Unit 29 Health Promotion Assignment

Health Promotion Assignment

Unit 29 Health Promotion Assignment


Diploma in Health and Social Care

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Unit 29 Health Promotion

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The entire assignment is based on the case study of a youth project named EXCEL.  This project provides the support and services to the young people who are in the age group of 12-25 years. This project aims to encourage these people to live independently and excel in their lives in spite of living in the deprived sections of the society. These people are given a wide range of information on pregnancy, alcohol and mental heath etc. There would be 4 Tasks in the entire assignment. Task 1 will discuss on the socio-economic influences like: employment, housing and income etc. It will also discuss on the various factors that affect the accessing of the information. Task 2 will give an insight on the various models of the health promotion. The role of the staff and the routines in promoting the healthy living and quitting of the smoking or any other addiction. Task 3 will help in understanding the factors that influence health promotion. Task 4 will be helping in developing a health campaign. The tasks will make us aware of the importance of the health promotions and the campaigns that are being organized for the various evenst in support with the case study and Graham’s contribution to make these events a great success in future for the community. 

unit 29 Health Promotion


1.1 The excel project provides services to young people who lived in deprived areas. Explain the effects of socio-economic influences such as employment, housing, education and income on young people’s health.

Unit 29 Health Promotion

There is a great influence of the socio and economic condition of a person on the health of the community and that individual. For example in case a person would be unemployed, he may lack income to take measures or buy of the medicines to attend himself or see the doctor. Similarly we may take the example of a person who is educated; this person would explore on the various benefits and then take action on the health of him. In the deprived locations especially when the people were earlier not exposed to the health promotions campaigns, they lack the knowledge or the know-how in order to attend the queries or health related information. The social and economic conditions of a person will determine the kind and the level of benefit he may utilize for his health and even for the understanding of the health promotions campaigns that are organized for the health and safety of the individuals. The factors are discussed as under:

  • Employment – The people, who are educated, will take up the promotions very seriously and actively. On the other hand the people who are unemployed then surely they will not waste their time with the health queries.
  • Housing– The people who have their own houses will surely be of the middle income people who could afford the homes and surely would be concerned of their health and safety.
  • Education– Education and the level of knowledge helps in checking the impact of the decision making of a person for the health promotional activities to be taken or not.
  • Income– Based on the income levels, a person will decide on the health campaign or the activity that he can afford as per his income.

Excel Project helps in explaining the people to become independent and promote their health and safety themselves so that they do not have to remain dependant on others. This project is making the people in between age group of 12-25 to realize the action plan that they need to immediately follow.

1.2 Assess the relevance of government sources in reporting on inequalities in health in relation with Graham’s EXCEL Project. Choose at least three sources of information in reporting inequalities.

Unit 29 Health Promotion Assignment

Government of each and every country has been playing a very important role in assessing the level of health and planning activities that has to be organized for a specific community of people (Prochaska & Velicer, 1997). It is the government and its representatives who are making the right decision in terms of organizing the campaigns based on the need of a community for the health campaigns. The sources through which the information on the health inequalities could be collected are:

  • Community Health Research Foundations and Agencies – These are the foundations and the agencies which are doing public researches. These agencies keep comparing the data on the various aspects of health and safety of the entire community.
  • Public Health and Administration department under government– This is a special division or the department that has been formed or developed under the government that determines the health and safety of the people in the community.
  • Public Hospitals and Medical Services – The hospitals and medical service centres also keep a record on the health and safety of the individuals.
  • Independent Enquiry Surveys/Health and Lifestyle Surveys – These are the surveys that give a lot of information on the lifestyle and the way of living or the health of the individuals.

1.3 Find various factors which affect to accessing information and discuss reasons for barriers to accessing healthcare information in relation with Excel Project.

The factors that affect the accessing of the information are:

  • Family Factors – This is the support that the government or the health care foundation gets from the family of the people that it has been targeting.
  • Environmental Factors – The factors related to environment like the hygiene and safety will determine in finding out the statistics of the data of the individuals.
  • Social Factors – These are the factors by which a person is able to make up the relations in the social circle.
  • Health Care systems and their support – These are the factors from the health care foundations and the systems for the support of the health related information.
  • Demographic factors – These are factors like age, gender and the location of a person where he is residing at.
  • Technological factors – These include access of the internet, access to online reporting and online connectivity.

The barriers that are present that inhibit the correct and updated information to be available are:

  • The growth and level of technological development – In case the technology is growing at a slower pace then surely the level or track of the health records and data would become difficult.
  • Support and help by the entire community – Sometimes, the people in the community are unaware of the importance of health promotion and information, they provide wrong information or do not support the agencies in giving the correct data.
  • The unequal distribution of the population of the entire community.

These factors and the barriers in the health promotion give us the direction in moving towards specified objectives of health promotion in the Excel Program and opportunities that are generated out of it.

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2.1 You need to identify the various models of health promotion in relation with the case study and analyze the links between government strategies (Health Promotion Campaign) and models of Health Promotion with the above scenario.

The health promotion model that could be chosen for the community would depend on the various factors like demography of the community, kind of people, level of technological development and behavioural outcomes. The model of health promotion in the case study is firstly finding out the need for the locality in terms of the health benefits and the issues that exist among the people in terms of the various illnesses and health aspects. This model will help in determining the health and safety aspects of the individuals so that individuals can survive and play a key role in the health and promotion of hygienic culture within the community. In the above case, the deprived section of the society has to be provided with the health benefits and programs that could be adopted. The models are mentioned in brief:

  • Health and Education Model – This is the model in which the health and its promotion among the people are linked with various education programs and the level and kind of education among the people. The more qualified the people, more active involvement they will have in order to fulfil the health priorities and promotions.
  • Medical Model – This is the model that will comprise of all kinds of the medical opportunities and the programs that are derived and defined for various individuals. Medical Program and Model will work out as per the medical priorities by the medical professionals to help the Excel project growth and health promotion.

2.2 Explain the role of staff and other health related Professionals in meeting EXCEL targets for Graham’s health promotion.

In the Graham’s health promotion campaign, it is important that all the health related professionals play a key role and support the health promotion campaigns in the community for the revival of the people in terms of their deteriorating health. For examples doctors if will not volunteer or nominate for the activities then surely the community will not get their support and the suffering people will not get proper treatment. Similarly in case the nurses and the other medical representatives who support the doctors will not come in front to support the doctor then surely they will not have or bear the high level of performance.
Therefore adequate number and quality of the personnel or staff in the health profession makes a lot of impact in health and improving the conditions of health and safety of the various individuals. The role played is in terms of:

  • Defining the areas that are deprived and have to be recovered. This notification will help in making the plan for the campaign (Pender et al, 2002).
  • The kind of support that is required in various sections of the society.
  • The level at which the services have to be rendered to the people so that they could have healthy and safe living in the entire community.

The role of the staff could be to find out the data and accordingly access the database for the health promotion activities. The health professionals involved are doctors, nurses, diagnostic people and management of the health and social care organizations. Excel Project or the program would only be successful when the full staff would be contributing for the promotion, growth, development and excel of the health of the people in the entire community.

2.3 Discuss the role of routines in promoting healthy living and quit smoking in Graham’s Project. 

Routines play a very important role in the promotion of healthy living and quitting of smoking as per the Graham’s project. It has been seen that certain addictions or the habits can not be removed or eliminated within a day’s time like Smoking. This requires a routine to be set up for an individual who wants to quit smoking. There are certain rehabilitation centres which have a schedule that they develop for the smokers and they are not allowed to smoke rather in case they feel like smoking then they can surely follow the guidelines and routines for their daily lives and thereby concentrate on the activities that help them in quitting smoking. The routines once set will help in the following ways:

  • They will define the schedule or the timetable of a person with respect to everyday living. These schedules and timelines help in the completion of the activity in a well defined an appropriate way. This time table will in turn help in setting the regulations and the conditions that have to be strictly implemented within the community for health and safety of the people living in it.
  • It will even help in making a person realize on the significance of following a specific activity, schedule or routines as he would be able to observe changes in his lifestyle and the recovering in terms of the health and long living.
  • Routines give the responsibility and even the accountability to a person to act as per the specific situation and the process that has been given to him. This accountability will force them to implement even if they do not wish to do so.

Routines are formed with the help of exercises, and lifestyle and personal hygiene changes in the daily routines and accordingly the health could be promoted for the individuals. Complete Excel Program, its objectives and the program regulations will define the importance and benefit of the routines that are set for the people and that helping in the promotion of the health of the people.


3.1 Explain how health beliefs relate to theories of health behaviour in Graham’s EXCEL project. Relate and compare where it is necessary.

Unit 29 Health

As per the health belief system it is being said that the employees have certain pre-conceived notions, attributes and beliefs that cannot be impacted or changed as per the situations. Once a notion or the perceived aspect is developed then the person is bound or liable to act as per the notion that they have already developed (Stokols, 1992). These notions will sometimes result in benefit and other times may cause problems as well. Graham has to check out in terms that what the deprived section of the society is taking the situation. He has to accordingly bring about the change and act accordingly.

Health and belief system of the individuals are linked with the environment, society and the culture that he has been brought up in. In case the individual has grown in the joint family, there would be consideration of healthy eating habits as even if one of the parents are not there then only other family members would support and help the children to grow and develop. Excel Project will be progressive and successful when the health and belief system of the people comprised of it is linked for the promotion of the health of the entire community.

3.2 Discuss the possible effects of potential conflicts with local industry on Graham’s health promotion project. Also find out the possible solution for these issues.

Excel Project has to be successful in promoting the health of the entire community and people. The conflicts that may arise with the local industry on Graham’s Health promotion project could be:

  • Lack of Funds availability – Sometimes, the health campaign is important to be organized but the funds for the same are not available with the agencies or the government authorities that are organizing the campaign (Antonovsky, 1996).
  • The lack of support and coordination from the medical or the health staff for the campaign and taking the steps in this regard. It is true that campaign once launched has to be success in terms of the overall coordination of the team.
  • Instability of the Government and its people – In case the government is not stable in the country then it would not be able to enforce the policies, legislation and the rules on the various people.
  • Disinterest of the population – In case the people of the community are not interested for any kind of programs or the activities to be organized then surely they will not attend or participate in them.

Excel Project would be successful in case all these constraints are taken care of and attended on priority. It will work as per the constraints and try converting them into opportunities.

3.3 Explain the importance of providing relevant health-related information to the public. And find out difference between health education and health promotion.

There is a greater need for the spreading of awareness for the health related campaigns and information. This is due to the reason that more than half of the actions do not take place due to lack of information and awareness. In case health and awareness campaigns would be organized then surely the information has to be spread so that the people would get to know on the action plan they have to follow and improve upon their health and safety.
Health Education is the study or the programs that are being organized in regard to the health and safety of the people. For example in regard to the ebola virus and its spread, the people could be provided with the study material to study and even their doubts would be cleared on the subject. This is said to be health education. This may be a consistent program or the course that may be adopted by the people (Downie et al, 1996).
Health Promotion is the promotion, advertising or the spread of the information through road shows, distribution of the brochures and the health related newsletters to make people aware on the subject matter. This may be a one time activity and helps in spreading the information to the group of people or the community.  Excel Program will help in spreading the Health Education and information among the various people. It will guide on the health related programs & beliefs that could be converted into an action plan leading to the promotion of the health of the complete community in which health education program is provided.


4.1 Plan a health promotion campaign to meet specific aims and strategies (objectives). Prepare the standardized health promotion campaign template.

Excel Program will provide the guidance for meeting the benefits from the health promotions campaigns. Health Campaign has been planned for the community to quit smoking. This would be a week driven activity or the campaign that would be organized with the following resources:

  • Medical Representatives, Nurses, Doctors and the rehabilitation centre experts or the specialists. These are the people who will help in making the campaign a success. They need to be organized well and planned before enacting on the program.
  • There should be booking of the event calendar and the venue for the activity to be organized.
  • Development of brochures and the pamphlets has to be done in order to educate the people and even spread the awareness on the significance of the program.
  • The list of the families in the entire community has to be developed. This list would act as a source for the check on the people who smoke and developing a rehabilitation program for them.
  • The dates have to be convenient for the people who are the hosts and attend the queries.

The health campaign will allocate the funds and even procure the requirements from the governmental or other authorities. This would help them in fulfilling the requirements and availing all the resources. The agenda and the campaign requirements have to be planned and accordingly acted upon for the different situations. These will help in keeping track of the records and then presenting the situations well in the future.

4.2 Explain how health promotion campaign supports health promotion strategies in line with legislations. And self-evaluation needs to be included at the end of your campaign plan.

Health promotions campaigns help in the health promotion of a community. They help in making the people aware of the pros and cons of the situations in case thehealth and safety of the people would not be taken care of. Sometimes even the hidden diseases or the problems are notified to the people. These promotional activities or the campaigns ensure that the legal regulations and legislations are being taken care of. It is important that these activities, events and campaigns are being organized and successfully implemented on regular intervals. Campaigns in case will not be evaluated then surely there would not be any success of utilization of these events. The health promotion strategies will be helpful and materialized only if the activities are planned and developed. There is a requirement of the activity and its implementation with proper support and coordination. Self evaluations also help in the assessing of the changes in the conditions and health of the people that have been brought about. This is beneficial as the changes are brought about in the system. Campaign has to be effectively plan so that all the participants are convinced for the kind of activities and the programs that are organized and immediately changes are brought about in the entire community. The quit smoking plan will help the users in understanding the side effects and the problems in case they will not quite smoking (Robertson & Minkler, 1994).

Presentation on QUIT ALCOHOL

Unit 29 health

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Unit 29 health promotion


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Health and safety of the community is on priority for the entire community. Government of each and every country is getting actively involved in this regard. There are a lot of health campaigns and programs that are organized for the last 5 years in almost all the deprived sections of the society. It is usually said that health and its promotion helps in spreading the awareness among the people. When the people will have the information and relevant details then only they will take the relevant steps in this regard. It is important that specialized events, activities and programs are organized on regular intervals so that entire society and community is affected in a positive way. A campaign or a program could be organized based on the various socio-economic factors that have been impacting in the society. There is a necessity of the consideration of these factors so that the health campaign that is presented and organized proves to be beneficial for the community.
Therefore in the nutshell it could be said that health promotional campaigns are a way or the road map that may guide the society on the action that could be taken in a specific situation. They even guide and make the people aware on the information related to the health, safety and the hygiene that has to be maintained within the community where we live.


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