Unit 8 Research Project Sample Assignment

Unit 8 Research Project Sample Assignment

Unit 8 Research Project Sample Assignment


Diploma in Business 

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Unit 8 Research Project 

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Level 5


This Unit 8 Research Project Sample Assignment shows the real understanding upon the employees’ behavior and their choice of action in the long term. Research program is complex set of activities that represent that actual data collection technique another relevant uses in the implementation the different strategies. In this complete report different methods and their real use in the chosen subject matter job satisfaction in the Amiga Corporation has been chosen. In the end of this research program a poster has been prepared in order to depict the actual use of  research project .

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1.1 Formulate and record possible research project outline specifications?

According to Fatima “Research is the process of systematic investigation of facts and basis in order to increase or revise the current knowledge”. This could be done by discovering new facts which is step forward to the available knowledge (Fatima, 2012).

The United States National Academy of Sciences has described a research as a discovering tool to identify the hidden benefits which could be deployed for the betterment of the future.  Research is the analytical process to put the endeavor to evaluate the circumstances and facts in well and identified manner in order to come up with new developed key factors so that a step head from the available means could be identified.

In this research topic we will talk about the actual outcome of the research program conducted by the Amiga Corporation which is the leading company in selling computers worldwide. The company has developed a research team in order to satisfy the different need of the employees so that their efficiency could be enhanced by the time.

Unit 8 Research Project Sample Assignment 1

Amiga Corporationhas put a great emphasis upon the research skills and tools with the defined objectives as below.

  • Organization has to understand the main needs and satisfaction level of the employees in order to grasp the material data from the employees for generating a good action plan.
  • Amiga Corporation has to discuss all the close material and action plans with the employees so that a good research program could be generated for the time being in force.
  • Research program should comprise of identifying, methods, means, and implementation of the formulated plan to discover the new facts and information of the subjective matter.
  • Employee’s demands and their working productivity should be taken on the main concern while implementing a research program concerned with the employees job satisfaction.

1.2 Identify the factors that contribute to the process of research project selection?

  • Research project selection- Simmons has showcase that it is the complex set of activities that helps company identify the required data so that company could develop a good action plan for the complete job satisfaction of the employees in the different working process. Research project selection is the provided set of the activities in which Amiga Corporation has to identify the process or system that could be helpful for managing a good information and data from the employees (Simmons, et, At., 2011).
  • Suitability of the data collection program- Amiga Corporation has to develop a good research program in order to make a good understanding upon the behaviour of the employees in the process system. Research program is the finding path of the employees’ preference. Choice of actions needs and demand so that company could meet with the named factors to enhance the productive of the process system. Therefore it could be said that research project selection is highly based on the objectives of the program has to be chosen as per the suitability of the functional process of the organisation.
  • Matters and information to be grasped- Research project is the discovering tool of hidden data that is useful for the betterment of the available resources. Amiga Corporation has chosen a research project plan that discovers the different need of the employee at different point of time. It also helps company to motivate employees in several span of time.
  • Goals and mission- Asian corporation has goal to become a biggest supplier in the computer market segment. This is the real truth that research project developed in the organization works around the accomplishment of the stipulated goals and objective. Therefore a good research program showcase the material need of discovering data or information from the employees otherwise it might result into wrong data build up process.
  • Reference- It is the medium through which research project implement its strategies to collect the data. Amiga Corporation has used different books, seminar, meeting and other required material in order to develop a good understanding upon the employee’s behaviour and their actual preference in the work performance. While portray the data company uses several references for the better understanding of the employees.
  • Ethical issues- This is concerned with deciding right and wrong of the uses of data collection. Company while developing data has to consider several right and wrong outcome of the research program. There is fact that ethical issues put emphasis upon the governance or virtues of the task performed in the given project.
  • Time span- This is also noticed that research program and its project should co related with the durability of the collection of data. Amga Corporation makes a good action plan in order to use the outcome of the successful research program for the better understanding of the employees and their behaviour at work place.

1.3 Undertake a critical review of key references?

Critical review is start with the second steps that comes after implementation of the ideas and views. It is the complex process of recheck the applied task in the orderly manner. It put emphasis upon the quality check of the work applied and make a proper reinvestigation upon the material key points the research program. In many terms this critical review could be used to describe the key intent but we first need to understand the critical review mean that is the assessment, or evaluation process to find out the real negative and plus points of the implemented process . In order to generate a good critical review plan we have to consider following key points such as improvement, stipulated results, path, methodologies and speculation of the defined task (Wilson, 2016).

  • Company has to perform a critical review of the following key reference
  • Sustainable need of the employees for the time being in force in the organization.
  • The real influence of the all the systems such as reward system motivation theories and other key points that plays a real important parts in the functioning of the employees in the several value chain activities
  • Methods and research program that is being deployed by the organization for developing a good research program.
  • Employee’s needs and their pay scale as per the performing activities in the organization.
  • Sources to perform the research project to collect the data concerned with the employees behaviour in work place.
  • Management practice and their concern level with the employees tactical activities
  • Employee’s participation and uses of their innovative ideas and plan in the business decision making.
  • Importance of the employees and their inclination toward the welfare of the organization at large.

Job satisfaction in the Amiga Corporation could be defined as a tool to enhance the work performance of the employees on the sustainable basis.  It is comprised with the following parts such as job evolution, job performance, motivation theories applied by the management system, employee’s behaviour and their working style.

With the all clear discussion it could be said that job satisfaction is the key real term that need to be fulfilled by the  business management  system in order to see the quality rating in the value chain activities of the organization.

There could be describe various key reference that could be used to critical review in order to generate a good research project for the betterment of the process system.

1.4 Produce a research project specification?

Research project specification is accompanied with the key highlighted points of the project report that shows different methodology, content, program, practices involved and particular investigation of subject matter. It is incorporated with the several level of information showing title, objectives, key performing activities and it put emphasis upon the uses of collected data for the better understanding of the subjective matter.

Unit 8 Research Project Sample Assignment 2

Research project specification of the conducted research would be as fellows-

  • Objective and title of the job satisfaction program in the employees of the Amiga Corporation
  • Employees responding behaviour with the given level of pay scale.
  • Conducting different level of research with the help of defined primary and secondary resources
  • Collected data and qualitative test results of the entire research program.
  • Research methods to evaluate the job satisfaction such as research methodology, design and stipulated procedure to implement strategies.

1.5 Provide an appropriate plan and procedures for the agreed research specification?

Research plan and procedure is stipulated set of activities coupled with several strategies and plans that is deployed in order to conduct a good research program. It is accompanied with the various formulated strategies and choice of actions for understanding the different employee’s behaviour and their response with the given circumstance.

Action plan for the agreed research specification –





Start date

End date



Preparing a research plan






Gathering data with the help of different sources






Assessment of the data collected


4/ Sep//16

07/ Sep//16



Decision methodology to implement the chosen strategies


08/ Sep//16

14/ Sep//16



Scrutinize  data program


15/ Sep//16

23/ Sep/16



Application of the research program.


24/ Sep//16

24/ Sep//16



Follow up program.


25/ Sep//2016

30/ Sep//16


Unit 8 Research Project Sample Assignment 3 

This given data has shown the better understanding of research program that could help us to understand the better understanding upon the implemented program.

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Task 2

2.1 Match resources efficiently to the research question or hypothesis?

  • Research question- It is the complete set of questions that depicts the complete human behaviour and their interest in the particular behaviour. Amiga Corporation has prepared a proper questionnaire that helps company to understand the employees responding behaviour and their choice of action that helps company to meet out with employees demand and need. Research question is very important tool that is the starting point which examines the different streams of the employees how efficient they are in their proper working streams. It is also imperative to understand that research questions should be accompanied with the only relevant and accurate questions that showcase the limits, intent, research inquiries and proper guidance of the employees (Wilson, 2016).
  • Hypothesis- It is the description of the explanation made on the basis of limited gathered information as an initial stage that would be used as a foundation for the former investigation of the given subject matter. It shows the actual reason of doing this research program for the better understanding of the employees’ behaviour.



Use for the particular activities

Collecting information

Financial resources, human resources and hiring a good management system

Acquirement of pool of capital resources and deployment of efficient staffs.

Time involvement

Implementation of various plans and procedure and involvement of quality of the persons in the company.

Gathering information, distribution of task and proper guidance to the employees

Financial resources

Money and capital use for purchasing different tools such as telephones, conducting meetings and so on

Purchase tools and different sources for collecting various information.

 2.2 Undertake the proposed research investigation in accordance with the agreed specification and procedures?

  • Research investigation- it is the assessment activities in which various program and plans are proposed so that better understanding could be developed on the given project. In this Research investigation program Amiga Corporation has used various told and technique in its research investigation program and company has also generated material level of data for the employee’s satisfaction program. Specification of research investigation has brief study of the job title and main objective of conducting this research program. With the help of given resources and inclination of the company toward gathering material information of the employees behaviour and their working performance company has developed a following research investigation proposal as below (Kumar, 2011).
  • Main proposal plan- This research proposal plan is comprised of main study of subject matter, proper examination of the gathered information and end up with complete implementation of the defined strategic plan in the research program. This main proposal plan is made of different research design and company studies upon the stipulated goals and objectives that portray the real statement matters of the collected data for the actual understanding of the employee’s outcome in the workplace. This are the main topics that plays outstanding performance in determine the job satisfaction level of employees in each and every level (Toledo, et. Al., 2012)
  • Ancillary proposal plan- Amiga Corporation works with the objective to satisfy the different needs and demand of the stakeholder simultaneously making accomplishment of the set objective in long run. It depicts the proposal plan that showcase the actual need of the implemented strategies and research reviews of the collected data. It verify the each and every segment of the research program that helps in outline, examine and evaluating of the gathered  information and knowledge  for making a good decision concerned with the job satisfaction in employees.

2.3 Record and collate relevant data where appropriate?

In simple worlds it is understood that research program is the more of exploration process that shows the real outcome to come with the next steps in the modulated manner. Many scientist and economist have depicted that research program is the complex set of activities which put emphasis upon the finding, identifying, analysis, investigating and implementing plans and policies set in order to develop a new things and required information that is one step ahead from the exiting knowledge.


Recording of data


Employees behavior

Amiga corporation generates data regard with employees response with the given circumstance and determine the actual caliber of the employees for the given task

Helps in allocation of work in different teams

Better understanding of the employees behavior with the given objects


Employees working ethos

Company uses different sources to understand the employees working style and their contribution toward the achievement of objectives

Helps in biurfuracte the employees contribution in the achievement of the objectives

Provide a clear picture of the work performed by the employees

Evaluation of jobs and its specification

Gathering data and evaluation process helps in cross check of the work performed and also helps in generating of the different system channel that keeps record of each employees working performance.

Helps in job evolution

Different data management system

Provide a good performance check in deterring the payroll check


3.1 Use appropriate research evaluation techniques?

This is the clear facts that Research program has to be accompanied with the means of collecting information from the various employees. In order to generate the real data management team needs to develop a good data collection process such as Different methodologies, conducting meetings, one to one meeting, books, prepared standard Questioner with the employees and ad hoc walk in the process system. Amiga Corporation also uses various primary and secondary sources for understanding the employee’s behavior. There are various research evaluation techniques or models that could be deployed (Yan, et. Al., 2015,).

  • Experimental model- This model helps company to evaluate the information and data collected in orderly manner. It put emphasis upon the quality, objectivity and summarization of the data.
  • Qualitative technique- It put emphasis upon the real check of the data collected for the stipulated objectives. Data mining procedure is adopted this sort of technique.
  • Participation technique- Organization gather information from different sources and different level therefore it is required to check the creditability of the data collected. This told helps in cross check of the data collected.
  • Quantitative tool- This helps in gathering wide range of data for understanding of standard level of information which are used for all employees as a whole. This is very helpful in making a real mean of the collected data in the long time span.

3.2 Interpret and analyses the results in terms of the original research specification?

In this research project we have discussed about the job satisfaction of the employees to perform the task in order to enhance the productivities of the process system. Amiga Corporation has to understand the critical review that is coupled with the assessment and scrutinise the needs, demand and reward system in the  business organisation  and their importance to the employee’s job satisfaction (Li, et. Al.,2013).



Qualitative data collection

This has provided a great assistance to the company in understanding the individual behaviour in the company and employees responding with the given task. Qualitative data gives the real understanding upon the employee’s perception and their choice of action with the assigned process.

Quantitative data

This is the collection of ample amount of information in the process system and also showcases how employees at large could be motivated in their working performance. It helps in job satisfaction, motivation and determining the payroll of the employees and there I way of responding with the given circumstances.


Gathered information could be helpful for the company in different ways such as.

Providing a best guidance in understanding the need of the employees.

Provide a best strategy plan for the better human management system

Helps HRM team to reduce the employees’ turnover at large.


3.3 Make recommendations and justify areas for further consideration?

In most of the research program it is finding that a person implements this process so that he could scrutinize the present circumstance with the available resources in order to grab the new knowledge and information or fusion of both the factors in the advanced manner as whole (Sein, M.K, et. Al., 2011).


  • Amiga Corporation has to use appropriate tools to gather information such as walk in ad hoc in the value chain activities process.
  • Company has to develop a automated system to grasp the information from the employees
  • Data gathered should be analyzed at least twice and there should be complete crosscheck system to evaluate the credibility of the collected information
  • Showcase of references in the stipulated Harvard style should be attached at the time of making analysis of the gathered information.
  • Different employees should be treated differently as quantitative data collected may be failure in terms anticipation of complete result of all the employees behavior.
  • Proper working channel and set of automation simultaneously should be evolved so that actual data outcome could be generated with less money cost.

Justify area for further investigation-  This research project is concerned with the deployment of team in gathering information related with the job satisfaction of the employees so that they could give their best endeavor for the betterment of the services.

  • Proper management team could be deployed in the specific area
  • Technological help could also be taken for taking best evaluation of shown data
  • Employees own motivational program could also be developed so that they could give data on their own.
  • Imparting information and defined questioner could also be offered in each and every department in order to grasp the proper information upon the job satisfaction program.

4.1 Use an agreed format and appropriate media to present the outcomes of the research to an audience?

There is shown a real use of the media in order to represent the collected data to audience.

Unit 8 Research Project Sample Assignment 4

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In this end of this report I have understood the different aspects of the research skills and given project. Different methodology has helped company to gather and evaluate the information for the given subject matter. This is also understood that research project plays a pivotal role in the different understanding and measuring the needs and demand of the employees. Now I would like to conclude up my report by saying that research project is the key developing area that could help company to identify, evaluate, measure, and implementation of follow up plan in defined manner.


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