Unit 22 Managing Human Resources Assignment Solution

 Managing Human Resources Assignment Solution

Unit 22 Managing Human Resources Assignment Solution


Diploma in Business

Unit Number and Title

Unit 22 Managing Human Resources

QFC Level

Level 4


The  Managing Human Resources Assignment Solution is about the human resource management and the practices used by them for the success of the company. The management conducts all the business operation to recruit the best selected candidate to maintain the peace and harmony in the company. Firstly, Guest model is explained in which the human resource and other aspects are covered that are required for the effective management are considered and explained in detail while considering the organization in it. Another aspect that is discussed in this assignment is the importance flexibility and its implementation in the company. Flexibility is the concept that has gain weightage over few years and it is important that it is implemented in an effective manner in the company. Another aspect that human resource has to deal with is the avoidance of discrimination in the company. It is also important that equal opportunity and managing of the diversity be practiced in the correct manner in the company that is also discussed in this report. Last and the final concept that is health, safety and welfare of the employees in the workplace and how employers takes necessary initiative in that context in the company and also e- recruitment is also evaluated.

unit 22 human resources - HND Assignment

Task 1

1.1. Explain Guest’s model of HRM as applied to the organization of your choice.

Guest model of human resource management has various parameters that are used for the purpose of analysis for the better and effective management of human resource in the organizations. The various analysis dimensions are human resource strategy, outcomes, and practices. Also there is behavioral, financial and performance outcomes. There are various polices that are made which are in relation to recruitment, selection, system used in rewards, communications and many other (Guest, 2011). All the management strategy is made in accordance with it. This model is implemented in the company called River Island that is UK based brand of fashion which runs its working around the globe. This company is a private company that is owned by family of Lewis. This guest model is applied in the River Island in a way that is explained below-

Human resource strategy- Strategy in this company is done on the basis on the talent that is encompasses by the staff. So company would hire those staff that are talented in there designated working so that effective result may be encompasses by the company.

Human resource outcomes- This is based on the matter like the staff of the River Islandencompass the quality of commitment as well as flexibility towards the company. Policies are required to be made in a way that would increase the system of communication among the employees.

Human resource practices- The practices used in the company are in accordance with all the rules and regulations that are required for the better working of the staff in the company.

Behavioral- The behavior of the employees in relation to the working are in all focus about the sufficient outcomes from the employees. The behavior of the employees isgood that causes a good outcome for the company.

Financial- The financial result of the company is significant that is only possible due to the best outcomes of the human resource in the best staffing strategy.

Performance outcomes- The performance of the company is significant over a long period of time that shows that human resources of the company are working significantly.

1.2 Choosing two organizations of your choice compare the differences between Storey’s definitions of HRM, personnel and IR practices.

Willmort Dixon and Wates are two UK based company that are engaged in the business of construction. Both are the well-established private companies that are running its operation in an effective manner. According to Storey’s definition industrial relations means the relationship and the interaction among the employees and employers of the company. Personnel are the main employees of the company that are active in the working and providing outcomes for the organizations. In relation to HRM practices there are two forms they are hard and soft HRM. In the Hard HRM employees are treated and considered as a cost as well only market issues are considered (Al, 2012). On the other hand the soft HRM is the practice in which employees are treated as resources and there issues are given the priority.

In the Willmort Dixon hard HRM is used in which it treat its employees as a cost and market issues are focused. It manages its company with the control and following all the compliances. Whereas Wates is the company that uses the soft HRM practices in the company as they treat its employees as a resource and perform the entire task by considering them in an effective manner. They try to make there employee committed towards their work with no external pressure. They also work with the cooperation among the employees and enhance the team work that is essences of the success of every company in the world. With this soft HRM approach company would be able to work more accurately and complications or non-friendly environment arises that occurs in the Hard HRM in the Willmort Dixon Company( Sanders & Yang, 2016).

1.3 Assess the implications for line managers and employees of developing a strategic approach to HRM for any organization of your choice.

Line manager are the lower level managers who managers the working of the employees and they are more focused on the working of the employees and reporting the same to the higher authorities in the company. There are many functions that are carried out by the line managers as they are the important resources for all the company as they are the one who handles and derived outcomes from the employees in an effective and efficient manner.

There are certain responsibilities of the line managers in the River Island Company. They are responsible managing the various operations, quality checking of the employee, leadership criteria and many others aspects that are required for the better working of the organization. There are various implication involved with the line managers like there are changes in the management policies, style of leadership or the person who leads the company then the line managers has to change all its working style so that effective working may be effective in the River Island company. Apart from that employees are also held certain implications like thereat in the security in the job or remuneration that is granted to them or the other incentives that may affect the working of the employees due to the change in the strategic approach of the River Island Company (Figueiredo et.al, 2016).

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Task 2

2.1 Explain how a model of flexibility might be applied in your organization.

Flexibility is the working criteria that would help in the effective working of the organization from starting to the end. The flexibility is defined as a way through which the work is conducted from the employees by the managers in an effective and efficient manner so that work balance is created that would result in the effective growth of the organization. There various models constructed by various theorist that define the flexibility in a better and effective manner. In the company Easy jet that is the UK based Airline Company that is one of the largest airline companies of the world. According to the Taylor model in relation to the flexibility, employees are required to be working in an effective and effective manner so that the results may be derived for the better management of the company. Company has taken various aspects in relation to the better outcomes from the employees as they provide certain guidelines to the employees of the company along with the necessary details about their performance so that a better and effective management may be established by the company. Employees are working towards the goal of becoming the largest company in relation to the airline company of the world. Company has also leads to many changes in its working so that flexibility in the working may be attained by the organization that would be beneficial in the long run of the business. Apart from that they try to become more flexible for the accommodation of the employees in the company so that they do not prefer to switch off the job as it would become a hard perspective for the company as best employees would leave the job (Veise et.al, 2014).

2.2 Discuss the types of flexibility which may be developed by your organization.

Many types of flexibility help the company to balance their work and diminish the work pressure of the employees that would help in the increase in the productivity of the company that would help the company to achieve its goals and aims. Like in the easy jet company numerical flexibility helps in the better working of the employees. Like the human resource provide the part time employment to the certain designated employees of the company such as the security staff who are appointed for the limited time that helps them in the flexibility in there working. Even company provide training contract to the employees to develop their personal skills that become effective to reducer the work pressure and helps in the flexibility of the company. Company also provides seasonal employment at the time of peak season to the employees. Apart from that numerical functional flexibility is also considered by the company by enhancing the team work in the company that can easily reduce the work pressure and would be effective for the long term perspective of the company. But in this type there are certain aspects that required full consideration before implementing the same to the company management like working interest of the employees in the designated job, specialist education that can enhance working and retaining the skills in the company. If all these factors are considered by the company then there more chances that company can easily implement the functional flexibility in the company without any difficulty (Ak?in et.al, 2015).

2.3 Assess the use of flexible working practices from both the employee and the employer perspective.

Flexibility is the important concept that helps the company as well as employees of the company. In relation to the employees there are various advantages associated in the Easy jet company like with the flexibility the work pressure reduces that enables the minimizing of the stress of the employees as well as help them to avoid all the negative thoughts that encompasses the negative impact of the employee. With the proper management the work is distributed in such a manner that would help providing balance between work and family as well as in work and life. It also creates a motivation to the employees to work with more potential in there working. For the employers there are also benefits associated with it such as employees would be happy working in the flexible environment that would help in the retaining them in the company as it would minimize the cost as well as provide importance to the employee’s needs. So it becomes important that flexibility be implemented in an effective manner in the company. This helps in recruiting the more effective staff in the Easy jet. It also provides support and motivation to the employees so that no wrong measures may cause troubles to the company (Beltrán et.al, 2013).

2.4 Discuss the impact that changes in the labor market have had on flexible working practices.

Labor market flexibility is the situation in which the analysis of the willingness of the labor to the change in the working conditions and other personal aspects like wages etc. Company has to formulate the policies and regulation in accordance to the labor market as labor are the employees who work at the base level in the company and if they are not satisfied with the changes in any aspects that are related to them then there the productivity of the company would be reduce that would finally impact the profits of the company. Organization provides wages to the labors for there working and if they reduce their wages then there may become an unsettling situation that hamper the working of the organization in an effective manner. In the current scenario company is required to provide wages that are equilibrium in the market for that purpose many times company suffer financial disadvantage. Apart from that there is the existence of the trade union that protects the rights of the labors and if any unfair means are implemented on them then company would not be able to respond in an effective way. Now days a proper training session are provided to the labors as there existed flexibility in the company and its operations so they may adapt to the working criteria of the business in an effective and efficient (Baumgärtner et.al, 2015).

Task 3

3.1 Explain the forms of discrimination that can take place in the workplace using examples of recent discrimination cases which has made the news.

In every organization and work place it is important that equal opportunity should be given to the each and every employee so that no discrimination aspects may arise that may hamper the reputation and creditability of the organization. It is also important that correct means are used in the working like ethical concept be adopted by the organization. but then also many discrimination cases arises in the organization like sexual, racist, gender, disability, employment, language, pregnancy, caste and many others. Till now these cases arise that affects the organization and the employees effectively. This discrimination arises due to the stereotype thinking of certain people and community that affect the whole organization as well as society. There are many cases that leads to the highlight of this issue like a case held at Starbucks in which the disability discrimination case arises that affect the women employee termination from the company. In this case, a woman was discriminated and given less jobs that affected as a suicidal job for her. She was given less work opportunity that was a clear discrimination that affected in the work place. Compensation is still not decided by the court but company is penalized and is ordered to give compensation to the women employee. She claimed that the company has discriminated her rights due to her disability as she was dyslexic so there is slow learning from her side but she was willing to perform her task. This all leads to the arisen of the issue of discrimination (Flint et.al, 2015).

3.2 Discuss the practical implications of equal opportunities legislation for an organization.

It is important that companies provide equal opportunity to the employees and avoid discrimination on several aspects. In the view of this River Island has established and followed all the legislation and rules that constitute the effective working condition for the employees in the organization. These rights are implemented in an effective manner such as no discrimination may arise on the basis of race, religion, gender, language disability and all other aspects.  Company has made strong guidelines that if any discrimination arises by the management towards the staff then they would become liable to compensate them. Many times due to work culture problems may arise so it becomes important that these problems be solved by the management by various policies and activities. Company also required conveying staff about there all the rights and respecting their opinions as well. Also guidelines and notice about the implementation of the equal opportunity is required to be established in the employment contract as it would prevent any further problem to the company in the future (Kunce& Meyer, 2014).

3.3 Compare the approaches to managing equal opportunities and managing diversity.

Equal opportunity is the way in which management run its working without discriminating on the basis of gender, religion, race, disability etc. On the other hand managing diversity is the area or the belief in which company is required management certain differences that are natural in and harmonize way so that no ambiguous situation not arises in the future that affect the company. In the management of the diversity it is important that all the diverse groups get along with each other in an effective manner (King et.al, 2011). All the minority groups are focused and with each group there difficulties are tried to reduce to create a healthy business environment in the company. Many times affirmative actions are also focused so that social responsibility and legal obligations are taken into account and effective management can be undertaken. In relation to the orientation of management diversity it is important that communication be well established, carriers choices be made rationally, making and managing the changes as per the age groups. In relation to the equal opportunity there are various steps that should be followed by organization like analysis of the business environment, gaining knowledge about the diversity and then involving the best implementation policy that is best suited for the company.

In the River Island both the approaches are used in an effective and efficient manner as equal opportunity are given to all the employees as per there designation and no discrimination are done in it while as per managing diversity company tries to make an environment in which all the work is conducted and discrimination is avoided by the proper communication system along with adjusting with the changes of the ageing employees in the company to make a healthy environment (Katz, 2012).

Task 4

4.1 Select an organization you work or have worked for, identify and compare the performance management method used.

Performance of the employee helps in the productivity of the organization so it becomes important that at regular time interval there performance is evaluated so that an employee with the good performance is rewarded and bad performance be punished. There are various methods for it like rating scales, forced choice, forced distribution, check list, cost accounting method, 360 degree feedbacks and many more. In the River Island 360 degree feedback method is used as the performance appraisal. In this method enormous number of feedbacks are derived from the employees, supervisors, line managers, customers and many other stakeholders. The information and the feedbacks are confidential so the opinions can easily be presented without any influences or pressure. With this technique there is the enhancement of interpersonal, team building skills and satisfaction of the customers. This method is highly effective as many opinions are considered while making appraisal for the performance of the employee so many guidelines is available in that respect. With this approach there is the access of the better knowledge about strength and weaknesses of the employees as well as the organizations. So by this method River Island has able to implement an effective performance appraisal of the employees (Rausch, 2011).

4.2 Assess the approaches to the practice of managing employee welfare in a selected organization.

Employee welfare is required to be considered by the organization to safeguards the health and safety of the employees. In that relation, company has to implement many welfare schemes in the workplace to safeguard the interest of the employees. Basic amenities like drinking water, rest rooms, changing rooms, first aid equipment’s and all other facilities that are considered important at the work place are required to be taken into account. Various approaches in this context are showcase below-

Policing theory- Many guidelines and theories are made so that labors are not exploited in the work place. In this management also required to provide all the basic amenities that is mentioned above to them.

Religion theory- this theory is based on two parameters atonement and investments. It is considered that the welfare provided to other would bring good benefits to the persons. So welfares are provided to the employees in the entire context.

Philanthropic theory- It refers to providing of the healthy condition or environment for working so that no health issues may arise in future.

Functional theory- It means that if the employees and labors are taken care then with the healthy body and mind they would able to produce output for the organization.

Social theory- It is important that those employees be treated properly as they also are the part of the society. Welfare of the employees and the labors is the social task that is required to be conducted by the organization.

River Island has taken all the necessary steps in providing all the basic amenities to the employees of the company. It also has followed all the guidelines and procedures so that effective welfare approach is used for the betterment of the employees in the company. It also organizes seminars and conduct programs to increase the welfare of the employees in the company (Kunyk et.al, 2016).

4.3 Discuss the implications of health and safety legislation on human resources practices.

Health and safety regulations are implemented in the organization in such a way that employees are being safeguarded against the dangers and damages. Such as proper training are provided in respect of the handling and using of the dangerous equipment in the organizations. Even dangers are intimated to the employees on time so that dangers may be avoided by the organizations. Employees also has right to refuse the danger work so it become important for the human resources to make strategy to safeguard the interest and health of the employees in an effective and efficient manner. Human resource management has also manages various aspects of the safety of health and safety of employees so that outcomes may be provided on time and no difficulty in handling the situation may be done. HRM also arranges various seminars to spread awareness about the importance of health and safety to the employees so that no implications may arise that affect the productivity of the company. River Island has also considered all the safety measures that are required to be considered so that no complications may arise that affect the profitably of the company. It also has established all the guidelines that can become effective for the employees (Buhai et.al, 2016).

4.4 Evaluate the impact of one topical issue on human resources practices.

E-recruitment is the process in which there is online process of choosing the suitable candidates for the jobs in the company. Employees are selected from the online process in a fast and effective manner. Human resources are now implementing this approach in the recruitment process as it is fast as well as cost effective. Employees provide their resumes and other detail to the recruiter via internet and online interview is conducted in accordance with that. Human resource work in this situation become easy and they can easily select the candidates from the large amount of candidates. It reduces the hectic that is faced in the personal interviews as well as physical process of recruitment. But it is to be used in a rational manner as there are less chances of reliability of the data provided by the candidates and all the recruitment cannot be focused on it. In the River Island many suitable candidates are chosen from this process but still they prefer to conduct personal interviews so that the best suited candidate is selected in the company and productivity of the company may be increased with it (Pagura, 2016).

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This assignment highlights all the important aspects of the human resource management that prevails in each and every organization. It was seen that Guest model is the important method through which human resource can be practiced by the company in an effective manner. Also the line managers’ implication shows the responsibility it hold for the effective management of the company. It can also be seen that flexibility is the important concept that is required to be considered by the company so that no employees leave the company. Company must provide flexibility in its work but it must be to a limited extent otherwise the situation and the management may go out of control. Organization is required to consider all the approaches that would help in the effective working as well as no discrimination caused to the employees working capability so that those employees can work in the company in an effective manner. Apart from that health and safety should be first priority of the employees as if they are not healthy and the productivity will be reduced of the company. Also the e-recruitment must be implemented in a rational manner in the company.


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