Personal and Professional Development in HSC Assignment

Personal and Professional Development in HSC Assignment

Personal and Professional Development in HSC Assignment


The Personal Professional Development in HSC Assignment is based on the personal and professional development in Health and Social Care. Task 1 is based on the scenario of attending a conference. It will give an individual reflection on personal values that are possessed by me and even the effect of those values on principles of support in health and social care. Task 2 will be discussing on the reflective account on the self-SWOT Analysis. Task 4 will analyse the effectiveness of personal contribution while on a work with others or as a part of the team.

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1. Reflect on practise as a health care professional

Under this task, the values that are possessed by me would be listed and how these values are important for me to be applied and implemented in Health and Social Care setting would be discussed in detail. Above all we will give an insight on how personal culture and experience impacts on my role as a Health and Social Care Professional.

Individual Reflection

Personal Values you possess

Effect of the values on principles of support in Health and Social Care

Equal Rights and Opportunities for all

This value is really very important. When we will treat each and every individual with respect and see him equally before our eyes then we end up doing equal treatment for him. In Health and Social Care, this is really very important. We should see that each and every service user gets equal treatment with respect to personal and professional care in the health care setting.

Unity in Diversity

This value also relates with that of the equal opportunity. When the health care setting has diverse people that means people from different backgrounds and demographics then they differ from each other. In case we will understand diversity then surely we will be able to make them satisfy by rendering health and social care services to them. Above all we will have to train them to understand and adjust with each other. 


In the health and social care setting, it is essential that whatever we do, we should be integral in executing it. It is important that we must be honest and do not take up benefit of it. Integrity will help in executing the tasks well ahead of time. The professionals hired should not be doing dishonest things as this result in lack of trust and disloyalty among the people.


Each and Every service user in health and social care has a different requirement and that is required to be kept confidential. The health and related illnesses have to be kept private and attended by the care takers or givers (Richardson & Asthana, 2006)

Assess how personal culture and experience impact on your role as a Health Care Professional when supporting service users

Personal Culture is the one in which we are growth and has contributed to your personal values and beliefs. It is responsible for your overall way of thinking and perception. In case the personal culture has taught us to respect elders and render the services selflessly to the maximum extent or with great benefit. Personal culture is responsible for development of the perceptions and values that help us in rendering services to service users at health and social care setting. Above all when we work in a specific environment and gain experience then we are surely going to add value to the people. We will be able to contribute our best for the service users and give them the services that will help them recover well. The experienced person would be able to take up immediate decisions and work as per the health and condition of the service user. It is the culture that instils certain traits, personality and attributes in an individual. It is important that the culture is healthy and even the person gains with time as the experience grows and this experience helps in building trust for the health care professional in the health and social care setting and world. It is important that when people meet they should learn from each other and then behave accordingly.

These personal values have helped in getting adhered to the Health and Social Care setting. It is my culture and personal attributes that are helping me to grow as an individual (Meyer, 2000).

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3. Reflective Account

Under this task there would be self-SWOT that would be done. This SWOT analysis will comprise of our own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats. This will cover the goals that a person has for a short, medium and long term.

SWOT Analysis

4 What are your strengths at work?

5 Weaknesses

6 Opportunities

7 Threats

I am an experienced professional with around 10 years of experience in health and social care setting.

I have all the experts and professionals from the same background in my personal family that gives me an edge in getting their consents and feedback.

I am a post graduate in working as a Health Care professional from Grade A College and university.

I am caring, passionate and supportive kind of a personality.

I have even attended many seminar and conferences for Health and Social Care which has even given me a professional learning on attending special or specific needs individuals.

The kind of cases handed over for the handling of service users are new which I have never handled.

Short Term Goals

Understanding the specific use cases and then helping and supporting them.

Learning new tools and applications in health and social care.  

Medium Term Goals

Training and developing a team of health and social care for myself.

Reaching the level at which the people are able to get independent in handling and taking care of their health issues.

Long Term Goals

To see that health and social care is occupied and filled with the health and social care professionals.

The first opportunity is getting the exposure as this health and social care where we are working is having various different and unique cases that is adding on to our knowledge and information

Above all it is in the mode of investment and is investing a lot of the equipment and appliances for the health and social care. 

Complete training and developmental chart or schedule is developed for existing service users that will keep and make them equipped with the additional skills to take care of themselves independently.

The first threat is investment in health and social care would only be done in case the business has been consistently increasing.

The number of service users enrolled and admitted has to be as per budgets.

There should be hiring of the experts and the skilled professionals in health and social care settings rather than keeping every the inexperienced people on board.


These limitations as discussed above will surely affect my role as a health and social care professional. This is due to the reason that in case the health and social care setting will not give me the necessary environment to grow and learn. I can’t grow. This will hamper my personal as well professional learning. These limitations will somewhere limit my growth in the organization in the health and social care settings.

TASK 4: Just how effective am I?

Under this task, we will find out and evaluate the effectiveness of my own personal contributions when working with others and as a part of team in health and social care practice.

1. Evaluate the effectiveness of your own personal contributions when working with others/ as a team in health and social care practice and analyse what actions you have taken in your practice to minimize abuse to lead to effective team work in health and social care.  

Due to my exposure and experience in the Health and Social Care setting, I am able to apply my knowledge in getting the health related issues resolved. Above all these issues have helped me in giving the areas or the points that my team has to learn in order to grow. The effectiveness could be seen in the passion that my trainings have brought about in my teams. The care workers and other health professionals reporting to me or working in my team have been trained to handle the independent service users. I have even enhanced my knowledge of the industry and the health care sector as a whole. It has really helped me in taking up the health and social care as a priority (Gilson, 2003).
Health and Social Care is a sector where the personal values that we have acquired from our family and culture are exercised and put to use. These values help us in taking care of the service users well. Abuse of any kinds has to be avoided in the health and social care setting. It is important that the abusing people are called for independent and separate sessions with the team leader and explained on wrong on abusing. This will lay down the importance of a healthy culture and environment in health and social care setting.  Abusing could be minimized and stopped in the following ways:

  • Creating awareness sessions and programs on the healthy and sound culture at work in a health and social care setting. This will help in guiding the people on what is correct and in case they will carry out wrong habits then they will be resulting in wrong things only.
  • Evaluating these sessions and noting down the reactions of the people and their change in behaviour. This will help us in getting to know the areas that have to be worked out more.
  • Imposing fines on the people who still abuse so that they could rethink on again abusing or using the foul language.
  • Retrenchment of unproductive people and hiring the sound and experienced professionals who are passionate. This will help in creating a sound and healthy environment and culture all across (Clouder, 2003).

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Personal Professional Development in HSC Assignment is important in Health and Social Care setting. In case a person is experienced health care professional, he will take up an edge over others and attend the service users well. It is important that while at work we do analyse our own SWOT that will help us in knowing our strengths and even the weaknesses that have to be attended on priority so that they could also be resolved. As a part of PPD process, the gaols and objectives have to be planned out in all the ways for the short, medium and long term perspective. It is important that these goals are then adhered to so that working is done accordingly.
In the nutshell it could be said the health and social care setting provides us enough exposure to grow our personal as well as Professional Skills as individuals. These are helping us not only growing us rather helping others to grow and develop with us with time.


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