Unit 23 Employability Skills Assignment Fizz Bang

Unit 23 Employability Skills Assignment Fizz Bang

Unit 23 Employability Skills Assignment Fizz Bang


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Unit 23 Employability Skills Fizz Bang

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Level 5


Fizz bang is a event organizing company which organizes the events in different cities of UK. unit 23 employability skills fizz bang analyzes the responsibilities and performance objectives of the manager and concludes the effectiveness of defined objectives. The study provides suitable recommendations for the improvement for performance strategies and evaluates the motivational techniques to improve the performance. The study assists manager to develop the solutions to task based problems and communicate them in different styles. It identifies the time-management strategies and role of different employees in a team to achieve the goals. The research defines the team dynamics and provides suitable strategy for resolving the particular problem.

Unit 23 Employability Skills Assignment Fizz Bang

Task 1

Set of own responsibilities and performance objectives

Own responsibility and performance management is the part of self-management which are performed by the manager to handle the manpower in the organization. It can be the ability of individual to manage the subordinates for the specific job in the company. The term assists the manager to identify the strength and weakness of the employees and improve them through various techniques. The manager takes the responsibilities to prove the individual capabilities. In order to develop action plan the management would develop the effective time management strategies. Following points depicts the responsibilities of the developing manager  :

  • I have to design the plans for the event by which it can be successfully conducted. Firstly, I will decide the date of the event and identify the requirements for conducting the event. On the very next step I would decide the destination to organize the event and requirement of man power for successfully conducting the event.
  • Another responsibility as manager is to successfully organize the event and manage the assistants for better work efficiency (Drucker, 2013). In this part I have to divide the task among the subordinates and make them understand their roles in the event.

The following points depict the performance objective:

  • My first objective is to achieve the task on time and assure the employees to give their best while performing the task.
  • Then I allot the task to the subordinates according to their capability and monitor their performance for the improvement (Hope and Fraser, 2013).
  • For better output I will appraise the performance of the employees by which they feel motivated and give their best towards the goal.
  • As a manager I will provide them deadline that task should be completed within in particular time and check the effectiveness of the plan.

In addition to this, the time management strategies are used to achieve the task on time. The following time management strategies are followed by the Fizz bang:

  • Just in time: Organization adopts the just in time method to reduce the wasting of time. It focuses on providing services to the customers on time with desired services. IT assists management to reduce the cost and maximize the profits on the same time. This method is adopts by the manager of Fizz Bang to meet the demand of customers on time with minimum cost and without wasting the time (Van.et.al.2015). This method assists manager to efficient use of employee skills and strengthens the relationship with the suppliers.
  • Economic Order Quantity: This method minimizes the total ordering cost for the organization. This method minimizes the cost and increase the profitability of the organization. It enables the firm to identify the current position of the company and try to evaluate the factor that minimize the cost and increase the profitability ratio of the Fizz Bang. EOQ is the method that aims at maintaining the quality of services at desired level at limited cost (Levi, 2016).       

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Task 2

Communication styles to communicate with the employees and client

A manager should use the effective communication styles which easily be understood by the clients and employees. As a manager of Fizz Bang I will use the technological form to communicate with the employees. Employees should easily receive the message and clients can easily be informed with this ways. Following techniques I will use to communicate with the customers:

  • Team meetings: As a manager I will organize the meetings to inform the plan to the employees and aware them about their mistakes and faults. In this method team members will not only hear me, they will also see me and feel my words. This approach is one is one of the best method to communicate with the subordinates (Mazzei, 2014).
  • Use of ICT: Information Communication Technology assists manager to communicate with the clients and employees easily by which they can easily receive the message. ICT provides various facilities like Email, Video conferencing, presentation etc. The media helps the company in very effective manner. Following techniques are provided by ICT to the Fizz Bang:
  • Emails:Communication through email is very easy for the employees in the offices. It enables the manager to pass the message to members of the team without calling them from their working stations.
  • Video Conferencing: It is another method of communication with clients and employees. Through this method manager can contact with the employee through web cam and deliver the message live to the team members and ask their query and provide alternative for their problems (Forrester.et.al.2012).

Role of team work and group dynamics in Fizz Bang: In a team work members share high level of experience to achieve the same goal. Group members share the experience at high level of satisfaction and appreciate each other strength. An effective team shows high capabilities to solve the problems. The qualities a successful team is quite specific and measurable which shows positive work towards the organizational goal. The work assists the management to accomplish the goals which are set by the top level management. The team members help the manager to achieve the desired targets. Team work completes the task on time by distributing responsibilities between the team members (Sugden and Punch, 2014). There is different kind of team which plays significant role in the growth of Fizz Bang:

Informal teams: This are designed for the social purposes this kind of team assists employees to pursuits of simple concerns like improve working conditions, solve the problems etc. Leaders in this kind of teams introduced from one of the member in the team they are appointed by the organization.

Problem solving teams: This kind of teams are introduced to solve the particular problem in the organization or focused on the particular event. For example Fizz Bang is organizing the event in UK for that event company creates the team which handles the operation department for the event only (Schaubroeck.et.al.2016). This kind of teams are cross functional means the members of this team are of different department are assemble to handle the particular situation.

Team Dynamics:Team Dynamics are the emotional and unaware forces that encourage the direction of team’s behaviour and performance. Team dynamics are important part of the organization which influences the team member in positive and negative ways (Collins.et.al.2016). Effective team dynamics increase the performance of employees and help the organization to grow in positive way. Following points depicts the impact of team dynamics on the organization:

  • Group dynamics provide job satisfaction to the employees and bring team spirit among the members.
  • If the group consist positive thinkers then it will give better output which is more than the double every time.
  • It converts the negative thinkers in to positive thinkers and change their attitude and perception towards the organization.
  • It influences the thinking of its members and helps them to interact with each other and share idea towards the development of Fizz Bang (Wilk.et.al.2016).

Role of motivational techniques to improve the quality performance

Motivational techniques plays important role in the growth of the organization. Management can achieve optimum utilization of the employees by keeping them motivated. Motivation technique in the organization assists manager to complete the task on time to meet organizational standards. Manager should motivational theories to encourage the employees towards the organizational goals (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). As per the Maslow to motivate the employee manager management should fulfill the needs of the employees. Maslow states Need Hierarchy theory which depicts that lower level employees are more focused towards the lower level needs. Lower needs are food, cloth and shelter. Company can motivate the employees through various ways.

  • Fizz bang motivates the employees by rewarding through monetary benefits on the basis of their performance. For example an employee of organization consistently performing well the on the basis of his monthly performance manager will provide him monetary reward.
  • It is another method of motivating the employee management allots the bonus to the employees. For example Top management announce that employee will get the bonus if they improve their performance then every employee perform better to get the bonus.
  • Performance appraisal: Manager should appraise the performance of the employee and encourage him to do better. This kind of oral method boasts the moral of the staff and motivates them to work harder (Cerasoli.et.al.2014). For instance Fizz bang is organizing the event so manager delivers the motivational speech for the staff members and appraises their work for better output.

Tool and techniques for developing solution of problem and impact on the business after implementing

There are different types of tool available that facilitate Fizz Bang to evaluate the problems and alternatives to overcome them. The management of Fizz Bang adopts following tools to develop plan to overcome the problems:

  • SWOT:This technique assists the management to identify the strength and weakness of the organization and identify the internal and external factors which affect the growth of the organization. SWOT analysis  facilitates management to develop the plan which includes future opportunities for the organization and point out the threats for the organization in near future (Sevkli.et.al.2012).
  • Porters Five Force Model:Porters Five Force Model supports the organization to evaluate the market and position of organization which consist of bargaining power of buyer, bargaining power of supplier, threat of new entrant, substitute of the product etc. This technique gives brief about the competitors and their strategy which they adopts while entering into the market (E. Dobbs, 2014.).
  • Impact of the strategy on Fizz Bang:After adopting this strategies business will identify the positive results and it will directly impact on customer base, quality services etc. The main impact of these strategies is that performance of staff member may improve in Fizz Bang and it will create good working environment in the organization. Due these strategies the employees feel motivated and effective reward system may increase the efficiency of the employees. This strategy supports the management to identify the power of suppliers and buyers by which management can prepare for the negotiations (Cerasoli.et.al.2014). These strategies raise the productivity of the Fizz Bang and increase the profit margin of the organization.

Recommendation for improvement and alternate ways to complete the task

Improvement in the organizational objectives can be achieved with various aspects like effective training program to train the employees, adoption of effective time management strategies, cost minimization and so on. As a manager I will provide training to the employees for their better performance. Following recommendations are provided for the development of Fizz bang:

  • I will change the working conditions in the organization like flexible working conditions for the employees. Provide them freedom to take the decisions according to the situation.
  • I may change the managerial approach if it not suitable and adopt the appropriate approach for the growth of Fizz bang (Anderson.et.al.2013).
  • To raise the performance as a manager I will provide incentives to the employees.
  • Manager should create an environment in which employee can easily adopt the changes and give their best towards the organizational goals.
  • Employee engagement is important point on which I need to focus. I need to assure that each and every employee should have the work because productive employees are asset for the organization.
  • Another improvement is that I must evaluate the performance of the employees by which I can analyze that what kind of problem an employee is facing while performing the task (Posavac, 2015).

Alternative ways to complete the task

The management should adopt the different ways to complete the task like feedback, setting the standards, effective leadership, evaluate the action plan etc by which employees give their best towards the organizational goals. Following are recommendations for the management to improve the services of Fizz bang:

  • Feedback:Company should collect the feedback from the customers about services and evaluate the feedback by which management would be able to know about the problems and try to improve them.
  • Set the standards:A manager must set the quality standard on which every employee have to work if any task would be find below the set standard then employee would be panelized (Anderson.et.al.2013).
  • Innovation:The management should adopts the innovative ideas for providing the services by which more and more customers may attracted and it facilitates the organization to raise the productivity.

Effectiveness of the defined objectives

Manager should evaluate the effectiveness of the set objectives by which drawbacks can be easily identified. Following methods are used to make the objectives effective:

  • I will evaluate the effectiveness with the effectively completion of the task. Evaluation of objective important because it assists me to determine the drawbacks of the objective.
  • I will evaluate the effectiveness by identifying the skills in respect of objective and compare them with others.
  • As a manager I should check the acceptance level of responsibility by the employees.
  • I will the monitor the performance level of the employees in context of task allotted to them (Rosengren, 2016).
  • Manager should check the quality of work and adopt the strategies to improve the skills of the employees to measure the effectiveness of the objectives.
  • To measure the effectiveness of the defined objectives manager has to compare the individual capability with the set standards (Stehle and Spinath, 2014).

Task 3

Work base problem and strategy to overcome its impact

According to given scenario, Fizz Bang Hospitality Company is going to organize an event that is based on the different theme. Management has assigned role and responsibilities to individual and departments of organization to maintain the flow of services and operations in the proposed manners. This kind of process is beneficial for organization and team members to have prior knowledge and information about the operations that going to be followed by the individual to complete the event in proposed manner. However management of company has planned the activities but time management is one of the major work base problem that affecting the whole planning (Davenport, 2013). In order to meet the deadline and maintain the effectiveness in process are the key objectives of company but improper time management is affecting the planning.

Checklist for monitoring the work and issues:

  • Assign role and responsibility
  • Monitoring of work of individual
  • Allocation and utilization of resources
  • Collection of real time feedback
  • Analysis of alternative option
  • Scheduling of tasks
  • Team efforts and implementation of plan

Being the manager, I will use the above mention checklist for analyzing the work process and maintain effectiveness. However the issue of lacking in time management is affecting the process that need to be fix as soon as possible. For that different types of strategies have been proposed by the management.

Strategies to overcome the time management problem:

The management of event organization could use the following strategies to overcome the impact of time management and would be able to meet the objectives of client.

  • Prioritization:For managing time and meet the deadline, prioritization of tasks and operations of hotel organization would be beneficial as it helps to arrange the resources as well the allocation. This is responsibility of top management to determine the daily routine, activities and responsibilities of individual at work place. By forecasting and having prior planning of services, Fizz Bang management will able to establish effective time management and would achieve the deadline in more convincing manners (Bonczek.et.al.2014).
  • Scheduling: With the purpose to attain proper management of time and craft improvement in the operational activities, Fizz Bang management could use the scheduling strategy. According to this strategy, management will add contingency time for unexpected conditions at work place and distribute the work as per the skills and qualities of staff members. Scheduling will overcome the time lagging and lack of communication to start and stop the operations. Every individual will have chart of activities and specific time limit to finish it.
  • Critical path analysisThe critical path analysis assists in recognizing the connection between the activities to be carried out and the path to be followed to achieve the project effectively. This tool mainly includes strong decision making which assures the effectiveness of the initiative being made to overcome with the issues (Davenport, 2013).

Task 4

Checklist that facilitates to manage the operation effectively

  • Organization will conduct the meetings.
  • Allot the roles of every person which is involved in the event.
  • Strategies being develop for effective event.
  • Different groups are introduced to handle the situations.
  • For time management different time management strategies are adopted.
  • Manager adopts different communication strategies.
  • Manager divides the responsibilities among the subordinates.

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The above study defines the role and responsibilities of manager while organizing the event and provides effective recommendations to achieve the task in effective manner. The report depicts the role of various motivational techniques while boasting the moral of the employees by providing monetary and non monetary benefits to the employees. In further study various tools and techniques has been adopted by the Fizz Bang to solve the problem in the organization and their impact on the business. Manager adopts various time management strategies to complete the work on time. In study management has adoptees various communication styles to communicate with clients and employees.


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