Unit 6 Contemporary Issues of Travel and Tourism Assignment Sample

Unit 6 Contemporary Issues of Travel and Tourism Assignment Sample

Unit 6 Contemporary Issues of Travel and Tourism Assignment Sample

Unit 6 Contemporary Issues of Travel and Tourism Assignment Sample - Assignment Help in UK


In this Unit 6 Contemporary Issues of Travel and Tourism Assignment Sample I have discussed about the trends which affects the tourism industry. Moreover I have also discussed about the effect and issues on technology, political as well as cultural factors. I have also discussed about the importance of swot and pestle analysis in choosing a large national park at USA. The importance of change in the business and products and services are also depicted.

Unit 6 Contemporary Issues of Travel and Tourism Assignment Sample - Assignment Help in UK

Task 1

a) Analyse issues currently driving change in the travel and tourism sector  (1.1)

change in the travel and tourism - Assignment Help in UK

Technological advancements in the business of travel and tourism: In recent years there have been certain notable changes in the field of technology which was readily introduced in the travel and tourism industry. These technological changes tend to blend a fair amount of tourism are: Access of mobile technology. it is through the help of these advanced ground breaking services like GPS services , mapping online ,travellers destination etc , has helped in properly enabled in imparting meaningful and powerful contribution.

  • Social networks: it is through modern and advanced start up travel sites, which has readily helped people to get aware of more destinations and other information’s regarding, lodging, travel, recreations etc. (Bansal, aswinder Kumar, 2013.). One of the most recent changes which are being brought into notice is the use of online bookings and virtual booking. Due to use of online booking it is possible for fast reservations at any point of time without any definite time schedule. Instigates a hassle free work atmosphere
  • Increased environmental awareness: now a days the tourism sector is one the most demanding sector which accounts for attracting millions of tourist every year . The tour and travel companies should properly adhere to the demand of such environment friendly locations , which will not only favour the business  but also at people travelling .demand of such environmental friendly or eco – friendly destinations have become one of the talk of the town these days .

 In these days, people are more depicting in preserving the natural beauty of a place.

  • Eco tourism
  • Responsible tourism
  • Sustainable tourism

It is the proper awareness of the eco – tourism or the green tourism which is being very much in use almost across the world . It is important to take into account the natural resources. As more and more people tend to travel to this destination of green art, they tend to be more conscious about preserving its own .Like in Costa Rica, the beauty of red Macau is one of the most beautiful wonders which is being depicted by the nation

Political changes: Travel and tourism is considered as one of the major instrument for economic as well as political change. Ukraine a developing nation in the field of travel of tourism is facing lot of upheavals in this sector .in 2008 , Ukraine has faced a major crisis politically in the field of tourism. All the airports were closed especially the international ones which led to a decrease of about 3 % in the tourism sector .under this situation the visas from other citizens are not accepted many were refused, many seized. This resulted in the tour operators to take a step aback. In 2014 , due to some chaos and political disturbance , the tour operators however have cancelled many such trips which resulted in huge loss. Amslave, being a attractive destination in Ukraine , where in 2013 there were more than a million tourist , but due to such political disturbance in recent years people are retreating the idea of visiting Ukraine .  There have been certain taxes which are levied on the certain countries which can have some negative impact on the economy of the country and thus a affecting the revenue factor a great extent. Due to fear of terrorism, the amounts of tourist have been reduced to a great extent. (Bansal, aswinder Kumar, 2013.)

b) Analyse different current issues using appropriate methods and resources (LO1.2)

There are a lot of issues which are trending in today’s world which are affecting the travel and tourism industry to a great extent the major being :

Flexible Pricing factor : The most important factor for the success of tourism depends on how a price is being fixed. It is very important to properly understand the elements of each individual which helps in determining the price of such travels whether domestic or international. The main key factors are operating cost: this operating cost is an amalgamation of fixed cost and variable costs . While handling the bookings, it is necessary to acknowledge the amount of quote which is being considered. There are a lot of variations in the domestic prices and the international prices .

There are also provision for discounted price which is mostly seen in the off season .another important factor being value adding to its product. This addition of value helps to create a competitive edge and tends to attract a large amount of market share. Another important aspect of pricing is package pricing it is being mainly categorised under :

  • Distinguished pricing: in tour and travel industry it mostly includes discounting packages like combo meals , accommodation , transport . under this there is a minimum  three element should be included
  • Visible pricing: under this kind of pricing package it tends to offer a range of attractions , with options , the amount may vary and tend to be costly as well.

In united kingdom , the tour and travelling industry has faced huge downfall since the number of tourism in these sectors are showing a major downfall . The world of tourism is at a high risk which mainly relates right from the terrorism factor to issues relating to inflation.( destinationnsw.com)

travel and tourism 2006 - Assignment Help in UK

Economic issues: In 2016, as per World travel & Tourism Council has generated  about 7.2 trillion dollars which is about (9.8 % of the global GDP ) which helps in generating about  14 million jobs to the entire people .The direct contribution of travel and tourism in 2016 in UK is about GBP 68.6 billion or it is about (3.7% of the entire GDP.) and the amount is expected to rise more of about 3.8 %  by 2016 – 2026.While the total contribution in the field of employment in 2015 in United Kingdom is about 1,791,000 jobs and is expected to rise about  2.3 % in  2016 . Recently Due to Brexit , the UK economy is facing a major upheavals which are mainly :

  • Ravelling abroad will becomes an costly affair for a British traveller .
  • Most of the people are mainly employed are mostly from EU , it will be difficult to employ staffs from the eastern part of Europe .
  • There will be a major issue on the passport especially people outside Schengen area
  • There have been a major decline in fiscal policy which might effect the higher taxes
  • The amount of unemployment is likely to increase in a huge extent.
  • There will a major downfall in the inward investments which will have an indirect effect in the decline in capital flow which will ultimately effect the travel and tourism sector .

These two aspects flexible pricing and economic issues are taken into account in this context . the reason being , tourism sector is an unpredictable sector , which faces ups and down due to the pricing factor , which no doubt plays the most important role in such industry . Whereas, the economic issues affects the travel and tourism in various ways such as the various policies depicted by the government, there will be major issue in the proper grant of visas etc

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Task 2

a) Evaluate current trends influencing change in the travel and tourism sector (LO2.1)

current trends influencing change in the travel and tourism - Assignment Help in UK

Tourism sector by far is the most revenue generating industry, helping the world economy to prosper to a great extent.

  • Influence of all-inclusive hotels: All inclusive hotels give a broader basis of the hotel which generally includes the drinks , all the meals and other activities like advanced and modern golf course , exciting tours , adventures etc gor which a separate price is being taken. In the modern era, the tourism has been seen as a booming industry.
  • Niche markets: aim is to attract as many tourists as possible and earn a great amount of profit People from far and near places are highly dependent on the hotels. Hotel industry in this era has contributed about 34 million dollars in this current era. In these days , there is a large room for these all inclusive hotels , which tends to provide all the benefits at once , the price being a bit expensive than that of the normal. These helps in penetrating the market , giving a competitive edge to tjose where all these inclusive are not there .There follows a high link between the Tourism consists of a wide range of products; it is mainly associated with the lodging, with lodging defines the hotels. Tourism is not possible without the proper availability of hotels. This hotel industry is seen at a rising star, where people are readily booking inclusive and good hotels where they can be comfortable. ( Shoo, Songorwa, 2013)
  • Pricing strategies: People from far and near places are highly dependent on the hotels. This hospitlity provision has contributed of about 550 billion dollars in 2016 .hotel industry in this era has contributed about 34 million dollars in this current era. there follows a high link between the Pricing plays an important role people tend to good for greater value but a much reasonable rate. The pricing structure is different for different hotels starting from elite group, normal group etc

Pricing strategies - Assignment Help in UK

Influence of Short and Weekend breaks

  • Niche markets: it is been depicted that the people from all over the world these days prefer to get a way in the short weekend trip. short weekend trips in most profitable in Europe where most people tend to be away from their busy and regular days and spend some time alone with family or friends for 2 or 3 days .In United kingdom there is as many as £106 billion dollar a year under this short weekend trips . this has helped the rapid growth of this market to a great extent , making it all the more profitable . This has readily influenced the market structure. in a recent report of statistics of tourism it is being published that  the people residing at EU are making about 11777 million trips on every weekend .the highest trips recorded was at Germany where it accounted of about 248.8 million  trips , while in France  it is about (225.0 million trips every weekend ).  In European union Among the short trips 57.2 % included only 18.8 % occupied in overnight stay while 25.5%   were involved in 2 days overnight while  13.3 % were occupied 3 days stay . So the weekend trips are trending highly and influencing the sectors highly.
  • Price strategies: the price depicted by the hotel is readily subjective, because people tend to look for reasonable stay. so the hospitality industry has entered into these markets keeping in mind the factors and the trend . The price kept in European countries is about £ 19 per night which is highly inclusive of all taxes.( Mowforth, Munt, 2015 )

Influence of Specialist operators:

  • Niche markets: In 2014, a survey carried about by the responsible travellers, which conveyed that there was a vast change brought about in the field of travel and tourism. There emerged specialist tour operators which specialist in variable touring destinations. They were mainly concentrated in providing the people with a sense of relief and making a difference in these recent years rather than the same package prone tour operators. These tourist operators has helped to make a wide difference in today’s world and managed to attract a lot of people .Wild life specialist which concentrates on the safari life whiles other specialist like eco – tourism which mainly concentrates on the greenery and saving the natural world. There are namely two types of operators:
  • Special interest operators: under special interest operators they tend to concentrate on activities like in yoga , golf , other activities etc
  • Specialist operators : these kind of operators tends to focus on a particular area like skiing ,the country view , the wedding operators etc .
  • Price strategies: so these specialists then keep their price strategies as thinking about the global diversity and the people’s power to visit such places. Depending on the various packages they charge their prices they are highly influenced by the market penetrating a skimming strategies which has worked wonders. These specialist tour operators with their various market research have managed to create a great impact on this tourism industry and have undoubtedly forecasted to rise in the near future

b) Analyse a current trend using appropriate techniques and resources (LO2.2)

Costa Rica - Assignment Help in UK

Costa Rica: Eco tourism is seen as the most widespread in all over the world. Costa Rica is leading the group of eco – tourism. with its beautiful bonding of the flora and fauna , the lush green forest , the natural sceneries all these has helped Costa Rica to be able to Costa Rica has totally turned itself in a full eco tourism zone which is amounts of over 1 billion dollar per year. Costa Rica is considered to be the most flourishing tourist destination in today’s world , where in 2015 , it was estimated to encounter about 1 million tourist, and the number is expected to rise by 4.6% by 2020.costa Rica with its beautiful architecture , the planned environment and the amazing culture is creating a harmonising surrounding which is not only helps the travel and tourism sector but also is drawing lots of investors in these places .

The government of Costa Rica is making of things to make it more attractive and to make cost Rica an eco – tourism destination .being located in central America there exist a huge number of tourist from near and far places . The government of Costa Rica most recently is working with the non profit organisations like national biodiversity institute . The government of Costa Rica is also paying attention in protecting the natural inhabitants like the beautiful rainforests , the pure coastlines , and the wildlife diversification .


  • Location: Being situated into the heart of innumerable sea and ocean, it depicts own charm to attract millions of tourists every year. Its proximity to United States and Canada as well as south Mexico is not so far, so it tends to attract millions of tourists.
  • Safety and stability: the government of Costa Rica has readily maintained the most important feature is protecting the safety of the providing and thereby giving proper stability
  • It helps to encourage the small scale industries to expand its business which will help in further more hotels. The main advantage of such eco – tourism place is it tends to bring the availability of foreign exchange. There are lots of new investors who are readily building luxury hotels in Costa Rica
  • The main responsibility is preserving the ecological balance .for example : by experiencing the beautiful Monteverdecloud forestor the beauty of Red Macau , the tourists feel to preserve such beauty more .( Buckley, 2012)


  • Overcapacity of visitors: Costa Rica has seen many changes as well over the few decades. There have been many downfalls as well.  There have been lots of issues arising due to unlimited tourist visiting; they tend to affect the ecological balance like the local monkeys are being transformed into just mere garbage
  • Less protection than profit: There are issues where more concentration is given on generating more amount of revenue than protecting the lives of the tourist. Certain tour operators tend to take the tourists near an active volcano like arenal active volcano. Regardless of the protection of the tourists rental vehicles were also targeted sex tourism was one of the highest rated, passport, murders etc.

Increases in crime rates:

  • In recent years, Costa Rica has become a place where the lists of crimes are being increasing. In 2015, Costa Rica was rated as 675 in crime rate which mainly involved snatching of purse, pick pocketing, misbehaving with tourists. ( Buckley, 2012)

SuggestionsIt is very important that the country should look into the factor of preserving more the environment rather than rethinking about the financial aspect. there should be more amount of support from the government and international supports like the IMF .The local people should encouraged to start small scale infrastructure .Moreover , there should more awareness and promotion required by the people by using social media , so that people from all across the world can help such country to grow more . The amount of crime rates should be reduced by taking acting involvement from the government

Task 3

a) Analyse how travel and tourism businesses could respond to change (LO3.1)

Travel and tour operations are one the most flourishing industry. In this assignment, I have chosen a creation of a yellow stone national park amidst USA, whereby I will have to make proper analysis of other aspects which will help me predicting the future by analysing the current scenarios.

current scenarios - Assignment Help in UK

SWOT analysis: Having taking the initiative to open Yellowstone Park in USA, which is a 3500 square mile national park and is considered as one of the largest national park in USA  I will have to look at the strengths and weakness and opportunities and threats:

  • Strengths: Firstly being at the heart of USA, the Yellow stone national park which is being depicted my me is being in a booming phase.( Buckley, 2012).I have taken into account the green environmental factor , which has readily attracted millions of people worldwide , I have taken the cultural aspect into account and have kept the facilities for every section of people starting from the age ,class , race and religion. We are constantly trying to innovate with our newly fresh talented employee.  We are taking the initiative to get a feedback from the tourists who ever are visiting to give their suggestions where we can actually apply to improve the situations of our park .
  • Weakness: There exists a huge incorporation from the staffs or employees around, sometimes the people tend to deviate itself from such scenario. Sometimes due to lack of infrastructure in Yellow stone Park, there are problems arising like the factors relating to lodging, the proper facility of transport, recreation facilities within the park. Being at the north west region of the United states sometimes it is not possible to provide certain recreational activities, due to certain restriction in the yellow stone area , there are problems in transport access . The market conditions are always fluctuating as we know, so USA being a wide market, these rates of inflation can have a wide effect on such eco – national park in USA. There are problems relating to the funding, which sometimes become impossible to converse the people.  .( Buckley, 2012)

Opportunities: USA, being a huge market with diverse people and diverse culture, there are huge possibility of gaining a huge market in the future, if certain conditions are taken into account. The Yellow stone being in the north west region of the United states it have wide range of activities and places like Montana Jackson Hole , Cookie city , large being a huge lush ground , it can readily make counters of diverse food counters , which will tend to attract millions of tourists from within or outside the country . The geographic inclination of USA is quite unique, which tends to make people from all across the world to visit such parks. The type of infrastructure which is being used by me and my team are highly unique. The climatic factor of USA , highly favours the people as well as the species .

ThreatsUSA has innumerable parks which are very much designed in a modern way.  It is a huge challenge for my park and my team to properly look into the factors . now a days the amount of preserve of parks are being less than it was previously done . due to the huge climatic shift , there are possibilities in parks like Yellowstone national park there are chance of fiery eruption anytime being situated at the middle of a centre of a state , there are unavailability of public transport , which makes the tourists unable to visit the national park and the park faces huge loses . the national parks , being funded by the government sometimes the government does takes proper note of such maintenance and the park suffers . There are certain rules and policies which is being levied by the US government on the number of international marketing visitors and their stay who limits the parks profitability. .( Buckley, 2012)

Pestle analysis of the Large national park in USA:

Political: There are certain traits which have been imposed on the yellow stone national parks USA governments which are:

  • These national park are being considered to be a producer of vast hazardous products, also they are being charged with making the environment polluted with air, waste products etc.
  • The government tends to restrict certain activities, which tend to be a major constraint of the yellow stone National park USA.
  • Initially there have been a lot of help received from such government but currently the business is facing a major downfall.
  • The government of United stated has already levied certain rules on the management of such parks .

EconomicThere was a major decline in the revenue in 2009, which has declined the growth rate from 5.3% to 2.3 %. But since 2014, due to huge migration and visits from tourists from 800 million in 2014 and it is expected to rise by 1200 million by 2020. Other major factor being spending by the consumers. The more the income of the consumers the more will be the visit to this yellow  national park and more amount of income will be generated. So market plays a major role in such cases. .( Buckley, 2012)

Social: In USA  , me and my team laid stress on the age numbers who will be allowed to enter such park , starting from newly born to elderly people all are being readily accepted but , there are some precautions which are being adhered . Yellow stone is a park where there are huge avenues for other activities other than mere sightseeing . There is a huge population of USA of about 30. 6 million people and if the tourists are being added it will cross a huge number.

Technology: Yellow stone national park with its online site readily available to easily book a day for visiting the park It is one of the most important aspect for large parks like that in USA, It helps in booking online , gives the opportunity  for consumers to overview the park in a video representation etc . it helps in proper promotion online by using social sites like Facebook , where people can be readily be aware of this large national park with facilities . (unep.org,2016). In the United States Many parks tends to close in winter seasons. To attract customers after such season is over. So I and my team will readily take the help of technology to create attractive taglines. Availability of online tickets which will help in minimizing the time, attractive HD screen displays in every corner of the park etc.

Legal: In USA, there are strict rules and regulation which are being taken by the government to properly depict the tourism. Yellowstone being a well known national park has some severe restrictions for the travellers .So it is my responsibility to properly abide by the rules and regulations

EnvironmentalNow a day’s all parks are  going green , so being a renowned national park in the midst of US , a lot of initiative is being taken by me and converting the park into eco – park . This might take some effort and time but ultimately will help in better functioning and will be able to attract many tourists .

b) Develop strategies on how selected travel and tourism businesses could respond to change (LO3.2)

marketing mix - Assignment Help in UK

Being working in a large national park in USA, certain strategies have been structured which will to make improvements. Here, the marketing mix is taken into account and a brief modification is made accordingly:

  • PlaceThe location of the National park is Amidst the USA, which is surrounded by numerous beautiful water bodies. But further if there can be made availability of certain beautiful scenarios which will help the tourists to be much more attracted. The water can be used as wet ride and some beautiful activities like facilities free camping. (Boniface, 2013. )
  • Products: In order to make the further implementation more innovative products like safari rides , more camping facilities , a little areas for shopping , rides , availability of bungee jumping , loco ropes and other innovative adventures can be added.
  • Price: In other to sustain in this competitive world, the price strategies should be made adequate for which few changes into the packages of such destinations like 4 packages only for $ 60 instead of $ 80. So after taking a market research of other national park strategies these new modifications can be made.
  • Promotion: More advanced way of promoting national park can be made like tie up with other tour operators and signify for further more promotions . Moreover, use the social media is an important tool for promoting the national park like Facebook, twitter, creating own blog. (Boniface, 2013. )

c) Justify strategies for how selected travel and tourism businesses could respond to change (3.3)

In this segment, a national park in USA has been chosen and has readily depicted certain strategies and implementation of the same. The reason for taking the marketing mix as the strategy is as follows:

  • Offer:  an important part of marketing is to transit proper and adequate information’s regarding the changes which are being offered. In this case, after making such changes, an appealing offer is made to the customers through an open invitation in order to lure them for further visit in the park. (Boniface, 2013. )
  • The target: the main aim is to attract as much consumers as possible. It is the use of such promotional strategy which takes care of the entire marketing strategy. It is the objective to apply such marketing mix strategy and look to it if the plans are being properly executed or not.
  • Delivery of the message: it is important that people get aware of the product or the message which sellers are trying to convey, for this a suitable mode or channel is important, so in this case in marketing mix suitable medium have been applied so that it can reach to the consumers readily. (Boniface, 2013. )
  • Creation of value: it is through proper understanding of marketing mix that helps to properly understand the type of consumers sellers are dealing with. Consumers want to get what is best value in return of their money. So making certain marketing campaigns helps to showcase the products at a price, so that the value of park is being properly justified by attracting many customers as possible. (Boniface, 2013. )

Task 4

a) Analyse the impacts of issues and trends that drive change in the travel and tourism sector (LO4.1)

world ranking of tourism - Assignment Help in UK

Impact on business: Travel and tourism sector has levied a much greater  influence on the world , starting from the business , to the diversification everything has great embarked on the business .United Kingdom comprises of a huge number of population with a vast array of beautiful and breath taking destinations. People from all over the world tend to travel in these places and this helps in increasing the economy as a whole. (Boniface, 2013.)Costa Rica being a developing country is able to grasp up few aspect of travelling and within 10 years it is able to make much advancement in the tourism sector The World travel and tourism Council or (WTTC), specified that the total contribution in this sector is about €6.9 billion dollars in the year 2014 or 9.75 5 of the total global economy, there is further forecasted to rise  for about 10.9 % of the total GDP.In the United Kingdom, for about 25 years it is able to make major amount of contribution, thereby making a significant effect on the world economy. .( Boniface , 2013)In 2015 the basic contribution, was being divided into direct contribution and total contribution. (Boniface, 2013. )

Direct Contribution: Travel and tourism’s  direct contribution towards GDP replicates  the total amount of spending “internally “as well the spending of the individuals and the spending  made by the government in the field of travel and tourism readily provides a linkage between the visitors  which includes the cultural aspect like museums  or the places for recreation like parks etc . This mainly comprises of the hotels, airlines, travel etc ( Shoo, Songorwa, 2013)

Total contribution: The total contribution covers largely the entire economic structure and ahs large impacts: The spending on travel and tourism sector is regarded as an important aspect for determining current and future activities which comprises of acquisition of new aircraft and building of new hotel, choosing the destinations etc. The most important aspect being providing jobs to numerous people and helping in upgrading the living standard. .( Boniface , 2013)It also refers to the total amount of spending made in the field of proper promotion, making proper awareness, the services relating to the administration, the facilities of the resorts , proper health management .( Boniface , 2013)

Impact on product and business: In travel and tourism the products are mainly the attractions which are being brought about in the travel sectors starting from the adventure travels to the thrilling wild life safari. These have a great impact on the travel and tour industry and readily help to increase the market share.

Impact on employment levels: Travel and tour industry has  g\helped large in providing huge number of jobs to millions of people in 2016 , as per the world travel and tourism report the employment levels were increase from 11,6 % which is about 44,500 million dollar and is expected to rise about 20 .6 %  from 2016 – 2026 . Due to emergence of hotels in the developed and newly emerged developed countries this has helped in the global diversity helping the people to gain more levels and employment.

b) Discuss the likely consequences of businesses failing to respond to market changes (LO4.2)

Globalisation is one of the driving factor, which tends to have a major impact on the issues that is being faced in the world especially in UK and Cost Rica .In 2008, the world has seen the most amount of globalisation in terms of the crisis which are being faced such as the monetary issues, the crises related to government, the problem relating to the proper exfoliation of the resources, the effects due to the climatic conditions.( Shoo, Songorwa, 2013). There are six major determinant of such industry which is:

Technological: in this case there are namely two types of technological aspects:

The technology relating to transportation: This is due to the use of proper transport system which has helped to minimise the issues relating to the economic conditions and the costs relating to time has readily acted like a space reduction technology, braking up all the geographical constraints Technology relating to communication: with the modern use of ICT and use of digitalisation, it has readily helped in maintaining a proper synergy. And thereby boosting both the capacity and increasing the speed of communication. due to globalisation it has been possible to reach the other side of the world at a very fast way.

  • Economical: in such economic diversity it mainly includes production’s shifting pattern, the pattern of consumption all over the world. These economical aspects readily tend to effect entire travel and tourism sector.
  • Political: politics has always played a very important role in such sector. It has readily depicted some negative aspects as well as the positive scenario too.  Positively it helped in overcoming all such barriers across borders and in a negative manner; it has levied certain rules, the taxes which has caused a more downfall in travel industry.
  • The cultural factor: there is a booming factor for the entire world. Due to this globalisation, it is possible to bind different cultures all together. There have been many negative aspects too. There has been a wide controversy over the fast food chain like coco – cola or the huge Mc Donald .( Kiper,  2013)
  • Environmental factor: environment has always paid a huge impact on the world , while there are certain positive effect due to the sustainability of environment , there are certain negative aspects too :

There is minimal interference from the government which lacks effectiveness and tends to weaken the pollution regulation in such areas. The external factors are not likely to be addressed, in these economy which is market based. There is seen a vague effect on the political and economic limitation and this is due to the fact that environment do not respect such factors. There have been a tremendous failure in UK tourism economy since 2014, there are certain factors:

The visa application are merely very rigid, so the travellers tends to retract from such huge and complexities. There is a huge amount of duty tax levied in UK , Due to airports’ under – supply in the pares of South – East there has been a lot of negative impact . Due to deficiency of skilled staff this economy is facing a major downfall. For example: There have been certain issues faced by Costa Rica, which is a developing country: There has been non availability of proper infrastructure. The amounts of labour that are actually skilled are lacking. The government of such lace are not coming readily to help such developing country to increase its economy. Fewer amounts of investors stepping forward in such areas .There is a cap in the cultural diversification which hinders certain projects.

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Tour and travel industry is seen as a profit generator in today’s world. No country can prosper if it cannot have proper tourism. In this Unit 6 Contemporary Issues of Travel and Tourism Assignment Sample discussion is made about the critical issues which affect the travel and tour industry. Moreover an understanding is achieved about the importance of eco – tourism, importance of tour and travel industry and its effect on the world economy. Therefore it can be concluded that the importance of preserving the travel and tourism industry is vast and proper care should be taken for its implantation.


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In this Unit 6 Contemporary Issues of Travel and Tourism Assignment Sample I have discussed about the trends which affects the tourism industry, We are posting units solutions so scholars can explore the our Assignment Help in UK and get review the quality of our work.