Unit 1 Tourism Industry Assignment - TUI

Unit 1 Tourism Industry Assignment - TUI

Unit 1 Tourism Industry Assignment - TUI

Unit 1 Tourism Industry | Assignment Writing Service


This Tourism Industry tells us the tourism from the perspective of the tourism industry. The task done in this assignment properly analyzes the tourist industry. I’m preparing a report as a Business Development Analyst while working in the Product and Business development at TUI. The team of product development makes sure that the perfect holiday is given to the tourist while keeping the customer excited and loyal. The new manager at the company realizes the challenges and wants to prepare a report for the improvement of the holiday experience of the customer. TUI is one of the best tourist business companies of the world. They are the leading tour operators with 1800 travel agencies, more than six airlines, 300 hotels, 130 aircrafts and 13 cruise lines. They cater to more than 30 million customers each year and give them wonderful travel experience.

This Tourism Industry  makes us familiar with the tourism industry with many perspectives. In the first task we understand the scope of tourism in UK and worldwide. Second task tells us about the present and future trends of the tourism industry. It also analyzes the cultural, social and the legal issues. In the third task we determine the factors affecting the appeal of the tourist destination. In the last task popularity of various tourist destinations is discussed. 

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Task 1

Understand the scope of key UK and worldwide tourist destinations

The objective of this task is to find the major tourist destinations of the world and calculate the income generated through them. These spots are determined by the statistics of tourism. The countries are given rank based upon the number of tourist visiting them annually and the income generated through them. The top tourist destinations are UK, France, Brazil and Mexico At TUI the tourist generators and the tourist receiver of the country is calculated. Tourist receiver is the country where the tourist would like to visit whereas the tourist generator is the country from where the tourist come. If the tourists are visiting UK then it is the tourist receiver. UK is the biggest tourist generator of the world according to the recent survey conducted. If we analyze all the tourist receivers of the world then UK hold the proud 6th position. If we check the data of 2010, then the total number of tourists received by UK were 27 million. The country has a constant tourist influx as the number of tourist that visited during 2009 were 26 million. If we analyze the top tourist destination of the world then UK holds the 6th position. The top 5 positions are occupied by USA, France, China, Germany and Spain. The revenue generated through tourism in UK is 30 Billion dollars. (Veghea, 2016)

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France is among the top 5 tourist spot of the world. It collects the total revenue of 8 billion dollar every year and is the third most visited country of the world. The number of the tourist visiting France each year are 90 million. Brazil is also one of the important tourist spot with the revenue of 6 billion collected through tourism.

This task lays a major emphasis on the pattern of the tourism in UK and France and predicts the future of tourism industry in these countries. TUI has to estimate the trends of tourism in these country in order to shape the business strategy of their company. France holds a place among the top tourist destination of the world and has a lot of attractions that the tourists are interested in visiting. A large chunk of tourist visit France every year due to the presence of number of tourist attractions such as mountain, malls, beaches and monuments. France holds a proud place among the best tourist destinations of the world and is expected to retain its position in the coming years. There is a fall in the value of Euro and this attracts a large number of international tourist as the tourists from the other countries get a good value in exchange for their currency.

The major revenue in Ireland is collected through the tourism industry. There is an expected rise in the number of people visiting France in the years ahead. The tourism industry of France has seen a major setback due to financial crisis in the country but the country has managed to recover it from the other prevalent other sectors. Tourism provides employment to a large number of people in France and the large amount of revenue is collected through it. According to TUI the countries which give competition to the tourism industry in France are USA, Mexico, Brazil and China. The tourism industry of France face a lot of challenges and this affected the business of TUI. The major challenges were the environmental and political. TUI had strategic plan to cope up with the hurdles. (Dearsley, 2016) If we consider the major tourist spots of the world then the topmost position is occupied by UK. Tourism industry is the main source of income for the country. The different patterns of tourism in UK is depicted by the table drawn below.
































































If we stud the table carefully then we Notice that London is the most visited city of UK. London hosts maximum number of tourists due to the presence of large number of tourist attractions. The major tourist attraction in the city of London are tower of London, British museum, Buckingham palace and the London Eye. The table suggests that the Edinburg is the second most visited city in the UK due to the presence of attractions such as Royal yacht, Museum of Scotland and the Arthur’s seat. The third place in the list is occupied by Manchester due to the presence of various exhibitions and museums. The city also has a famous soccer ground.

  •  According to the estimated of TUI, the tourism in UK will rise due to the presence of the factors listed below.
  • UK has its own site visitbritain.com which helps in the online promotion of the tourism in the country and abroad. The major chunk of the tourist of UK is business class.
  • Government gives a lot of attention to increase international tourism in the country by maintain the coastal areas and building resorts there.
  • Ecotourism I being promoted in the country on a large scale. (Perkins, 2014) 

Task 2

Understand the cultural, social and physical features of the tourist destinations

In this task TUI will analyze the tourist destinations of the world on the basis of the basis of the cultural, social, environmental, legal and political factors. On the basis of all the above factors various tourist destinations will be analyzed. For this purpose we will be taking a tourist destination from the developed and the developing country each. UK is full of museums which exhibit different cultures, religion and cuisine of different areas. A tourist can experience different culture and attraction in United Kingdom. In the present task social, cultural, legal, political and cultural tourism factors of the city of UK will be analyzed by TUI. How these factors affect the tourist industry is also shown. UK receives a large number of tourists each year due to the presence of lot of tourist spots which attract both the national and international tourist. More than 4 million tourist visited UK the next year. Tourism provides employment in the city especially in the sector of shopping and sports. There are no immediate benefits of tourism seen but the tourism increases the GDP of the country considerably in the long run.  (Imagian, 2016)

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All these factors increase the appeal for the tourist as analyzed by TUI.

Cultural factors: These are the resources such as Museums, parks, churches and monuments. The native cuisine of the area is also included in the cultural factor. Culture also depicts the music and different native dance form of the area. UK has the rich cultural heritage to be found in many cities even today. It is the culture present in the area that attracts a majority of the tourist. There are very few place left with the culture still left in them and UK is one of them. The central museum of London is the major tourist attraction that draws millions of tourist every year.

Social factors: The social groups of the area include various regional and native communities prevalent in the area. These communities interact with the tourist and satisfy their cultural needs. They influence the carrying capacity of the tourism greatly. Native people give a very welcome to the tourist and they carry a nice image of the country. Their attitude and behavior towards the tourist play an important role in making the tourism sustainable. The native people add a lot to the behavior of local people.

Physical factors: These include the natural resources such as flora, fauna, lakes, mountains and rivers. They add the aesthetic value to the place. They give mental peace to the tourist. Tourist is mainly attracted towards the beautiful landscape that is appealing to the eyes. Tourist wants to have a nice time away from the cacophony of the big city.

The comparison between the developing and the developed nation

Tourism influence many things at the tourist spots all around the world. The appeal of the destination is affected by the factors such as the location of the place, route of commute, attractions at the tourist spot and the political conditions of the area. Healthy combination of all these factors attracts the tourist from all round the globe. The services provided by the destination, transport facilities and the nearby connectivity also add on to the tourist appeal of the nation. Various festivals and concerts also increase the tourist appeal of the nation. Lifestyle and the security are also involved in attracting the tourists. (Kaiser, 2012)

Appeal of developed nation – United Kingdom

UK is counted among the top tourist destination of the world and currently holds 8th rank in the most visited places of the world. The rich cultural heritage which is found in many cities of UK and the famous museum of London are the major factors attracting the tourist on a large scale.

Appeal of the developing nation- Costa Rica

In a developing country tourist industry can contribute heavily to the growth in economic sector. The major reason of attraction in the developing nations is the natural beauty and rich heritage. Transportation and infrastructure is not that well built in these areas. (Reisinger, 2013)

United Kingdoms- Developed country

Costa Rica- Developing country

UK is among one of the most famous tourist destinations of the world located in Europe. It is a large country with the population of 64 million. UK has a very prime location which is surrounded by the three oceans namely Irish Sea, North Sea, English Channel and Atlantic Ocean. UK hosts more than 30 million tourist each year

Costa Rica lies in the middle region of America. The area of the country is less as compared to UK. It inhabit the total population of 5 million. Pacific sea and Caribbean sea surrounds it.

UK holds a respectable 8th rank in the ranking of major tourist destinations of the world.

Costa Rica is currently developing itself and is seeing the rise in the tourism industry gradually. Eco- tourism is largely practiced in Costa Rica. It attracts a large number of people for medicinal purpose.

UK has a well-established tourism industry and attracts a large number of international tourists for business purpose. It ears a lot of money through tourism. IT hosts approx. 30 million for outside the country.

Costa Rica welcomes approx. 2.3 million tourist from outside the country. Tourism has a very fast growth in Costa Rica as it is a developing country.

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Task 3

Understand how the characteristic of destinations affect their appeal to the tourist

In this task TUI estimated all the parameters that enhance the appeal of any tourist destination. In this the appeal of the tourist destinations is determined. One belong to the developed nation and other to the developing nation. TUI makes this comparison in an efficient manner. The two countries selected are Costa Rica and UK. The government of UK pays a lot of emphasis on the development of the travel and tourism sector. Tourism is a very important department and needs to be advertised on the national as well as the international platform. The government has launched a website with the name visitbritain.com to promote tourism online. The country is hosting the campaign all over the world to promote tourism through direct marketing. There has been a lot of problem related to the issue of the visa for UK as the country did not join Schengen committee. The visa problem has created a lot of negative impact on the travel and tourism industry presently. Another issue that effect the travelling for international tourist is the heavy airport duty. The airline department of TUI also faced some problems. Such heavy duties on air travels forbid the people from travelling into the country. Due to the increase in taxes in the country a lot of international tourist is avoiding the trip to UK as it is a very expensive country. The government tried their best to increase the tourist in the country by hosting the Olympics and celebrating the diamond jubilee of queen. Despite of all these efforts there has been no considerable rise in the tourist influx. UK is having a steady growth in tourism industry. The recession that has affected the entire world also had a negative effect on the tourism industry as well as the economy of UK. (Travel and tourism, 2010)

TUI has created a good business in travel and tourism in Costa Rica by developing good hotels, airlines and premium food chains. TUI has worked a great deal on developing different cuisines in the area to provide all the facilities to the tourist. Tourism has created a lot of employment for the local people and they are greatly benefitted through it. TUI has to pay increased attention on providing all the amenities to the people such as travel, sightseeing, stay and food as the developing nation do not have all the facilities already present. It is one of the responsibility of the travel industry such as TUI to provide all the services promised to people. The government has taken steps for the sightseeing expansions and it is believed to have benefitted the country. Though tourism the country can collect a lot of foreign exchange and it increases the revenue of the country. There has been a lot of development in the infrastructure and roads of the country due to tourism. (Nvido, 2012)

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Characteristics of the tourist destination affecting its appeal: Tourism has many added benefits for the country. Primarily the developing nations are benefitted though the tourism. There can be economic as well as some social benefits coupled with tourism. However there can be some negative effect too. Tourism can be both profitable as well as harmful for the country. It depends on how the country deals with it. Biggest positive effect of tourism is creating a lot of employment opportunities for the local people. The tourism industry also lets the government collect a lot of revenue. Tourism helps in the development of the infrastructure and roads of the area. Transport facility and the connection to various places are also improved. On the same hand tourism can create any negative effect on the lives of the local people residing in the area due to traffic, pollution and dust all around. The place may sometimes get very crowded due to increasing tourist. Sometimes the tourist may act as the protector of flora and the fauna of the place but on the same note they may harm the wildlife.  Sometimes the forest has to be laid down for building a new hotel and or the airport. Sometimes the tourism may also cause the spread of various diseases as the tourist may bring along many diseases. (Wilkes, 2012)

Task 4

Understand issues likely to affect the popularity of tourist destination

TUI analyzes all the parameters that may affect the popularity of a tourist place before staring the business there. It is the appeal and the popularity of the tourist destination that draws people towards it. Hospitality of the local people also determine the amount of tourism in an area. Many local people are involved in the tourism industry directly or indirectly so they greatly affect the flow of people in the local area. Local people are also affected by tourism in return. Tourist industry provide employment to a lot of local people. If a place is receiving considerable amount of tourist then the government also develops the place with greater care.

If we consider the reports generated by TUI then there are many factors that determine the popularity of a place. Some of the important factors are listed below:

  • Presently there is a lot of leakage in the tourist industry where most of the money earned by airways and the hotels. TUI is greatly benefitted through it as they have their own airplanes and hotels. When the season of tourism is on boom then the local businesses also flourish. There is a lot of import in the country due to tourism as the country cannot produce all the products for satisfying the needs of the customers.
  • The food industry of TUI is heavily benefited through tourism. Food is the basic need of the tourist. A lot of cafes and restaurants of different themes are present in the area with high tourism. Restaurants and cafes give various happy hour discounts and offers in order to attract the tourist. TUI has set up luxurious as well as the economy restaurants in order to satisfy all the needs of the customers.
  • A country receives a larger of tourist if the value of the money in a country is low. The tourist spend a less amount of money if the value of the pound is high. Inflation and the rising interest rate affect the tourism industry negatively.
  • A place receives lesser number of tourist if the political framework of the country is not in a healthy conditions. If there are riots and war going on in a country then the tourist avoids such place. TUI also makes less business in these areas. Instability in the political framework decreases the reputation of the place in tourism industry.
  • The crime rate also increases with the increasing tourism. Some of the locals take advantage of the tourist as they are new in the area. There are many cases of pick pockets and chain snatching in the tourist areas. Local crimes in the area also reduce the tourist influx as they want to go to the place where they feel safe.
  • The government also takes increased interest in the areas with high tourism activities. TUI works in co-ordination with the government to develop the place. Historical monuments are maintained and restored as they are the areas as they are the place with cultural heritage. Healthcare facilities are also developed in the areas with high tourism. (Parkinson, 2015)

Responsible tourism can be defined in many ways depending upon the perspective of people. TUI defines it as the tourism which minimizes the negative effect of tourism on the economy, ecology and the community. TUI has a well-developed team for sustainable tourism. Responsible tourism also creates many job opportunities for the local people and improves their living standard. It also improves the operation of various activities in the given area. It should act as a means of livelihood for many of the local people in the area. It should involve the local people in the maintenance and modernization of the local area while keeping its cultural heritage intact. It should follow all the ethical norms of the local area and gain the admiration of the local people and the tourist.

Responsible tourism functions keeping the ethical, social, ecological and legal issues in mind. The sightseeing and other tourism activity should not harm the biodiversity of the area. TUI always aspires to expand their business in a sustainable and a responsible manner causing the least harm to the tourist spot. Developed nations like UK have all the tourism practices happening in the sustainable and a responsible manner. The major attention has to be paid to the developing nations like Costa Rica. A developing nation like Costa Rica needs to have the following characteristic in order to follow the sustainable development.

  • Hotels and the resorts has to be made in a township planned in a proper manner.
  • The local people of the area must have a friendly attitude towards the local people.
  • The tourist as well as the local people must have affection towards the nature.
  • The tourism practices must not harm the ecology.
  • Government must maintain all the attractions present in the local area. (Pritchard, 2011)

The government is running the tourism industry mainly for the increased profit and collecting the revenue. The tourist spots are especially maintained by the government and they have the better infrastructure and transport facilities. TUI is building many hotels and resorts to increase the tourist influx in the developing countries. Social, legal, cultural, environmental and the economic factors have to be considered by the government in order to carry the tourism practices in a sustainable manner. (Travelling towards, 2016)


The present assignment has been divided into four tasks. The first makes us familiar with the earning of the TUI through tourism industry. France is the highest tourist receiver in the world while the tourist industry in USA earns the most. The present proceedings f the tourism industry were discussed and its future was predicted. Different places were analyzed as tourist generator and tourist receiver. In the second task various social, cultural, economic and legal factors affecting the tourism industry were discussed. All these factors affect the appeal of the tourist destination. All the features of developing the developed country were compared. For the developed country we took London and for the developing country Costa Rica was considered.

There are different characteristic of the place that affect the appeal of the tourist spot. There is a major difference in the appeal of the developed and a developing tourist spot. Many characteristics affecting the appeal of the tourist spot have been listed down. Various issues that affect the tourism of a place have also been discussed. Major enhancements in the tourist industry all over the world have also been discussed.

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