Unit 3 Principle of Health and Social Care Assignment

Unit 3 Principle of Health and Social Care Assignment

Unit 3 Principle of Health and Social Care Assignment


Diploma in Health and Social Care

Unit Number and Title

Unit 3 Principle of Health and Social Care

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Level 4

Part 1

An Essay

Health and social care practices are the important part of communities as they aim at promoting the health of the individuals and also make them aware about the health hazards and how they can be protected. The essay contains some practices of the health and social care this is written on the principles of support to be followed while providing care and on the ethical dilemmas which a worker faces when he provides care , support and protection to the care users (Shardlow, 2016).

There are some principles of support which are to be followed by the health and social care services to provide services to the service users. The given case is of East & West Care Home in London which is meant to provide services to the helpless people but it is criticized for providing lower quality of services and the complaints are registered against the service providers that they are not fully educated and experienced to provide care. There are some requirements which a health and social care organisation must meet but East & West Care Home is not able to fulfill those (Andrews & Crooks, 2016).

Application of Principles of support to ensure care for the individuals in East & West Care Home

Principles of support are essential for maintaining the quality of care in the health and social are organizations. It maintains health of the individuals and guide people to behave in a particular fair and ethical manner. Principles of support help in maintaining health and welfare of people in the care home.  These principles includes respect  for the patient and service users and respecting their culture and views. The care home should ethically strong and should have the standards and protocols to follow so that effective and guided care can be provided to them. The basic rights like right to take decisions or right to keep their views should be provided to the care workers and the confidential information of the patients should be kept secret and should not be disclosed. Personalized care should be provided to the patients (Andrews & Crooks, 2016).

The principles also include effective communication with the patients to fulfill the demands of the service users. It also helps in gaining confidence and trust of the service users. Effective and updated technology should be used to provide effective care. The principles include minimizing the risks and hazards for the patients and make effective marketing planning and evaluation for the services provided to them (Andrews & Crooks, 2016).

Unit 3 Principle of Health and Social Care Assignement

Procedure for protecting clients, patients, and colleagues from harm

One of the main objectives in East & West Care Home is to keep good health and safety of the clients but the same is not followed by the employees. They are not respecting clients and mistreat them. They also do not pay attention to the proper medication of the patients. There should be proper procedures for safeguarding clients, patients and colleagues from the harm in the care home and this is the responsibility of the employees. For maintaining care and protecting the service users, the risks and problems should be recognized which are the main reasons for the harms. The care workers should protect the service users from harms and should provide mental and physical support to them by motivating them and making them feel positive (Andrews & Crooks, 2016).

Care providers should take care of proper medication so that no internal harm can be done to the service users. Care workers should help the service users to take care of themselves and to complete their routine tasks as they are unable to do it properly. Care users should have patience in the times even when service users behave offensively with them as service users are not mentally well and they can react violently. So, this is the responsibility of care providers to protect the service users from any harm in East & West Care Home (Tee, 2016).

Benefit of following a person-centred approach with users of health and social care services.

By person Centered approach, we mean fulfilling the demands and needs of the patients individually and taking care of their individual needs separately. The clients have right to wish or demand by taking their own decisions which also maintains their dignity. The care providers can make a care user satisfied by providing the person centered services.  It is proved as one of the best method which helps in handling the clients. When the clients feel special attention from the care workers, the effect on their health is seen as positive. In these situations, it is often seen that the care users cooperate with the care workers and effective communication plays a very important role in this. When proper attention is paid to the clients, the care users gain confidence and the effect on their health is seen rapidly (Tee, 2016).

The legislations are made which protects the rights of the service users like The human resources and Equality Acts which protects the rights and maintains equality between the service users. Person Centered approach is proved to be effective in maximizing the satisfaction of the clients (Tee, 2016).

Ethical dilemmas and conflict that may arise when providing care, support and protection to users of health and social care services

There are many situations in care home, where the care workers have to face a dilemma which is related to ethics in care and protection provided to the care users. In East & West Care Home, there are some rules and regulations which are to be followed but in some cases while providing care, these become hurdles in implementing the proper care. There are conflicts among the care workers regarding care, beliefs, opinions, etc. This can affect the quality of care provided to service users (Smethurst, 2016).

The adult service users have right to make their own decisions but some service users react very differently and they become difficult to manage. They show tantrums to take medication and also make wrong decisions for themselves but the care workers have duty to respect to the decision of the client and also to take care of the service user. So, this is a kind of situation where the care workers face ethical dilemma. These situations are not easy to handle, they are helpless to obey what patient wants and decides and cannot force the patient as it is not allowed. But doing nothing and watching bad to be happen to the patient is also not ethically correct which is again a dilemma. This creates a need for NHS to maintain ethical guidelines so that the changing needs of service users can be met (Smethurst, 2016).

Coordination and care in Care homes

It can be concluded that the health and social care organizations are aimed at providing high quality services to the care users and the care workers are responsible for providing the quality services to the individuals and also should aim for promoting their health. They should abide to the policies in the organisation and should try to gain trust of service users which will establish coordination and will make easy for the care workers to provide better services (Grace & Milliken, 2016).

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