Unit 21 Supporting Significant Life Events Assignment

Unit 21 Supporting Significant life Events Assignment

Unit 21 Supporting Significant Life Events Assignment


Unit 21 supporting significant life events assignment study is all about the individuals facing the significant life events either after losing their beloved one by their demise or their personal belonging. These sufferers called as bereavement. This essay clears the prospects of the society for such individuals to whom pay their grievances to the misfortunes faced in the life and this type of behaviour is not same for all. It varies from person to person that shows such changes in the society. It is clear more, by explaining the best instance of a life such as if someone who has lost his parent, pet or in the pain for the loss of anything that is connect with the country, children shows his pain and his grievances portrayed as Bereavement (Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement, 2001). The depth of such grievances seems only through individual’s messages, which shows that how much they filled with their mourned feelings. This essay explains about that how individuals give the response to their stress. In the last of this essay, it shows the personal reflections of the individuals suffering from life events after analysing the possible response of business organisation .

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Task 1

1.1 Explain the impact of significant life events on individuals

Individuals who face hardships and suffering through pain or tough moments in his life after losing his special thing and person, who is most lovable for him. Such individuals are portraying as Bereavement. It is called as individuals face significant life events. Any misfortune face by individuals that results in mourns changes the moods of such individuals as per the circumstances. As per the Holmes and the Richard in 1967, life events state as distinct experiences that disturbs the activities or the routine life of the individuals through substantial changes(Holmes. TH and Rahe. RH, 1967) Example: Divorce, injuries, losing job, illness etc. For explaining the answer of this question better, let us understand the situation. Here, we have taken the case of George who has lost his Mother and for him it is different to take an experience of such feeling. This misfortune makes him totally in the mood of mourns and leaves the various types of effects on his behaviour and personal life.   

The impact of the life event seems negative impact such as depression, grief and stress. After suffering from the problem of the Bereavement, individual faces the changes in his physical body and finding problems in doing work for long-run hours. Moreover, they feel sleepy. Few people seems tensed, lack of energy, restless, slow etc.

  • Physical Impact: A feeling of such pain leaves the huge impact physically on the body of the George; bring snugness with the throb pains, stretching muscles etc. this type of intense Pain and the absence of the energy in the human body brings the fatigue. However, individual overcomes with such fatigue but sometimes it becomes so hard that shows the darkness to the person. It effects on the sleeping capacity of such individuals that causes various other issues that can solve only by taking the assistance from the outside i.e. Medical treatment to be themselves recover completely (Boelen, Prigerson, 2007). Without treatment, it makes individuals fully distress and full of anxiety. The anxiety and stress get resolve by the full support and the love given by the family or friends. Individual facing such issues and act as bereavement protects themselves from emotions arises from misfortune only with such friendly support.   
  • Bereavement – acts as Rollercoaster: An unconventional feeling or emotions arise inside the individuals facing bereavement and acts as a rollercoaster because such emotions get change due to the changing circumstances. It varies from person to person. In the case of the George, he becomes numb or totally in mourns. Sometimes some of the misfortunes give the chance to the individuals to enthusiastically that makes the person numb. The reason only behind this is a total different situation face by an individual that he does not know how to react and becomes still. Such emotions only move ahead by the passing by situation. Numb means vanish of cherished behaviour for some time and do not show the emotions of weeping, which generally people shows after facing any misfortune and feels mourns. A one cannot hide his all emotions in front of others that can say, he has sobbed all his tears but hiding such emotions means that this person is being lost.  
  • Social Impact:There will be less changes socially those may come in the life of a bereavement but it is important to recollect all the above changes and tries to improve them with the proper support so, that it will not leave any harsh impact on the social circle of such individual. A proper understanding, sympathy, love by his family, friends, and experienced people those are his near and dear ones can changes him easily and tries to overcome the issues like his demise sentiments, aggressive and doubtful behaviour (Bonnano, Kaltman, 2001).

1.2 Analyse possible group responses to significant life events that occur to one of its members

An individual who is facing the problem of the bereavement receives different types of responses like from friends, family and his loved ones. It gets the response from the society too. The family is the one who gives the moral support majorly in the case of any loss of a family member. It is only possible when the communication among all the members is clear and should be positive. Family members plays the other professional roles like doctors, nurses, social care for such an individual who get affected from the life events. Individuals those who does not get the major support from their loved ones face the problem of the complicated situations. Refer with the case study, George who has lost his mother and mourns in the demise of her. He is not living his life to the fullest because everything is lost for him. He needs the love and care to be recovered from such problem. Different groups provides different types of support system so, the possible responses from the below mentioned various groups to the Bereavement are:

  • Associates (sympathetic):Various people are involve and acts as an association those help bereavement to recover from the sad emotions on the demise of their any family member and convince them for involving in other activities for bringing the improvement in them. Pamphlets based on the web shows sympathy on various parts of mourns are also plays the role of association.
  • Communal media (Twitter or Face book): This is the communication platform through which a family member and a friend can easily share his emotions and views for the individual facing mourns and lots of sufferings (Davydov, Stewart, 2010).
  • GriefNet.org: Supports group are available on such web-based site and manages the sufferings and torture faces by the bereavement to get overcome their problems. In such groups, all children and grown-ups are involved.
  • Discover support:
    • Love of family and friends – George gets more satisfaction in staying alone and independent except he should incline more towards his loved ones. Therefore, here in this situation he needs to pull his all loved ones close to him and ask for the support instead of staying alone.
    • Self-confidence (Internal Voice) – George get grievances form his all sadness through the prayers and full devotion for God. It gives him a complete inner satisfaction and comfort. In case of any misfortune, if the situation occurs with full of doubts on his confidence then a true believe in God or church prayers helps him in overcoming. 
    • Support group – George undergoes desolate through the grief provides by his all friends and family members around him. Such groups give assistance to those sufferers who suffer from the misfortunes and face distress and other issues.

1.3 Analyse the impact for others in health and social care when an individual experiences significant life events

Others those are involved in the case of the bereavement are nurses, counsellors and other workers belong from the care homes etc. are affected because their services are hampered. They completely face the loss of their services due to the loss in an individual’s life (Currier, Niemeyer, 2008). Nurses who are hire for taking care of the mother of the George are definitely aware about the illness of the patient and they are aware about the possibility of her demise but still agree to take care of such patients, as it is the job of them. After the demise of the mother, the nurse gets affect by losing her job. George affect emotionally and physically after losing his mother. Grief can make George lonely though he loved by his other family members and the friends. George can share his pain with the others who have suffered from such a pain. These people are also considering as the support group that helps the individuals like George in giving them proper condolence.  The staffs like nurse who are known as the carers experience the grief and getting affect by it. They require the training to find such incidents like death of their patient acceptable and understand that this is only her job.

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Task 2

2.1 Evaluate the effectiveness of organizational policies and procedures in supporting individuals and their social networks affected by significant life events

It clears the criticalness of the effectiveness of the organizational policies and the procedures constructed by the official groups that leave the hard impact that may encompass people suffering from significant life events. These type of associations those help such individuals voluntarily moves ahead through Identification of a pioneer officially to provide the guarantee that these association will give the proper care to the people acts as bereavement. Supportive associations give the directions as mentioned below and consider them as regional methodologies.

  • Care provides to the individuals before occurrence of life event i.e. bereavement
  • Care and obligations gives by the official pioneers of such association after confirming their identification.
  • Issues the Medical Certificate of Cause of demise and brings in considerations for installing various stuff such as gadgets and radioactive (Holland, Coleman, Niemeyer, 2010)
  • Transport facility given from the place of the demise to the place where service of burial executes.
  • Care verification done of all individuals acts as bereavement by associations with maintaining proper secret.

George’s mother taken care by the professional of the health care to ensure that the organization is considering all the policies and the procedures as recommendable. Care for the Bereavement is not constraint by the age groups. The policies of this problem relate with the old age individuals more because they have more probability of losing their emotions, mental and physical health. Individuals who opt for this bereavement treatment are treated better and this process is for a short period.

In 2012, the law name as Standards for Bereavement care 2001 are reviewed and implemented to bring the changes in the policies of this law. It states that any service requires being safe for the requirement of a bereavement individual. Such care is not limited by conditions of the medical any longer the policy of equality now implemented.

In 2005, National Institute for clinical excellence cancer and palliative care guidance states that bereavement individuals around somewhere 85% will improve along its pathways. It is possible when such individuals get the care and the support from such social and health care organizations at the correct time, when they actually need. Rest 10% of the individuals become so defenceless and demands for the extra care and 5% individuals facing life events experiencing the complex grief and needs an interventions of experts. The efficiency of such policies has that many controls overall system that all the carer’s profiles are cross checked by the criminal bureau. The same did for the mother of the George and in this way the patient get secure from any of the mishap. There is only a conviction of losing a job by carers at the demise of the patients.

2.2 Explain how others in social networks may provide support to individuals experiencing significant life events

Various types of obligations and support are providing by the social groups and systems by keeping the satisfaction in their mind that all individuals experiencing life events should definitely get it. Such groups adopt various cooperative ways to get their problems resolved. The main motive behind all this is to give consistent administrations to people facing life events and benefit financially through this to slow down the imitation. Below are the ways-

  • Physical support: Identifies all those strategies those help the individuals acts as bereavement with proper care and followed various approaches think about the needs of the different groups such as children, grown-ups, teenagers, physically disabled who are deprived. It is very common that such individuals faces the distress and passes by suicide, killing etc.
  • Related to this case study, George who is in grief after his mother death needs therapies to get the physical support. The support provide by the the carer. Carer helps in meeting the individual physical needs in her illness.
  • Social care: Coordinate all the systems those gives the support to the helpers and the employees of the social groups in providing proper care to the bereavement (Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association, 2012). Coordinate all the improvements over the social groups or systems and work upon on all the data of bereavements that shows their needs together with the data of the individuals giving support i.e. helpers, experts.
  • Psychological support: Through this support, George needs the various counselling sessions to make him recover from anxiety and the stress. In the case if George, having any history of stress and thinks that why only he has to attend such sessions, for this counsellor or specialist refer for them.
  • Spiritual Support: The carer convinces George to think positive only in his life and communicate effectively with others. Spiritual support helps in removing the incapability of not doing trust on others, incapability of behaving normally with others. Yoga and meditation helps individuals suffering from life events and give them the major support.
  • Observe the care for the bereavement by executing all operations of the associations properly and follows the policies and the procedures states by the region /the nation. It shows the excellence results.

2.3 Evaluate the suitability of external sources of support for those affected by significant life events.

External sources use their entire adequacy source and help the people facing life events by consoling them in different ways. Their motive is to care all the patients suffering from different types of diseases and such diseases get cure only by giving the medical treatment with the help of medical experts. In this way, patients get cure from their infection. Every individual can adjust their feelings; soul and body through involvement of the care and the support given by all external sources. Mediations involve the corresponding treatments, profound and mental advice, recovering and eating schedule etc. various therapies are given in the terms of the private segments and help the patients in curing. Therapists are strict not give the data of the patients and their treatments. All those methodologies enhances the recovery of the patients from diseases is an uncertain question on which proof is conflicting.

  • Give-and-take treatments:various treatments diminish the manifestations and enhance the energy level of the patients by acupuncture, needle therapy and homeopathy. A blind trust of patient on the treatments sometimes occurs into the terrible situations but quick benefits from such treatments are the only reason of the trust in the depth (Hudson, Remedies, 2010).  
  • Unwinding, meditation and dream:this group gives the support to the cancer patients with full passion by restricting the bodily manifestations. It may become worse through tensions. Mrs. Gary diagnosed as a patient of tumour because she faces a huge obstruction of anxiety and it influences the resistant capacity of her. It results that she losses her body to get recover easily. In this case, she is affected from being recovered easily but in other cases, patients may suffer from prompts emotions like frustration, annoyed etc. Her trust level on the treatment only builds when she concentrates more on the state of her body and trust on the external supporters without any possibility that reduces the capacity of the body. This type of her behaviour shows her superiority for getting better and the impact of anxiety on her physically is reduced. Various procedures of unwinding are use and followed here and dream of its prospect seems advisable. Dreams / images develop the self-image awareness. Mrs. Gary taking an experience of the radiotherapy to remove the disease of the cancer and get recover from it easily.    

Task 3

3.1 Analyse possible organisational responses to the need to support individuals experiencing a significant life event.

A special norm based on principles and consisting laws present in 2014. This norm is use to make proper arrangements in the case if guidelines or principles broke. The Department of Health follows the current principles and the guidelines prior 2014 and after distributing these instructions, their reaction seems in the conference of 2014 in the month of July (Zhang, El-Jawahri, 2006). These guidelines are directly relate to the individuals and in particular situations, they follows the advantages like when a person more than 16 years fails in the ability to settle on an options providing the services for curing patients.

Policies are applied for those people only who came first in the contact of the service providers and the users of the services. Here, it is the guarantee that suppliers are frank with the individuals who uses the administrations while initiating for the care of patients. A supplier needs to follow-

  • Ensure of providing a wide background and supports at each level within the group system and association.
  • Providing advices to individuals at regular intervals to find out their own ways and observe all the episodes clearly to know what actually had happened
  • After any misfortune, a proper support is given to such individuals
  • Clarifies all the examinations and questions for maintaining the records based on truth.

Organization of the united Kingdom makes sure that the hospitals and the social care homes provides services to the individuals to make them safe, compassionate and encourage them for bring the new changes in their lives with new improvements.

3.2 Reflect on your own personal contributions to the support of individuals experiencing significant life events such as bereavement.

Youth comes in everyone’s life after completion of the period of teenage but this could not prepare anyone to get ready for taking some actions for future. In my teenage period, I realise that every person passing his year-by-year adopting diseases because of growing older after every year. This makes the life of us little complex to live. It is observed by me that generally youth controls their emotions but sometimes are unwilling to control them. Associate groups help others in controlling their emotions and sentiments by taking their proper care and give them full support. There are many indications those arise the anxiousness and the tough situations among the youth who search for their companions and helps them to relocate the matter of past bothered them. Various troubles face by the youth such as abandoned socially, frightening, problems facing in fixing their children with the schools create anxiousness among them. Demise may be any either loss of life or any loss like mentioned above in anyone’s life creates the anxiousness among individuals and to overcome such problems they need the help from the various associate groups and social system. It is very important to focus main on the specific needs of such individuals that which type of help they need (Prigerson, Maciejewski, 2012). Generally, people cannot discriminate the priority in between the loved ones and their relatives at upfront. I as a part of an association group asked for their major support but instructors could not bring the changes in the several occasions occurred during that time when their support of any kind leaves the impact. Examples: Impact majorly is through maintaining a reputation of passed away individual with his children and Importance of particular dates like anniversaries and birthdays. Another statement that is impactful is period of growing up in the school until the youth faces significant occurrence.

3.3 Make recommendations for improving the support available in Health and Social care organization for individuals and their social networks when affected by significant life events.

Health and Social Care home adopts various presentable approaches for improving the procedures of taking care are:

  • Integration and Agreement: Integration does with the various associations and groups for increasing their nature of taking care by avoiding unnecessary expenditures. A smooth flow of finance and the followed procedures as per states in the norms of the region influences the association’s understanding and the settlement towards the various issues. They should be as per their specified plans and will help in making the community society oriented. A necessary audit does at constant level for evaluating their operations and provides adequate benefits.  In this way, social care homes or nursing homes seem fruitful with some restrictions.
  • Ideas for developing the quality of Care:Development in medications involves its quality and the quality of the care gives to the patients. Such enhancement and improvements in the quality assesses in the operations performs by the employees of the care homes. An execution on the performances of the workers of the care homes act as critics but plays the major role in motivating them by doing their appreciations. Their motivation enhance the development in the qualitative operations performs inside the care homes and the nursing homes.  
  • Long-established practice:A long established practice follows all rules of the nursing homes and adopts their various strategies those are not too advanced for taking care of individuals. All such nursing homes known as the centres for healing the wounds or diseases of the patients and focuses mainly on the improvements of the health and nursing care based on the British confirmations.
  • Support Groups, Measurable and Tele-care: It observes from the particular research that all nursing homes and groups enhance the medications facilities and care giving to the patients within the care homes only. The main purpose of this, which the nursing homes should keep in their mind, is reducing their finance expenses. All the facilities are measurable and possible only by doing various assessments. Tele-care clears its broad sense and improves the chance gives to the various experts those care the patients in their private clinics and follow proper evaluation system of the frameworks followed there (Prigerson, Vanderwerker, 2008).
  • Resident / Citizens Care: Care provides by specific homes to the citizens and the residents are after their personal satisfaction. Various exercises, people’s assessment and personal information are measurable for their satisfaction. It leaves the great effect on the market labour of the care homes and enhances improving the working qualities of the employees.
  • Social, Cultural and Public Change: Society plays a major role because it appreciates the new changes and the developments particularly, in the working of the employees. Also, follows its new understandings about the care. All new formed associations and groups are the part of this society only and act as stakeholders.

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Emotions full of sad, mourn, stress are all quite natural in the case of losing anything or any person related to someone. Such people who get demise because of the chronic disease need the care and the support with the medication treatment from some of the external or group system. Individuals who feel bitterness in their lives after facing such demise in their lives will never give up and expects the moral support that increases their strength. There are various responses acts as a criticalness of misfortune after facing demise. A correct approach should consider to face such torture to be recover and continues further smoothly in the life.


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