Unit 16 Understanding Specific Needs in HSC

Understanding Specific Needs in HSC

Unit 16 Understanding Specific Needs in HSC


The assignment has been divided into five tasks with several learning objectives in them related to health and social care. First 4 tasks would be based on different case studies based on the health and social care. Task 5 would be based on the self evaluation of the entire report on what all has been assessed on the health and social care. Task 1 would be analyzing and understanding on the various perceptions of health, disability, illness and the behaviour in health and social care. Task 2 would be an insight on the understanding of how health and social care services and systems support individuals with specific needs. Task 3 would be giving a light on the different approaches and intervention strategies that support individuals with specific needs. Task 4 would be giving an understanding on the strategies for coping with challenging behaviours associated with specific needs. Based on the entire report, the approaches, strategies, behaviours and the analysis of the health and social care would be given in the Task 5 in the form of a self evaluation of the entire report that would be prepared in the form of various other tasks.


Understand perceptions of health, disability, illness and behaviour. 

Each and every individual who gets admitted in the care home has got its own needs and requirements which are in specific to an individual. Here in this case being a service worker I was appointed to meet up with the family of Mr. Holland and understand the specific needs of Mr. Holland in case he is admitted into our home.
I met the son and the father and understood that Mr. Holland has the disability to walk and also faces difficulty in understanding of needs. He is a person who needs a special and specific care in terms of appointment of a special nurse to take care of all the issues. In case meeting his daily requirements too, he would need a male representative to be present with him throughout day and night so that he is well taken care off (Nutbeam, 2000).

1.1 Analyze the concepts of Health, Disability, Illness and the Behaviour in relation to users of health and social care services.

Health of Mr. Holland may be defined as his physical and mental state. He is unable to understand the things properly and that has given a reason to him for being admitted to the care home where his specific needs in terms of daily understanding and special needs are met. He is a handicap in terms of his mental and physical body. He is unable to walk properly and even cannot easily understand and respond to the things being asked from him. He has been ill for around 10 years but was taken care of by his wife who is now no more and both the children are married with their professional careers so they cannot leave him alone in this state. They think that in case in their absence he needs anything then there should be a person who is at his demand available to fulfil his physical needs. Not only this; when he would be admitted to the social care home then he will have company of other people of the similar kinds and he will not feel alone. Mr. Holland has lost his wife and his son feels that in absence of his mother, his father needs a company of other similar people which they would not be able to give as all have been working and out of their homes for around 12-15 hours.
Health beliefs state that in the presence of the other similar people in the social care home, Mr. Holland’s needs for social and mental grounds would be well taken care of. The son believes that his father should get the facilities like a full time representative, availability of Television, park in the evening, social needs to be met in the presence of various other similar kinds of people who would be providing him company and helping him recover from his illness.

1.2 Assess how perceptions of specific needs have changed overtime.

The perceptions and beliefs of illness and disability have changed overtime. These professionally and publicly managed agencies, care homes and the institutions are changing their perspectives so that they are attending to the specific needs of the individuals based on the requirements and demands of their families for the patient or the disable person who is admitted to the social care homes. Disability is a condition in which the patient is unable to do certain physical, mental and social activities. When a person becomes disabling, it has become a concern for a family and nobody can leave his career and sit at home. So in order to give ease to the family and even the disable person, the family decides to admit him in social care homes so that his specific needs and requirements are well taken care of (Emmons & Rollnick, 2001).

1.3 Analyze the impact of legislations, social policy, society and culture on the ways that services are made available for individuals with specific needs.

There has also been a great impact of the social policy, legislations, society and the culture on the ways the services have to be made available to Mr. Holland who is a patient that has specific needs. As per the legislations and the social policy, Mr. Holland has to be provided with the following in order to meet his specific needs:

  • Availability of the disable machines through which he just sits and he could be taken in the park, entertainment and social rooms in the care home so that his social needs are being met.
  • A full time male representative from the social care home to take care of his specific needs.
  • A regular visit of a doctor in morning and evening to assess the impact of treatment and health care services that are given to him.

Hence in brief I would like to say that Mr. Holland will get special care in the social care home and would be well taken care of as per the needs that have been specifically noted down as per his own and family requirements.

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