Unit 13 Managing Human Resources Assignment

Managing Human Resources Assignment

Unit 13 Managing Human Resources Assignment


Diploma in CSD

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Unit 13 Managing Human Resources in HSC

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Level 4

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The health and social care is one such sector in the market where there is no room for any error or any carelessness because there are lives of many people which are associated with it. It is really important for the people working in this sector to put their full efforts and full commitment towards their work and to make sure that their carelessness should not risk the health or life of any individual. This can be ensured by making sure that the hospitals and the health and safety organizations recruit people very carefully to make sure that the people have all the skills to put their all efforts in this organization and are willing to work with full commitment. They have to be sure that the applicant whom is going to be recruited will make sure that he or she will try their level best to make to make any error. This can also be ensured that the applicants or the employees in the health and social care sector do not make any error by giving them proper training. They also have to make sure that the people are working properly in teams and there is enough team spirit in the teams so that they should properly hand over their work to each other when they change shifts. All these can be made possible if there is enough team building exercises for the employees working in this sector. Also it has to be made sure the employees remain satisfied working in their organizations and this can be ensured by providing those better compensations and all the facilities which they are looking for and which fall in the budget of the organization. They should also promote the individuals to take the initiative and lead the teams and they should give proper leadership trainings to the individuals in the organization.  

Unit 13 Human Resource management

Learning Outcome 1

1.1 Explain the factors that need to be considered when planning the recruitment of individuals to work at ST-Patrick’s Nursing Home

There are many things over here which needs to be considered before the planning for the recruitment and selection procedure is made. For sure the things which are responsible for the failure of the Nursing Home should be eliminated. The recruitment obviously should not be done on the basis of favouritism on any ground and should be done on the basis of just skills and appropriateness. There are some skills and talent which is required for any role in this industry and the person who is best suited for that role only should be hired based on his or her skills (Sibbald, 2004). The job role should be properly defined before recruiting any person and the compensation should be according to the industry standards so that the employee should not leave the organization later due to poor pay. There should be proper defined working hours for the employees and there should be enough employees who can take over the work from one individual when his or her working hours are over. While recruiting any person it should be made sure that the person is committed to do the required work and will not leave the job in the near future. These are some of the important factors which should be considered before recruitment and selection in the St- Patrick Nursing Home.

1.2 Explain how relevant legislative and policy frameworks of the home country influence the selection, recruitment and employment of individuals to work in St-Patrick’s Nursing Home

The recruitment and selection process is influences by several policies set up by the government. Some of the policies are Torrington et al (2008), employment policy & legislation employment relations act 2004, employment policy & legislation employment act 2002, sex discrimination act 1975, the race relation act 1976, etc. All these affect the recruitment and selection process to a large extent. For example the Employment policy and legislation employment act 2002 mainly focusses on the issues of disputed between the employees and employers and protects the rights of the employees. Another act named as sex discrimination act protects the employees from being discriminated based on their sex (Manning, 1996). There are basically 3 types of sex discrimination. These are direct discrimination, indirect discrimination and victimization. The first case occurs when attitude towards someone is based based on her sex, racer, nationality, marital status etc. There are some examples where the looks of the employees are taken into consideration for recruitment. So if take the example of the St-Patrick Nursing Home, these laws can be protective about the recruitment and selection process and may help in avoiding the favouritism or biasness in the recruitment and selection process.

1.3 Evaluate the different approaches that may be used to ensure the selection of the best individuals, and make recommendations for St-Patrick’s Nursing Home

It can be ensured that that the best candidates are recruited for St-Patrick Nursing Home by following few steps which is necessary. There are some processes which need to be followed properly to ensure the best selection. These processes are personal interview, proper assessment of candidates, testing the candidates, examining the candidates under different circumstances, etc. (Dussault, 2003).  The first step here in the process will be to interview the candidate thoroughly to make sure that the person is the best suit for the job. The interview of the candidate should be conducted by the best experts in the Nursing Home to ensure that the examination is proper and unbiased. The interviewer should ask relevant questions to the applicant to see if the applicant can answer them confidently and if the applicant is really willing to work with full dedication for the nursing home (Eaton, 2000). The candidate must be properly assessed to see if he or she is a team player. Mingles with people and is ready to give total efforts towards his or her job. There should be some assessment activities also can be conducted to test the candidates that how would they act in some given conditions diligently. There can be other kinds of tests that can also be conducted to thoroughly test the candidates such as structured psychometric tests, hypothetical question, behavioural test, IQ, capability questions, etc.

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Learning Outcome 2

2.1 Explain the theories of how individuals interact in groups in relation to the types of teams that work in health and social care

This process that how a group is formed and how individuals start interacting in a group can be understood with the help of the theory Tuckman’s model of forming, storming, and norming performance model.  The way the individuals interact in the group depends on the team dynamics within the members of the team and the leader to a great extent. In the beginning of any group the people like to be reserve, polite to each other and observe other people.  The first stage here is the storming stage where the members of the team try to solve the issues themselves. This is important for the bonding of the members of the team. This is the stage where every individual wants to mark their individual presence and there are a lot of differences. In the health and social care also the same situation persists. The next stage is the Norming stage. Here members of the team interact with each other more openly and try to understand each other’s perspective on different topics. This is the stage where the individual starts to agree with the opinions of the fellow members of the team (Borrils, 2000). This stage should not be too strong otherwise the members will lose their own creativity. After this stage the member of the team know each other in a better way and understand the personality of other people in the team. The last stage is the Performing stage. Till this stage the members of the team are perfectly aligned with each other and they understand each other very well. They know the strengths and weaknesses and each other and this is stage where the members of the team start performing as a team. The people who are at this stage remain motivated and dedicated towards their work and the employees of the Nursing Home should be made to come to this stage so that they perform properly and with full dedication.

2.2 Evaluate the approaches that may be used by staff at different levels to develop and promote effective team working at St-Patrick’s Nursing Home

There are many things that can be done by staff at different levels to make develop and promote effective team working at St-Patrick’s Home.  Some of the things can be like the staff can interact more with the fellow members, introduce themselves to each other. The team members can indulge in brainstorming sessions for understating the plan the group tasks that needs to be done. They should properly plan the agenda and should prepare the timelines for completing the tasks. They should meet frequently with the team members apart from the duty schedule to make sure they are aligned and build and strengthen their teams. They can share their knowledge with each other and should personally interact with each other. They should give ideas to the top managing resources to improve the situation in the nursing home. They should work on their ideas, research on them and should work on them to complete them. They should also interact frequently with the top management to understand what is happening in the Nursing Home and how things can be improved by their contribution. There should be proper teams and the members should be assigned proper roles. The staff should also be willing to take the work of another member in case of emergency and should be always ready to run the extra mile. Every individual in the team should perform properly and the team members should encourage each other to perform better than each other. All these activities can be undertaken to develop and promote effective team working at St-Patrick Nursing Home.

Learning Outcome 3

3.1 Explain the ways in which the performance of individuals working in health and social care can be appraised

There are several ways which can be used to appraise the performance of the individuals working in the health and social care. One of the most common methods is proper training of the employees. The best possible way is the training approach where the employees can be trained in the filed in which they lack skills. Another important thing to be considered here is to monitor the performance of the employees properly to make sure that the employees are performing properly and to track the weaknesses of the employees (Bach, 2000). This will help in giving proper feedback to the employees and encourage them to overcome their weaknesses to improve their performance. Constrictive criticism can be used on the employees to encourage them to overcome their weaknesses. Also the employees should be briefed about their mistakes and should be addressed to let them know that what the best way to avoid those mistakes is. The performance of the employees can also be improved by giving some awards and rewards for better performance which will encourage the employees to perform better. The employees should also be given regular performance feedback to improve their performances.

3.2 Assess of how individual training and development needs can be identified at St-Patrick’s Nursing Home

This is quite simple to understand the training, personal and professional development needs of the Nursing Home by analysing the areas where the employees are not performing well in the organization. It has been seen in the Nursing Home that the employees are not working in teams properly; they do not provide proper hand over while changing shifts and are coming to office to just to complete their working schedule. This attitude needs to be changed and this needs proper training. Proper training should be given to the employees of this nursing home to make sure that the employees are giving proper hand over to the person in the next shift. It is also observed that the employees are lacking proper knowledge, there is lack of guidelines and there is no proper supervision by the managers (Waldman, 2004). All these can be improved with proper training, the employees should be given proper knowledge from time to time because in the health and the social care sector things get changed and every now and then a new machine is introduced. The managers should also be given proper training to manage their subordinates. The proper assessment of the employees can really help to identify the training needs of the employees.

3.3 Analyse the different strategies for promoting the continuing development of individuals in the health and social care workplace

Different strategies can be used by the employees to promote the continuous development of the individuals in the health and the social care workplace. The most common methods can be recognition for better performance of the employees. This recognition can be in the form of awards and rewards. Incentives can be given for proper training and development of the employees. Also there is another important thing which will help to motivate the employees for continuing development will be regular performance feedback of the employees (Gilson, 2006). This will help the employees to see the progress and improvement in their performance by adopting the different training. This is really very uncomfortable for the employees if their performance if not evaluated properly and proper feedback is not given to them from time to time. If this is incorporated then the employees will be motivated for the continuous training and development drive. The rewards and awards to the employees will also motivate the employees to perform better than other which can be done through training. This will help the companies to make the employees skilled with more skills and train them for better performance.

Learning Outcome 4

4.1 Explain theories of leadership that apply to the health and social care workplace

There are many theories of leadership that can be applied in the health and the social care workplace. This theory can be situational theory or the behavioural theory. In the behavioural theory the behaviour of the leaders are known to everyone. Then theorists started to research about the behaviour of successful leaders, determine behaviour taxonomy and identify broad leader's style. They saw that the leaders are tended to a high power rather than affiliation. The leaders who are successful are generally self-controlled. Another type was the situational leadership. This basically means as the name suggests that the leaders behave according to the different situation they are put into. Under this type of leadership, there are 3 types of leadership style. These are authoritarian leadership style, democratic leadership style and laissez faire leadership style. The authoritarian is the leadership style where the leader tells what needs to be done and there is no freedom for the subordinates to do work according to their own preference. The democratic leadership style is where the employees are given the freedom to work in their own way and they have freedom in their working style.

4.2 Analyse how working relationships may be managed at St-Patrick’s Nursing Home

The working relations can be changed in ST-Patrick Nursing Home by making the environment employee friendly. This can be achieved by removing any kind of biasness in the operation of the nursing home. There should be proper standard working hours, fixed roles that need to be performed by the employees, there should be more team building exercised to be organized to improve the team building. All the employees should be treated equally and equal opportunities should be given to all the employees. The entire task should be properly allocated by the managers and the performance of all the employees should be properly monitored by the employees. The employees’ should also be encouraged to provide better ides which will improve the working situation of the Nursing Home. Brainstorming session should be organized for the employees so that they can interact with each other and share their views on different situations in the nursing home.

4.3 Evaluate how your own development has been influenced by management approaches that you encountered in your own experience

In my experience I have encountered several management approached which have affected by development. In the workplace I observed how the work has been properly allocated to the teams which proper discussion with the team. How the deadlines has been set up by the managers for a particular work. There are proper guidelines as to how a particular work has to be done. I have seen at my workplace that how the employees are motivated by the managers to put extra efforts to perform better than each other and the rewards which are given for better performers. His is really inspiring for me to perform better and to win these rewards.

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There are many legislative and policy frameworks which also affect the influence the recruitment and selection of the employees in this sector. The organization should make sure that they are recruiting the best employees which suits for the required job in the best possible manner. They should also promote effective team working and synchronization between different teams and individuals in the teams. They should also make efforts to try to enhance the output and the efficiency of the existing employees improve the performance of the employees in order to make the people happy and satisfied with the service of the hospitals who are coming there for their treatment. They should also make sure that there is no favouritism in the selection of any employee. The people in the organization should be properly trained at regular time intervals so that they should be knowledgeable enough and should be capable enough to handle difficult situations diligently.


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