pornography using office computer instead of working.
  • Therefore it made Bob, the owner to fire him under legal grounds.

Cessation of employment can take place under certain conditions:

Unit 3 Elements of Human Resource Management Assignment 4

Employees separate from an organisation due:

  • Lesser growth opportunities: In many organisations it is seen that there are no scope for any kind of promotion , and in order words his own personal career development , so the people tend to separate from the organisation
  • Low compensation: A person is working for a long period of time expects to be compensated at par of his performance, but in many cases it is not true and they tend to quit or shift.Lesser control from the management: In many organisations, the manager or supervisor is able to control the employees properly which results in confusion.

4.2 Describe the employment exit procedures used by The Chicken Master and another organisation of your choice

The organisation chosen by me which represents such exit procedures are NHS and the chicken master:

The chicken master: The fast food centre, owned by bob, usually a simple and legal process of exit. Bob was bound to fire Faisal a 43 year old person due to certain conditions:

Bob did not take care of the restaurant conditions and kept the entire restaurant unhygienic.Bob, being an owner followed some simple steps before terminating Faisal from employment.He surveyed about the entire scenario, which took place, after much proof and looking after the facts, he tried to give Faisal some training.But Bob after much training did not take any initiative and bob under such conditions fired Faisal. (education.vic, 2016)It starts with processing of the resignation letter and then it is given certain notice period which the employee has to serve.After such stages , the employee is given certain norms to give an interview related to exit from the job , where he is being asked about the proper reasons , if the employee has undergone any kind of grievances etcAfter the sessions of interview , they are asked to fill a list of references wherethey are being filed for future workAfter which the employee is being given a certificate of leaving.And his entire files are being kept properly and documented properly. (education.vic, 2016)

4.3 Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements with an organisation such as The Chicken Master if Faisal’s claim was proven to be true.

Unit 3 Elements of Human Resource Management Assignment 5

Terminating any employees from any organisation requires proper proof to be maintained by chicken master in this case. The UK government has laid down certain rules which mention that the entire organisation must have sufficient proof to ensure that the grounds under which an employee is just. (education.vic, 2016).

In this context the owner of the chicken master bob, has terminated bob because , Faisal being an senior person should have paid more attention towards the increase of the chicken master sales and profit rather he used the used equipments in his personal uses. He used to help his daughter with his work from work and using the office equipments. under the UK government it specifies that the place of work especially a restaurant should be kept absolutely  hygienic , and if there is seen any kind of unhygienic factor strict action are being taken. UK policies have strict order, performing each and every rule as depicted in the law.  Under such scenario, the decision taken by Bob, the owner is pretty much under the rules and regulation if the law which he took. Now the question comes, if the allegations are found to be true then, Faisal being an elderly person, it can be he is not found guilty if this is the case then bob will have to bear a heavy compensation from the government of UK, he can be amounted today a hefty amount of money and pay it to Faisal and at the same time, bob might have to appoint Faisal again in the restaurant, the chicken master. Faisal very cleverly has filed the petition, knowing that he being a senior person can get a benefit of doubt.  There are chances that the license of bob, for running the fast food centre the chicken master can be cancelled. Therefore it is expected that bob, has maintained all the norms before firing Faisal from his employment.

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Human resource management is all about managing the richest element in any organisation is the human element. So there is proper ways to make the employees in an organisation properly motivate and look into their needs and functionality. In this assignment different aspect of human resource management and personnel management and the impact it has on different organisation are analysed. Different kinds of motivational theory help an  organisation behaviour  to increase the level of performance. Job evaluation methods are essential part of the human resource management in any organisation. Through the human resource planning the organisation like Tesco analyse can be able to have proper skills and better competencies which would be needed in achieving the organisational goals.


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