Unit 21 Human Resource Management Planning Assignment

Unit 21 Human Resource Management Planning Assignment

Unit 21 Human Resource Management Planning Assignment


The unit 21 human resource management planning assignment is mainly focussed on the concepts of Human Resource Management which are been followed in the organisations. The Human Resource Management includes many concepts which include planning, organising, directing, recruiting and coordination of human resource of the organisation. It also covers the cessation of any employee from the organisation. The assignment is divided in tasks where different concepts are discussed. The first task includes the difference between personnel management and  Human Resource Management  and the second one is based on recruitment of employees while the third one is focussed on motivation and retention of employees and the last is related to the cessation of employees. The main aim of the project is to understand the theory and practice of Human Resource Management by discussing different cases.

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Task 1

1.1 Differentiate between personnel management and human resource management giving examples in two suitable organisations.

Human Resource Management is the separate function of every management whose main aim is to manage the Human capital of the organisation (Beardwell& Thompson, 2015).In this task the differences are discussed between Personnel management and Human Resource Management which are almost same but are slightly different concepts from each other and these differences are explained below in the form of table and by considering the company PepsiCo UK and Ireland which is a provider of food and drinks in UK and have different brands in its portfolio like Tropicana, Quaker, Pepsi and many more in UK, Ireland and in many other countries (pepsico.co.uk, 2013).

Unit 21 Human Resource Management Planning Assignment 1

Basis of difference

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Personnel Management (PM)


HRM is the function which is mainly designed in every organisation to manage human resources so that the objectives of the organisations can be achieved. PEPSICO has a separate department of HRM which handles the human capital of the organisation right from the planning and recruiting to the cessation of employees in the organisation (Beardwell& Thompson, 2015).

PM is the function of the management which is focussed to satisfy the workforce of the organisation so that they work more effectively. PEPSICO tries to maximise the satisfaction of employees in the organisation (Dessler, 2015).

Main Approach          

The approach of HRM is modern and latest which focuses on the achievement of the goals of organisation with the satisfaction of employees

The approach of PM is traditional which only concentrates on satisfaction of employees. PEPSICO manages its employees and their satisfaction in the organisation (Dessler, 2015).


HRM has broader scope as it includes many other functions like planning, training, recruitment, motivation, cessation, etc. PEPSICO has HRM and it includes all these functions.

The scope of PM is narrower as it only focuses on motivation and satisfaction of employee and they are not concerned with the alignment of organisational objectives with it.

The base of Payment

Payment to the employees in HRM is based on the performance of the employees. PEPSICO normally evaluates the performance of the workers and payment is determined on the basis of that (Dessler, 2015).

PM uses Job evaluation method to determine the payment made to the employees. They are paid according to the job profile they have.

Unit 21 Human Resource Management Planning Assignment 2

1.2 Assess how human resource management functions help your chosen organisation in achieving its purpose.

Human resource Management comprises of different functions which manages the human capital of the company. In PepsiCo there are many functions of HRM which helps the company to achieve its purpose; some of the functions are discussed below:

  • Planning of human capital: HRM starts its activities from the planning of the human resources in the organisations. It includes assessment of the need of the company and the availability of the existing work force. The required workforce will be recruited by PepsiCo by using different methods (Foot, et. al., 2016).
  • Recruitment of workforce: the need of extra workforce is fulfilled by recruiting the ones by adopting different methods like giving commercial in the newspapers, taking interviews, tests and other criteria’s are made for selecting the best one suited for the company.
  • Training and motivation: This is also one of the main functions of PepsiCo as the employees are required to be trained for the enhanced effectiveness in their work and by this they also get motivated. For motivating the other methods are adopted by PepsiCo like rewards, recognition, bonus, etc.
  • Integration: Integration means that how HRM of PepsiCo maintains good relationships among different departments and also between the higher and lowers level of management in the company. It has been done through proper communication, complaints solving procedure, compensation, etc. (Foot, et. al., 2016).

1.3 Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in your organisation or familiar organisation and how it supports human resource management functions.

Line managers in the companies are those which help in managing a team and establish a positive relationship between higher level of management and the workers. They have many roles and responsibilities in PepsiCo which are given in points below:

  • Appraisal of the employees: the main responsibilities of line managers are many but one of them is to evaluate the performance of theworkforce of the PepsiCo and to do appraisal which has been done by conducting meetings and evaluating them on various basis (Holland, 2011).
  • Directing the team: Main responsibility of line manager is to provide directions to the team that hat is to be done and by whom by allocating the work to the workers according to their capabilities.
  • Managing costs: Line managers are there in the organisation to manage the team and also to manage the costs of the activities carried on by the team. The line mangers of PepsiCo try to complete the goals in minimum costs and provide maximum benefits to the organisation.
  • Training and development: The line manager of PepsiCo is also responsible for developing the team workers by providing training to them. It motivates the workers to work more effectively for the company (Holland, 2011).

Unit 21 Human Resource Management Planning Assignment 3

Line manager connects the team and company with each other

1.4 Analyse how legal and regulatory framework impact on human resource management.

UK has some rules and laws which are to be followed by PepsiCo for smooth operations and to have a positive impact on HRM. Some of the laws made are given below:

  • The Equal pay Act 1970: This act says that there should be no inequality in payments made to the workers at same level in the company. Men and Women should be paid equally if they are on same level (Stanberry &Aven, 2013).
  • Sex Discrimination Act 1995/97: This act says that there should be no discrimination between the employees on the basis of sex or gender and they should be treated equally (Cavico, et. al., 2012).

Unit 21 Human Resource Management Planning Assignment 4

  • The Employees Rights Act 1996: according to this act the worker has its adequate rights in the company and no one can go beyond his rights in the organisation. The law cannot be violated.
  • Health and Safety Act: This act says that organisation have to provide healthy working conditions to the workers and should avoid things which affect the health of the employees (Sung & Chu, 2011).

Unit 21 Human Resource Management Planning Assignment 5

                    Health and Safety signs

  • The Data protection Act 1998: This act says that the companies have to make the data confidential which is supposed to be. It should not be accessed through any unauthorised person.

Unit 21 Human Resource Management Planning Assignment 6

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Task 2


HRM is one of the most important and effective tool for the companies nowadays to manage the human capital of the company. This task is regarding the planning of Human Resources in the companies. A case is given and the discussion is done referring to the case.

2.1 Analysing the reasons for human resource planning.

Human Resource Planning is the process in which the needs of human resources are determined and then it is fulfilled to carry on the operations of the companies smoothly. The main reasons for Human Resource planning in PepsiCo are:

  • To determine the Human capital need of the organisation: PepsiCo plans for human resources to determine if the company has some need for more human resources or the existing resources are sufficient enough to reach a goal of the organisation.
  • For optimum utilization: PepsiCo plans for human resources so that it can utilize its human resources properly to achievethe main goals and objectives of the business. Planning will let the company know about the present or future needs of the company (Lepak, et. al., 2016).
  • To cope up with the change: It is important for an organisation to cope with the change in the market and technology for which it needs new resources and fresh talents who can help in achievingthe desired results to PepsiCo.
  • To fill up the requirement: Sometimes the company requires more manpower for achieving the goals and objectives for which it has to do Human resources Planning so that adequate amount of resources with required skills can be hired (Lepak, et. al., 2016).

2.2 Outlining the stages involved in planning human resource requirements.

It has been already discussed that why human Resource Planning is so important in the companies and it is done in a process which are given below:

  • Determine the main purpose: First of all the main purpose of the company is to be determined so that the future and present needs of the company can be met by keeping in mind the purpose.
  • Present human capital: The present available human capital in the company is determined and it is to be seen that what is the gap between the demand and supply of human resources for the company (Hafeez&Aburawi, 2013)
  • Match between demand and supply of human resources: After determining the demand and supply, the match is to be made between the two so that equilibrium can be maintained for achieving the main purposeof the organisation. This can be done through many internal and external methods like promoting exiting employees or by hiring new employees for any post or work.
  • Action plan: An action plan has to be made for reaching equilibrium. PepsiCo have to make an action plan to fill up the gaps which includes the methods to recruit new workers or to promote the existing workers in the company.
  • Monitor the plan: The action plan is monitored that whether it is effective and providing effective results or not. The shortcomings of the plan, if any are removed and it is improved (Hafeez&Aburawi, 2013).

Unit 21 Human Resource Management Planning Assignment 7

                                                  Process of Human Resource Planning

2.3 Compare the current recruitment and selection process in the organisation with another organisation you recommending.

This task covers the comparison which has been made between the organisation given in the case study and PepsiCo. According to the case given, the recruitment process is started first by attracting the candidates and then telephonic interviews are taken through which the candidates are selected for face to face interviews. The face to face interviews are taken and the most appropriate candidates are selected for aptitude tests. The face to face interviews process includes asking questions on life goals, pervious experience, and future expectations from job and about the reasons for which the candidate applied for the job. After the aptitude tests, the most deserving candidates are selected (Foot, et. al., 2016).

On the other hand, the recruitment and selection process of PepsiCo is well managed and well planned by the HR department of the company. The company determine the need/ demand of the employees in the company and then attract the employees by giving advertisements in newspapers and online websites. The candidates who applied are scrutinized through an aptitude test first and then the selected candidates are called up for a group discussion so that their communication  employability skills  and leadership skills can be tested. After that, the most deserving candidates are called up for personal interviews and then the selected candidates are given induction training to join the company (Human Resource Planning and Competitive Advantage: Investigating the Relationship, 2013).

2.4 Evaluating how effectiveness is the organisation recruitment and selection techniques with another organisation you recommending.

The recruitment and selection techniques adopted by the given organisation are not planned effectively and they are not effective enough to choose the right candidates for the company. The employee selected are not been scrutinized properly. It is simple but is ineffective to choose the ones which are desired by the company. On the other hand, PepsiCo follows the process of recruitment and selection which is bit lengthy and complex but it tests the candidates on every ground and is effective in choosing the required and desirable candidate for the company. (PepsiCo, 2016). The aptitude tests are taken initially in PepsiCo so that the candidates can be judged on the basis of logics and reasoning. In interviews, PepsiCo focus on asking the questions which shows the real person in the candidate. They believe in hiring honest candidates. The questions are about personal experiences, learning and achievements which helps the company in hiring the talented and honest employees. Whereas the given organisation asks the basic questions like future goals, reasons for application, etc. which provides general answers to the company and the chances of honest answers are reduced. So PepsiCo’s processes of recruitment and selection re more effective in selecting thedesirable employees (Human Resource Planning and Competitive Advantage: Investigating the Relationship, 2013).

Task 3

3.1 Assess the link between motivational theory and reward at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation. Your answer must show if you think there is a link, what connects the two?

In today’s complex world there is several motivation theories given by the numerous numbers of economist such as Maslow's, Herzberg's, McClelland's and McGregor's theories. Reward is the key persons who have given all the theories given. Virgin media being the leading company in IT sector has used different motivational theories in order to develop a good motivation in employees so that they could put their best efforts in the company. Reward system is the one of the best important tool in the motivation theories and this could be understood with the different motivational theories of F Tyler. Virgin media has aligned all the interest of the employee and their stakeholder’s welfare with that of company’s prosperity and profitability throughout the time. There is also seen that company has provided different benefits to establish a good nexus between employees welfare and company sustainability in the long run by issuing employee stock option scheme. Promotional strategies for the employees, DIP, allowance and incentive with the increasing graph of the sales turnover of the company.

Virgin media with the time being in force has used different styles and several motivational theories so in modified manner. But top management and promoters group has determined that employee feel motivated in high manner when they are given. Reward system is understood be covered in the top rating in all of the factors of the motivational theories.

 By following Maslow and Herzberg it is being shown that reward system is the virgin media is accompanied by different aspects such as given monetar0079 rewards to employees, alignment of employee’s interest with that of company’s development. The most important thing to note down in the reward system which gives the most effective result in the motivation of employees in the company is that it helps employees to cater the several needs of the employees in better and effective manner(Hutchings, De Cieri& Shea, 2011).

3.2 Evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay at Virgin Media or your chosen organization.

Job evaluation is the process of determine the actual calibre of the employees working in the different value chain activities of the company. This process shows how effective employees have put their efforts in the company. Job evaluation process in mainly used to determining different pays to the employees.

  • Establishment of job evaluation committee to check the work performance of the company.
  • Determine the key factors which will help committee to evaluate the job profile of the company.
  • Making appraisal and check list to check the quality of performed work in different process by the employees.
  • Identification of job evaluation method as peer the suitability of different employees of several processes Chanel.
  • Make classification of each and every job with different group making segment.

Other factors determining pay at virgin media-

  • The proper size of the organization in the industry
  • Profitability of the business channel
  • Stag cycle of the business
  • Employees work performance as a team

3.3 Assess in different contexts (for e.g. attracting talent, retention, and motivation) how effective is the reward systems at Virgin Media or your chosen organization?

Reward system is the effective tool to make the good motivation in the employee with effective plan. There is given following explanation as blow

  • Attract talent – reward system is very effective in determine the number of attractive factors to talented people whether outside or inside of the organization. Reward system has shown that employees get satisfied with their efforts in the business .Further more if employees feel that they are getting best outcome of their efforts they praise the company at large and refer other quality of people in the company.
  • Motivation- There is fact that reward system has proved very much help to virgin media in retaining and motivating employees in various matters. Virgin media with its effective reward system has given various benefits to employees so that they could cater their several needs in different manner as per their choice of action. Employees are the assets to the origination; they work for the organization because they feel that the0079 will get several benefits out of their tremendous performance for the value chain activities. Benefits given to employees are considered to be making alignment of employee’s interest with that of organization development at whole.
  • Retention- virgin media has seen the different benefits of the good amount of reward system mostly in the retention of the quality of employees in the process systems. Several benefits which have been found with the help of reward system in the organization such as reduction in the employee’s turnover, cost reduction in the products and services cost(Heckhausen, Wrosch& Schulz, 2010).

3.4 Examine the methods Virgin Media or your chosen organization use to monitor employee performance?

There are following methods given as bellows

  • Virgin media use discipline in the way of working of the employees of the company
  • Company checks the different effective plan of the employees In the  different value chain
  • Random checking program or sudden visit in the process system of the employees.
  • Make a check list of the achievement of target work.
  • Virgin media has used different indicators program to evaluatethe different working of theemployee
  • Smart program which shows the specific measurable accurate and timely performance of the company
  • Setting target in virgin media has become  of the most effective plan

Task 4

4.1 Identify the reasons for termination of Faisal’s employment contract with The Chicken Master and generally explain other reasons for cessation of employment?

The chicken master is working in restaurant business and having lot of employees working for it in the operation of business. Faisal one of the employees working in the chicken master restaurant has done so many acts which renders in the termination of his employment contract with the restaurant (Rouyendegh&Erkan, 2013).

There are so many reason of termination of Faisal job which could be seen in this scenario

  • Faisal has not been following proper orders and found to negligent in the official duties in very highly manner.
  • He was caught to be using office properties for his own personal use.
  • He was not following proper code of conduct and professionalism behaviour at offices premises
  • There was seen bad impact on the other employees and office mates of his negligent attitudes at the workplace.
  • He was not at all serious with the job position and assigned responsibilities.
  • He was watching consistently porn and other banned sites at the work place which is the crime of serious nature.
  • He was also not performing office functions in good and effective manner.
  • He was letting his family members to enter in office premises and using office properties without any permission.
  • He was found to be not maintaining proper code of conduct.
  • He was situated at the failure position in complying with employment terms and conditions in employment contract (Foot, et. al., 2016).

There could be find other reasons which could be used for the cessation of employment.

  • Termination
  • Resignation
  • Dismissal
  • Retirement
  • Death

In this case there is shown that BOB has allowed Faisal to leave the job by opting Resignation process.

4.2 Describe the employment exit procedures used by The Chicken Master and another organization of your choice?

BOB is the promoter of the chicken master and he has allowed Faisal to use the resignation process to resign from the office.

  • Resignation- There is various exit procedure which has been given in this present era but BOB in order to save the restaurant image and Faisal Employment image has allowed Faisal to make a voluntary resignation from the process. It is the process to resign from the particular position by giving written notice to the management department. Furthermore it is found that resignation given will not be enforced until and unless it is accepted by the  business management  team (Dessler, 2015).
  • Forced resignation process: is being used by the Chicken master in this scenario BOB has asked Faisal to use a peace process so that restaurant and his image could not be impaired in the public. Faisal has been found to be doing such acts which are not appropriate to be doing in the office premises.

There is other employment exit procedure which could be used by the chicken master for the termination of Faisal’s job.

  • Constructive dismissal
  • Resignation
  • Termination of job
  • Throughout with no notice.

Comparison of the exit procedure route used by the chicken master and American express

The chicken master

American express

There is no set steps which could be followed by the company in order to come up with good exit procedure route for employees

American express has Five distinct stages which is being used by the company to allow employees to leave the companyin easy and effective manner

There is no log book which put the name of the employees who leave the company or at what time they leave the company

There is proper team is assigned this exit route task who will note down all the names who leaves the company with the advanced one month notice

There is no requirement to give legal notice

There is requirement to give particular one month legal notice.

No involvement ofspecial committee to advice on the exit matter

There is separate HR department who take cares of all the certain matter (Stanberry &Aven, 2013).

4.3 Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements with an organization such as The Chicken Master if Faisal’s claim was proven to be true?

In today’s world there is lot of laws and statues which binds the organization to deploy intentional and unintentional acts in order to protect the employee’s interest in the organization.  Faisal has shown some facts which might put the bad impact on the organization image.  If Faisal’s claim proves to be true then it could render the following effects on the different manner (Cavico, et. Al., 2012).

  • There will be bad impact on the restaurant image and goodwill at the international level.
  • There will be high amount of business loss to the chicken master restaurant.
  • Allegations made by Faisal against The restaurant highly depicts that the restaurant has violate the fundamental rights given by the government (Sung & Chu, 2011)
  • There could be shown the real lock out, strike off, or lay off of the employee in the organization
  • This case will lead into hiring a quality of legal corporate advisor who could make good discretions on the given case.
  • Failure to win this case may result into loss of money time or imprisonment for the certain time.
  • BOB needs to offer job back to Faisal or other compensation as may be determined by the court.
  • Court could also ask BOB not make same mistakes in the future otherwise it may result into compulsory winding up of the restaurant.

This all situation that has been given may result into attraction of various laws given as below

  • Equal pay act 1988
  • Sex discriminations act 2005
  • Disability discrimination act
  • Employment right act 1996.

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This report has provided me the ample amount of knowledge on the HRM topics. It depicts how an organization could go further on the sustainable basis with the help of effective HRM in the business line. I have understood all the legal and professional factors that is found be required in order to keep the business on the sustainable basis with the high earnings profit. Virgin media has also shown me the reward value in the motivation of employees in different manner. Job evaluation and different strategic plan plays a pivotal role in the development and enthusiasm in the effective performance of employees in the process life cycle. Therefore it could be now said that success or accomplishment of the stipulated goals and objectives could be seen if right amount of intent of HRM is used in the business functioning channel.


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