Unit 20 Employee Relations Assignment – NSH Employer

Unit 20 Employee Relations Assignment – NSH Employer

Unit 20 Employee Relations Assignment – NSH Employer


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Unit 20 Employee Relations – NSH Employer

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The Unit 20 Employee relations assignment – NSH employer regarding employee relations discusses the significance of efficient employee relations in respect of a business organization to thrive, the characteristics of the industrial conflicts as well as mechanisms for resolution, collective bargaining as well as processes regarding negotiation and the concept of staff participation as well as involvementin the various organizations.

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Task 1

1.1 Unitary and pluralistic frames of reference explaining the implications of each of the perspectives for the appropriate means through which conflict is to be resolved

Unitary frames of reference-My reflection towards the aspect of unitary frame of reference is that an organization (in this respect TESCO) can be observed to be an integrated unit where the TESCO’s managers and the various other staffs share common objectives as well as welfare. An image is being portrayed by TESCO to be a team that comprises of a common loyalty support that is in association towards concentrating on endeavors and leadership acceptance as well as all the employees starting from the top level to the bottom level work in respect of a common goal of the organization. In my opinion, insight regarding conflict is considered to be disconcerting and aberrant and can be referred in a clearer manner with the assistance of communication that is considered to be reduced, clashes in respect of personality issues and the functional aspect in respect of the dissenters. (Fernando, 2011) I feel that,  business strategy of TESCO  is given the permission to form a trade union that is operational only regarding the staff’s development as well as communication in respect of the organization, in addition to the permission given to the employees to take part in the decision making process, then priority is being by the unitary frame of reference in respect of the employee’s personal and professional growth within TESCO.

Pluralistic frames of reference-My reflection towards the aspect of pluralistic frame of reference is that TESCO constitutes of sub-groups management that are considered to have influence and competiveness and trade unions comprises of their personal equitable loyalties, objectives and also leadership. In my opinion, the function of the manager in this type of frame of reference at TESCO will be less commanding and a growth will be there in relation to the scenario to persuade and coordinate. Trade Unions undoubtedly will have a crucial role to play in regard to this frame of reference. I believe that various differences are encountered by the pluralistic frame of reference for the sharing of profit and also organizational issues in relation to the managers and the employees. (Dwyer, 2012) Conflict management basically takes place with the assistance of the process that is known as collective bargaining that provides assistance to bring a positive changing aspect in the internal as well as external way.

1.2 Assess how changes in trade unionism have affected employee relations.

In this respect, I need to opine that trade unions are considered to be the union of staffs and they are formed with the objective that is associated with employee welfare by protecting them from the exploitation at the hand of the employers and providing improvement regarding the employee’s situation in respect of functioning in an establishment. In my opinion, the occurrence of the Industrial Revolution in England and different countries and advent of the system regarding factory production has immense responsibility in respect of the rise of trade unions. The modern industries do the employment of the staffs in situations that makes them susceptible for bargaining individually in respect of improving the working conditions. (Dwyer, 2012)

In my opinion, the commencement of the trade union movement was regarding the aspect of protecting the employee’s rights, in respect of improving their standard of living and working conditions and protecting the employee’s welfare. In UK, the trade unions are characterized by the assistance of a large number of small unions that are co-existing with few larger trade unions and have different recruitment strategies. The formation of the trade union happened by the working class to oppose the mistreatment in the hands of the employers and to protect themselves from the mistreatment. It is my understanding that labor relation describes the association amongst the management and industrial employees and regarding that it is referred to an association within the staffs and the employers in companies like TESCO. (Daft, 2015) There also occurs the acceptance of the connection amongst the employees and the employers within an organization and skill are developed to make modifications and cooperating amongst the employees as well as within the employees and the employers. The labor relations, I believe, are designed majorly to protect the interest of the staffs and the also the management’s interest through the assistance of mutual consideration and association and also towards the improvement of the quality of work for avoiding the differences regarding the industrial scenarios towards the development of a healthy work environment. (Capon, 2015)

In conclusion, I need to suggest that as the trade union’s development, different organizations like TESCO will have the ability towards maintaining an enhanced industrial association to make sure that there occurs the continuance of production and to minimize the conflicting scenarios in respect of different industries. In addition to this, I believe that it will be providing assistance in promoting collaboration with the employees and the management at TESCO.

1.3 Explain the role of the key players in employee relations.

The key player’s role regarding employee relations at TESCO are as follows,

  • Employer– In my opinion, the employers offer written contact for employment in respect of the employees that is based on which type of work is suitable for them and they are also having the accountability for ensuring that TESCO is a safe place for working. The employers also possess the accountability to pay wages, offer training during induction, offer tools for doing the work. There is the requirement of the employers, I believe, to have communication with the employees when there occurs any changing scenario and offer fair as well as equal opportunity to all the organizational employees. The employers also possess the right to terminate the employees when unprofessional or unethical behavior takes place from the end of the employees. (Palmer, 2011)
  • Employee– In my opinion, TESCO’s staffs playsa major part regarding employee relations where the major role performed by them is to provide appropriate job performance like following the processes, on-time reporting, functioning effectively, to follow the contract towards the avoidance of the crisis situations in association with employee relations, and regulations that should be followed by the staffs, discussing of the problems with the managers and to have effective communication to sort the crisis situations. (McDonald, 2012)
  • Trade Unions – The trade unions, in my opinion does the representation of the workers at the place of work. According to me, the trade union’s major role is safeguarding and working towards improving the different payments of the people and the conditions regarding employment. Trade Unions, I believe also campaigns regarding laws and policies that are considered to be beneficial in respect of the employees in the organization. The trade unions operate regarding an establishment to fight for the rights of the employees and making sure that appropriate negotiation is made by them on behalf of the staffs to actualize a common goal such as protecting the organization’s trade reliability, achieving higher pay and beneficial aspects such as health social care  and retirement assisting the growth in the number of employees whose assignment is done by an employer towards the completion of work, safety standards and improved working conditions. (Palmer, 2011)
  • Government– According to me, it is the accountability of the government towards the creation of very essential laws that makes sure that TESCO’s employees are receiving appropriate protection at work and are not experiencing any sort of discrimination regarding their work in association to the minimum wage act, hours of working, health and welfare at the workplace.

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Task 2

2.1 Explain the procedures an organization (NHS employer) should follow when dealing with different conflict situations.

Different types of conflict are existing at NHS employer such as intrapersonal, interpersonal, structural as well as strategic.  Business environment of NHS ensures that there is the involvement of variety and supervision regarding all strategies that is associated with the resolution of the conflicts of a certain type. As a result, by involving variety and supervision, NHS employer will possess the capability towards the maintenance of a workplace that consists of trustworthiness and sociability. (McDonald, 2012) Certain stages are having their involvement towards these aspects that are as follows,

  • Compromise– This is regarded as a significant step whose reference is made when efforts will be made for solving and settling a situation of conflict by compromising and to come to a mutual agreement. Although, the two parties will not be getting exactly what they require but on the flipside, they will also not be losing.
  • Avoid– There is a need to avoid crisis situations as the conflict situations will be giving rise to crisis situations that the staffs at various times would want to avoid. (McCalman, 2015)
  • Force– An organizational senior will make efforts to make direct advances to end a conflict situation. There might take place the possibility by enforcing a solution that refers to the fact that an individual or a team will possess the authority for deciding in respect of the final result.
  • Resolve– Certain circumstances are regarded as having a lot of difficulty that needs to get solved and regarding that NHS employer has the requirement towards confronting the conflict situation and resolving it. This is being regarded as the significant step in respect of conflict management and referred as resolution of conflict. Towards the confrontation of the issue, there is the need to listen to the two parties and maintaining an effort for creating a consideration and not blaming one another. Later, the two parties have the requirement to focus towards the identification of the parts regarding the aspect of agreement and the way that can be taken into consideration for being efficient in relation to the two parties in respect of the solutions that has the most positive prospective.(McDaniel, 2011)Time is required to be taken by the two parties to resolve the different conflict situations and find an appropriate solution that is considered to be very much efficient.

2.2 Explain the key features of employee relations.

The key features regarding employee relations are as follows,

  • Mediation– Mediation is an essential characteristic that needs to be considered as a significant alternative to provide support in resolving and managing conflict situations at soon as possible. This contributes in respect of a neutral setting that is considered to be classified, the reason being that they possess the capability to fix a meeting for the discussion of issues and for the development mutual solutions that is being accepted by all the parties. To be a leader and the mediator of a team, a person has the requirement to concentrate on the accountabilities for encouraging healthy competition at the place of work. (Lancaster, 2010)
  • Communication– In respect of communicating with clarity as well as honesty, there is the need to accustom the employees regarding what is being considered and revealed regarding the issue. The people are required having the permission for expressing their mind-set. Certain ways of thinking are in association to anger and the other ways of thinking are related with the aspect of causing injury to another individual that majorly accompanies the conflict situations. Before making an approach towards finding a solution in respect of the crisis situation, there is the need for expressing as well as acknowledging these types of emotional aspects. (Lind, 2014)

Moreover, a significant aspect is being performed by the trade unions and towards the maintenance of employee relations. The presentation of these occurs in the business environment for resisting the employer’s traits for dominance getting implemented on the employees and for representing the interest of the staffs in the association regarding employment.

2.3 Evaluate the effectiveness of procedures followed so far from both parties in this conflict situation.

At particular circumstances, there occurs the identification of the conflict as a positive matter that provides assistance for bringing important changes. NHS employer’s conflict situations will be resulting in various negative results also. Regarding NHS employer as well as British Medical Association aka BMS there exists different kinds of conflict situations such as intrapersonal, interpersonal, structural as well as strategic. There is the requirement towards the involvement of variety and regulation regarding every strategic scenario to resolve the conflict situations. (Harris, 2014)

Due to the continuance of the situation of conflict, there is the existence of probable situations where the British Medical Association’s representatives might become very emotional regarding the situation of conflict that results in the creation of various crises situations towards the process of resolving the conflict. There is the requirement to make arrangements towards conflict resolution and an overall understanding is required to be created to acknowledge the situation of conflict. There is the requirement for creating a concentration in regard to the aspect of the behavior that will get altered by people and not in relation to elements such as personalities that does not get changed. (Harris, 2014)

Towards the effective management of the situation of conflict, there is the requirement towards becoming a communicator possessing efficient capabilities and there is a requirement for this in respect of NHS employer and British Medical Association aka BMA. In this respect, an environment in respect of open communication is created in the specific part in respect of providing encouragement for the employees in respect of the communication of particular issues that are in relation to work. (Lancaster, 2010) By considering the apprehension of the staffs will give rise to the aspect of fostering an open environment to ensure that there is awareness in relation to the uncertainties as well as reservations of the employees and also the creation of a concentration in relation to the point of view regarding the issue.

Task 3

3.1 Explain the role of negotiation in collective bargaining as in the above conflict.

Collective bargaining is taken into consideration as the process of negotiation between the employees and the employers that is concentrating on reaching agreements to regulate the conditions for work. For negotiating and regarding the strategic aspect in respect of collective bargaining, there has been the influencing of this matter in association with NHS employer and British Medical Association and this assisted to resolve the situation of conflict. When negotiation is lacking, NHS employer and British Medical Association will not be able to get the solution in respect of any of the crisis situations. Trade Unions played a pivotal role regarding this aspect of conciliation failing which the employee’s rights in respect of NHS employer would have failed in getting realized. (Furnham, 2012)

In collective bargaining, the role of negotiation is as follows,

  • Preparing– There was the formation of a team for negotiation and representatives were present from NHS employer and British Medical Association aka BMA possessing adequate information and skills to negotiate.
  • Proposing– There is the occurrence of the stage to exchange messages and point of view regarding NHS employer and British Medical Association that was being considered.
  • Bargaining– Appropriate bargaining took place within NHS employer and BMA for the adoption of an approachto find answers in respect of the crisis situations and the occurrence of the agreements that needs to get drafted.
  • Discussing- NHS employer and British Medical Association had discussion regarding the different circumstances that will be providing assistance to direct the negotiations as well as in relation to that a mutual trustworthy situation and consideration that occurred to reach the agreement for collective bargaining. (Furnham, 2012)
  • Settlement– Post the completion of the process in respect of bargaining, NHS employer and British Medical Association will be reaching a consensual conformity as well as agreeing to a common decisional aspect regarding the situation for conflict. There will be the occurrence of efficient execution of collective agreement with the assistance of ideas whose sharing is done, planning of the strategic aspects and changing scenarios that require negotiation.

3.2 Assess the impact of the negotiation strategies adopted by both parties.

The strategies of negotiation are taken into consideration regarding the outline of interaction that NHS employers and BMA have utilized possessing a participation regarding the situation of conflict in relation to the actualization of the resolving the situation. Different negotiation strategies in respect of NHS employer can be used that will be having increased reliance in respect of having a relevant aspect regarding the problem that has eh requirement for getting the appropriate negotiation and the current association within NHS employers and BMA in respect of the negotiating scenario. Two general scenarios that might get considered in this regard in relation to NHS employer that are strategic aspects in respect of negotiation that takes place traditionally, which are utilized regarding different strategies for negotiationare the strategies for competition and strategies for collaboration. (Freeman, 2013)

The strategies for negotiation promote the aspect of sharing of information in association with the other parties in regard to negotiate. The information that gets shared contributes towards the aspect of enabling a negotiator that is regarded as collaborative for the evaluation of the needs. The strategy in relation to negotiation of competitive aspects is considered for being an effort towards resolving the situation of conflict by using punishments clearly and wholly.

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This assignment delves with the aspect of employee relations in which unitary and pluralistic frames of reference are explained and the changing aspects in trade unionism has been assessed that will be affecting employee relations and also the role of the key players in employee relations have been explained. Also, the role of negotiation in collective bargaining has been explained as well as the impact of the negotiation strategies adopted by NHS employers and British Medical Association has been assessed.


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