Assignment on Tourist Destinations

Assignment on Tourist Destinations

Assignment on Tourist Destinations

Assignment on Tourist Destinations - Assignment Help in UK


In this emerging world where each and every single person is busy in their life some others are still taking full advantage of this tourist destination all over the world. Tourist destination and its increasing impact on the economy of one’s country are very vast. Today’s government has become very vigilant with the upcoming benefit of today’s sectors. The study of Assignment on Tourist Destinations conducted here helps in providing a lot of information on the aspects of tourism. One of the best benefits of this tourist sector worldwide is that it helps government to establish a good amount of nexus with each and every country worldwide. It is the clear fact that in order to boost economy, country needs to ensure a wide range of foreign currency fund in its collective box. It is very simple that foreign money helps country to make a good relation with other country in terms of purchase, sales,import and export. Tourism sector has also achieved a next level in many terms. Government, private organization and other semi private organization have all set to make their best efforts in order to boost the economy. Leading economy country has always found that tourism sector is the best income source in its proper national income. Tourism sector is comprised of many activities and sub activities. In which there is vast variety of efforts are made to satisfy the different need of clients.  In this sector clients and their need are put on the utmost list. Clients being in the busy schedule could have least time to spend a quality of time for him. Therefor in this case he expects that he could avail the best services out of the money he spent on his traveling and accommodation services.

Assignment on Tourist Destinations - Assignment Help in UK


1.1 Identifying the number of visitors, visitor nights per visit and spending by purpose and by country of visit using the most recent data available?

Now a day’s travel and tourism business has reached its utmost heights. It is seen with many organization that they are making their full efforts to increase the counting of visitors in the country and making their efforts so that client could invest more money on their visit. Today’s organization has realized that in order to survive in the market it is mandatory to keep the proper care of the clients and their comfort.Various services and quality of the products have shown its impact to the very level in terms of client’s satisfaction. Being working in product development department I have realized the number of factors which could be beneficial in order to get the best decision in deciding the best policies and product. It is the understandable fact that TUI is the MNC Company which works around the world.Promoters group and top management needs proper data and analytical research in a manner to decide in which country they should incorporate their new life cycle of business. There are number of factors which could help us to identify the parts shown as below (Fraga, V. 2014).

Formal written Report-
Dear Top Management,
This is to inform you that being in the product development department of TUI group I have been assigned a work to prepare a project plan for our new upcoming product worldwide. With the help of data I have collected from various fields with the aid of either sample survey or public survey at large I have come to the conclusion that we should incorporate our new business tourism in U.K. as there is vast variety of positive points which could be very lucrative for the clients.

Why to establish business in U.K.

Why not to choose other country

  • Number of oversea tourism visitors in U.K. is very high  64,864,000,000 as compare to other tourist destination
  • The main thing is that tourist finds U.K. the most lucrative and luxurious place to visit\
  • The corporation and coordination of people resides in country is very marvelous which could help in various ways
  • Number of people who are engaged in tourism sectors is 5.1 million which is very good amount as it could help company to hire experienced employee
  • Structure culture and environmental level in U.K. is very positive and there are least hurdles that could be seen in terms of natural disasters.
  • In other countries the number of total oversea visitors are found to be less and in order to fetch business in such area will demand high level of cost for TUI
  • Furthermore TUI has to understand the clients demand and their choices as much as the data we have concerned from the public at large we found that 80% clients would like to visit only U.K. and its destinations.
  • As per the point of view of natural disasters other country found to be too risky to incorporate a new business law,
  • Other government regulations and sectorial caps are also the main reason of concern.



 Oversea Tourist  numbers   who have visited country of 2015-2016

Revenue  plugged  from the tourism industries and its   ancillary services provided world wide

Part of the national income which come from tourism in the  GDP of countries

Number of employment


85, 330, 000

9.6 Trillion


387 Millions



75298.80 Dirham Million

25.9% of GDP

 3257000 Million




18.2 million 

$93.4 billion

10% OF GDP

557,300 Million


10.44 million

78.3 billion

18% OF GDP

1322754 Million


23.73 million


9.5 % OFGDP

6.22 Million

United kingdom


US$7.6 trillion

14% OF GDP

5.1 Millions

With the help of above data our product development team can make a good decision and can forward the report to the top management and promoters groups. But with the vary in the data it is found that since the last decade tourism business has grown up the unforeseen level and TUI has also seen thechanges in its turnover and quality of services he renders to its clients. TUI group has established its foundation in the business sector and in order to expand its business it is focusing on all over the world (Olmedo & Mateos, 2015).

1.2 Analyze statistics to determine tourism destination trends and predict future trends?

Tourism sector has shown to be very much help in the developing and leading economy of various countries. Companies and many organization shave also found the actual need of the various sectors as per the increasing demand of the clients. In this era people has understand the value of life and in order to feel good and enthusiastic with their life they like to work 6 months and for the rest 6 month they just want to roam around the world. TUI group and I being in the product development team has realized that tourism sector should not only be restricted with its accommodation services but also other services like e.g. spa, swimming facilities Gym other services should be covered in tourism business. In tourism sector it is seen that all the organization works around the client’s expectation.  In this increasing demand and tough competition TUI group has to make efforts in changing policies and product development which should ensure the fulfillment of client’s expectation.  There are various statistics which helps TUI to determine developing trends and future demands as per the client’s point of view

trends and predict future trends - Assignment Help in UK

  • With the changing day’s e-tourism have been completely in trend. So many people from various countries are looking for the offers, deals andpackages which are available online at their different portal. TUI with a view to increase in the quadrant of client’s having to follow the following steps:
  • Make changes along with the climate and products and services that are being offered in transportation.
  • Put a glance on providing the utmost green tourism on world level with a view to protect the world and resource.
  • Create various portals safe from the problem of server gone and delay in services or web site web page gone or block.
  • Make ideas for safety and services with the high level of security of tourist (Valeri, M. 2015)

There are Current trends which can be found with the analysis of past data. Along with future trends which could be generated with the high level of expectation of present data.




Forecasted level of  demand

  • Taking care and look after services business

25,874,000,000( overseas Visitors per year)

55,884,000,000( overseas  tourist  per year)

155,864,000,000( oversea tourist  per year

  • Travel business

15,864,000,000(tourist who have taken this services in the market along)

54,864,000,000(tourist who have taken this services in the market along)

154,864,000,000(tourist who have taken this services in the market along)

  • Ancillary services like SPA, swimming, GYM and etc.

55,864,000,000 (tourist who have taken this services in the market along)

59,864,000,000(tourist who have taken this services in the market along)

54,864,000,000(tourist who have taken this services in the market along)

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Task  2

2.1 Analyse the cultural, social and physical features of the tourist destinations explaining their appeal to tourists?

Tourism industry in comprised of various set of activities in which many services and products are offered in order to provide the best satisfaction to the clients on their visit. It is clear known fact that tourist and oversea visitors only like to visit those places at which they could feel comfortable not only physically but also mentally too. Various factors which can be lucrative to the satisfaction level of clients could be such as the places to visit, natural factors, behavior of resident people, import and export policies and other reacquired things. With the whole research I could suggest that there are number of factors that could provide the best and the worst experience to the satisfaction level of the oversea clients worldwide (Li et. al., 2011)

  • Culture features of the tourist destination: - it is the subset of tourism with the nation and countries tourism. It is mostly concerned with the life style of the people who resides in the country. Culture features in the attraction of tourist worldwide has pivotal role. Now daysin order to see the change and develop our behavior people like to observe different culture, values and belief. In U.K. it is seen that people who resides are very well and cooperative to the foreigner they make their best endeavor to help oversee visitors in different variety of manner. Furthermore there is the most important thing to know that U.K. country strictly adhere by the English language and the entire local resident are fluent in speaking in English. U.K. culture helps in making good communication with their over visitors (Liou, D. 2010)
  • Physical features: - Physical features are also known with the geographical features it is concerned with the tourist destination places which plays the most attractive part in deciding the demand of the tourism in the country. U.K. has various attractive places like number of monuments, museums beaches and top classes restaurant. There are number of visiting places which could be seen are Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo, Yorkshire, Chester Zoo, Highlands House and Estate, Essex, St Paul's Cathedral and so on. (B & S, 2014).
  • Social features: - U.K. is mostly affected by its neighbor country and others European Union and. Even though the factor of features is comprised of culture, study, independency to perform work and so on. TUI group can look for their way in U.K. as the atmosphere, natural climate and the openness to adopt variousindustries in market is the most materialistic and important things.

2.2 Compare features of developing and leading tourist destinations given above?

Developing countries are the countries which has high potential to deploy its resources as per the demand of domestic and international market. There are various countries which are seen to be on the path of developing in the various different factors. With the help of present data China and India both countries are found to be biggest developing economy. U.K. being the strong economy has high advantage in its tourism sector. Leading tourist destination is that country which has high amount of resources and ample amount of opportunities. Leading tourist destination could be described as a U.S. U.K, India and so on. There is seen that there is find less restriction in countries which has been overwhelming affected by tourism business. U.K. is found to be the most  perfect tourist destination as compare to other countries as TUI found that there is less government regulation and other grants and benefit which is being provided is also very less.  Leading tourist destination is kind of quality which is being attached with attractive countries and its ample benefits put it different from the of others on the international graph (Beritelli, P. 2011)

With the help of table we could make differentiation in both the leading and developing countries in tourist destination.




  • Number Of Employees Which Could Be Taken Into Consideration

In U.K. country  the manpower or number of human being who are ready to work  is very educated and having a inclined interest with the  going in the flow of tourism  service sectors

In Thailand people who are having a capacity to work in such field  is less  though country expects  has wide range  of opportunities and demands  but the manpower is less qualified  and less mannered in working proficiency.

  • Culture

People who reside in U.K. are occupied with the open behavior with the expectation of the tourist visitors. And they understand how to reciprocate with the changing demands and services offered to oversee visitors as per their comfort

People in Thailandare less worried for the oversea visitors and their behavior is also not good as per the standard set by tourism commission world wide

  • Resources

In U.K there are ample amount of resources which could be taken into consideration. Furthermore manpower or capital required for the business can also be generated only from its own economy.

Thailand is developing country and in order to survive on sustainable basis it has to make its efforts in other areas too. This is seen that  country is less occupied with attractive places which could be helpful in increasing the number of oversea visitors

  • Government Intervention

U.K. government has less government intervention to other economy as it provides its best help in development of tourism sectors

Thailand follows the closed ended scheme in order to gain its control back as in year 1992 it allows full FDI in the entire sector. It has shown the bad impact on its economy. Therefor in order to curb this country needs to made changes in investment policies and procedure

Task 3

3.1 Compare the appeal of current leading tourist destinations with that of currently developing tourist destinations to be presented to marketing department to assist them in marketing activity?

Tourist destination is the core pillar in deciding the number of visitors and its increasing effect on the overseas visitor’s number of factors which could be added on in the appeal of current leading tourist destination (Milenkovska,et. 2015


Leading tourist destination

Developing tourist destination

  • Name of the  countries

India, U.K, U.S. Thailand, Myanmar

China, Thailand Philippines, Starbucks 

  • Destination places to visit

In India following( Rajasthan, Kerala, Mumbai, Central of India)

In U.S.- Statue of liberty, New york and other states (Sigala, M. 2015)

In U.K.- Westminster Abbey, Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo, Yorkshire, Chester Zoo, Windermere,, Boat Cruises, Bowens,  The Royal Academy of Arts, London, The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, Tower of London, Highlands House and Estate, Essex, St Paul's Cathedral

In China- Beijing, Macau, The Terracotta Army in Xi'an, Watery Wonder

In Thailand-9Tanjung Putting, 4gili island, komodo

  • Culture

The leading country knows the benefit it takes from this tourist destination and government and people are both inclined to the expectation of its clients

Developing and leading countries like China,Thailand are making their effort to generate good amount of money out of this sector and  local people are also learning the positive attitude toward the oversea customers

  • Number of visitors

 This is the most important fact which determines the future trends of the current demand in the market. It is the actual fact that leading tourism destination grab high amount of attraction from the overseavisitors.

Developing countries like China, India and Thailandare making their current effort in order to see the changes in their number of visitors. Countries have understood with the present demand of the tourism worldwide and has endeavored in order to bring best out of this sectors

3.2 Evaluate how characteristics of a tourist destination affect its appeal with reference to Cuba, North Korea or Myanmar (Burma)?

Tourist destination and its features play a very important role in order to decide the number of oversea visitors who are willing to visit the country. It is the clear known fact that features of the tourist destination put a great impact and create a great amount of opportunities for the country. Tourist destination is supposed to be as per the client’s expectation and some other factors and industries which affect its imperativeness worldwide should be as per the standard set with the potential clients (Valeri, M. 2015). There are number of factors which is seen with this fast changing economies are as fellows-

  • How country use advertisement technique- This is understand that advertisement is the most effective tool to penetrate the market with its desired product. Lucrativeness of tourist destination should be flaunted in efficient manner.Potential clients make their choices as per the advertisement they see or the feedback they take form the other medium.
  • Government support and other open policies and procedure- it is understood that government is the main pillar in deciding the attractiveness toward its potential oversea clients. Policies regard with the import and export of goods and services. Government needs to analysis the positive and negative impacts of its all the dimensions of this tourist destination support program.
  • Criminal activities- it is the fact that people never want to visit the places in which they have danger to their life some countries like Iran, Pakistan Afghanistan South Africa are example of this threats. Tourist destination countries need to have clean track record in order to grab ample amount of oversea tourist (Hsieh, Y.  2012)
  • Economic aspects- It describes the effectiveness of tourist destination in hosting clients. High level of GDP rate country is supposed to be more effective in its services and offering products to the clients.
  • Facilities and culture of the tourist destination- It could be understand with the help of its increasing culture issues and their dealing steps. Tourist destination should make its positive efforts in various facilities such as increasing the effectiveness of the services offered to clients, enhancement of productivity of the knowledge and their satisfaction level.


4.1 Analyzing issues that affect the popularity of tourist destination?

Tourism industry is showing its real color with its going up graph internationally but what is the best thing we could get with the help of its tourism business are the issues, factors, and phases. Government in order to curb the negative issues on tourism is making number of efforts in order to enhance the popularity of tourism all over the world (B, & S 2014)

  • Climate – It is the main factor which affects the tourist destination very drastically. It is seen that tourist destinations like U.K., U.S., and India are having high number of oversea visitors. It is all the outcome of the positive climate and the less global warming issues. Many countries like South Africa, Pakistan has high temperature which poses negative threats to the visitors.
  • Ocean flows: - this point depicts that oceans and their effects on the state are the main focus points for the clients in deciding whether to visit such countries or not. As some countries like Phuket Ocean Antarctica are seeing the same problems.
  • Political rigidness with the high expectation and increasing demand of tourism worldwide has shown its real impact on each and every economic country. Leading and most developing countries and their government are also making its rules, regulation and procedure in such a manner that can fetch ample amount of tourist.
  • Natural phenomena- Countries natural phenomena and its real economic objects is the main sub object in deciding what is good or best for the tourist and their choice of comfort. In many countries it is seen that country doesn’t allow things and act which are the utmost likeness graph of tourist. Therefor it is very clear thought that tourist development programmer should be in countries object.
  • Media conflicts and growth of the nationalism are the main factors in deciding tourism issues some issues are positive and some are negative in deciding what is best and what is worse for the purpose of enhancement of tourism.
  • Some other factors and issue that could be taken into account are Terrorist activates in countries, its amicable relation with other foreigncountries, trade relations, international policies and framework ethical issue role of media and its advertisement technique in promotion of tourism (Wright, 2013).

4.2 discuss the potential for responsible tourism to enhance the host community at worldwide tourist destinations where TUI group operates with reference to Europe, Turkey, Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Egypt, and Thailand.

TUI group being the international player in tourism sector has to make its rest potential efforts to enhance the effectiveness of host countries to look after over sea visitors.Thereare various potentials for handling tourism to enhance the effectiveness of tourism in following countries at where TUI group operates (Ponton., et., al., 2015)

  • European union- TUI group (Touristic Union International). It has 64 aircraft and flies from 26 British airports to 109 destinations worldwide and in order to increase the oversee visitors TUI group is offering more and more products and services in least and affordable cost and all of the TUI packages are designed to discover the real happiness for the clients and their smile.
  • Turkey- In turkey TUI group has established its 9 business ventures in order to grab market share. The main aim of TUI group is to enhance the effectiveness of the tourism businesses and its quality worldwide
  • Cuba- TUI group is working on its different plans in order to increase its present visitors in the country. Presently Cuba discovers 254 areas, 257 international monuments, 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 7 Natural reserve and 14 Fauna and other tourist zones.
  • Mexico- this country is filled with many tourist destination such as tourist attractions in Mexico City are concentrated in the historic centre, including the Plaza de la Constitution or Zealot, the National Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral, Temple Mayor, Palace of Fine Arts and Alameda Park. TUI group is making its efforts and providing adequate affordable packages’ for the overseas visitors.
  • There are host countries like Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia in which TUI is seeing the potential revenue which it could derive out of proving best facilities and other benefits to overseas visitors (Ganglmair.,et., al.,  2016

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In this Assignment on Tourist Destinations I come to realize the main benefit of tourism. Tourism has helped countries in many ways either it is booming economy or generating good amount of employment or providing help in increasing GDP of the country. I have gone through all the material study regarding with the topic of tourism.  I will conclude up my topic by saying that each and every country needs to realize the need of tourism in present era.  It is seen with the different data collected from various sources that those countries which finds itself failure in gathering tourism results into drastic downward in developing of economy worldwide


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