Unit 20 Sales Planning Operation Assignment- Primark Corporation

Unit 20 Sales Planning Operation Assignment - Primark Corporation

Unit 20 Sales Planning Operation Assignment- Primark Corporation


Diploma in Business

Unit Number and Title

Unit 20 Sales planning operation

QFC Level

Level 5


Today’s world is comprised of many seen and unseen factors that pose several threats and opportunities to organization worldwide. Various organizations are making their consistent efforts in identified manner in order to increase their sales turnover for the better satisfaction of the coverage area of the market share. This is also understandable fact that fashion of clothing is completely changing based on the different set of variables in the fashion clothing market segment.  The sales planning operation we will discussed about the Primark Corporation that is being engaged in the business of retail clothing stores chains. This company has number of stores in U.K. or all over the word for the capturing of more clients in better and identified manner. in the all segment of this report we will be having a complete understanding upon how an organization come up with an efficient sales plan and How a good marketing team is developed for the better satisfaction of the clients or increasing sales turnover, buyers behavior, different level of strategies prepared by sales team in order to enhance the sales level. At the end of this report we would be taking clear idea about the impact of good recruitment process on the set objectives and how business could be effective with the sophisticated motivational tool in the external business managemet life cycle. Primark In order to compete with the given level of rivals has to focus on its core strength and for the sustainable development in the fashion market need to adapt with the sophisticated demand of the clients accompanied with running trend.

Task-1 Essay

Personal selling is comprised of complex set of activities in which several individual appointed for defined work, perform their work as a team. Marketing strategy is very much important in order to sell the product and services in the market for the sustainable development of the company in this essay program we will discuss all the relevant points how we will be make complete understanding on the personal selling within the complete marketing strategy.

1.1 Explain how personal selling supports the promotion mix?

Personal selling- It is the creative efforts of number of sales people with different manners either oral communication or showcasing other effective intent with the potential customers who could be ready to place an order of purchase the given product. Personal selling is complex set of activities but it gradually end up with making an effective sales with the potential consumers. This attributes is used by organization in order to give a good amount of hit in the sales turnover. It is required that sales team need to accompanied by the highly creative and talented persons who have ability to manipulate the mind of consumers in very positive manner. Personal selling is very key element in the promotional mix and very imperative promotional intent and it is still accompanied with following advantages and disadvantages described below


  • It helps company to enhance the market share
  • It provides complete information of the product to the consumers.
  • It provides clear idea about how an effective sale could be made with the given level of human resources.


  • It is very much time consuming concept
  • It takes lot of cost in the persuasion of this consumers convening process.
  • It is coupled with the coverage of limited number of people in its criteria.


Role of personal selling in the promotional mix- it is the consistent efforts of the sales person in order to fit the uses and importance of the product and services offered in the consumers mind with the effective understanding. This kind of sales practice is mostly used by the organization for the persuasion of the consumers mind set with the subjective products but sometime big organization use this process in case of selling made between business to business. Role of personal selling could be described as below.

  • Personal selling in promotional mix is the effective tools it helps organization to identify the potential clients and covert them gradually in actual clients.
  • It helps in proper communication of the products uses its intent with the potential consumers in very effective manner so that they could have clear idea about how the subjective product could be beneficial for their personal use.
  • Provide an utmost help in services related with installation and after sales services in order to enhance the positive experience of the clients in well manner.
  • In the time when there is less amount of quantity is in stock of the organization personal seller helps company to provide the clear image about how these limited editions goods could be allocated in well manner for the betterment of the image of the organization (Wyld, 2015).

1.2 Compare buyer behavior and the decision making process in different situations?

  • Buyer behavior-in this today’s world buyers are considered to be the king of the market and their behavior is coupled with their choice of action to adopt particular product and services offered in the market. Consumer buying decision makingprocess is divided into five components that have been described as below.
  • Wanting recognition process- It is the identified step in which consumers evaluate its needs and demand with the particular products and services offered in the market. This need is accompanied with social need, functional need and social need and others as well.
  • Information searching program-In this program consumer’s look for the best offered product in the market with its identified intents and key options available in the products and services offered in the market. With the help of personal sellers consumers get to have full information regarding the subjective products and services.
  • Alternative evaluation process electing-After collecting information from the various sources consumers make evaluation program for selecting particular products and services out of available options in the market.
  • Buying decision-this is the end process step in which consumer makes the buying decisions regarding with which products to be purchased or not.
  • Post behavior of the buyer- After making a choice of action with the available resources consumers evaluate the satisfaction level they observed from consuming products and services and make the valuable feedback for the organization (Auh, et. Al., 2014).
  • Sales people impact on the buying behavior of the consumers: Sales people in the organization are effective team that is being engaged for the better persuasion of the clients in the given market segment. Sales people helps organization and clients in different several manner such as providing knowledge, making analytical approach with the given data and improvisation of the clients experience for the given products and services in the market. Primark being a leading company in the fashion stores sales has shown its impact worldwide. Sales people of the company are also very effective in terms of enhancement of turnover in good manner. Sales persons are coupled with the creative team members who endeavor to increase the consumer’s satisfaction with the offered product in the market and making consumers understand with all the potential and present benefits of the products of the company.

1.3 Analyze the role of sales teams within marketing strategy?

Sales team is the complete group of persons who are appointed for the purpose to make a good sales plan for the better understanding of the consumers with the subjective products and services offered in the market and providing all the possible best experience that could be gained by the clients throughout the time. There are some of the responsibilities of the sales teams in order to make organization a step ahead toward its set goals and objectives.

  • Providing a good sales plan- It is the utmost responsibilities of the sales team to provide a good sales plan that should effective and impressive in terms of better persuasion of the clients with the product offered in the market.
  • Generation of creative strategy and effective marketing strategy-Sales team is comprised of creative people who are eligible to forecast things in best manner and good also overcome hurdles in sophisticated manner.
  • Increment of turnover- This is to be noticed that making turnover of the company in terms of sales is based upon the creativity and complete hard work of sales team. They are responsible in generation of wants and needs of the products in the consumers mind in very effective manner.
  • Imparting product wodge and information to potential consumers-Sales team is comprised of large number of people who are engaged in formatting and implanting marketing strategy for the company. It is their responsibility to provide best and material information to the potential clients for their better satisfaction level for the consumption of the given product in the market.
  • Role of sale team with in the Primark marketing strategy: Sales team is comprised of creative, enthusiastic, and intelligent people who are able to make clients inclined toward the consumption of the right level of goods and services offered in the market. In the Primark marketing strategy sales team plays pivotal role. They help company in the two following stages.
  • Formation of the marketing strategy-it is the sales team who makes consistent efforts in generation of effective sales plan for the better persuasion of the clients with the given products and services. Sales team helps in collection of data and critically analysis the situation in terms of external and internal factors of the company and gradually end up this process by providing a creative marketing strategy for the company.
  • Implementation of the marketing strategy- It is understood that implementation of the strategy is very imperative for the success of the organization. Primark sales teams are divided into various teams. It is their work to implement the formulated strategy in effective manner.

Now with the proper understanding of this collective data upon the marketing strategy we understood that personal selling is the very much imperative tool in order to enhance the efficiency of the marketing strategy plan.

Task-2 Presentation

2.1 Prepare a sales presentation for a product or service?

Sales planning and operation presentation slide 1

2.2 Carry out sales presentations for a product or service?

Sales planning and operation presentation slide 2

Sales planning and operation presentation slide 3

Sales planning and operation presentation slide 4

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Task-3 Report


Sales plan is the effective tools that set out the standard format for the business to prepare an effective marketing strategy for the increasing sales turnover. There is find a fact that in order to penetrate the market an organization has to develop an effective team that could be engaged in imparting knowledge to the potential consumers and also could generate the wants and needs of the services and products in the consumers mind in well and identified manner

3.1 Explain how sales strategies are developed in line with corporate objectives?

Sales strategies are the essential part of achievingthe corporate objectives. It could be said that sales strategies are the sub part of the marketing strategy. In the simple word its definition could be described as it is the simple game plan or working process system that is being used in order to achieve defined goals and objective of the corporation. Therefore sales strategy is concerned with how external business is going to sell its products and services in the market and how effectively that could be done for the benefit  of the consumers and corporation at large(Jiang &Go, 2016).

Sales strategy works around the following  dimensions

  • Helping customers to achieve their satisfaction level
  • Provide a strong support to Primark for the achievement of corporate objectives
  • Enhance the Primark turnover and provide a strong competition to the rivals in the market.
  • Sales strategy is set at high level and it is completely distinct from its other level of business plan in the organization. Sales strategy is mainly covered with the following examples
  • Increment of stock turnover ratio
  • Provide a generation of good amount of data and spreading to the potential consumers
  • Creation of an effective sales plan
  • Generation of a complete road map for the business
  • Provide a complete guidance about how and when the sales strategy would be implemented in the business.

3.2 Explain the importance of recruitment and selection procedures?

  • Recruitment and selection procedure- This is the process that is started with the hiring a good amount of employee in the business life cycle. Recruitment is the given step in which organization takes various interview with the identified people and hire them for the particular purpose as per their caliber. This process is coupled with selecting employees out of the number of people who have come for the interview to pursue their career.
  • Importance of effective recruitment and selection procedures- Employees are the back bone of the company and provide imperative foundation for the sustainable development of the company (Blandiana, 2014).

There are several points that is being used for the importance of the company

  • An effective recruitment and selection process helps company to build up a valuable value chain for the Primark.
  • Quality of employees provides the best productive use of resources of the Primark Corporation.
  • Sustainable development of the company is truly bases upon the employees and their quality of performance of their working system.
  • Generation of good corporate image and goodwill of the company is completely bases upon the right amount of hiring of the employees.
  • Primark has been developing good productive value chain activities in its working channel with right amount of employees in the corporation. Employees are the main concern for the betterment of corporation and their effective working system and quality of work are the backbone in establishment of good brand image all over the world.

3.3 Evaluate the role of motivation, remuneration and training in sales management?

  • Role of motivation- It is the very imperative to motivate the employees for getting the desired outcomes in the defined manner. Motivation is the important factor that is being used by each and every organization for establishment of good nexus between employees’ interest with that of organizations behaviour welfare. There are various motivation tools that could be used by Primark for the better enhancement of employees’ interest in the company e.g. team building, target setting, financial incentives, salary and other tools as well.
  • Remuneration- Sales management is comprised of activities that are performed for the better management of the sales team members for achieving goals and objective of the business. Remuneration is coupled with all the incentives, salary, DIP, bonus and other program that is given to employees in return of their work in the corporation.
  • Training-sales management is the complex set of activities that is being performed so that a better and effective sales team could be generated for the Primark. Training is the one of the best method that helps sales team to pursue set targets in effective and sophisticated manner (Recruitment", 2013).

3.4 Explain how sales management organizes sales activity and control sales output?

Sales management in the Primark is very effective and focuses only on the sustainable development of employees and how they can make synergy in the sales turnover activities in better and identified manner. sales management organize all the sales related work so that nothing could be laps or double performed in the company working system while developing an effective sales plan.Sales activities in the Primark are comprised of developing a good sales plan and providing standard working system for the sales activities for the company (Shukre, 2013).

  • Primark is the leading company that is being engaged in offering good amount of products in fashion area cloths.
  • Company has to develop a sales budget and proficient sales team that can helps Primark to develop required demand in the fashion market.
  • Proper analysis of the market with the given level of resources is the utmost level of requirement to measure the market need
  • Involvement of sales team who could collect data and information of the given clothing market in fashion sense.
  • Using effective tools and technique for grabbing new potential market consumers.

3.5 Explain the use of databases in effective sales management?

Database-Primark has objective to work around the interest of the stakeholders and for this proper collection of data regarding how consumers reciprocate with the offered products and goods in the market. Primark database consisted of all the present and past information of the clients and their choice of action with the given level of goods and services in the market. It depicts the good level of data mining process for the better understanding of the consumers, how they want corporation to produce effective goods and their choices, demand and wants in the particular segment of the market. Primark database is the crucial channel that holds the data with the use of computer for its integrated use and development of various sales plans in orderly manner. In this system company has also considered security data collection process and how this data could be protected from various wrongful users in best manner (Arora, 2013).

  • There are various possible benefits of using data base system in Primark
  • It helps in collection of ample amount of information.
  • It showcases the right choice of action of the given level of sales activities.
  • Complete data mining process is done with the help of implementation of computer bases program.
  • On the basis of past and present data company forecast the future problems at spot.


In this sales report we have understood the actual understating upon how we could develop a good effective sales plan as an attraction to potential consumers and modulate their choice of action toward the inclination of the organization product and services.

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Task-4 Sales plan

4.1 Develop a sales plan for a product or service?

Sales plan is the complex set of activities in order to develop product needs and demands in the present and potential consumers. There are following points that need to be covered in developing an effective sales plan.

Executive summary:  In this executive summery we will be discussing about how Mangers and team members develop a good plan about how to sell goods and services to consumers in effective manner. Trade fairs, participation in international exhibition for the awareness of brand image not only at domestic level but also at international level. Managers and promoters of the company has developed a hiring plan for the capturing of wide range of product market that could increase selling efficiency in the given time schedule.

Background: Primark in engaged in selling fashion cloths and other men’s and women’s wear worldwide it has set goals and objective that has been divided into several subparts such as increment of consumers satisfaction level, increase product quality and services, capturing niche market, development of effective team. Several teams and company members are making consistent efforts in order to grab international market.


  • Company has mission of satisfying consumers to the extent as per their needs and demand in the particular fashion cloths market.
  • Primark has Aim of becoming a leading fashion cloth selling company in domestic and international market.

SWOT Analysis

Primark has used various set of channels and effective tools that are used in order to understand various marketing effects such as application of SWOT, SMART strategy forunderstandinginternal and external environment of fashion cloth industry.


  • Wide range of market
  • Industry growth is also very high
  • Consistent changes poses ample amount of opportunities


  • Less fixed required therefore  threats of new entrants
  • Technological changes


  • Brand image
  • Source of resources is also very high
  • Good collection of data


  • No good employees
  • Marketing strategies are also very weak at international level.

With the help of the above told given Primark could understand the consumers choice of action and what they actually want from the fashion industry in several manner.In this process mangers and promoter with the help of other staff members apply activities such as trade fair and international exhibitions, and direct confrontation with consumers.

Follow up

Various tools and technique is being used to encounter future problems at the spot. It is the program in which company understands how the implementation showcases the effectiveness of the sales plan in the company.

Primark Corporation company could follow the following steps

In this Primark Corporation company could follow the following steps

  • Set objectives in determined manner.
  • Identify the given market segment and consumers choice of actions.
  • Use of database for the development of future plan and spotting problem at present before their occurrence.
  • Formulate the plan and try to find the best implementation process for the strategy formulated

4.2 Investigate opportunities for selling internationally?

  • There are following benefits and opportunities for the Primark Corporation to run its business internationally.
  • It helps company to develop a new market share when company faces market saturated with the potential consumers.
  • It helps company to develop a new international strategy and policies to give a high level of competition to the international rivals.
  • Handling foreign policies and rules and generation of foreign currency will help company to boost its image worldwide.
  • Primark has effective products and goods that can post international threats to foreign rivals in the business life cycle (Chappell, 2012).

4.3 Investigate opportunities for using exhibitions or trade fairs?

Exhibition and trade fairs are the international sales plan that helps company to penetrate the market with the products and services in the chosen market. In this marketing strategy company’s sales executive and sales representative directly interact with the clients that will directly influence the customers in their choice of action with the given products offered in the market. It is the clear fact that exhibition and trade fairs showcase all the quality and intent of the product offered in the market and the key competency of the Primark product that keep distinct from those of others. The main topic would be here that this sales plan will exhibit all the required information that could be used by consumers for their better satisfaction level in the consumer market offering. The sales executive of the Primark could defiantly take the best advantage of this sales program for making a good interaction with the consumers, and making their mind inclined toward the company’s offering products and services in the market (Richardson & Stähler, 2014).


This report has shown the complete understanding of the sales team impact on the potential consumer’s behavior and their choice of action.  It is considered that with the wide variety of understanding upon the marketing strategy and how Primark perceive with the present market share and the given level of resources for the betterment of the company. Now I would like to conclude up my worlds by saying this that sales team is very imperative for the sustainable development of the company.


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