Unit 9 Tourism Destinations Assignment

Unit 9 Tourism Destinations Assignment

Unit 9 Tourism Destinations Assignment

Unit 9 Tourism Destinations Assignment - Assignment Help in UK


The Unit 9 Tourism Destinations Assignment has been developed on the basis of different concepts over tourism destinations. The main tourist destinations are analysed by considering the visitor numbers, income generation, and contribution in the GDP, inbound and outbound tourism contribution etc. the statistics are analysed to determine the tourist trends and predict the future approaches of destinations.  Different appeals of the current leading tourist destinations and the developing destinations are analysed along with their differences. The characteristics of a tourism destination affect the tourism appeal of that destination. These characteristics are illustrated through this report. The popularity of the tourist destination is affected by certain issues. These issues are analysed. The responsibility of the tourism towards the host community is described taken different destinations as examples. 

Unit 9 Tourism Destinations Assignment - Assignment Help in UK

Task 1

1.1 Analyse main tourist destinations and generators of the world in terms of visitor mbers and income generation

Destinations are the set of amenities, attractions and accessibilities. These destinations can be formed or can be constructed. Analysis on different tourist destinations in terms of their visitors’ numbers and income generation:

  • UK as tourism destination: UK has been considered as the most visited destination within Europe. It has obtained the place of 8th position within the world top tourism destination in terms of visitor arrivals. UK tourism has generated 32.6 million international marketing arrivals. In 2013 the number of overseas visitors was 32.8 million and the record of the spending was £21.0 billion. Comparing with the volume and value in the year 2012, the number of foreign visits represent 5.6% increased in the volume and 12.7% in value. This destination has been accounted 2.8% of the global arrivals and 3.4% of international tourism receipts. In 2015 it encountered 36.115 million visits w3hich led to US$ 22.072 billion spent by foreign arrivals. In 2014 the total revenue generated from tourism was £125.2bn. In 2014 the domestic spending was 81.0% of direct GDP. In 2014n the tourism of UK supported 1,892,500 jobs which were 5.7% of the employment. (tourismalliance.com, 2014).
  • France: France is the leading tourism destination in terms of tourists arrivals within top tourism destinations by generating 83.7 million tourists each year. Direct contribution within the GDP was EUR77.1bn in 2014 by France tourism which was 3.6% of total GDP. There are various heritage and cultural spots within the destination which are attracting the tourists to the destination. The emerging amenities of the tourism services along with developed and man-made development in the tourism offerings the destination has contributed within the foreign trade approx €13 billion in 2012. The destination has been widely popular for the cultural tours along with different international events. The destination is also placing the wine tourism in the global market. The wine tourism has attracted more than 24 million arrivals to the wine regions. (diplomatie.gouv.fr., 2014).
  • China: the destination china has been the largest emerging market for the outbound as well as inbound tourism. It has successfully placed itself as the third most visited destination.  Overseas visitors are increasing. (travelchinaguide.com, 2016) The research in 2015 revealed that the china had 120 million outbound visitors and it leads to 104.5 billion US dollars spending. The domestic tourism has been benefited by the large population of China. The Chinese outbound tourism has been considerably growing. According to World Tourism Organisation the tourism of China will be the largest in 2020.
  • Spain: the tourism of Spain has directly contributed 5.6% in the GDP in 2014 and an increase of 5.7% is forecast in 2025. The tourism is directly supporting 870,000 jobs which are 5.0% of the total employment. The tourism has contributed EUR 161.1bn in GDP which is 15.2% of the total contribution. The employment includes hotels, airlines, travel agents, passenger transport, different restaurants, etc. The travel and tourism of Spain will account for 1,023,000 direct jobs within 2025 which is an increase of 1.3% pa over next 10 years. Foreign visits are the key components of the direct contribution in travel and tourism in Spain. In 2014 the destination has attracted EUR52.2bn in visitor exports. (wttc.org., 2015).
  • USA: in recent ranking the USA has been able to obtain the position of second place in the world tourism. It is the largest industry in USA. The diversity in the tourism features with natural, cultural and social features is the main attraction for the tourists. In 2014 the destination has been able to attract 74.8 million international visits. The USA tourism industry is the third largest employer. In 2014 USA tourism has generated US$ 1.47 trillion in the nations GDP. 5.3 million jobs are directly supported by USA travel and tourism in the year of 2015. (Vanhove, 2010)

1.2 Analyse statistics to determine tourism destination trends and predict future trends

Different changes are visible in recent context which are impacting on the tourism destination. With the increasing demand of the tourism products and services different changes are emerging within the tourism destination. Considering the UK destination, the increasing demands of authentic experiences are imposing changes over the offerings. This leads to add value for money within the tourism offerings. With the growing trends on the users generated web content these trends have been increasing. (e-unwto.org ., 2016).

Outbound market of china has been impacting over the other destinations. Through the increasing outbound tourism numbers the market of China has contributed US$ 165 billion in the tourism. The increase within the Chinese travellers numbers are the main concern for the destinations like Europe and USA. Though the increase of outbound market has been impacting over the tourism the European market has been offering growth potential for the inbound visitor economy of Britain. (Visit Britain, 2016). The UK has been mainly popular for the European visitors. The Mexico has been considering potential market in future. The American destinations are arousing the interest of the inbound visit. In 2015 the destinations of USA has overtaken the Germany destination in terms of inbound visits. Considering the trends of inbound visit the long haul market of Australia and USA are obtaining the highest positions. (e-unwto.org ., 2016).


The increasing trends of travel with a purpose have been impacting over the purchasing behaviours of rte buyers. By taking in account the future shift towards the travel with a purpose the destinations are developing their features. On this regard the sustainable tourism, Green tourism, ethical tourism, these are taking place in the tourism development. By playing value over the visits or meaning for travelling the destinations are approaching the current and future trends. Apart from these organising events, preserving the historical representations for the historical development tourism is also conducted to approach the current preferences. (Visit Britain, 2016). Tour operators are one of the rising trends in the consideration. Along with rising use of technologies in the booking, e-ecommerce approaches in tourism business the online tour operators are impacting over the offerings of tourism services. With the increase of the online tourism booking the buying decisions of the travellers are also changing. Apart from this the tour operators are also changing their approaches in attracting the customers through online measures.

Task 3

3.1 compare the appeal of current leading tourist destinations with that of currently developing tourist destinations

There are different factors which can have the critical impact over the appeal of the tourists’ destinations. These factors vary from the range of levels of political stability and the development in the infrastructural area. The way these factors can impact on the visitors’ number, destination images and types of destinations must be analysed for understanding the appeal of tourist destinations. (Vanhove, 2010) Comparison of appeal between the current leading tourist destination and developing tourist destination:

Appeal of the currently leading tourism destination (UK)

Appeal of the developing tourism destination Myanmar

The current appeal of the destination is the features of the destination. The accesses to the destinations, cultural attractions, customers’ motivations, man-made appeal, physical characteristics etc. are the appeal of the destination. Government of UK has been considerably taking strategies and different measures within the development of the infrastructures of tourism. For having more market revenues the government has been continuously making promotional strategies and developing different appeals for the visitor attractions. UK as a tourist’s destination has various physical features like mountains, beaches, lakes, rivers, riffs etc. Diversity within the physical appeal has been considerably attracting the tourists to the destination. UK has been popular as the cultural destination worldwide. Different cultural features like museums, galleries, historical impacts over the cultural features are the main appeal of this destination. Apart from these government is also developing the sports travel and tourism infrastructure by organising developing different sports events and improving the hospitality services. (ttgmena.com., 2012).  

Over recent years the Myanmar tourism has been developing the infrastructures of the tourism services.  They are having 275,000 international airport arrivals over the year. The arrivals are increasing as reported by Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. The government has been adding external values within the tourism offering to upward the trends. Though the neighbouring countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Laos are imposing strict completion it has been increasing the tourists number. Within the current year the Myanmar tourism has generated approx 350,000 arrivals. (Vanhove, 2010)

3.2 Evaluate how characteristics of a tourist destination affect its appeal

Tourism destinations and the characteristics of it affect the appeal to the tourists. Tourism destinations and the features that they have can generate benefits for the nation as well as the tourism business.  There are different issues like climate change, global warming, natural disasters, terrorism; different political issues are currently imposing threats to the survival of the destination. The destination Burma has been a developing destination within the Asia. Though the developments of the fundamental infrastructures are low the Burma has possessed a great potential within the tourism industry. The tourism of Burma is mainly been developed by the government of Burma along with private enterprises. There are different factors which are imposing threats on the Burma tourism in both positive and pessimistic way.  The Ministry of Hotels and tourism of Myanmar has signed the Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam Tourism Corporation with the aim of welcoming more than 25 million visitors to this region. (Richards, 2013).

The destination has sustainable tourism appeal attractions for the tourists including big cities such as Yangon and Mandalay. There are ancient cities within the destination which are impacting positively on the cultural and heritage tourism. The access to the tourism centres are the biggest positive factors for the success of the destination. (Richards, 2013). In the political issues the boycott by National League of Democracy over the tourism to the destination has been a great deal to the tourism promotions and development. The increase issues over the keen promotion of the welfare of common people and the imposing threats over the environmental components are negatively influencing the tourists’ arrivals to the place. Considering the political issues over the tourism and the critical debate over the mass tourism the government of Myanmar has planning to frame the Myanmar Tourism Responsible Policy along with the Myanmar Tourism Master Plan. (Richards, 2013). The violations of Human Rights have imposed a negative image within the international market. The development of the infrastructure and the increasing spend over the tourism business has been imposing threats over the welfare of the common communities of Burma. Economic and political forces are the current concern for the tourism of Burma. Apart from these issues the land has also suffered issues with the cultural deterioration. It is one of the major consequences of the development of tourism. Without real conservational logic the renovations of some monuments have been undertaken. The sticking issue was raised while the demolition of Palace Keuntung for making a hotel in 1991 had influence the role of the government on the suitability of cultural tourism. (Richards, 2013).

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Through this Unit 9 Tourism Destinations Assignment the different issues and factors within different destinations along with the statistical explanation has been analysed. In order to develop proper sustainability over the tourism business the destinations need to developing manager plan for increasing the visitors’ numbers and generating revenues. Responsible tourism has been gaining popularity with the increased issues over the impacts of tourism in the destinations and its local components along with the welfare of the local communities. Through the responsible tourism approaches the government of the destinations are trying to retain the reputation within the tourism market as well as stabilising the current issues.


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The Unit 9 Tourism Destinations Assignment has been developed on the basis of different concepts over tourism destinations, Assignment Help in UK posting units solutions so scholars can explore assignment help and get review the quality of our work.