Assignment on Human Resources for Hilton Hotel

Assignment Human Resources Hilton Hotel

Assignment on Human Resources for Hilton Hotel


Human resources management is the important tool of the organization. Before understanding the term of human resource management it is required to understand the human resource. Human resource is the term which is used to describe employee, assets, or the working power of the organization. Human resources are the vital to organization without which origination cannot be operated. In order to get the best employee power in the working process origination needs to hire ample amount of qualified person with high calibre.


1.1Analyze the role and purpose of human resource management in a selected service industry with reference to Hilton Hotel Stratford?

Hilton hotel Stratford has opened its new business. in order to survive in its initial stage apart from its brand it has to use various other intent of the organization such as quality of services, best offer plans, analysis the market and further more. It is seen that mangling employee to the certain limit is not the big task. Organization like Hilton which is engaged in providing service in hospitality area needs ample amount of employees in order to discharge its proper functions. In Hilton there is requirement to hire good amount of employee and their management in order to survive on sustainable basis. HRM of Hilton has following role and purpose in a selected service industry.

  • Planning and forecasting- Hilton industry is engaged in providing hospitality services. Being in the market where unpredicted demand is the common issue organization needs to hire good management staff in its HRM team.  HRM department should be qualified in understanding the future need at spot so that adequate staff can be managed with the right time.
  • Requirement process- Hilton group being in the growth stage of its life cycle needs high amount of good qualified staff for its proper functioning in the ;long run market. It is understand that providing quality of services and mangling clients in good manner is 95% depended on the employees who are engaged in such services. HRM of Hilton needs to understand the need of good employees and has to reciprocate as per the required demand in the organization.
  • Contract of employment- it is the contract which establish all the terms and condition of the employment between employee and employer. Human resource management plays a key role in identify and define the actual terms and contract. HRM of Hilton industry is very efficient in imparting and educating employee with their rights and responsibilities (Stone, 2011).
  • Monitoring of employees-HRM of Hilton group manages employee with extra due care and proper watch. HRM team needs to cater the demand and the need of the employee. It is shown with the theory given by many economists that proper motivation is the main ingredient for the proper management of employees in the long run (Stone, 2011).
  • Training and development-This process in Hilton is concerned with how organization is making efforts in training and development of the employees. It is the specific role of human resource management team to render the quality of training to hired employees so that they could be employable in the specific are of the working process (Stone, 2011).

1.2 Justify a human resources plan based on an analysis of supply and demand for a selected service industry business?

In order to cater the need of the market as per the client’s expectation it is understood by the top management that quality of services and product differentiation is the utmost imperative thing to take into account. Human resource management team needs to prepare a good human resource plan based on its analytical demand and supply of the market (Stone, 2008).

  • Creation of the human resource plan- Human resource management team of Hilton group is very efficient in its working process. Team members are highly qualified in understanding the forecasted market. As per the demand and supply of the effective product and services HRM team create the plans. Creation of plan is not the difficult task but making synergies with the created task is the most important thing. Under this plan how much employees would be required, how much employee turnover would be seen and how to reduce such turnover etc.
  • Analysing the demand and supply of the market- Human resource management needs to understand the demand and supply of the product organization offered in market. As per the demand and supply HRM team needs to cater the need of the employees as per the future demand. It is required by the HRM department to make graph of present employees and compare it with the expected need of organization. Analysing market and its demand and supply is most effective step in providing best quality of services in timely manner (Stone & Australian Human Resources Institute, 2014).
  • Internal and external factors- organization in order to survive in long run or creating of a good brand image has to consider both internal and external factors in making policies and framework. Internal factors consist of employees demand, changes in technology, adaptability to the sophisticated working environment  where as external environment consist of clients expectation , political changes, changes in purchasing power of the per individual and furthermore.
  • Human resources planning-Hilton group is engaged in various hospitality service and in order to survive on sustainable basis it has to establish good management team in order to reciprocated with the consistent changing in the environment . Inn Hilton group human resource planning is consisted with forecasting, determining, understanding the demand of the employees in the organization as per the future needs of the products and services (Redman & Wilkinson, 2009).

Task 2

2.1 Assess the current state of employment relations for the Hotel industry?

Hotel industry is highly focused industry in which employees and the clients are taken into utmost high consideration. Clients are the persons who provide business to the organization. Whereas employees are the strong pillars of the organization without which it can never run its business.

There are some of the examples which could be used in order to understand the current state of the employment relation with the organization-

  • Employee relation:- it is the relation between organization and employees. Origination needs to cater the need and demand of the employees as per their requirement.  In order to create a good amount of relation with employees Hilton group needs to establish nexus with the growth of the organization with the welfare of the employees
  • Structure of the employees in the organization- It is the clear fact that organization is made of various set of activities and different parts functioning in order to accomplish the ultimate goals and objective. There should be proper structuring like bottom to top communication channel, process cycle in all value chain activities, proper report structuring procedure (Phillips & Gully, 2014).
  • Employee participation- in organization where complex set of activities are performed it is easy to see the problems, conflicts, grievances in the management process or working process. Therefor in order to troubleshoot such problems it is required that proper employee participation and their effort should be recognized time to time. Seminars and other employee interaction program should be conducted for reducing such kind of problems.
  • Different procedure-organization is complex and dynamic set of functions and there are so many people who perform their stipulated task in order to make organization successful in long run. Functioning level where so many functions are performed in Hilton group is more of decentralized level. Whereas decisions and other strategic plans are taken by top management.
  • Trouble shooting the problems and conflict management- Human resource management of Hilton group makes its all strategy plans and policies so that no employee could be bothered to the extent. Flexible working process and utmost discipline in working process is the key ingredient in managing conflicts in employees. Hilton group has also established its new whistle blower mechanisms in which various complains and grievances of the employees will be note down (Nankervis, Compton & Baird, 2008).

2.2 Discuss how employment law affects the management of human resources for the Hilton Hotel as selected service industry business?

Employment law is concerned with the policies and contract between employee and employer. In order to protect the right of the employee employment law provides safeguard to employee so that they could be saved with the intentional exploitation of the industry. Government of U.K. has circulated so many laws and regulation and different specified act also issued with the time being in force.

  • Employment relation act- Hilton group in order to keep its ethics at the utmost level does not break any rules and regulation. And all the work is discharged under the supervision of the particular legal compliance officer. HRM management plays an effective role in deciding the relation between origination and employees.
  • Contract of employment- This testimony which is created at the time of hiring employees in the organization. Hilton group provide full information in its employment contracts and organization makes its contract as per the government demands and circulation. Contract of employment includes following terms and their cause of effect regard with how quality of working is important in the promotions, cause and effects of certain acts in the organization like termination, degradation in working, forced resignation, dismal and so on. Contract also includes some points such as maternity leaves, leave without paid choice, paternity right, ill health, insurance cover and further more (Nankervis & Nankervis, 2011).
  • Quasi-judicial body for the breach in contract-There are also various courts and quasi-judicial bodies available to the employees if they find that they are being exploited by their employer and other senior members. Hilton group has never faced such kind of situation in its long tenure in the market. This court provides utmost protections and helps employees to get compensation for the wrong doing by the employers.
  • Conciliation and arbitrary services-other services which employees could use in order to avoid the complex set of procedure in filling cases or petitions against the organization. It is the amicable way of resolving disputes between employer and employees. In such procedure both the parties come under the one roof and arbitrator makes their personal efforts to settle down the conflicts between both the parties. This process helps in avoiding image destroying process and settle down the case in peaceful manner.
  • Equal pay act 1988- This acts help in maintains the equality in employees. Hilton group makes its very best efforts in helping employees and there is never found such issues like gender discrimination, partiality in terms of race, cast, age, sex and so on. Hilton is adhered by its sophisticated rules and regulation. All the employees and senior managers follow this rule very properly

With the help of above description we could say that hotel Hilton group follows the proper corporate governance and ethical programmer in order to provide best services to its stake holders. There is find that Hilton group also orgies seminars and employee participation programed in which various issue and matters are disused. With the help of legal department and other legal compliance officers Hilton group have never faced any kind of statute problems (Kramar, et. al., 2014).               

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3.1 Discuss a Job description and personal specification for a selected job at the Hilton hotel such as receptionist, banquette manager, waiter or cleaning staff etc.?

Job description shows the actual knowledge of the following points such as job title, job identification, job duties, and Job specification. It is found that job description should have various critical points e.g. identify job for the selected candidates, providing actual guidance, developing proper functional plans and policies, proper evaluation program. There is following steps is shown below which could easily describe the benefit of job description and personal specification


Job description

Personal specification


This job in Hotel Hilton demands various utmost quality and manner to serve for the clients. Receptionist has job of handling clients at the front house of the hotel. It is the front house persons who in the first interact with the clients. Front desk person should be experienced and well-mannered in handling clients and their need. Hotel Hilton group  hire only  people in front desk who are having good quality of experience in the same field

Receptionist should be accompanied with high communication knowledge and flaunt in different languages. Receptionist in Hilton group is highly mannered as well of pleasant personality. They offer at front desk various complementary drinks and ask clients to be comfortable.  Various personal specification should like  how they react with the circumstances, how to handle situations how they deal with the clients

Banquette manager

It is the person who performs all the managing activities in banquet and its respective areas. Banquette manager helps other employees to identify the problem area and trouble shoot of the same problems in easy manner.

Personal qualities of banquette manger are that he should have completed its Hotel management degree and he should be cooperative and well managed person. He should be having a skill of tackling various persons and clients in an efficient manner


Job description of the waiter in Hotel Hilton would be that he should perform all the clerical and hosting clients’ activities in well mannered. Waiter perform works of handing clients, offering foods and beverages and tackling all the activities associated with kitchen and food counters

Waiter in hotel Hilton needs to have degree of hotel management. He should be having a well communicated knowledge and interpretation skills to discharge its functions.

Clerical staffs

Clerical works is covered in the ambit of cleaning and sweeping floors and toilets of different rooms.

Clerical staffs should be efficient enough in handling clerical activities. No such qualification is asked for doing such works in Hotel Hilton group but person should know how to discharge such functions.

3.2Compare various different selection processes of different service industries business that can best suit to the Hilton Hotel?

Hotel Hilton has a leading role in the hospitality and with the present data it is shown that Hilton group covers 8% market share in this hotel industry. Various following hotels which are falling in the same group level are shown below and they perform their function in hiring and managing good amount of employees.

Following process of different hotel industry falling in the same industry in context with the Hilton hotel-





Recruiting process

In this process line manager takes the interview of the following candidates with the ample amount of questions regard with their present, future and past.

Hotel management with the help of their current staffs takes interviews and forwards them in the next interview session.

In Hotel greenwood various interviews are conducted and then options related with suitable choice are forwarded with the top management. In the end interview final decisions are taken by top management.

Selection process

After conducting interview line manager forward the selected candidates to the top management

In this hotel management  recruited employees then forward to the management of the organization who will later on select the employees with the suitable work environment

In greenwood management plays important role in selection process. Qualified employees are hired with the complex set of activities.

HR Planning

Selected employees are then send to  HR planning functions who will later on do bifurcation in the working  field

HR planning of this hotel is complex set of activities. Various management team and members hire different people at different work places

Green wood hotel has different set of functional planning and HR department perform the follow the following functions such as recruiting,  hiring, selection and management of employees in efficient manner

Other development and management program

Separate management function are established in order to maintain the good amount of employee relation between all the staff of the members, proper training and making employee qualified to perform quality of work is the main task to sustain in the long run

In this hotel various development program is involved in order to provide the best facilities to the selected employees. In order to make selected persons employable organization makes different employee participation and development program

Greenwood hotel after hiring persons provide them best management training so that they can understand how organization and other employees are performing their task.

(Harzing & Pinnington, 2015)

There is seen the need of different process of hiring employees in the organization. Hotel Hilton could choose to have various techniques that have shown above. Hotel Hilton being the leader in hospitality management business has to hire good qualified employees. Current hiring process is adequate enough but in this fast changing environment organization could adapt following steps of the hotels falling in the same group that could be beneficial for the Hilton. Organization being in the hospitality part has used all the innovative aspects very clearly. It has helped HR team to get the trends and perception of the consumers with that of products offered.  HR team of Hilton measures various  factors with the aid  of good quality of employees and of Current and future demands of the product and services, standard price, quality of service consumer expect niche area of the segments market share of the product (Harzing & Pinnington, 2011).

Task 4

4.1. You are required to assess the contribution of training and development activities to the effective operation of Hilton Hotel Stratford.

Training and development provides energy to the process and make the effective contribution in productivity of the organization. Hilton Hotel Stratford needs the training and development effectively which will make the process diverse and strategic as per the modern needs. The training and development process are as follows:

Different types of training
There are several types of trainings which are as follows:

  1. Induction Training:This is a kind of training where new recruits or new hires are provided with training getting acquainted with the process or departments where they need to perform their work or jobs. These induction trainings are provided in two step process which are generally pre hire orientation and new hire orientation. In the pre hire orientation the hires are told about the working of organization, general policies and other related legislations. In the new hire orientation the hires are taken to the respective floors where they need to actually work upon and making the process dilute with their efficiency and performance.
  2. Job Instruction training:These kinds of trainings are generally be taken by the experiences and professionals. They actually provide the instructions set to the juniors or their subordinates. These instructions are monitors and evaluated buy the line managers for making a fair and adequate discipline and no anti competency (Härtel, Charmine & Fujimoto, 2015).
  3. Vestibule training:These are the practical sessions of the work place where employees need to perform the activities on the dummy tasks. For example, an automobile company hires engineers for manufacturing of the machinery. Here machineries are manufactured with the help of robots and other heavy systems. To operate these is a tedious and challenging tasks and hence the engineers are provided with the artificial robots and heavy machineries set to practice and make them acquainted so that they cannot risk their and others life. Similarly it happens in the service industry where hires are provided with dummy activities to make them get acquainted with the process and complete the training session successfully.
  4. Refresher training:These are the refreshers trainings only where a hire is provided these trainings to brush their knowledge. They are actually acquainted with the process but as a matter of concern or any new amendments happens in the industry they lack the knowledge or diversity happens. They are already possessing the skills need to perform the job or the work but the change or circumstances create the diversity which needs to be settles or sorted out.
  5. Apprenticeship training:These trainings are the supervisor subordinate training where the workers spends time under their bosses or heads and have the ample time to practice and make the knowledge on the subject (Härtel, Charmine & Fujimoto, 2010).

These all the trainings can be partially utilized with the Holton process to make the difference in their organization. These trainings can be helped in several different states or job position to make the employees consistent and determined for the process and for the organization.

Difference between training and development

Comparison Basis




Short Time or Term

Long Time or Term











Improving performance of work

Preparing employees for challenges

Individual counting


Less or single


Job related aims

General Knowledge and conceptual aims

Therefore with the above description of training and development we can find that Hotel Hilton needs to adequately develop the process with these components to make the potential utilization.

Benefits and effectiveness of training

There are several benefits and effectiveness of training to Hotel Hilton in Stratford. Hotel Hilton is a hospitality industry which needs their employees to be dynamic to attend the clients in customers with a warm convincing mode. Hotel Hilton will be having several disclosed benefits with the improved training and development programs (Dowling, Festing & Engle, 2013). These are as follows:

  1. Effectiveness and efficiency of the employees
  2. Productivity of the organization
  3. Self-disciplined and determined
  4. Employees assets
  5. Customer Retention
The role and need of training

The need of training in Hotel Hilton at Stratford is extremely helpful to make the organization diverse and diluted. Training is an essential part of the organization which makes the resources efficient and effective. The training makes the organization potential diverted in concentrating the productivity and employees go professionals after attending these kinds of training. We can have a look to an example of the very prestigious Samsung organization. Samsung mobile organization was nowhere counted in mobile gadgets world as Nokia, Motorola have grabbed that place. In the premium segment Apple was there, but suddenly in 2006 Samsung aggressively spend millions on training and development and the after sales services of the company suddenly rise to a new extent. Today it is the largest mobile manufacturer of the world competing Apple in a far race. Hence we can observe that training and development role is highly satisfactory in the organization and one needs to develop this process for process optimization (Carter, 2015).


Assignment Human Resources Hilton Hotel

Presentation process optimization 2

Presentation process optimization 3

Presentation process optimization 4

Presentation process optimization 5

Presentation process optimization 6

Presentation process optimization 7

Presentation process optimization 8


Human resource management is the collective term for hiring, selecting, managing, of the employee for the sustainable use. It is the understood that organization is the collective set of activities in which consistent efforts are made in order to accomplish the set objectives and goal in long run. Employees are the pillar for the organization and they play a very imperative role in the success and failure of the organization. It is required that in order to develop a good amount of core competency in providing services or goods organization needs to look after their employees and their collective efforts for the organizational structures. Since the long start of this vast variety of industry where all organization are differently pursuing their goal and objective employees are the real driver in doing work, setting goals discharging tactical activities and strategic plans.


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